WWE News Bytes

WWE News Bytes

September 21, 2007

by Sassy

PWI 500 List

WWE Talent and the number they are ranked:

  1.  John Cena
  2.  Edge

5.   Undertaker

6.   Shawn Michaels

  1.  Bobby Lashley

13.       Batista

15.       Randy Orton

18.    King Booker - ? I added him here since no one is sure if he is staying.

21.   Mr. Kennedy

22.   Umaga

29.   Jeff Hardy

33.   Finlay

   36.   Matt Hardy

   41.   Carlito

   42.   CM Punk

   44.   Gregory Helms

46.       Chavo Guerrero

47.       MVP

51.   Triple H

56.   John Morrison

65.   Kane

70.  Ric Flair - ? I added him here because WWE still considers him an employee.

77.  William Regal

87.  Elijah Burke

89.  Chris Masters

91.  Shelton Benjamin

94.  Kevin Thorn

97.  Paul London

98.  Brian Kendrick

101. The Great Khali

110. Jimmy Wang Yang

114. They Boogeyman

123. Kenny Dykstra

   124. Super Crazy

   130. Snitzky

   135. Trevor Murdoch

   137. Lance Cade

   148. The Miz

   157. Hardcore Holly

   162. Charlie Haas

   172. Cody Rhodes

    179. Santino Marella

   182. Tommy Dreamer

   184. Mark Henry

   203. Domino

   207. Deuce

   212. Jamie Noble

   214. Dave Taylor

   217. Nunzio

   220. Mike Knox

   227. Daivari

   234. Robbie McCallister

   240. Rory McCallister

   245. Val Venis

   255. Big Daddy V

   256. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

   264. Balls Mahoney

   266. Stevie Richards

   268. Shannon Moore

   270. Funaki

   271. Brett Major

   273. Brian Major

   275. Rob Conway

   281. Jerry Lawler

   312. Festus Dalton

   336. Matt Stryker

The above are chose by win-loss ability, technical ability, influence on the sport, success against the highest grade of competition, success against the most diverse competition, and activity.

In Memory of Sherri Martell

www.wrestlingtruth.com has posted that WWE paid for Sherri Martell’s funeral and Booker T, who was managed by Martell at one point in his career, paid for the stone to mark her grave. Source: Keelan Balderson.

HBO Special: “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel”

I couldn’t find anyone I knew who subscribes to HBO, therefore, I did not get to see the show.  www.rajah.com has a recap of the show available for the rest of the fans who were left out.

The segment was called “The Life” and it was a follow up to a piece done four years ago. Marcus “Buff” Bagwell and Del “The Patriot” Wilkes were both interviewed for the show and a clip of Vince McMahon’s 2003 temper tantrum was shown.

I wonder if they asked Vince to do an interview on this segment?

Another Drug Pushing "Doctor"

Dr. John Todd Miller of Tampa, FL will serve 18 months in federal prison for conspiring to dispense steroids to a teenage inline skater. Former WWE patients of Miller named were Billy Kidman, Hector Guerrero, Danny Spivey and Paul “Big Show” Wight. Kidman stated that the late Brian “Crush” Adams referred him to Miller. Even worse than another bad doctor?  The kid’s Dad was in on getting the steroids too! Source: ProWrestlingFans.com.

Monday Night Raw Numbers

PWInsider tells us that Raw last Monday did a 3.3 cable rating which is way down from the 3.9 the week before.

LordsofPain.net report last weeks Smackdown did a 2.6 broadcast rating.

ProWrestlingFans.com reports this weeks ECW did a 1.4 cable rating.

Fan Dies at ECW/Smackdown Taping

Police in Atlanta, GA report that a fan fell from a walkway and died.  The fan had a WWE ticket in his/her possession.  No other details were made available. Source: ProWrestlingFans.com. Read the story here:


Punjabi Prison Match Announced for No Mercy

Batista and the Great Khali will be facing each other in a Punjabi Prison match.  Other matches confirmed for No Mercy will be Triple H vs. Umaga and John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match. No Mercy will be held October 7, 2007, at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

CM Punk New WWE Cover Guy

CM Punk is on the cover of the Fall Preview edition of WWE Magazine.

WWE and Y2J

Chris Jericho has been in talks with TNA and WWE.  Unless his showmanship has hit the skids, he is a keeper. Since Chris spent his career previously with WWE, it would surprise me to see him on TNA, however, I have learned to never say never.

