WWE News Bytes

WWE News Bytes

September 18, 2007

by Sassy

Will WWE Fans Forgive Unforgiven?

Unforgiven results are at the end of the page. I watched all of the hype before the show and read as many recaps as I could find after the show.  I have to tell you that I am grateful I didn’t waste my money on this PPV.  Not only did the recap people show lack of enthusiasm in their writing, they note that the audience couldn’t get into the matches either. That tells everyone what kind of product WWE has been putting out lately.  When the return of Undertaker no longer gets the fans up and over the edge, there is a problem. Several sites claimed Unforgiven has been the worst PPV of the year!

Mooneyham, Mero and the State of WWE Wrestling

I found an enlightening article by Mike Mooneyham regarding Marc Mero, drugs, suspensions and the embarrassing statements made by William Regal and Mr. Kennedy before they got busted by the Signature Pharmacy client list.  I suggest you check out the entire article here:


Toward the bottom of the article, Mike also recaps the Nick Hogan car crash.

If You Don’t Have The Facts…You Probably Shouldn't Print The Story

The Times Union Newspaper, Albany, NY, reported that Dave Batista, Santino Marella, and Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio) were all suspended due to drug use. Obviously none of the above three have been suspended. It further states that Mike Bucci was suspended, but in reality he was terminated. Source: Ryan Gray.

Regarding Suspensions

Word is that all 30 day suspended wrestlers will return October 1 on Raw in Cleveland, OH and October 2 on ECW or Smackdown.  Source: ProWrestlingFans.com. 

WWE Extends Helping Hand to Ex Wrestling Employees

WWE has offered to foot the bill for any ex-WWE wrestler to go through rehab. Although it could help a lot of those hooked on who knows what most seem to think it’s a PR stunt pulled to aid WWE during the Congressional investigation.  Source:  Keelan Balderson, www.wrestlingtruth.com.  This effort might be referred to as Better Late Than Never.

Vince McMahon’s Rank

Vince McMahon is listed as number ten on the Sports Illustrated Pop Culture Power Ranking. The article references the WWE steroid scandal and Vince’s newly found son, Hornswoggle. Source: www.thewrestlingoutlaws.com.

Is She Really Chris Benoit’s Daughter?

National Enquirer published a story about a mother and daughter coming forward regarding Chris Benoit's estate. Lilian Smolic of Edmonton (who wrestled as Lisa Leigh) is known around Edmonton for hooking up with a lot of the wrestlers. The sixteen year old daughter, Linday Ingram, has been showing up at area independent shows claiming to be Benoit's daughter. Source: Ryan Clark, www.prowrestlingfans.com. If she isn’t Benoit's daughter, her Mother should be in jail for pulling this kind of stunt.

Hardcore Holly Medical Update

JR blogs the last he heard, Holly was still having issues with his elbow and arm.  JR says we should never count Holly out because he is so tough.  It will be bad news for WWE's ECW should Holly not be able to return to the show.  He was one of the few hardcore faces left on Tuesday night.

The Latest on Not So Nice Guy Randy Orton

He lives up to the hype.  You can read it from a witness who saw the incident: http://www.pwpix.net/pwpixnews/headlines/191810513.php. What Randy doesn’t seem to understand is that when the fans see you act like this, they stop wanting to see you wrestle.  When they stop wanting to see you wrestle, they stop coming to matches and they stop buying pay per views and they stop buying the merchandise. And no matter how much you think good old Vince adores you, you will find yourself unemployed because not only is Vince watching out for number 1, he has to take keep the entire McMahon family employed, including all the in-laws.

The Rock Says

The Rock told New York Daily News that wrestling organizations need to have a zero tolerance policy:  “You use, you’re caught, you’re out.”  Rock claims that steroids have corrupted wrestling.  Source: www.2xzone.com. With everything that has transpired in wrestling in the last few months, many may be in agreement with The Rock.

A New Release

WWE has released Sonny Siaki from his developmental contract. Source: ProWrestlingFans.com. It appears he was originally slated to be a member of Samoan tag team – The Samoan Fight Club, but the plan fizzled out.  Siaki was previously with TNA as part of a tag team with Jimmy Wang Yang and Jorge Estrada.

