WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 24, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics

Raw is being broadcast on the USA channel from Milwaukee, WI.

Ringside announcers:  Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham

We open with Jonathan Coachman in the ring surrounded by security. Coach tells us that he has an announcement that will adversely affect the career of Randy Orton.  Coach then shows clips of the Orton/John Cena and father feud and the match between Orton and Mr. Cena.  Coach says he has did not know Orton was going to bring handcuffs to the ring and, therefore, Coach has suspended Orton indefinitely. Coach says he knows Cena is angry and that is why he brought security to the ring so he would be protected from Cena. Coach then introduces Mr. McMahon.

The amount of time spent on all of the clips could have been considered a match. Next time try giving the fans a quick rundown and specific highlights instead of wasting time on what we have already seen. However, we know that Orton has finally been suspended…and our guess would be it is from his involvement in the Signature Pharmacy scandal.

McMahon makes his way to the ring with his entrance music playing in the background. JR reminds us that McMahon recently discovered his son is Hornswoggle.  McMahon says that people like he and Coach should be respected by their position and their power. McMahon says he is tired of Triple H defying authority and that Triple H tries to embarrass McMahon. McMahon says that tonight McMahon is going to do something about it. McMahon says it will be a steel cage match with Triple H versus Carlito.  Carlito will not be alone, he will have a tag team partner so it will be a handicap steel cage match.  It will be Triple H versus Carlito and his tag team partner, Mr. McMahon. McMahon says he and Carlito will win the match and he guarandamntees it. McMahon says that he embarrassed his son, Hornswoggle, last week and he wants to apologize to him.

We hear Hornswoggle’s music and Hornswoggle enters the ring, stopping to pat the head of one of the bald security guards. Hornswoggle hugs McMahon’s leg and McMahon tells Hornswoggle he owes Hornswoggle an apology.  McMahon gets down on his knee and tells Hornswoggle that he didn’t mean he was embarrassed by him and that he didn’t mean that he didn’t want him to see it again.  McMahon says it was a test and he wanted to make sure Hornswoggle wasn’t like his other children who only wanted the money and he wants to know if Hornswoggle loves him.  Hornswoggle tells McMahon that he loves him, and McMahon says that he loves him back and the two hug in the ring.  McMahon then says “Let’s hear it for my son, Hornswoggle”. McMahon says he understands that a lot comes with being a McMahon and that he understands the ladies have been after Hornswoggle since he became a McMahon.  McMahon says that there is a woman who has been wanting to meet Hornswoggle and he tells him it is Melina.

We hear Melina’s music and she makes her way to the ring. Melina takes the mic and tells Hornswoggle that he was always on Smackdown and they never got a chance to talk much.  Melina tells Hornswoggle she thinks he is really cute. She thinks they should get to know each other better and calls him Horny. Hornswoggle looks to McMahon for advice, McMahon nods and Hornswoggle tackles Melina. McMahon says since the two of the them are in Milwaukee, they should go out together and have a beer.  McMahon also says to always use protection.

Coach tells McMahon that he thinks that was wonderful and Coach wants a favor.  He says that William Regal will be back next week to take over his General Manager duties, but that doesn’t have to happen. Coach says he should be General Manager and then…

We hear John Cena’s music and Cena enters the arena. Security enters the arena to surround Coach and McMahon. Cena takes Lillian’s chair and throws it in the ring.  Coach tells Cena that if he lays a hand on them, he will be stripped of his title but Cena takes down Coach and then McMahon before security manages to pull him off.  Coach and McMahon run up the ramp.  McMahon threatens to strip Cena of the title here and now. McMahon says it is up for Coach as to whether or not Cena surrenders the championship. McMahon says that we are going to have a Title Surrender tonight and Cena can plead for his championship, but it will be up to Coach whether or not Cena keeps the title.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the clip of McMahon, Coach and Cena again.

Cody Rhodes, weighing 232 lbs., from Charlotte, NC


Hardcore Holly

Holly is returning to Raw after an injury.

Audience favorite:  Cody Rhodes

My favorite:  Please don’t make me choose!  I like them both.

Holly takes a mic and says Cody has to earn his respect before the bell rings.

It's good to see Holly back and working in the ring.

Winner: Hardcore Holly with a pin and a three count.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a video of Steve Austin in New York who is there for a DVD autograph session.  In other words, it’s a “Condemned” DVD push.

JR says they heard from Orton earlier today and they show a video clip of Orton’s words about Cena. So much for suspension. I won’t bother to go into details about Orton’s little promo. So much for Orton being suspended.

Santino Marella, weighing 227 lbs., residing in Patterson NJ

accompanied to the ring by Maria


Ron Simmons, weighing 260, from Warner Robbins, GA

Commercial break before Simmons is introduced.

We see a clip of Marella attacking Simmons last week when Simmons was talking to Maria.

