Monday TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

July 30, 2007

by Sassy


Is It True Sabu?

We are hearing rumors that TNA may be in negotiations with Sabu.  If you have been following Sabuís wrestling career, you know he was recently with WWE.  Sabu is an extreme player and has years in the business under his belt. I for one would like to see him back with TNA but wonder if anyone on TNAís present roster would be able to take on Sabu in those extreme matches. I went to Sabuís official website but it seems to be down or missing.

SABU IF YOU OUT THERE Ė send the webmaster 1 chair shot for YES you are coming to TNA, 2 chair shots for NO you are not. 

Angleís Alleged Addiction

Kurt Angleís name has shown up on several wrestling news websites indicating he may be addicted to pain pills.  It appears TNA does not have a proper drug testing policy in place.  After the Benoit tragedy Ė and no, I donít think steroids, pain pills or any other pill alone cause Chris Benoit to snap Ė look for more wrestling organizations to be adding acceptable drug testing policies.  I donít like to see anyoneís name tossed out there for public reaction without some legit backup.  Kurt, if you are on your way to addiction, please get help.  You are a valued member of TNA, great wrestler, and fantastic heel. If you are not overdoing the pain meds, letís hope the person who passed along the tip gets smacked for making outrageous accusations.

NFL Invades TNA?

Wrestling News World reports TNAís signing of Adam ďPacmanĒ Jones, a suspended Tennessee Titan NFL player.  I was not familiar with Mr. Jones so I did a little research.  According to Pacman is a 3-year NFL veteran and a cornerback/return specialist for the Tennessee Titanís. An article in USA Today calls Pacman a "multipurpose threatĒ.  It seems Pacman has been involved in off hours fighting in bars and strip clubs, drug busts and a Vegas shooting.  I donít mind football players crossing into the six-sided ring but the Wrestling Observer provides this information ďJones was suspended by the NFL for his link to a Las Vegas shooting at a strip club over the NBA All-Star weekend that left former 1980s AWA pro wrestler Tom Urbanski, who was managing the club, paralyzed from the waist down.Ē  Does TNA really want this kind of media exposure?  Someone over in TNAís talent department needs a reality check.   Itís may be easy to one night everyone tunes in to see an NFL player on the show, but itís the long-term audience that keeps you in the running.

NOTE:  eWrestling News reports Pacmanís attorney says he will NOT be wrestling.   Pacmanís agent has neither confirmed nor denied any of the reports.

Damaja Doings reports Damaja missed the 7/2 iMPACT taping and did not contact anyone to let them know.  Itís unfortunate since Damaja and Basham work well together as a tag team.   Is TNA officially finished with Damaja? 

** reports TNA Director of Talent Relations Terry Taylor is in need of neck and knee surgery.  Best wishes to Terry on surgery and rehab.

Hugh Hefner Snags TNA Knockout

Some news about one of TNAís backstage reporters:  Leticia Cline reports via her MySpace website that she will be on the cover of Playboyís Sexy Girls Next Door.  Iím not a Playboy fan but itís about time someone took note of TNAís sexy females. 

TNAís New Website Design has been working on a new design for their current website.  TNAís current site was nice but look for more news and better search options.  Make sure you take time to stop off at and check it out.

More May Bes?

eWrestling News reports that Matt Morgan may be a new TNA member.  That same report indicates Brian Christopher has said that and Rikishi are in talks with TNA.  For those not in the know, Brian Christopher is the son of Jerry Lawler.  Ricky Banderas is another name being tossed in as James Mitchellís new ward. Banderas is a former WSX champion.

Take The A-Train and Womenís Wrestling on the Side

Wrestle World News reports A-Train, now known as Bernard and previously Albert, may be a new member of TNA.  Bernard is a big name in the Japanese wrestling circuit.

The names of Nidia and Ariel are being linked to TNA as well. Does this mean TNA is getting serious about womenís wrestling?

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