A New Addition

WWE seems to be seeking the Luck of the Irish lately.  McMahon is Irish, his newly found son, Hornswoggle, is an Irish leprechaun, and now we hear WWE has hired another Irish talent.  Sheamus O'Shaunessy, also known as The Irish Curse, will be heading to Florida Championship Wrestling, a WWE developmental territory, to hone up his wrestling skills. Source: www.thesun.co.uk.

It Could Be A Permanent Release

King Booker/Booker T may be gone from WWE for good. King Booker had been a hold out on signing a new contract with WWE for what appears to be several reasons, including the fact that he wanted a form of creative control much as Triple H holds. Booker was also said to be upset about Randy Orton being on the Signature Pharmacy client list but not being suspended. Source: Ryan Gray.  None of us can blame Booker for wanting to be involved in what is going on with his career and it’s tough to be up against the McMahon family. I understand Booker being upset about Orton getting a walk. I am upset too.  I understand Booker is financially sound and doesn’t need to rely on WWE for that weekly paycheck. If it’s true and Booker is done with WWE, all of his fans wish him luck and want him to know that he will be missed.

The Newest McMahon

Hornswoggle has issued a statement regarding his newly found McMahon son status.  You can read it here: http://www.fhmonline.com/sports_wwe_locker_room.asp?cnl_id=5&stn_id=137&idx_id=5226. In keeping with the McMahon tradition, Hornswoggle is already thinking up ways to spend his Daddy’s money.

Matt Sydal Sidelined

Matt Sydal, under contract with WWE, suffered a concussion in an ROH event last weekend during his “farewell” match.  He was slated to start work in Ohio Valley Wrestling.  No reports on how he is doing or how long he will be out of action. Source:  Lords Of Pain.net. Remember the recent furor regarding head injuries.  Let’s hope someone in WWE has been heeding the warnings.

An Arrest Involving WWE House Show

Kreston F. “Chris” Erickson was arrested on a felony count of forgery. The WWE complained it got less than $15,000.00 less than it should have for a January 2006 performance triggering an audit. Read the article here:


Current WWE Talent Events

WWE Developmental Event: September 25 at the Bourbon Street Night Club is a charity event with proceeds going to the Pasco Humane Society. The Event is titled “Wrestling for Whiskers”. Source: www.ProWrestlingFans.com. Address: Bourbon Street Located 4331 US HWY 19, New Port Richey Florida 34652.

WWE is releasing a new Undertaker DVD covering all of his Wrestlemania wins. It will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

In November, WWE will be releasing the DVD Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak and Triumph, a 2 disc set and the John Cena: My Life, a 3 disc set.

Where Are They Now

October 13, 2007 www.signamania.com has an event coming up with the following talent:  The Iron Sheik, King Kong Bundy, The Honky Tonk Man, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Jim The Anvil Neidhardt, and Abdullah the Butcher. 

Jimmy Hart appeared recently on The People’ Court as a witness for someone suing someone over rent.  Source: www.prowrestlingfans.com.  I did not see it, but I hear he played it to the Judge just like he played the ring. No mention as to whether or not he brought along his megaphone or who won the judgment.

Lex Luger has a new website www.FlexwithLex.org. Lex recently made the cover of Christian Living Magazine.  You can contact Lex at his website for appearances and speaking engagements.  

Sabu recently worked a WWC show on September 15. He defeated Senshi in a Street Fight match.  I’ll bet that was something to see! Scott Hall was on the card against Eddie Colon. Source: www.gerweck.net.

The Sandman and Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore will be appearing at the WrestleFest Convention:  Source: Steve Carrier, www.wrestle-edge.com.

Sandman worked a Pro Wrestling Unplugged show along with Diamond Dallas Page and 2 Cold Scorpio.  You can read a recap of the match here:


It’s nice to know someone gets to see Sandman in action again.

NOTE:  Rumor has it that the main reason Sandman was released was due to a disagreement he had with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.  We will let you know if we find out this is fact.

Chris Jericho’s entire book signing tour can be found here: http://rajah.com/base/node/9187.

