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WWE Monday Night Raw

September 17, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics

The first Raw after the Unforgiven pay per view. 

Unforgiven Raw Matches

Randy Orton vs. John Cena.  Cena retains the WWE Championship even though he was disqualified for shoving the referee.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, Cade & Murdoch retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

Ringside Announcers:  Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Ring Announcer:  Lillian Garcia

Backstage Interviews:  Todd Grisham

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Nashville, Tennessee.

We open with the clip of Orton taking out Cena’s father on Smackdown a few weeks ago. Then we see last night’s Unforgiven as Orton drags Cena’s father over the guardrail again but this time with Cena getting his hands on Orton. Cena’s father takes the opportunity to kick Orton in the head. We then see Jonathan Coachman telling Cena’s father that because of him, Orton deserves a rematch and it will be a Last Man Standing match. Cena grabs Coach by the collar and tells Coach that if he messes with Cena’s father, he’s messing with Cena.  Cena then throws Coach across the floor. Cena thanks his father for being brave enough to show up last night and then making Cena very proud.  He thanks Orton for helping Cena put things in perspective. He then says that Orton is stupid enough to think his father was a distraction and that Cena accidentally got himself dq’d and Orton is stupid enough to want a rematch.  He thanks Coach for giving Orton the rematch. At No Mercy, it will be John Cena against Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match and that everyone knows this particular match has no rules and Cena can do whatever he wants to Orton.

Acting Raw General Manager, Jonathan Coachman, comes out to the arena to tell Cena he shouldn’t be thanking him for making the match at No Mercy, Cena should be thanking Coach that he still has a job. Not only did Cena’s father deliberately get involved in the match, he also put his hands on Coach. Coach is going to allow Orton to get revenge just as Cena felt he got revenge last night. Tonight will also be an Orton vs. Cena match. Coach says that the Last Man Standing match wasn’t enough so he met with Cena’s father this morning. Cena’s father is now in the building. Coach says he told Cena’s father that he was going to strip Cena of the championship. Cena’s father said he would do anything to ensure Cena kept the championship, which is why tonight John Cena is not the Cena facing Orton.  It will be Orton vs. Mr. Cena.

Monday Night Raw opens with Cena, still the champion, entering the area to the roar of the fans. However, there seems to be a lot of booing going on toward Cena. Cena apologizes to the fans for the way he has been acting.

Could Cena be losing favor with the fans? He has been champion for a year now maybe WWE fans think we need a change.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JR and Lawler recap what we just heard before the commercial break and that Mr. McMahon will address his son, Hornswoggle.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Jeff Hardy, weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC

WWE Intercontinental Champion


Shelton Benjamin, weighing 248 lbs., Orangeburg, NC

Audience Favorite:  Jeff Hardy

My Favorite:  Jeff Hardy

Winner: Jeff Hardy retains the title with a Swanton and a three count.

Prior to Benjamin being introduced, we are shown what happened last week between Jeff and The Great Khali and are told that Jeff can’t possibly be one hundred percent.

Halfway through the match, commercial break, during commercial break, we see a promo for WWE Smackdown, which will be in Kansas City, MO on October 23, 2007.

I have not been to a WWE event in Kansas City since Owen Hart died in KC in 1999.  I missed that event because I had to be at a high school graduation.  That was the first thing we heard on the news after the graduation and I haven’t had the stomach to return.

I know that Benjamin is very good in the ring but I can’t remember a time since I started watching Jeff Hardy that he wasn’t one of my favorites.  I thought for a few minutes about switching side but that was about the time JR and Lawler began carrying on about what a great athlete Benjamin is and that did it.  Jeff is not a great athlete? If it had been Shelton Benjamin against anyone else, I might have gone with Benjamin. I do have to say these two put on a great match. They had the fans on the edge of their seats every time one of them got a cover. Both men showed what fantastic athletes they are.  Better luck next time Benjamin.

We go from that fantastic match to the Diva search contestants playing volleyball on the beach wearing their bikinis.

