September 13, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy in italics.

From No Surrender Ė we see the film clip of AJ Styles and Tomko winning the ten man gauntlet match to secure a TNA tag team title shot; Christian Cage beating Samoa Joe by disqualification; Sting and Kurt Angle losing the tag team titles to Ron The Truth Killings and Adam ďPacmanĒ Jones by a three count; Black Machismo Jay Lethal winning the X Division championship by pinning Kurt Angle in the ring; Kurt Angle retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by making Abyss tap out.  And we see James Mitchell sending his son, Judas Mesias, to take Abyss down through the ring to the unknown waiting below.

Jeremy Borash is in the backstage/parking lot area with Christian Cage, Tomko and AJ Styles who appear to have just arrived at the building.  JB asks Christian about the battle between Christian and Joe. Christian says the feud with Joe is far from over but he isnít there tonight for Joe.  He is there for the big stooge that interfered where he didnít belong and he asks Tomko and AJ what the guyís name is.  AJ says he wrote the name down but he gave it to Christian. Christian says the guy he is there for is Matt Morgan. Christian says he talked to Jim Cornette this week and Jim said that one more time, it will be Christian Cage again Samoa Joe at Bound For Glory and this time there must be a winner. Christian said he told Cornette to get the biggest baddest Samoan he could find and Christian doesnít care who it is, he will make an example out of him just as he will make an example out of Samoa Joe. He tells JB they can even get Don Ho for all he cares. AJ walks past the mic and says ďDon Ho?  I love that song.Ē And proceeds to sing Tiny Bubbles.

Iím a little confused as to why Christian would be upset with Matt.  I saw No Surrender and all Matt did was save Christian from being murdered by Samoa Joe.

AJ, Christian and Tomko are not the Three Stooges but they make a great comedy team. I pick on AJ for being a lackey for Christian Cage for I pick on Tomko for not standing up for himself, but these three together can make you chuckle.  All three are talented wrestlers in their own right and I enjoy their little skits.

Welcome to iMPACT being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Announcers:  Mike Tenay and Don West.

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Tenay tells us that Abyss will be looking to get revenge on Kurt Angle in a rematch from Sundayís No Surrender and it will be in a six-sided steel cage. If Abyss taps out, he will leave TNA.

Before she even gets to the ring Ė ENOUGH already with the Mrs. Angle boring story line. Sorry, folks, had to get the blah, blah, blah out of my system.

Back to Karen Angle coming to the ring. She is there to introduce Kurt Angle to the audience. There are more nays than yeas from the crowd. However, once the smoke clears, the person standing at the top of the entrance ramp is none other than Sting. Sting says he doesnít blame Kurt for what he did at No Surrender because if it had been Sting, he would have done the same thing.  He tells Mrs. Angle that she cost Kurt and Sting the tag team titles. Sting says he doesnít want her apology because it wouldnít mean anything anyway but he does want her to tell Kurt the truth, Sting never laid a hand on her. Mrs. Angle says she fell and hit her head after Sting hit her and she canít remember anything. Sting says that she canít remember anything because it didnít happen. West says that ďthis is weakĒ. Kurt Angle is standing at the back of Sting and he lays Sting out with a chair.  Kurt then drags Sting to the ring, goes in after him, and has handcuffs and, if you will excuse this recap writer, I am pushing the mute button until there is something on Thursday night iMPACT worth watching and right now that would be anything other than The Thursday night Angle Family Show.

This entire opening leads us all to believe that Kurt is not bright enough to watch the tapes of No Surrender to find out that Sting didnít hit the broad. This story line is getting progressively worse. Karenís outfit improved slightly from No Surrender but she needs instructions walking in those heels. And as far as Westís remark ďThis is weakĒ, he sure knows how to call Ďem.

Way to go, Don!

We are relieved to go to a commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Tenay reminds us that in order for Abyss to get the match tonight against Kurt, Abyss agreed with Cornette that it would be a submissions match and if Abyss loses the match, he will quit TNA. But, due to outside interference from other parties we wonít name, Cornette decided that the match would have to be held in a six-sided steel cage.

JB is backstage with Abyss to talk about the match. Abyss tells Angle that tonight is not his last night, but it will be Angleís last .breath because Abyss is bringing out Doomsday!