Joanie Laurer formerly known as Chyna will be signing autographs at the Chiller Theater, Parsippany, NJ on October 5, 2007.

Jake The Snake Roberts will be at XFW’s Night of Legends Saturday, September 22, 2007, at the XFW Arena, Richmond, VA. The link for more information:  http://www.myspace.com/xfw_xtreme or email xfwextreme@yahoo.com.

There is an article about Trish Stratus at www.wwe.com. The article contains comments from Trish about the Candice Michelle/Beth Phoenix match at Unforgiven. The article was written prior to Unforgiven.

Former WWE/WCW star Billy Kidman wrestled in a Florida Championship show this weekend.  He was accompanied to the ring by Lacy Von Erich. Source:  Daniel Pena, www.lordsofpain.net.

Mike “Virgil” Jones and Mayhem

Mike "Virgil" Jones, former WWE bodyguard/wrestler showed up on Monday Night Mayhem Monday, September 17. You can find out more about the interview at www.MondayNightMayhem.com.  

Ric Flair's newest venture is a finance company.  You can find it online:  www.ricflairfinance.com.  Hey, he uses the Figure 4 Process.  I checked out the site.  Ric, I don’t want to complain but it reminds me of those used car lot commercials you see on your local TV channels late at night.

Nick Hogan's Continuing Bad Boy Saga

The St. Petersburg Times carried an article about Nick Hogan aka Nick Bollea.  It can be found here: http://www.pwbts.com/messages/11994.htm. Linda Hogan tells everyone what a level headed businessman Nick has become. That would be laughable if it were not so serious.  Level headed businessman races on city street critically injuring his passenger. What on earth does his Mommy think he was doing? Being a parent I can tell Linda this:  If YOU don't hold your kids accountable, the next time it can be a lot worse. How many people do you want little Nicky to take out next time?

It’s True, HBO Documentary

“The Premature Deaths of Pro Wrestlers” will air on Real Sports September 18 (today). Source: Lady J, Angry Marks. Since I don’t get that channel, I’m going to have to find someone who does.

MMA:  Violence Outside the Ring

Read the story by an eye witness here:

http://www.wrestlingobserver.com/wo/news/headlines/default.asp?aID=20727. What’s next everyone?  Will we be going through metal detectors to get inside an MMA show?

Unforgiven Pay Per View Results

Sunday, September 16, 2007

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke

CM Punk retains the ECW Championship

*My pick was CM Punk although Burke had me a little worried.

Matt Hardy & MVP vs. Deuce & Domino

Matt Hardy & MVP retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

*My pick was Matt Hardy & MVP because I think they are a great team.

Triple H vs. Carlito

Triple H wins the match

*My pick was Carlito.  It would have been a great push for Carlito.

Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix

Candice Michelle retains the Women’s WWE Championship

*My pick was Beth Phoenix because I think she and Victoria are the best female wrestlers WWE has on the roster. Not to knock anything Candice has done in the ring, but Beth should have easily been able to take her out.

The Great Khali vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

Batista wins the WWE Heavyweight Championship

*My pick was Batista although I am not sure why.

The play by play I read seemed to think the audience wasn’t into it and all of the above matches were lame.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch the retain World Tag Titles

*I would have picked either team.  I like both teams although I think Cade & Murdoch had the edge simply because of size.

The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

The Undertaker wins the match

*My pick was Undertaker although it would have been a great win for Henry. I hear audiences may be tired of seeing Undertaker only show up at pay per views these days.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

John Cena is disqualified but retains the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

*My pick was John Cena because I don’t think Randy Orton deserved a shot at the title let alone the title.

I hope Cena’s Daddy kicked Orton at least once for me.

It is already confirmed that Cena will again face Orton in a Last Man  Standing Match at No Mercy next month.  We can look at this one of two ways:  Is anyone else ever going to get a shot at this title or should we be grateful Orton didn’t get suspended so Cena would have someone to go against at Unforgiven?

We also hear that another match slated for No Mercy will be Undertaker going after Batista for the title.

Unforgiven dark match:  Kane defeated Kenny Dykstra. I read this was a great match. 

 What was Kane doing in a dark match?


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