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Watching TNA Rise To The Top

by Sassy


I recently read an article that says TNA is close to beating out ECW in the ratings.  My response? GO TNA!

TNA bashers claim that TNA hires talent that is left over from other organizations or has been wrestlers that shouldnít be in the ring. They bash Jeff Jarrett for taking on the responsibility of a sports entertainment show. These trash talkers canít be watching every week.  I am an avid Jeff Jarrett hater.  Jeff has spent a lifetime building a magnificent heel persona.  That shouldnít stop him from creating a show thatís so good I never miss it.

I have been an avid follower of TNA since it appeared in my television listings.  The organization gets better every year and brings in what could be considered the best talent in the business.  I thoroughly enjoy TNA pay per views and believe you get more bang for your buck.  I donít see big name pop stars or over the top pyrotechnics.  That isnít what I am paying to see.  I can switch over to MTV if I feel the urge to see a music video. Pyros last for a few seconds.   You canít always get three full hours of nothing but action.  I pay to see my favorite wrestlers doing what they do best.

I do have favorites and complain when I donít see them getting enough airtime.  Okay, I agree.  Iím selfish.  This is the same writer that booed the business for using up their talent.  In an interview recently, Kurt Angle said he came to TNA because he didnít have to live on the road most of the year and could spend time with his family.  That is nothing the rest of us wouldnít do.  I canít complain too loudly if TNA is keeping the present talent fresh and happy.  Happy wrestlers make for better shows.  And that makes for happy fans.

Do I criticize the shows?  Yes.  When I am working on a recap, I play the match as close as possible to what I see on the screen.  My critique of the performances or story lines doesnít make me a sole source.  Just because something doesnít suit me doesnít mean the rest of the TNA fans agree.  They donít have to agree with me.  They have to agree with what TNA is doing. Judging from the rating polls, the fans are moving TNA up in the ranks of wrestling entertainment. 

As for those washed up has been wrestlers from other organizations -- you canít tell me Sting isnít one of the best-loved characters in TNA and possibly in the rest of the universe. The audience never loses its enthusiasm when Sting shows up.  Iíd tell you how great I think Rhino is but Iíd be showing a little bias. Christian Cage has been doing a great job for TNA.  Whether heís playing with a white or black hat, he can draw a crowd. We all know how great Kurt Angle is and if we donít, he wonít hesitate to tell us. Team 3D, the Steiner Brothers and VKM are big personalities.  You never tire of watching them even when Scott and BG keep talking.  Add to these the talents of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Raven, Abyss, Chris Harris and the X Division highflying action and you donít get bad reviews. Jim Cornette was an excellent addition.  Mike Tenay and Don West call Ďem like they see Ďem.  I am still waiting to see TNA to develop womenís wrestling but my idea of wrestling doesnít involve who can get into Playboy first.  It has to do with talent and ability.  I will continue to complain that Miss Jackie Moore and Gail Kim are unused talent in the ring. 

I intend to spend every Thursday with iMPACT and catch all the TNA pay per views I can get. If the TNA bashers donít like it, they can go watch the ďother guysĒ.  Jeff Jarrett and that blasted guitar, the TNA roster and the unsung backstage talent have my vote.











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