September 20, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics

We see a recap of the Black Reign vs. Shark Boy match, Christian, Sting and Matt Morgan, the introduction of Junior Fatu, Sting and the Angle Family, Abyss and Kurt Angle, the debut of Judas Mesias, all from last weekís iMPACT

Ringside Announcers: Mike Tenay and  Don West

Ring Announcer: David Penzer

Backstage Interviews: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham

TNA is being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

We are backstage with Kurt and Dr. Kevin Nash.  Kurt is apologizing for the way he treated Nash at No Surrender. Nash tells Kurt there are no hard feelings and Kurt hugs him. Kurt and Mrs. Angle tell Sting what they did to Sting last week. Nash tells them that there is the nice Sting and the evil Sting. Nash says they kicked a sleeping dog and asks whose idea it was to do that to Sting.  Neither Angle will take the blame, in fact they blame it on each other. Someone shows up with a piece of paper for Mrs. Angle, he hands it to her and walks away. She thinks it is fan mail and puts it in her pocket. Kurt asks Nash what to do.  Nash tells them they need to come up with something to make it right. Kurt tells Mrs. Angle that she needs to apologize to Sting.  She doesnít want to, but says she will and leaves the room.

Is it over yet?  The story line I mean.  Iím counting down weeks to Bound For Glory for all the wrong reasons. Kevin Nash is much better than this doctor routine and the Angle Family routine is past its prime.

Judas Mesias, the son of James Mitchell, from the Depths of Hell


Showtime Eric Young, Residing at an Undisclosed Location

The bell rings and Judas takes immediate control, pushing Eric against the ropes and laying into him with fists. Judas sends Eric off the ropes, Eric comes off the ropes, slides under Judas, comes back up and starts wildly throwing fists back at Judas. Eric tries to send Judas off the ropes, Judas gets the switch and Eric grabs the top rope, swinging himself up in the air, going over the back of Judas.  Judas grabs Eric by the neck and sends Eric over the top rope and onto the floor then goes out after him. He picks Eric up and sends him face first into the ring post, not once, not twice but three times. Eric is down on the floor, Judas picks Eric back up and sends him to the floor with a right, then sends him into the steel steps. Judas stomps Ericís head and Eric is bleeding. Judas gets Eric back in the ring then sends Eric straight to hell, covers him and gets the three count. Not good enough for Judas, he sends multiple blows to Ericís bleeding forehead.  Shark Boy comes down the ramp to rescue Eric.  Judas slams a boot into Shark Boyís face and sends Shark Boy straight to hell before starting again on Eric with fists, then bites to Ericís bleeding forehead.  Judas goes out to bring in a steel chair, but Rhino comes in the other side of the ring with a chair in his hand.  Judas backs out of the ring and away from Rhino.

I have to give kudos to Eric Young for being brave enough to step in the ring with Judas Mesias and kudos to Shark Boy for trying to make the save. Judas is making quite an impact on iMPACT.  His look is frightening, his moves are deliberate but not in a sluggish way. I look forward to seeing more of Judas in the ring and am now hoping against hope that Judas will be squaring off with Rhino in the near future.

Crystal is backstage with Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko. Iím not going to guess what kind of hat AJ is wearing. AJ puts a grass skirt on Crystal. AJ tells Christian that he has put together a luau.  Tomko grabs AJ by his lei, tells him to take his hat off his head and put down his bananas because they need to get ready for the important tag team match they have coming up at Bound For Glory. Christian tells Crystal last week he told Jim Cornette to find the biggest baddest Samoan he could find and Cornette found Fatu.  Christian tells Fatu he caught him at a bad time because when he looks at Fatu all he can see is Samoa Joe. Christian tells Fatu he doesnít want to be in the ring with the best, which is Christian. He reminds Samoa Joe that Christian has never been pinned and Christian has never submitted in TNA and at Bound For Glory that will not change.

This skit was not as funny as last week but AJ still makes me laugh. And the faces poor Tomko makes during AJís shenanigans are just as hysterical.

Back from commercial break, we see a film clip of Rick and Scott Steiner and the feud between the Steiner Brothers and Team 3D.