Randy Orton’s Mental State

Irv Munchnik, author of the book “Wrestling Babylon” indicates well placed sources in the WWE have told him Randy Orton attempted suicide earlier this year. He also mentions the fact that Orton was not disciplined when his name came out on the Signature Pharmacy client list. Source:  Tim Brown, www.prowrestlingfans.com.  I reported this because the story is out there but please understand this is RUMOR until we know the facts.

And we already have an updated Bob Orton, Jr., Randy’s Dad is claiming this story is false and that he has spoken to Randy who says he has no idea how the story started.  Irv says that he believes the story is true but that the date would have been in 2006 after Orton was in trouble twice with WWE. Irv again brings up the fact that Orton was not suspended during the Signature Pharmacy bust even though the last date Orton was said to have received anything from Signature would have been in 2007. Source: www.wrestling-edge.com.

If this matter wasn’t so serious, the following slip up would be hysterical.  One website posted that Randy Orton committed suicide earlier this year.  Gee, we didn’t know WWE taped shows that far in advance.

Note to Bob, Jr.: I don’t know whether Irv has proof of this beyond a shadow of a doubt, but if there is even an inkling of truth to this story, whether it was on purpose or an accident, make sure your son gets the help he needs.  You better than anyone should know that you can’t wait around for your employer to take action.  Better to have a non wrestling son than no son at all, if you get my meaning.

Sonny Sakai Regarding Release from WWE

Sakai issued a statement regarding his release from WWE indicating that he had personal problems at home and that his family comes first.  Source:  gerweck.net.

Monday Night Raw News

It was reported that Security was taking signs, and going after anyone taking cell phone pics or videos.  The heat matches included Hardcore Holly vs. Roughhouse O’Reily, KC James vs. Cody Rhodes, Johnny somebody vs. Ron Simmons, and the Highlanders vs. London & Kendrick.  After the show went off the air, Cena and Orton had another go around with the ring still not hooked up. Source: www.wrestlezone.com. Unbelievable!  We had to watch all that writers crap, promos for Austin’s movie, and more writers crap when we could have been seeing real matches on Monday night? This must be the reason remote control television was invented 

Raw creative team member, Ed Koskie, played the part of Hornswoggle’s almost adoptive Dad on Monday Night Raw.

The Naturals May Be Seeking Independent Bookings

It is being said that The Naturals misstep in placing news on their website regarding a WWE tryout before it actually happened, cost them a shot at WWE fame. Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens previously worked for TNA. Source: Ryan Clark, Pro Wrestling Fans.

Is Snitzky MIA?

Daniel Pena at Lords of Pain reminds us that Snitzky has not been in action in a WWE ring since the Signature Pharmacy client list made the news.

Another Release

Paul Heyman left WWE quietly this week.  I can honestly say there is no ECW in WWE and it breaks my heart that Heyman did ANYTHING quietly!

And Yet Another Release

WWE has released Marcus Cor Von.  Marcus had been on an extended  leave of absence due to a family emergency. Note from Marcus fans:  We are glad that you chose family over your career and hope to see you back in the squared circle again someday soon.

Where’s Rick Flair?

There is no word yet on Ric’ WWE employment status.  Currently Ric has been working hard on his finance company. Source: www.thebalrogslair.com.

Reported Injury on Raw

It was reported that Hacksaw Jim Duggan suffered a leg injury on Monday Night.  Source: www.prowrestlingfans.com.

Vince’s Son, Mr. Kennedy?

The rumors are flying across the Internet that Hornswoggle will be McMahon’s son only until Mr. Kennedy is back from his 30 day suspension.  That makes complete WWE sense.  Hornswoggle was not suspended for drug use, Kennedy was.  Let’s get together and reward Kennedy for not only being on Signature Pharmacy’s client list but being brazen enough to go into interviews bragging about never using drugs prior to being caught.  Maybe Mr. Kennedy truly is a McMahon after all.

New Territory for WWE

WWE has given approval for a U.K. territory but it will be a developmental territory such as Ohio Valley Wrestling or Florida Championship Wrestling. Source:  www.rajah.com.

Diva Elimination

The first Diva has been eliminated from competition. Naomi Kirk is gone. Source: Pro Wrestling Fans.