We are now in the limo with Mr. McMahon as he is joined by Coach who wants to know why he is sitting in the limo. McMahon is worried about his son being Hornswoggle and Coach says it isn’t going to be too much longer and McMahon won’t have to worry about anything. We then see Hornswoggle with his Cruiser Weight title belt sitting in the limo munching down on Lucky Charms. McMahon tells Coach it is his responsibility to take care of Hornswoggle tonight because he is trouble.  Coach wants to know why there is tape on Hornswoggle and McMahon says Hornswoggle is in an infant seat. McMahon says it’s the law and you have to have some kind of restraint. McMahon tells Coach to take Hornswoggle and get out of the limo.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a clip of Ron Simmons talking to Maria and being attacked by Santino Marella and Marella saying “Damn”!

We see Cena with his father in the locker room and Cena tells his Dad that he has no business in the ring with Orton.  Cena’s Dad says that he is not letting Coach strip Cena of the title and he is wrestling tonight. Cena says he will take care of this and leaves the locker room.

Marella is knocking on the Diva’s locker room door telling Maria to open the door for him and he knows she is in there.  Jillian Hall comes out the door and Jillian says Maria doesn’t want to talk to him right now because of what he did to Simmons.  Marella says he doesn’t understand Maria and just last week she wanted to watch an advanced copy of Stone Cold Steve Austin in “The Condemned”. Jillian says she loves that movie and Austin is awesome. Marella says Austin’s performance is worse than Brittany Spears at the Video Music Awards. Jillian becomes upset because Marella insulted Spears.  Marella says he wants to impress Maria tonight.  Jillian says that since they are in Nashville, Jillian and Marella can sing a country western duet, but Marella has a better idea.

Coach and McMahon are in the hallway and McMahon says that he is disappointed in Coach, it was Coach’s job to stay with Hornswoggle. Coach says that Hornswoggle is short but quick. They hear Irish music and McMahon thinks it is coming from his office.  They enter the office to see it decorated in green with boxes of Lucky Charms everywhere. McMahon tells Coach to find Hornswoggle, but Hornswoggle pops out from behind a table and makes a getaway with Coach hot on his wheels.  McMahon then notices a horse with a horn tied to its head in the office.

Commercial break after a promo for ECW.

Back from commercial break.

Flag Match

The first man who captures the flag of his country is declared the winner.

Daivari, weighing 206 lbs., representing Iran


Hacksaw Jim Duggan, weighing 270 lbs., representing the USA

Audience Favorite:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan

My Favorite: Hacksaw Jim Duggan – why would you even ask?

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan after sending Daivari crashing to the floor and retrieving the Stars and Stripes.

Duggan is a favorite of mine from way back in the old days.  I would like to think Daivari is a decent wrestler but we never get a chance to see him really work the ring.

Cody Rhodes has Coach cornered in the backstage area telling Coach that Orton kicked Cody’s father as well and why not let Cody face Orton tonight? Cody doesn’t want Coach to put Cena’s Dad in the ring.  Coach tells Cody no.  Cena shows up and tells Coach to call of the match tonight between Orton and Cena’s father or Cena will not be responsible tonight for what happens to Orton or what happens to anyone including Coach.  Coach says he forgot to mention that Cena has a match tonight against someone of Coach’s choosing. Coach says that Cena has his word that if Cena wins his match tonight, Cena’s father will not have to face Orton. If Cena loses, then Cena’s Dad will face Orton. Coach says Cena’s Dad’s fate is in Cena’s hands. 