AJ Styles, from Gainesville, GA

accompanied to the ring by Tomko


Ron The Truth Killings

accompanied to the ring by Adam Pacman Jones

Team Pacman, Current TNA World Tag Team Champions

The bell rings, AJ turns his attention outside the ring to Jones and The Truth takes advantage by attacking AJ, sending him into the ropes and sending boots to AJís midsection. The Truth sends AJ into the ring post then slams into him.  The Truth sends AJ face first into the mat before coming off the ropes and slamming an elbow into the side of AJís head. The Truth comes off the ropes, AJ jumps over him, The Truth comes off the opposite ropes, and AJ takes him down with a standing drop kick. AJ stops again to exchange words with Jones before he sends The Truth off the ropes and executes a back breaker. AJ again stops to mouth off to Jones, Jones takes off his shirt and jumps up on the ring apron, then spits at AJ.  AJ is out of the ring after Jones, Jones runs around the ring, then runs across the ring, and as AJ follows, he meets a clothesline delivered by The Truth. The referee tells Jones to stay out of the ring and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, AJ has The Truth against the ring post.  AJ throws The Truth into the opposite corner, The Truth grabs the top ropes, goes up and over AJ, ducks under AJís clothesline and takes him out with a high leg. The Truth picks up AJ and sends him back down with a fist, the picks him up again and takes him back down face first onto the mat. The Truth stomps on AJís back, the comes at him with a fist to the head.  The Truth stops to listen to what Jones is telling him before stomping on AJ again. AJ delivers fists to The Truthís midsection before The Truth hits AJ with a knee. AJ is back on his feet and slams into The Truthís neck area before sending him into the ropes.  Tomko jumps up on the ring apron and sends a knee into The Truthís back and as The Truth comes off the ropes, AJ hits him with a clothesline sending him to the mat. Jones is complaining to the ref about interference, but Tomko is smiling and denying any involvement. Both men are down in the ring and both get to their feet at the same time.  The Truth throws a punch at AJ but AJ blocks it and rakes The Truthís eyes.  The Truth sends AJ off the ropes, but AJ slides up and over The Truthís back and nails The Truth with a spin kick. The Truth rakes AJís eyes, and sends him into the ropes to set him up for a roll up, but AJ grabs the ropes and hangs on, sending The Truth backward. AJ springboards off the second rope and hits The Truth with an inverted DDT and goes for the pin. The Truth powers out, AJ gets a two count. AJ is up on the second rope outside the ring but Jones gets up on the ring apron distracting AJ.  Tomko is up on the ropes on the opposite side of the action, which distracts the ref. The Truth goes up in the air and drop kicks Tomko off the ring apron.  AJ comes off the top turnbuckle but The Truth is ready and gets out of the way. AJ tries for a high kick and misses, The Truth tries for a high kick and misses. AJ comes off the floor and hits The Truth with the peleg.  Tomko comes charging into the ring and the ref tries to get him out of the ring giving Jones a chance to come in on the opposite side of the ring. Jones spray paints AJ in the eyes with the can of paint giving The Truth a chance to send AJ to the mat and get the win. Jones is working to stay away from Tomko and Tomko enters the ring after The Truth, but Jones helps The Truth out of the ring.

We know that AJ and Tomko will face Team Pacman at Bound For Glory for a title shot.  We didnít need to see them in sort of action before then. Someone needs to show Jones how to tie his shoes.  With all of the running he is doing he could fall down and hurt himself and we all know he isnít allowed to get hurt. I donít know what AJ was worried about.  Jones isnít going to get close enough for AJ to touch him anyway. This match would have been fantastic with just AJ and The Truth without the annoying sideshow of Jones running and Jones spraying paint.  Can the guy do anything else?

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Mrs. Angle and says he understands that she is requesting this airtime in order to apologize to Sting. She apologizes to Sting for what she has done to him and wants Sting to meet her in the ring tonight.

Back from commercial break, Mrs. Angle comes to the ring to make an open and public apology to Sting. It was difficult to hear her due to the boos of the audience. She says all she wants is for Sting and Kurt to go to Bound For Glory and have a great match. We hear Stingís voice as he comes to the top of the ramp and says he isnít going to get caught up in another Angle drama. Sting says it will be just Kurt and Sting at Bound For Glory with no Mrs. Angle. She wants to know who is going to stop her and asks Sting if Jim Cornette is going to stop her.  Sting wants to know if she has read the letter and he tells her to read it. It is a restraining order and Mrs. Angle must stay 50 feet away from Sting until Bound For Glory or she will be arrested and carted away to jail. Sting moves closer to the ring and tells her that she is closer than 50 feet.  She runs out of the ring and falls down on the ramp. The police show up at the top of the entrance ramp and police are cuffing Mrs. Angle.  Kurt comes out in suit and tie to call Sting names before following Mrs. Angle in cuffs being hauled away. She is put in a car and hauled away. 

May I say thank heavens for restraining orders because if I had had to listen to one more screech from that woman I would have pushed the mute button and left the sound off.  If the cops were smart theyíd throw in a charge of violating a noise ordinance or two as well.