 I can tell everyone right now I don't want Abyss to leave!

Black Reign from the Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind

accompanied by Misty, the Rat


Shark Boy from the Deep Blue Sea

Black Reign charges Shark Boy as he attempts to enter the ring. Shark Boy delivers shoulder blocks in an attempt to back Black Reign away from him but when he tries for the second shoulder block Black Reign brings up a knee and catches Shark Boy in the face. Black Reign executes a neck breaker with Shark Boy in between the ropes, picks him up and sends him to the opposite ring post. Black Reign charges and takes Shark Boy down with a forearm, sending Shark Boy crashing to the mat. Black Reign picks Shark Boy up again and delivers a flurry of fists to Shark Boyís jaw until the referee gets involved. Black Reign brings Shark Boy across the ring for a bulldog.  Again Black Reign picks up Shark Boy and delivers the schizophrenic, makes the cover and gets the three count.

The match is over but Black Reign is not finished with Shark Boy. Black Reign brings out his weapon and delivers a blow into the back of the head of Shark Boy. Black Reign then brings Mistyís cage into the ring, removes Shark Boyís mask, puts Misty into the mask and attempts to put the mask back over Shark Boyís head.  Eric Young runs to ringside, pulls Shark Boy from the ring and covers his head with a towel so we donít get a look at Shark Boyís face.

A slight mismatch between these two.  Shark Boy was obviously the fan favorite even though we knew going into this match it would be a miracle for Shark Boy to take Black Reign down.  I am not warming up to the Black Reign character although I have nothing against ďdark charactersĒ in wrestling. There is something that just isnít working with this one and I hope against hope Dustin Rhodes can turn it around and pull it off. I have issues with the use of a live rat in the ring and have voiced a complaint to TNA who, in turn, did not respond.  If one fans voice does not count, perhaps several voices would make a difference?  Weíll find out.  Stay tuned.

We go backstage to Crystal Loutham who is with Team Pacman for an interview. The Truth brags about them being TNA tag team champions, reminds the audience they will be defending their titles against AJ and Tomko at Bound For Glory. The Truth reminds Jones that he is from Atlanta and then tells AJ and Tomko they donít know whose backyard they will be in and tells them they donít know the neighborhood. Jones speaks to his Tennessee Titan teammates and tells them he will be back in the NFL.

I liked Leticia's interviews but Crystal has done a great job so far. She's bright, she uses all the appropriate facial expressions and works well in front of the camera.

Jones is under the assumption the NFL wants him back but we have heard different opinions.  Let us hope that someone wants him because TNA fans donít seem to want him in the ring and The Truth is getting shortchanged big time by being paired with this guy.

Again we are grateful for a commercial break -- no offense, Crystal, it wasn't the interviewer, it was the interviewees that were getting on our nerves.

We see a promo of Bound For Glory, Atlanta, GA and the most touted person in the promo is none other than Jones. If I were a George wrestling fan, I would be insulted that TNA would think a non-wrestler facing felony charges would bring me to an arena.  If I were the talented wrestlers on TNAís roster I would be insulted that TNA would even pretend this guy actually works for TNA.  He collects a big fat paycheck and thatís it.

