July 26, 2007

Commentary by Sassy in italics

The Wrestling Observer has reported that Sonjay Dutt has a shoulder tear injury.  There was no date on the article and it did not state how severe the tear might be or the length of time Sonjay will be out of action.  Wrestling Revealed reported the following two injuries on June 18, 2007 during an IMPACT taping:  that Chris Harris took a chair shot to the head and received six stitches.  Basham hit his head on the steel steps and the referee stopped the match.  It was not reported that either wrestler would miss be out any matches.  If anyone out there has any further information on these injuries, please let contact Wrestling BodySlam.  For those that have not heard, Konnan underwent a kidney transplant.  Last posts indicate the surgery is successful and Konnan is on the mend. 

Opening clips from last week to remind us Brothers Ray and Devon want Rick and Scott Steiner this week for causing them to lose the gold at Victory road and that Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are going for broke at Hard Justice.  

In the back, Leticia has found Christian with AJ Styles Robert Roode, Miss Brooks and Tomko and what appear to be three burly bodyguards with CAGE SECURITY on their t-shirts.  She is trying to find out if Christian as been hiding all week.  Christian tells her he is not hiding; he was just doing his job last week.  Christian claims he had his contract written in order to make sure his security will be with him at all times.  He further states security is necessary because of Sting and Abyss.  He tells Roode and AJ that they are going to take Abyss and Sting out or he will hold them responsible. Tomko leaves laughing.  Roode and AJ appear to have some issues regarding who Christian likes best.

No Disqualification Match:  Robert Roode with Miss Brooks vs. Sting

Roode goes after Sting, taking him down to the met then uses his boots to keep him down.  Sting uses Roode to check the strength of the turnbuckles and the mat.  Roode rolls out of the ring.  Sting goes out to the floor after him.  Sting checks the guardrail and the steel steps with Roode's head before Roode gives Sting a knee to the abdomen and then goes for the pile driver on the entrance ramp.  Sting stops him and delivers a back body drop onto the floor.  A concerned Miss Brooks goes over to help Roode. As Sting approaches, Roode hides behind Miss Brooks and then shoves her into Sting. Roode grabs a chair and swings in Miss Brooks direction.  Sting swings around to protect Miss Brooks and takes a chair shot to the back. Sting is on the floor and Roode nails him with the chair in the back one more time before tossing him back in the ring.  Roode goes to the top rope and takes Sting down with a clothesline then goes for the pin.  Sting kicks out. Roode goes for Sting's face as the camera goes to the entrance ramp and we see Eric Young coming down the ramp wearing Sting face paint. Back after the commercial break, Eric Young has placed himself in Sting's corner.  Roode shoulder blocks Sting against the ring post. Roode then gives Sting a chop which seems to wake Sting up. Roode then uses his fist, hitting Sting in the abdomen and face. Sting steps forward to go after Roode when Miss Brooks, who has moved up to the ring apron, grabs Sting by the shoulder.  When Sting turns around, Miss Brooks slaps Sting in the face. Sting roars at her and she falls to the floor then Sting turns his attention to Roode in the ring.  A boot to the chest sends Roode to the mat, Roode into the ropes to find himself on the receiving end of a back body drop, followed up by an inverted atomic drop, two clotheslines one right after the other and then a stinger splash.  Sting goes for a second splash and Roode sidesteps him.  Sting goes for the scorpion but Roode kicks him backward and delivers a spine buster to Sting. Roode goes for the pin and gets a two count. Miss Brooks slides a steel chair into the ring to Roode swings the chair back and Eric is up on the apron ring taking the chair away from Roode. Sting grabs Roode from behind and delivers a scorpion death drop, goes for the pin and gets the win. Eric is in the ring hugging Sting while Roode is outside the ring yelling at Miss Brooks. 

This match was great. Sting was fantastic and Roode is on his way to becoming the greatest heel on the TNA roster. Sting is too nice to the ladies.  I think the audience would have liked to see him boot Miss Brooks in the backside.  Eric was in the game as a Sting fan/cheerleader. The look of surprise on Sting's face when Eric hopped into the ring with that happy Only Eric Can Do That reaction over Sting's win was hilarious. Both men took some hard hits in this match.  

The camera goes to Mike Tenay interviewing Dustin Rhodes which took place earlier in the day. Dustin brings up his Goldust days and goes on to explain why he is after the Wildcat Chris Harris. Dustin says he is tired of Harris running his mouth and that he is not ready to be at the top. Dustin claims there is a side of him that no one has ever seen and he doesn't care and that he has a split/dual personality and it's time for it to come out.  Dustin keeps hitting himself in the head and the interview is over. Tenay says that it was an emotional breakdown.