Audience favorite:  Ron Simmons

My favorite: Ron Simmons

Winner: Ron Simmons due to a count out when Marella gets out of the ring and won’t get back into the ring.

Simmons takes the mic and announces: Damn! to the delight of the fans.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the diva competition. www.wwe.com is the place to go for diva information.

We see Melina backstage with Jillian Hall and Jillian asks where Melina’ boyfriend is. Jillian tells Melina it is disgusting and that Hornswoggle is a midget.  Melina says he is a Leprechaun. Melina says that she made a deal with Coach that if she goes on a date with Hornswoggle, she will get a shot at the women’s championship. Melina tells Jillian how gross it is to be going out with Hornswoggle.

We see Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch and they are joined by Robby and Rory McAllister, the Highlanders.  Cade and Murdoch say they can’t give them a championship match because they have a match with Paul London and Brian Kendrick tonight. The Highlanders want a kilt on a pole match.

Handicap Steel Cage Match

Win by pin fall, submission, or escaping the cage, no disqualification.

Triple H, weighing 255 lbs., from Greenwich, CT


Carlito, weighing 220 lbs, from the Caribbean,


Mr. McMahon, the Chairman of Wrestling World Entertainment

Audience favorite: Triple H

My favorite: Triple H

Winner: Carlito and Mr. McMahon.  Mr. McMahon climbed over the top and got out of the cage.

Commercial in the middle of the match.

After McMahon as left the arena, Carlito finds himself trapped in the cage with Triple H who deals Carlito a low blow and then works him over in the ring. As JR says: “Game irate of what?” Triple H gets a chance to give the fans what they want – he deals Carlito a pedigree on top of a steel chair.

Commercial break

Back from commercial break, it’s a match between Cade and Murdoch, the tag team champions versus London and Kendrick with the Highlanders at ringside.

Audience Favorites: London and Kendrick

My favorite: Cade and Murdoch

Winner: London and Kendrick after the Highlanders got into the match and beat on London and Kendrick.

I know it isn’t fair, London and Kendrick are the fastest tag team around, but I’m a fan of Trevor Murdoch.

We see Melina in the shower and Hornswoggle waiting around the corner. Hornswoggle attempts to hide under Melina’s towel and she takes the towel and Hornswoggle gets an eyeful. Melina screams, Hornswoggle screams and chases Melina down the hallway and takes her towel away.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Coach and McMahon are backstage in McMahon’s office.  Someone knocks on the door and McMahon tells whomever it is to wait and that he is going to take a shower.  Coach says that Triple H is looking for McMahon but McMahon says he doesn’t care because he can beat Triple H.

Coach leaves and McMahon starts packing his stuff to get out of the building.

We then see another push for Condemned. Marella calls it a below average film.  Marella says he has more charisma than Steve Austin.

Marella may be right.

We then see another clip of the match between Carlito, McMahon and Triple H.

McMahon is leaving his office but when he opens the door, Triple H is waiting for him. Triple H says that McMahon can’t beat him and that next week it should be McMahon versus Triple H on Raw. Triple H tells McMahon to put his money where his mouth is unless he is scared.  McMahon says it’s on and Triple H tells McMahon he is screwed.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the match between Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy from last week. Jeff Hardy retains the Intercontinental Championship title.

Mixed Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

The Intercontinental Championship


Candice Michelle

WWE Women’s Champion, from Milwaukee, WI


Shelton Benjamin, weighing 248 lbs., from Orangeburg, SC


Beth Phoenix, from Buffalo, NY


Audience favorite: Jeff Hardy and Candice Michelle

My favorite: Jeff Hardy and Beth Phoenix

Winners: Beth Phoenix and Shelton Benjamin after Beth gets a roll up and a pin on Candice Michelle.

Commercial break in the middle of the match.  Again.

Yes, I know Jeff Hardy and Beth Phoenix weren’t a tag team, but they are still my favorites.

Championship Surrender Ceremony

Coach and John Cena are in the ring with security. Coach tells he will give Cena one chance to save the title by showing Coach the respect he deserves by begging to keep the title. Coach takes off his jacket and Cena takes off his shirt.  Coach tells Cena he’s about to become an ex champion. Coach tells Cena the security guards will take the title from him and haul him out of the building. Coach tells the security guards to take the championship from Cena, but the bell rings, and then rings again.  Lillian says she has just received an important message from Mr. McMahon and that Cena will not be stripped of his WWE title.  Lillian says that furthermore Mr. McMahon a main event will commence right now.

 John Cena versus Jonathan Coachman

 in a tables match

Security clears the ring and leaves Coach alone with Cena and the bell rings again.

Winner: John Cena by putting Coach through the table.

So who made the match?  Mr. McMahon? Not hardly…we see Hornswoggle at the top of the entrance match watching and waving to John Cena.  Cena takes the mic and says “Thank you, Mr. McMahon” to Hornswoggle.














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