Non-Title X Division

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, representing Triple X

accompanied by Senshi and Primetime Elix Skipper, Triple X


Black Machismo Jay Lethal, from Elizabeth, NJ

TNA X Division Champion

accompanied by The Guru Sonjay Dutt

Before Lethal can remove his jacket, Daniels charges him, but Lethal is ready.  He sidesteps Daniels and opens up with a series of punches, tosses Daniels into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline as he comes off the ropes. Lethal delivers an elbow to the top of Daniels head, throws Daniels back across the ropes and Daniels grabs the ropes and goes out to the floor. Lethal goes back against the ropes, comes across the ring and via suicide dive takes Daniels down to the floor. Lethal stops to remove his jacket and goes back after Daniels, delivers a fist to the jaw, sends Daniels head down on the ring apron and sends a staggering Daniels back into the ring. Lethal delivers an elbow to the head and Daniels, on his knees, tries to get Lethal to stop.  Lethal doesnít fall for the show and delivers a stomp to the midsection, sends Daniels across the ropes and sends him to the mat with an arm drag, then delivers a drop kick. Lethal goes for the pin, gets a two count. Lethal has Daniels in a side headlock, Daniels sends Lethal face first into the turnbuckle, then slams him backward onto the mat by pulling his hair. Daniels goes for the pin, gets a two count. Daniels picks Lethal up by the hair but Lethal fights back sending fists to the abdomen then delivering fists to the face. Lethal comes off the ropes and Daniels gets Lethal in a headlock. Lethal gets back to his feet and delivers elbows to try to break the hold and then picks Daniels up and slams him back into the corner post making Daniels release his grip. Lethal attempts to send Daniels across the ring but Daniels gets the switch sending Lethal into the opposite corner post and is greeted by Lethalís boot as he goes after him. Lethal is up on the turnbuckle and comes off with an elbow but Daniels gets out of the way and Lethal lands on the mat. Daniels flies across the ring and delivers a high knee to Lethalís chest, sending him back against the corner post, picks Lethal up over his shoulders and slams him to the mat.  Daniels covers and gets a two count. Daniels picks Lethal up and sends him into the ropes, slams him to the mat again and pins the shoulders, and again gets a two count. Daniels now gets in ref Hebnerís face to complain about the count, then Daniels looks to the heavens and heads back to Lethal. Daniels picks Lethal up and sends him into the ropes, Lethal comes off the ropes and ducks Danielsí clothesline, hits the opposite ropes, comes off and ducks another clothesline, comes off the ropes again, slides under Daniels and comes up with a couple of fists to Danielsí face, ducks under Danielsí arm again, comes off the ropes, and takes Daniels down with a clothesline. Both men are on their feet, Lethal delivers an elbow to the top of Danielsí head, then a clothesline, another elbow, and another clothesline. Daniels is back up but not for long as he falls face first to the mat. Lethal works the crowd and when Daniels is back to his feet, Lethal delivers a knee to the head before grabbing Daniels by the back of the head and flying over the top rope, slamming Daniels against the top rope as Lethal drops to the floor. Lethal climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle to deliver an elbow on his way down, Daniels sees it coming and gets out of the way, Lethal lands on his feet in the ring. Lethal follows up with a high kick to the back of Danielsí head, then adds a super kick. Lethal goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Daniels manages to get a shoulder up. Lethal delivers two fists and tries to set Daniels up for the lethal combination, but Daniels blocks the move.  He tries again and Daniels slams Lethal to the mat. Daniels springboards off the second rope and delivers a moonsault, goes for the pin, only gets a two count before Lethal powers out. Again Daniels looks skyward, picks Lethal up, sets him up on the top turnbuckle and attempts to deliver a blow, but Lethal blocks it and gets a blow in of his own. As Lethal comes back down to the mat, Senshi grabs the ropes, distracting Lethal. Daniels comes at Lethal with a clothesline, but Lethal gets out of the way sending Daniels into the corner post. Lethal delivers part of the Lethal combination, but Daniels grabs the ropes, sending Lethal to the canvas. Daniels looks to the sky, grabs Lethal and delivers a swinging neck breaker, goes for the pin and gets the three count.

NOOOOOOO, Lethal had it won, I KNOW Lethal had it won!  Okay, thatís not fair.  Christopher Daniels did a superb job in this match up.  If you did not see the match, you missed another X Division fast paced action job by both participants.  If you did see the match, did you notice Jay Lethal right after his suicide dive before the match even started?  Lethal looked one hundred percent confident.  I donít think Iíve ever seen him look like that before, during or after a match.  If winning the X Division championship did that for Lethal we have a lot to look forward to during his title reign. Kurt may have put Lethal over at No Surrender but I felt this was a much better match for the X Division.

JB is now backstage with Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan. Cornette tells JB that Bound For Glory is already taking shape.  There will be a fifteen man Fight For The Right match, fifteen men start, four men win and those four men will fight for the right for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match; an Ultimate X match between LAX and Triple X; and the ten girl knockout gauntlet match with five girls we know and five girls we have never seen.  Cornette tells Matt Christian is going to call him out tonight.  Cornette tells him he knows Matt needs to do what he needs to do but Cornette doesnít want any of the wrestlers injured, even Christian Cage and Cornette knows what Matt is capable of.  Matt tells Cornette not to worry about anything and leaves the area.  Cornette tells JB he would love to stay and chat but he has a big meeting to attend.

