TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

September 27, 2007

by Sassy







Sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling. Now on to TNA news…

Backstage at TNA Tapings

Reported backstage guests at the TNA tapings were Billy Kidman formerly of WCW and ECW, David Young formerly of the TNA tag team Diamonds in the Rough, and CW Anderson, formerly of ECW. Also reportedly backstage is the Japanese and Shimmer star, The Amazing Kong, who will be involved in the Bound For Glory women’s gauntlet match. David “Gangrel” Heath made a back stage appearance as well. Source:

News out of Hollywood, FL:  New Porn Order has signed Gangrel to an exclusive directing deal.  His first work will be “Miami Rump Shakerz 2” set to be released in November. Gangrel, who is very excited about his new career has bee officially going by the name The Vampire Warrior in wrestling. Source: It appears Gangrel will be a little too busy to be wrestling in the near future.

TNA Tryouts Cancelled?

TNA has removed mention of the tryouts previously listed to take place in October from the official TNA website. Source:

And If That Wasn’t Enoug h

Nearly every major wrestling news site has spoilers for the first two hour iMPACT that will air.  I don’t mind previews of what matches will take place but I get no joy from reading spoilers before the matches even start. 

I will give you this one, folks, although it isn’t exactly a spoiler: As expected, Judas Mesias, also known as Ricky Banderas and AAA Champion, missed the first two hour TNA taping due to injuries sustained in a match September 16, 2007 in Mexico.

Low Attendance at TNA Tapings

It is being reported that attendance at the TNA tapings this week was very low and the arena was only half full. Source:

And If The Low Attendance Wasn’t Enough

Several of the websites who provided the world with Spoilers of the first TNA two hour show have indicated they are very close to tuning out TNA iMPACT altogether because the show was that bad. I did not read the Spoilers, everyone, but I did read the intros.  Some of these writers were staunch TNA supporters. Not good news for TNA. 

Will He or Won’t He ?

Junior Fatu has yet to sign a contract with TNA but that isn’t because TNA doesn’t want him, it’s because he hasn’t committed to them yet.  It was learned that he wanted to use the name Kishi which he has been wresting under in the Indys, but TNA didn’t want to take a chance of clashing with WWE over the name. Source: Rumors are that Fatu may have signed a contract this week.

If Pacman Can’t Wrestle…

He may have to go. His contract probably won’t be extended beyond Bound For Glory if the Tennessee Titans refuse to work out an arrangement with Jeff Jarrett to allow Adam Pacman Jones to actually work in the ring. Source: That would be a smart move by TNA management and a relief to TNA fans worldwide.

TNA Makes Big Error

TNA is touting the upcoming match between Sting and Kurt  Angle as a first time ever match.  TNA seems to have forgotten that the two tangled previously on iMPACT on April 26, 2007.  Source: As of September 25, TNA has made a correction instead stating that the two stars have never met in a big pay per view match. Source:

New Superstar Posters Available

TNA Superstar posters for Christian Cage, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are now available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

TNA Action Figures

Target Stores are the main source for TNA action figures.  Wal-Mart stores carry the figures and Toys R Us has cut back on their stock of TNA figures. Source:

Talent Director Holds Seminar

Terry Taylor, TNA’s Talent Director will be holding a seminar on September 29, from 1 PM to 4 PM, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Contact or call Bob at 508-536-6794.


TNA’s official site is recruiting college students as part of the TNA U Program.  Information can be found here:

Rehab For Former TNA Wrestler

Former TNA wrestler Shocker recently completed another rehab stint in Mexico. It is further rumored that Shocker has some financial difficulties.  Source:

TNA South of the Border

TNA will be holding a two night tour, December 14th and 15th, in Monterey, Mexico. Sting is presently scheduled to be on the card for this tour. Critics had been pondering whether or not TNA would still be working with any Mexican wrestling organization since Konnan’s departure.  I am not certain whether or not TNA is doing shows in Mexico because they have Judas Mesias aka Ricky Banderas who holds the AAA Championship belt. We further understand Sting does not normally travel so his appearance may be a once in a lifetime for TNA fans in Mexico.

Judas Mesias NO Update

There is still a video on YouTube of the fall Judas took wrestling in Mexico on September 16, 2007.  We still have no word on his medical condition or when he will be able to perform again as of this writing. If anyone out there knows how to purchase a legal copy of the pay per view in Mexico, please email the webmaster.  This writer is interested in purchasing a copy of the entire pay per view.

The Cow Palace and Problems

It appears the Cow Palace performance we wrote about in our last Bytes will be a pay per view.  There are several TNA contract wrestlers who are scheduled to appear, but it is being reported that TNA wrestlers are not allowed to perform in pay per view matches that are not TNA. Source:  We’ll keep you posted if the scheduled card for this event changes.

Shelly Martinez Won’t Be Ariel

Shelly won’t be able to use her Ariel vampire persona at TNA but we understand she has a new punk look that is sure to get our attention. Source:

Angle Still Trying To Tangle

Kurt Angle is still trying to work his way into mixed martial arts action and says he is in talks with the IFL.  He says his plans to fight Lesnar in MMA fell through when Lesnar signed a deal with the UFC.  Source: Although Kurt says this would be a great time in his life to take on MMA, Kurt is 38 years old and has no previous MMA experience. Lesnar walked into MMA at a much younger age with less previous injuries than Kurt Angle.

Daniel Puder Says Angle Won’t Face Him

Daniel Puder was interviewed and told the audience that Angle didn’t have the balls to face him and that Angle had no interest in actually working with MMA.  You can read the interview here:

May I just say:  Ouch! Even the Mrs. wouldn’t be able to save Kurt in a match with this guy!

Dawn Marie and TNA

Dawn Marie is in talks with TNA regarding making a return to the wrestling business.  Dawn Marie is of WWE and ECW fame.  She is presently in real estate in the New Jersey area.  Source:  ProWrestlingFans report that talks with Dawn Marie may have hit a snag.  Dawn Marie’s ex-boyfriend is none other than Pat Kennedy aka Simon Diamond, who still works for TNA as a road agent.  There is also talk of Dawn Marie taking legal action against WWE for releasing her because she was pregnant.

Where Are They Now

Konnan was spotted last weekend at AAA’s Verano de Escandalo show. Source:  We hope this means he is feeling much better now.  High five to Konnan!

Gerweck further reports that Konnan will be appearing for his first wrestling match since his illness on October 7, in the Antonio Pena Memorial Show, at El Toreo for AAA.

The Naturals and Big Vito are in Puerto Rico working with the IWA promotion.  Source:

Retired Wrestler Found Murdered

A former professional wrestler and sumo wrestling champ was found dead in rural Interlake Canada last week. Ivan Radocaj suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Radocaj wrestled under the names Big John Radocaj, the Croation Giant and Ivan the Giant.  He stood 6’10” and weighed more than 275 lbs. when he worked in the ring. His wife recently filed for divorce and had asked for an order of protection against Radocaj. Radocaj was 43 years of age. No other details of the death were released to the public. Source:



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