September 14

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

September 14, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

Film clip of Rey Mysterio beating Chavo Guerrero in the I Quit Match last week on Smackdown which followed with a beat down of Mysterio by The Great Khali and a rescue by Batista who sent Khali out of the ring. This resulted in a match being made by Teddy Long, General Manager, which added Batista to the match between Khali and Mysterio at Unforgiven.

Unforgiven is this Sunday, check with your cable company for pay per view information.

There were several websites, including this one, which condemned the use of blood coming from the mouth of Mysterio during the attack by Khali last week. It was over the top and unnecessary.

Friday Night Smackdown is being broadcast from Minneapolis, MN. 

Announcers:  Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield.

Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel

Michael Cole tells us we are less than 48 hours away from Unforgiven.

Michelle McCool

accompanied to the ring by Chuck Palumbo and motorcycle



accompanied to the ring by Kenny Dykstra

Audience Favorite:  Michelle McCool

My Favorite:  Victoria

During the match, commercial break.  We find out when we come back from commercial break that during the commercial break, Teddy Long, GM, came out and made this a mixed tag team match up since the referee called it a double disqualification because there was interference from both sides. Therefore it became Michelle & Chuck Palumbo vs. Victoria & Kenny Dykstra.

Winners:  Michelle McCool & Chuck Palumbo after Michelle pins Victoria for the three count.

Michelle might be learning a lot in the ring but Victoria is not only great in the ring, she has much more experience than Michelle. Perhaps it’s Victoria’s ability to be the Dirtiest Female Player in the Game that makes her interesting to watch. Victoria had on one of the strangest looking outfits I ever saw in this match.

We go backstage where Jesse and Festus are with Teddy.  They tell him that Mr. Simmons put them in charge of the entertainment for Teddy’s bachelor party tonight and that Jesse has the face of a party animal.  They then proceed to show Teddy what the entertainment will be and they open the door to a lot of women. Teddy is a little concerned about all the women but his son, Antoine shows up along with a friend of Teddy’s. The Major Brothers and Sergeant Slaughter come in to party and Teddy proceeds to dance with all the girls.

Commercial break.

Back from the commercial break, we see the invitation for Teddy and Kristal’s wedding.

Then into the ring where a druid stands in the center of the ring.  The “druid” removes his robe and we find it is Mark Henry.  He tells the crowd the Undertaker is not the only one who can do hocus-pocus. Henry says Undertaker’s powers pale in comparison to his own. Henry then shows a clip of him taking out the Undertaker in a previous match. As Henry continues to tell us how great he is, the lights dim and the clip of the Undertaker is being shown on the monitor. Henry is in the ring but there is an explosion and the Undertaker’s symbol is shown on fire. Undertaker’s voice tells Mark Henry that Sunday at Unforgiven, Mark Henry will rest in peace.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see Matt Hardy and MVP playing a game of chess. MVP is having trouble making a move. Matt says that it’s been an hour, MVP needs to make a move. MVP says that he challenged Matt to this game and he is going to beat him.  He makes his move and Matt asks him if that is the move he wants to make and MVP says that’s the move.  Matt makes a move and tells MVP “Check”.  MVP fakes a sneeze and knocks all the pieces off the board.  He tells Matt he’s sorry but Matt tells MVP not to worry about it and MVP has to go.  MVP asks him where he has to go and Matt says he almost forgot that he had talked to Teddy Long earlier and Matt got MVP set up in a warm up match tonight, in fact the match was next. Matt tells him not to worry, he will be out there cheering him on and so will the audience.

Jamie Noble, weighing 202 lbs., from Hanover, WV


Shannon Moore, weighing 207 lbs., from Cameron, NC

Before the match begins we see the antics last week of Noble and Hornswoggle, with Noble setting a trap for Hornswoggle backstage and Noble getting caught in his own trap; Hornswoggle winning the schedule match against Noble because Nobel didn’t make it to the ring in time; Hornswoggle using marbles to trip Noble up and make him fall.

It’s still funny.

Audience Favorite: Shannon Moore

My Favorite:  Jamie Noble

Winner: Shannon Moore with a roll up and a three count after distracting Noble by making him think Hornswoggle was under the ring.

I know the audience favorite was Shannon Moore and I won’t take anything away from Moore, but Jamie Noble is not only funny, he has done some magnificent work in the ring. I still count him as one of my top favorites in the Cruiser Weight Division.

We are backstage with Kristal and Vicky Guerrero who are discussing Kristal and Teddy’s wedding next week on Smackdown. Vicky said that she needs five minutes of Kristal’s time so she can show her the dress she will be wearing at the wedding and when she opens the door, it is a lingerie party for Kristal with all the WWE divas present. They are having a lingerie party.

MVP is telling the ref that he can’t go out to the ring yet, that he has to change and warm up, but the ref tells him that he is going to the ring and he suggests MVP do the same, MVP’s match is next.

Before we go to commercial break, we see a promo of the Khali vs. Mysterio vs. Batista match that will be held at Unforgiven live this Sunday on pay per view.