If TNA gave Jim Cornette the most boring lines in the world, he would manage to pull them off in a way that made them very entertaining.  Cornette delivers everything in a high speed no nonsense way that keeps you listening. Next time I'm going to watch to see if Cornette ever takes a breath when he's talking. 

Christian, AJ and Tomko come down the entrance ramp and make their way to the ring so that Christian can call out Matt regarding what happened at No Surrender.

We go to commercial break.

We see another promo for Bound For Glory.

Back from commercial break, Christian is yelling for Matt Morgan to come out to the ring before Christian sends Tomko to the back to drag him out. Matt appears and walks down the ramp to the ring, Christian backs up AJ and Tomko. Matt enters the ring stepping over the top rope.  Christian tells Matt that he, Christian, wrestled Samoa Joe at No Surrender and that Joe realized he couldnít beat Christian so Joe went ballistic and got himself disqualified.  Then Joe took a t-shirt and wrapped it around Christianís gorgeous neckÖMatt is busy looking at Christianís neckÖand Joe hung Christian over the top rope and that is the reason Christian wants to talk to Matt.  Christian says he knows Jim Cornette is Mattís boss, but Christian is the one who runs TNA and when the marquee attraction is thrown over the top rope and choked, you donít wait five minutes to show up and do something about it.  Christian tells Matt he should make sure it never happens. Christian tells Matt he is going to get a crash course in what itís like to be the muscle. Matt takes off his jacket and his shirt, ready to take on all three men, but Samoa Joe appears out of nowhere, spearing Christian and taking him down to the mat. Tomko and AJ are trying to pull Joe off of Christian but Matt picks up AJ and sends him over the top rope to the floor while Joe does the same with Tomko.  Christian has rolled out of the ring.  Matt tells Christian not to go anywhere and then tells Christian that at his match with Samoa Joe at Bound For Glory there will be a special enforcer and that special enforcer will be Matt Morgan. Christian grabs a mic from the announcerís table and tells Matt he canít just appoint himself an official or an enforcer but Cornette shows up on the opposite entrance ramp and tells Christian that Matt will be the special enforcer at Bound For Glory so Christian canít get away with any of his shenanigans when he wrestles the Samoan Submission Machine. Cornette then says that speaking of Samoans, Cornette has Christianís Samoan opponent for next week and introduces Christian and company to Junior Fatu, formerly known as Rikishi.

This wasnít even a match but it was as entertaining as if it had been.  Junior Fatu looks good and ready to rock and roll with anyone on the TNA roster. Itís nice to see that Matt Morgan will now be involved in the wrestling side of things although I wouldnít mind having him around for as a bodyguard. Letís hope the match next week between Junior and Christian is as good as the hype was this week. I have seen Junior live as Rikishi and I have to tell you thatís a whole lot of Samoan.  He has a lot of agility for his size and is a talented wrestler.  Welcome to iMPACT Junior Fatu!

We see the six sides of steel as an introduction to the match between Abyss and Kurt Angle.  As we come back to the iMPACT Zone, we see the steel cage in place for the submission match between the two.

Non-Title Six Sides of Steel Submission Match : If Abyss submits, he must leave TNA.

The Monster Abyss, weighing 350 lbs., 6í8Ē


Kurt Angle, from Pittsburgh, PA

TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Abyss checks under the ring before Kurt is introduced looking, no doubt,  for Judas Mesias who attacked him after the match at No Surrender.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see another promo for Bound For Glory, this time naming several of the wrestlers who will be involved in matches.

