TNA News Bytes


TNA News Bytes

September 17, 2007

by Sassy

Note To TNA Management

If you aren’t reading the Internet recaps of weekly iMPACT shows and monthly pay per views, it would be a good time to start paying attention.  I’m not the only one doing a lot of complaining about Jones and the Angle bunch.  I go into great detail when I recap a TNA show but it’s getting more and more difficult with more and more b.s. to cover in each show. Two hours won’t help iMPACT if the show doesn’t improve.  That means less crap, more actual wrestlers.

TNA History

You can find a timeline on the ownership of TNA here:  We now how Dixie Carter got her position with the company. 

For What It’s Worth

Jeremy Borash interviewed Dixie Carter, current President of TNA Entertainment, on a recent edition of TNA Today, TNA’s Internet Show.  She promises fans longer matches when the show expands to two hours. She also says that Bound For Glory is going to be TNA’s biggest pay per view ever and discusses a new TNA game that is presently in development.

That Low Down Dirty Rotten Christian Cage

He is SUCH a great creep in front of the camera and now his wonderful work ethic and reported “nice guy on the job” is blowing his image. We hear he stays out of backstage politics, spends hours on his promos and is very well liked by his peers.  Source: His hard work shows up in what he does for the fans every week.  He is one of the guys you just love to hate.

Meet Judas Mesias

If you saw last week's iMPACT, you had to have noticed him. Judas Mesias is a Puerto Rican wrestler who has previously wrestled under the name of Ricky Banderas.  He is 6’4”, 240 lb. Judas Mesias’ hand debuted at No Surrender, Judas' entire body debuted at iMPACT on September 13, 2007. Sorry female wrestling fans.  I couldn’t find any personals on him but I tried!

Meet Junior Fatu

We all grew to love him as Rikishi, but unfortunately WWE owns the name.  We’ll take him as Junior Fatu or whatever name he wants to use.  The latest stats I could find for him: 6’3”, 510 lbs., but I thought he looked lighter than that when  we first saw him September 13  on iMPACT.  He is a Samoan-American wrestler, the brother of Umaga who currently with WWE (and recently suspended for drug use), and is related to The Rock, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Jimmy Snuka, Jr. “Deuce” of Deuce & Domino, Rosey and the  Wild Samoans.  Sorry girls.  Junior Fatu is happily married with five children.

We checked the TNA official website and found that Judas and Junior Fatu bios have not yet been added to the TNA roster 

 Leticia Cline Rumors

The Internet has been full of rumors for the last week that Leticia’s days with TNA may be numbered.  As everyone knows, Leticia took time off from TNA to work on other projects and rumors are that TNA loves her replacement.  No one with TNA has confirmed that Leticia will not return to TNA. In Leticia’s absence, Crystal Loutham has been handling backstage interviews. I liked Leticia, but Crystal has been doing a great job.

Bound For Glory Poster Released

The Bound For Glory Poster has been released. You can see it here: or 

Bound For Glory Confirmed Matches

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle, Current World Heavyweight Champion

vs. Sting

TNA X Division Championship

Black Machismo Jay Lethal, Current X Division Champion

vs. Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

TNA World Tag Team Championship

Team Pacman, Current World Tag Team Champions

vs. The Phenomenal AJ Styles & Tomko

The Return of the Ultimate X Match

LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. Triple X (Senshi & Elix Skipper)

There Must Be A Winner

Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe vs.

The Instant Classic Christian Cage

Special Enforcer: Matt Morgan

Tables Match

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) vs.Team 3D (Brother Devon & Brother Ray)

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

To Determine the First TNA Women’s World Champion

Scheduled as of this date:  Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Miss Brooks, The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore, and Roxxy Laveaux .

There will be a total of ten women in the match, the five additional are unknown at this time.

**As for the other five contestants, rumors are they will professional wrestlers from Shimmer Wrestling. Outside of Shimmer, other candidates are Lita, Nidia, and Shelly “Ariel” Martinez, all former WWE talent. If you are not familiar with Shimmer wrestling, you can read all about at Shimmer’s official website:

Fight For The Right

TNA stars battling for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestlers not yet announced.

Rumored Monster’s Ball Match at Bound For Glory

The match would be between Abyss and Judas Mesias with Rhino perhaps added as a third contestant. 