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JR tells us that all the details regarding Unforgiven can be found at

We hear McMahon’s music and McMahon comes down the entrance ramp and enters the ring. McMahon tells us that everyone was surprised that his son was a leprechaun and that he is proud of his son and he will welcome Hornswoggle into his family.  Hornswoggle enters the arena to the Irish Jig. McMahon tells Hornswoggle to stop dancing. McMahon then gets down on his knees so that he is on Hornswoggle’s level. McMahon says that when, or if, McMahon dies, Hornswoggle will come into a lot of money.  Hornswoggle gets very excited about the money, money, and money. McMahon says he is going to do something for Hornswoggle tonight and he has legal papers for him because he is putting Hornswoggle up for adoption. McMahon tells Hornswoggle to say hello to his new Mom and Dad, Ed and Alice Koski. Hornswoggle looks very upset in the ring and the Koskis enter the ring with their attorney. The Koskis are very happy to have a child in their family. Hornswoggle is forced to hug Ed, his new Dad, but he pulls down Ed’s trousers, trips him and then proceeds to beat up on him sending Ed and the attorney running from the ring. Alice is left alone in the ring with McMahon and Hornswoggle and McMahon wants her to sign the adoption papers but she refuses. Hornswoggle then bites her in her derriere and all three run from the arena. McMahon tells Hornswoggle to stay away from him and Hornswoggle tells shakes his head no. McMahon tells him that he is a disgrace to the McMahon family and orders Hornswoggle out of the ring to the jeers of the crowd. McMahon says there isn’t a person in the audience who would not have done the same thing if they were a billionaire and a McMahon. 

We hear Triple H’s music and Triple H enters the arena and the ring. McMahon wants to know why Triple H is in the ring. Triple H says he went to a lot of trouble today decorating McMahon’s office and wants to know if McMahon knows how hard it is to find a unicorn in Nashville, Tennessee. Triple H says he just came out to congratulate McMahon.  Triple H says he knows McMahon slept with some trolls back in the day but he didn’t know McMahon slept with elves, fairies and hobgoblins. McMahon says he never slept with fairies and Triple H says that is not what he read on the Internet. Triple H says he understands McMahon is upset but it seems that somewhere along the way the genetic jackhammer had a little too much genetic Jack Daniels and forgot to genetically jack off and then ended up in the ring in front of the whole world as the genetic jackass. Triple H says he doesn’t know why McMahon didn’t see this coming because all the signs were there.  McMahon is a little short tempered, a little short sighted, and he is short in other ways. Triple H says he wants to know one thing when McMahon got Hornswoggle’s Mom if they did it on the Yellow Brick Road or if they got all the way to Smurf Village.

It went on after this but I quit with the biology lesson.  I don’t want anyone’s child to learn the facts of life, the wrong facts of life, by reading this report on the Internet.

Who is Hornswoggle? 

His real name is Dylan Mark Postl from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  He started in wrestling with the NWA in Wisconsin. He does have a MySpace page:

As someone who grew up watching wrestlers such as Dylan, I often wonder why we no longer see them in action.  Whether you believe it or not, they were just as good as the tall guys and I think they took bigger risks than most of the larger wrestlers.

Handicap Match

Triple H


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

WWE World Tag Team Champions

Before the match begins and before the commercial break we are going to starts, we see clips from Unforgiven again with the Cenas and Orton and Undertaker and Mark Henry.  Special encore presentations of Unforgiven are airing all week long, contact your cable provider.

Back from commercial break, the match has already begun.

Audience Favorite:  Triple H because the fans don’t like Cade & Murdoch

My Favorite:  Cade & Murdoch because I like Murdoch.

Winner: Triple H with a spine buster and a pin.

Carlito comes down the entrance ramp to distract Triple H during what the television audience managed to see of the match. RR and Lawler remind us that Triple H has not lost a match since he has been back from his injury.

Carlito then enters the ring and Carlito, Cade and Murdoch proceed to work on Triple H but are stopped by Paul London and Brian Kendrick who come to the aid of Triple H. As London & Kendrick chase Cade & Murdoch out of the arena, Carlito is left alone in the ring with Triple H. Triple H drops Carlito with a spine buster and sends him out of the ring. Kendrick and London come into the ring to celebrate with Triple H. London and Kendrick want to be friends but Triple H pedigrees them both instead.