The bell rings and Kurt immediately goes after Abyssís knee previously injured at No Surrender.  Kurt kicks and stomps the knee area as Abyss holds onto the ropes to keep from going down to the mat. One direct kick to the back of the knee sends Abyss down to the canvas and Kurt continues stomping on the knee, stopping only to deliver a kick to the head, then back to the knee area. Abyss uses the ropes to get back to his feet, Kurt delivers a kick to the knee and Abyss counters with a fist to Kurtís skull. Abyss continues the assault but Kurt again manages to deliver a kick to the knee.  Kurt goes back against the ropes, comes off and is met by Abyss who picks him up and delivers him battering ram style to the steel cage. Kurt hits the mat hard and Abyss uses the ropes to hold himself up. Abyss then picks Kurt up and throws him face first into the opposite side of the cage sending him back to the mat one more time. As the camera pans in, we see Kurtís forehead is bleeding. Abyss picks Kurt up again and sends him face first into the steel cage. Kurt is back to his feet and he delivers a series of boots to Abyssís midsection, back up and comes at him, ducks Abyssís clothesline and goes into the opposite ropes.  Kurt comes off the ropes but is met by an Abyss spine buster. Abyss delivers several fists to Kurtís face before turning him over in a Boston crab. Kurt works himself to the ropes and Abyss must break the hold. Abyss goes after Kurt working on the injured forehead area, then throws Kurt across the ring where he runs into the ref sending the ref to the mat. Abyss sets Kurt up for a choke slam but Kurt delivers a low blow sending Abyss down to the mat.  Kurt immediately attempts to climb up the side of the cage and away from Abyss but Abyss pulls him back down and into the ring. Kurt is standing on the top turnbuckle, Abyss climbs up to the second rope and delivers blows to Kurtís head and face. Abyss takes Kurt down to the mat with a superplex and both men hit the mat hard.

We go to commercial break and are shown a promo for the two-hour iMPACT that will start October 4, 2007. Why do we always have commercial breaks in the middle of a great match up?

Back from commercial break, Abyss sends Kurt into the ropes, Kurt goes to the top and comes off with a moonsault, landing on Abyss and taking him down. Both men are down to the mat. The ref is back to his feet, Abyss is down.  Kurt works on Abyssís head with hard rights, then tries to set up the ankle lock, but Abyss gets his other boot up and sends Kurt down to the mat with a kick. Kurt is back to his feet and works on Abyssís leg, head and chest with boots all around. Kurt then picks up the steel chair that Abyss brought in when he arrived in the ring, but the ref is telling Kurt he canít use the chair and the distraction of the ref gives Abyss time to send a fist into the chair sending it directly into Kurtís face.  Kurt is now down on the mat. Abyss picks Kurt up, sets up for a choke hold but Kurt uses a boot to break the hold then goes after Abyss with a hard right, but Abyss blocks the punch and delivers his own series of fists to Kurtís head and face. Abyss sends Kurt across into the ropes and as Kurt comes off, Abyss lifts him high in the air and drops him face first onto the mat. As Kurt gets back to his feet, Abyss sets up for the shock treatment but Kurt gets out of the hold, sends Abyss to the mat and goes for the ankle lock. Abyss is in the ankle lock, but he manages to turn over and roll, sending Kurt face first into the corner post. Abyss grabs Kurtís ankles, taking him down to the mat and goes for his own version of the ankle lock. As Kurt tries to find a way to get out of the hold, we see a knife come up through the canvas, and then a hand with a purple glove comes up through the mat from under the ring. As the someone who belongs to the hand comes up from under the ring, Tenay and West are telling us that it has to be Judas Mesias, he spits blood out of his mouth. Judas has a piece of barbed wire in his hands and he throws it around Abyssís neck to choke Abyss.  Abyss lets go of Kurt and Kurt canít move fast enough to get out of the ring, never taking his eyes off of the spectacle in the ring. Judas continues to choke Abyss in the ring then stomps him.  The ref tries to get to Abyss, but Judas grabs the chair and delivers a slam to Abyssís head twice, then takes Abyssís head down to meet the chair on the mat. Judas then picks up a bag of glass and goes after Abyss with a piece of glass and rips down Abyssís arm, then does the same with the other arm. As Abyss bleeds from the head and arms, Judas bites Abyss on the forehead then stands over Abyss in the ring before going back to work on Abyssís head with fists.

Now THAT was a match Kurt Angle!  Prior to the arrival of Judas, you showed the iMPACT audience that you are tough and you can work the ring even with a power house like Abyss.  Abyss did what he does best, manhandling and that superplex was fantastic!

Judas Mesias made his entire body debut this evening.  I could have done without the blood spitting but the audience seemed to relish his unique entrance into the iMPACT Zone.  We didnít see any of his wrestling abilities in this short go around with Abyss. It will be interesting to see him in future matches against other TNA roster members, especially Abyss.  I couldn't tell what the size difference there was between the two men but I think Abyss is the taller and larger of the two.



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