Back from commercial break, we see last week’s match, Matt Hardy versus Deuce, which was set up by MVP.

MVP, weighing 248 lbs., from Miami, FL

WWE Tag Team Champion

United States Champion

In MVP’s corner, Matt Hardy, the other WWE Tag Team Champion


Domino, weighing 235 lbs., from the Other Side of the Tracks

accompanied to the ring by Deuce and Cherry

Audience Favorite:  MVP still dressed in his street clothes without his championship belts.

My Favorite: MVP whatever he is wearing

Winner: Domino with a roll up and a three count after MVP distracts himself by stopping to yell at Matt for helping him.

Matt has the mic after the match and he tells MVP that they have a match against Deuce and Domino but that just a few minute ago, MVP showed the audience just exactly whey MVP is the “captain” of their team. Matt again tries to get the audience to rally behind MVP with the chant of MVP.

During the match, when MVP is getting the worst of the pair in the ring, Matt grabs the mic and tries to work the audience in to chanting MVP.  The audience to let Matt chant MVP while they alternate with WHAT? Later in the match when MVP is having problems, Matt again tries to rally the audience into chanting MVP but the audience splits up between MVP and What on their own.

MVP does wrestle well and he and Matt Hardy as much as they don’t get along, make a great tag team duo. They have great chemistry outside of the ring that makes us believe they could have the same chemistry inside the squared circle. MVP appears to be more experience than Domino but Domino and his partner, Deuce, don’t wrestle as much as they try to cheat their way to the win.

Cole and JBL again show us the clip of Mysterio winning the match with Chavo and being taken down by Khali after the match last week as well as Batista coming in for the same and Teddy advising Khali and his interpreter about adding Batista to the match. Then Cole tells us that tonight, for the first time on network television, it will be Batista vs. Khali.

We then see a promo for Undertaker and Unforgiven.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break we see the film clip from Monday Night Raw where Vince finds out his unknown son is Hornswoggle.

We are backstage with Kristal and the divas at the lingerie party where Kristal where Kristal is showing off her new lingerie.  A deliveryman comes in with a large package and has Kristal sign for it. She opens the box to find the Fat Oily Guy inside. The girls dance with the Fat Oily Guy.

Better them than me.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole tells us again about the match tonight with Khali and Batista.  Khali is backstage and Cole asks him why he is taking this match tonight against Batista when he has a match against Batista and Mysterio at Unforgiven.  Khali’s interpreter asks Khali the question and Khali answers in his native tongue. The interpreter then tells us that The Great Khali says tonight Batista is in store for a preview of what is going to happen to him at Unforgiven.  And Khali says that at Unforgiven it doesn’t matter how many opponents he has – two, three, four or five – it doesn’t matter because everyone succumbs to the Great Khali vice grip.  Batista and Mysterio will both succumb to the vice grip.

Belfast Brawl

There are no count outs, no disqualifications, the match must be won by pin fall or submission.

Kane, weighing 323 lbs.


Finlay, from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Finlay doesn’t wait to be introduced, he just attacks Kane and Kane is walking down the entrance ramp.

Audience Favorite: Kane

My Favorite:  I’m not sure because I like both of these wrestlers.

Winner: Finlay with a pin and a three count after taking Kane out with a chair.

We have a commercial break during the match.

I don’t think there was any part of either of the bodies that didn’t get beat in this match.  It looked like it should have been a hardcore match. I think Kane does a marvelous job in the ring but I’m fond of Finlay’s style. It must be that Irish blood I have. Just watching these two makes me want to call a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, or just 911 for an ambulance. They should both be black and blue and several shades of purple.

We see a promo leading up to the match between John Cena and Randy Orton at Unforgiven.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break we are backstage with Teddy wearing only his boxers and tie with drink in hand trying to get back into the bachelor party. He calls for Butch Reed or Antoine to open the door and gets caught in the hallway by Kristal. Kristal wants to know what is going on and Teddy tells her there isn’t anything going on and it is not what she thinks. Then the girls from Teddy’s party arrive at the same time as Fat Oily Guy. Ron Simmons walks up, looks at Teddy and Fat Oily Guy and says “Damn”. The party continues in the hall.

Cole is dancing along in his seat.  JBL says that was the most disturbing thing he has ever seen.

We see the matches that are going to be held at Unforgiven, narrated by Cole and JBL.

The Animal Batista, weighing 290 lbs., from Washington, DC


The Great Khali, weighing 420 lbs., from India

WWE World Heavyweight Champion

We go to commercial break after Batista is introduced.

Back from commercial break, we again see the Khali/Mysterio/Batista’s run in last week as well as Teddy’s response.

Audience Favorite: Like you had to ask – Batista

My Favorite:  Batista

Winner:  Batista due to the disqualification of Khali when he refused to break the vice grip.

This was a match with two powerful forces that I was afraid might move the ring across the floor each time one of them hit the mat. It’s hard to imagine someone big enough to dwarf Batista. Khali doesn’t move fast, but anything he does is devastating to his opponents.

I won’t be purchasing Unforgiven so I will read the recaps after the show is over to see who won.




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