There is also talk of working Kevin Nash into the Sting/Kurt Angle match.


TNA PPV Auction

TNA and Ticketmaster are hosting a Bound For Glory PPV VIP package auction that will run until October 5, 2007.  Check the Ticketmaster website for further information:

Purchase your tickets for Bound For Glory or click on the Bid on Auction tab to place bids. Heads up on the bidding side:  The minimum bid is $500.00 per ticket.

Current TNA Events

TNA Travels to Tel Aviv!

TNA house show at Zamora Shrine Temple, Birmingham/Rondale, AL, October 11.  Tickets are on sale now.

Information on Bound For Glory Fanfest, starting October 13, can be found here: or

Bound For Glory, Atlanta, GA, October 14.

Instant Classic: The Best of Christian Cage DVD available October 16.  See TNA's official website for details.

Genesis pay per view is November 11.

Thursday, November 15, 2007 and Saturday, November 17, TNA will be in Israel at the Nokia Arena!  Mark your calendars and get your tickets at any ticket company box office or online:

As of today’s date, the following talent is scheduled to appear:  The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe, The Instant Classic Christian Cage, The Phenomenal AJ Styles, Black Machismo Jay Lethal, The Guru Sonjay Dutt, Kurt Angle, Cowboy James Storm, The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore, Team 3D, Gail Kim, Wildcat Chris Harris, Eric Young, Robert Roode, VKM, and Petey Williams.

Source:  Andy Stevens,

TNA: Year 1 DVD to be released November 20.  See TNA's official website for details.

Find out more about TNA house shows in your area by logging on to

Don’t forget to watch iMPACT every Thursday night on Spike TV.  IMPACT is taped at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL. 

Information on all TNA pay per views, house shows, merchandise and ticket information can be found at

Current TNA Talent Events

UFW Capital Punishment II Event, September 21, 2007, go to for more information.  TNA talent include AJ Styles, Gail Kim, LAX and Senshi. Following is information on bidding to manage a wrestler:

Auction for Autism

Fans will be bidding to manage their favorite wrestlers. There are many talents up for bid. The TNA talent list:  Scott & Rick Steiner, Elix Skipper, Hernandez, Homicide, AJ Sytles, Abyss, Senshi, Gail Kim and Earl Hebner.  You can also Bid to Guest Ring Announce a Match.

The auction ends September 18!

Team 3D will be at IWS Blood, Sweat and Beers in Montreal on September 22, 2007.  For more information:

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are scheduled to appear at AAW’s Rise of the Machine Guns, September 29, 2007, in Berwyn, IL. Go to for further information.

Scott D’Amore and Gail Kim will be at The Funking Conservatory, !BANG! TV October 28.  Follow this link for further information:

Samoa Joe is scheduled to be working with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan on October 25 and 27th.

Don't forget to see Christian Cage, billed as Jayson Reso, in the movie "Shoot 'Em Up".  It is reported to be a small part.

Is there a current TNA event or TNA talent event that we have missed?  If so, please send an email to the Webmaster with full details so we can spread the word!

Players Behaving Badly

A few Bytes ago I was looking for websites dedicated to ridding the sports world – and sports entertainment world – of criminals.  I found the following site:

I thought our readers might want to stop by and take a look.  Be forewarned.  There is also a page for Stupid Fans.

You can find your favorite…or not… Adam Pacman Jones along with a list of his off the field activities.  The players on this site make the tantrum throwing Billy Martin look like a saint.

Austin Aries aka Austin Starr

If you are missing Austin in action, you can find him working with ROH and PWG.  His official website contains wrestling engagement dates, times and places. I like him not only for his ring work, but he is a vegetarian!  How many of macho men do you think would admit to that?  FYI Austin does NOT have a MySpace page.  Anyone on MySpace claiming to be Austin Aries or Austin Starr is not the real thing.

More on Chris Benoit’s Diary

You can read about it here:

From the description of Benoit’s actions, he was having memory problems and suffering from paranoia. No one noticed he was suffering from depression, paranoia and memory loss?  I don't know why no one saw the signs, perhaps Chris really was that private a person.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from any of the above signs or symptoms, get help.  Don't wait until someone asks you if you need help. 


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