The Instant Classic Christian Cage, from Tampa, FL by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Junior Fatu, from the Isle of Samoa

The bell rings and Fatu works the crowd. The men lock up in the center of the ring before Fatu throws Christian across and out of the ring onto the floor. Christian is up on his knee and looks at Fatu in the ring before getting back up and walking around the outside.  Christian gets back in the ring after exchanging words with the crowd, goes after Fatu and gets a side headlock. Fatu sends Christian off the ropes and hits Christian with a shoulder block, sending him to the mat. Fatu gets ready to sit on Christian but Christian gets up and throws a punch. Fatu blocks the punch and sends a hard right that sends Christian to the floor. Fatu sends Christian off the ropes, Christian ducks under the Fatuís clothesline, and stops fast as he sees Fatus is bent over. Fatu sends Christian into a back body drop, goes for the pin but Christian gets out. Fatu sends Christian into one ring post and then into the opposite ring post, then stops to work the crowd and runs to slam backward into Christian.  Christian gets out of the way and out of the ring.  Christian goes up on the top turnbuckle, comes off at Fatu, Fatu gets a hold on Christian and sends him down to the mat. Fatu goes for the pin, but Fatu only gets a two count. Christian sends a boot to Fatuís midsection, then a chop to the chest, which doesnít faze Fatu.  Christian sends another chop to Fatuís chest and again Fatu doesnít back away. Fatu sends a fist and then a head butt to Christianís head. Christian is outside on the apron, but Fatu flies across the ring and slams into Christian sending him out into the guardrail and onto the floor. And we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Christian is choking Fatu on the ropes. We see what happened during the commercial break with Christian doing a lot of off the ropes to get a drop on Fatu.  Christian goes for a frog splash off the ropes, but Fatu rolls out of the way. Back on their feet, Fatu sends two fists to Christianís face, Christian comes off the ropes and tries to take Fatu down.  Fatu attempts to sit down hard on Christian but Christian gets out of the way and Fatu lands on the mat. Christian goes for the pin but Fatu throws him off after the two count. Christian attempts to send Fatu off the ropes but Fatu stands his ground. Fatu sends Christian off the ropes and hits him with a fist as he comes off, then two more fists before throwing Christian into the ring posts.  Christian comes off the ring post and Fatus slams him down to the mat, landing on him, covers and goes for the pin. Fatu gets a two count before Christian gets a shoulder up. Fatu sends Christian into the ring post again but Christian goes up over the top and lands behind Fatu. Fatu hits Christian with a super kick. Christian is back on his feet, against the ring post and Fatu slams against him, sending Christian to the mat.

Fatu goes for the stink face  but Christian gets out on the ring apron and sends a shoulder block into Fatu. Christian goes up on the top turnbuckle.  Fatu picks him up and sends him across the mat. Fatu pulls Christian over to the corner and goes up on the second rope to drop on Christian but Christian gets his knees up and stops the direct hit. Christian is ripping the top off the turnbuckle but the ref pushes Christian back, Fatu is waiting and sends Christian to the mat with a Samoan drop. Fatu goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Fatu picks Christian up again, but Christian slides off his back and Fatu goes toward AJ who is now standing on the ring apron. AJ jumps off the ring apron as Fatu nears him and Christian is back on his feet heading for Fatu.  Fatu hits Christian with another super kick, picks Christian up, AJ gets Christianís legs throwing Fatu off, Fatu goes down, Christian gets a roll up and using Fatuís trunks for leverage, gets the three count. AJ hams it up for the camera, but Fatu brings AJ over the top rope and goes after both AJ and Christian.  Fatu sends their heads together before setting them both up in the corner. AJ gets the stink face courtesy of Fatu and Fatu heads for Christian. Christian gets a stink face before Tomko enters the ring and goes after Fatu.  All three men are working on Fatu but Samoa Joe is in the ring AJ out of the ring, Christian gets out of the ring but Tomko gets caught with several head butts before getting out of the ring.

Junior Fatu looked good in the ring tonight.  I have seen him before as Rikishi and enjoy watching him in the ring. Christian, as always, puts on a great show for the fans. Like him or not, Christian is a Classic. This was the best match of the evening.

Mike Tenay tells us there is something going on outside the iMPACT Zone and we are going to a camera outside. Judas Mesias has Sting with a noose around Stingís neck and Sting is on the floor of the parking lot.

Eric Young was out of his element in the first match, the second match would have better with fewer players and the third match was great.  I am glad to see Junior Fatu at TNA and am waiting to see Judas Mesias up against someone tough enough to stand toe to toe with him. Judas is certainly managing to make a lot of enemies for only being on the iMPACT twice.  So far he has angered Abyss, Rhino, Eric Young, Shark Boy and now Sting.  I wonder if Judas will be sleeping with one eye open?

Too much talk and not enough action for me, but the last match was worth the rest of the show.

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