Current WWE Events

WWE will be in Rutherford, NJ on December 7, 2007, for a house show. Tickets go on sale October 13.

Rey Mysterio’s DVD:  Biggest Little Man will be released October 23, 2007.  It is a 3 disc set.

All house shows, pay per views, merchandise, and wrestler bios can be found by logging onto www.wwe.com.

Where Are They Now

UXW Wrestling will be in Orlando, FL on September 29, 2007 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds Pavilion, 4603 West Colonial Drive. Scheduled to be on the card: Sabu vs. Steve Corino, D’Lo Brown vs. Vordell Walker. For more information, go to www.uxwwrestling.net.

Chyna appeared on Nancy Grace last week discussing the recent suspension of wrestlers on the Signature Pharmacy client list.  It is reported that she appeared clean and sober, unlike her recent appearance on the Howard Stern show. Source: www.24wrestling.com.

Stone Cold Steve Austin called into the Joe McConnell Experience on KLAC AM 570 to discuss his movie, The Condemned, and the DVD that is being released.  You can hear the interview by downloading it from this site:  http://www.am570radio.com.  Source: www.powerwrestling.com.

RVDTV! Rob Van Dam http://www.RobVanDam.com. You can get an update on Rob via his blog and see a trailer for RVDTV. Source: www.gerweck.net.

Rob did an interview that can be checked out here: www.BetweenTheRopes.com.

Looking for Dawn Marie? You can find her here: myspace.com/dawnmarieonline.

No Longer Stone, Just Steve Austin did an interview and tells us that he is through with wrestling and will be acting full time.  Source: ProWrestlingNews.com.

Brett The Hitman Hart Book Signing : Brett is scheduled to be at the McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon, SK on November 7th at 7 PM to sign copies of his autobiography, Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling.

Brian Pillman Memorial Show : The next Brian Pillman Memorial Show will be held at the Norwood Field House, Norwood, OH, on April 5, 2008.  For further details go to: www.myspace.com/pillman10years.

Source: www.gerweck.net.

Mexicools Not So Cool

Juventud Guerrera worked an interview and talks about his problems with WWE, Super Crazy and Psychosis. You can read parts of the interview here:  http://www.angrymarks.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=2037.

Booker T’s PWA Wrestling

www.pwbts.com reports PWA Wrestling will be at The Bella Aida Gardens, 9371 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX , September 22, 2007, at 7 PM.  Booker T and Sharmell will be in attendance. 

PWA will be at the Pasadena Convention Center on October 14, 2007.

Ring of Honor “Driven”

Friday, September 21, The Dish Network and TVN Cable Systems will air ROH’s PPV “Driven”.  Jimmy Rave, of TNA, is listed on the card. For information: www.rohwrestling.com.

Nick Hogan Reports on Injured Passenger

Nick posted a report on the Supra site regarding John Graziano.  He tells everyone that John is expected to make a full recovery and that Nick was wearing his seat belt which is why his injuries were minimal but that John was not wearing a seat belt.  According to Nick’s report, John is no longer taking the drug to keep him in a medically induced coma. Source: Steve Gerweck, gerweck.net.

Tampa Bay’s News 10 reports that Nick’s attorney, Barry Cohen, has backed out of representing Nick. No charges have been filed in the accident that critically injured John Graziano.  No reason for the attorney exiting as attorney for Nick.

Brutus Beefcake is Outraged at Nick Hogan Media Coverage

And he wrote a letter to The Winchester Star to say so.  You can read the letter here: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2007/919/hulk_hogan_303164.shtml. What I see as  “outrage” is in the comment regarding Poor Nicky and not John Graziano who suffered life threatening injuries.

Konnan’s Recent Interview

You can read the interview here: http://www.pwheadlines.com/tna_news/konnan_shoots_hard_on_wrestling_business_tna_more.shtml

Konnan discusses his time with TNA but he also discusses WWE and the ongoing drug investigation.

Hall of Fame 2008 Names

Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Ted Dibiase, Gordon Solie, Bob Uecker, Mae Young, and the Von Erichs. Source: www.prowrestlinfans.com.

Phil Astin’s Criminal Case

A pre-trial conference in the criminal case of Phil Astin, pill pusher of the wrestling stars, has been scheduled on September 27, 2007.



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