Murdoch did a great neck breaker off the second rope, which I have never seen him do before. I do like Murdoch but Cade did a good job in this match, at least what I managed to see of the match between the commercial break and the constant camera break going to Carlito on the ramp.

I still think Carlito needs to do something with that hairdo. And I still think Carlito should have won the match at Unforgiven.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Beth Phoenix at ringside. and then a clip of the Unforgiven match between Candice Michelle and Beth.

I still can’t believe Beth didn’t win the Women’s Championship.

Diva Tag Team Match

Melina & Jillian Hall


Candice Michelle & Mickie James

Audience Favorite:  Candice Michelle & Mickie James

My Favorite:  Melina & Mickie James – I KNOW they aren’t on the same team, they are still my favorites in this match.

Winners:  Candice Michelle & Mickie James after Candice performs the Candy Wrapper on Jillian.

Beth comes to the ring with the title belt in her hand, shoves the belt at Candice and then shoves her back a little. Beth then leaves the ring and if you saw the stiletto heels Beth was wearing you would know why she didn’t go any farther than that in the ring.

Melina has learned a lot of wrestling maneuvers and a lot more ways to fight dirty since she has been in WWE.  Mickie James has always been a wrestling talent.  I will admit Candice appears to have improved but Jillian needs a lot of work if she is ever going to be a wrestler.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see a promo for Austin’s movie “The Condemned”. Austin tells the audience about his character in the movie.

Coach and McMahon are backstage and McMahon says he feels pretty good about tonight and McMahon wants to know about the Cena situation and about Hornswoggle.  Hornswoggle appears to have gone missing and Coach says McMahon may have scarred Hornswoggle for life. McMahon gets in his limo to leave and Hornswoggle waves goodbye to Coach –from the trunk of the limo.

Commercial break.  Again.

Back from commercial break, we are told next week there will be a Steel Cage Match:  Triple H vs. Carlito in Milwaukee, WI.

John Cena, weighing 240 lbs., from West Newbury, MA

WWE Champion


Santino Marella, weighing 227 lbs, residing in Patterson, NJ

Audience Favorite:  John Cena

My Favorite:  Who Cares?

Winner: John Cena after Orton enters the ring, attacks Cena, and causes a disqualification.

Orton has handcuffs to handcuff Cena to the bottom rope. Lawler and JR tell us that Cena’s father does not have to face Orton tonight. However, Coach comes out and tells Cena that he did win the match by dq, but since he didn’t win the match by pin fall or submission, the match between Orton and Cena’s father is still on and it is next. I’d say as far as the handcuffs go, one of the writers has been watching one of those “other wrestling organizations”.

Commercial break.

Randy Orton, weighing 245 lbs., from St. Louis, MO


Mr. Cena

Audience Favorite:  Anyone but Randy Orton

My Favorite:  Anyone but Randy Orton

Winner:  Randy Orton who was dq’d by Cody Rhodes coming out to the ring and getting beat up by Orton who then goes back to finish off Cena’s Dad with an RKO but gets to go no further because Cena took apart the ring ropes to get loose and run Orton out of the ring.

Does everyone want me to just do one big complaint or would you rather I point them out one at a time?

Again WWE has used the newly found son angle and the Cena-Orton angle to spend most of two hours with story lines and no action.  The bright spot of the night was the Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin match. These two deserve a raise for carrying most the two-hour show.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Daivari deserve a raise for carrying the rest of the two hours. I could have typed play by play recaps for all of the matches involved on Raw and not come up nearly as much type as I did by following the story lines. You couldn't do better than this after the way everyone has been complaining about Unforgiven?

We are all SORRY Austin's movie lost money.  It would be nice to go at least 30 minutes without seeing something about the movie.

For anyone who did not know, Cena’s father is involved in wrestling and does know what he was getting into in this match.

And as a fitting end to this Monday Night Raw, Steve-O of Jackass fame has a new show that debuted tonight.  I didn’t watch it.









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