We have now been invited to see Kurt Angle's recent visit to his psychiatrist. Kurt explains that he has always been special; his mother always bought more for him than for his siblings and that his siblings were always jealous of him.  At the age of 3, he was beating up all the 6 year olds on the block.  He explains that did not make him a bully.  He was just better than everybody else.  He complains that his sister went off to teach orphans and that you don't get Armani suits teaching orphans. He claims he excelled at everything in high school and the girls all wanted him.  Correction:  all the hot girls wanted him. He claims his wife knows it's a privilege and an honor to be Mrs. Kurt Angle. His kids know that too.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. LAX (Hernandez & Homicide)

Before the bell, Sabin uses Shelley to deliver a drop kick to the back of Hernandez which sends Hernandez over the top rope. Homicide goes off the top rope to take down Shelley.  Sabin appears to rake Homicide's face and Sabin and Shelley double team Homicide taking him down hard to the mat. Shelley goes for the pin.  Homicide kicks out but Shelley is all over Homicide. They have Homicide in the wrong corner. Sabin gets the tag.  Homicide fights back and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez slingshots over the top rope to take down Sabin with a shoulder block, Shelley is poised on the top rope on the opposite side of the ring, leaps in and is met by Hernandez who takes him down with a forearm. Hernandez give Sabin a shoulder block and he lands on the mat. Hernandez takes off his shirt and uses it to toss Shelley across the ring and then throw Sabin over his head onto the mat. Hernandez has Shelley on his shoulders but Sabin delivers a kick to the abdomen. They send Hernandez into the opposite corner.  Shelley shoves Sabin into Hernandez but Hernandez gets out of the way and Sabin misses with his boot. Shelley doesn't miss and hits Hernandez in the chest with his foot. Shelley and Sabin wear Hernandez down to the mat before Sabin takes over and goes for the pin. Sabin gets a two count and Homicide is in the ring propelling Sabin out through the ropes to the floor.  Shelley goes for the kick, but Homicide grabs his foot and swings Shelley into Hernandez.  Hernandez catapults Shelley up into the waiting forearm of Homicide that lands Shelley on the legs and knees of Hernandez. Homicide goes off the ropes and dives into Shelley sending him rolling to the mat. Shelley rolls out to the floor and Sabin comes off the top rope to nail Hernandez in the back with a drop kick. Homicide has been arguing with the referee but gets to Sabin with a boot to the abdomen.  Homicide sets up for the gringo cutter. Sabin lands on his feet and gives Homicide a kick in return, then launches Homicide into the ring post and nails him with a boot to the face. Sabin takes Homicide up to the top turnbuckle. Sabin doesn't see Hernandez behind him. Homicide shoves Sabin off to land on Hernandez's shoulders. Homicide comes off the top rope and hits Sabin with the gringo cutter.  Hernandez goes for the pin. Homicide keeps Shelley out of the ring and Hernandez gets the win. 

I miss the obnoxious Konnan and send best wishes for him to recover soon. I felt LAX was lagging without him. This match showed how well Hernandez and Homicide work together without Konnan in the corner.  They look better every time I see them. Shelley and Sabin have always worked well together and they are not just good. They are very much tuned into each other; they are quick and do some great highflying maneuvers.

The match is over but Brother Devon and Brother Ray of Team 3D are coming down the entrance ramp headed toward the ring. The audience has is cheerfully chanting "3D sucks" and they demand that LAX exit the ring.  Brother Devon demands that the Steiner brothers come to the ring immediately.

 We are back from commercial break in time to see the Steiners coming to the ring.  Scott informs 3D they don't call the Steiners out, the Steiners call 3D out. Scott admonishes 3D for belittling the Puerto Rican team that was in the ring because right now the Puerto Rican people and the Puerto Rican nation are Scott's favorite people. Scott gives credit to the Puerto Ricans for saving his life when he was taken to the hospital there with an injured trachea. Ray calls Rick half retarded and Scott calls Ray fat. Scott insists he has never missed a match in his life and he wouldn't miss a match with -- we are not certain what he called Team 3D because the end of the sentence was beeped out by the censors. Scott explains loudly to Ray and Devon that he was injured in Puerto Rico before Slammiversay, his trachea was damaged due to a kick in the throat and he was told he had five hours to live. Scott publicly thanks the Puerto Rican doctors and nurses who took care of him and the fans who showed their support when he was injured. Ray loudly informs Scott that the reason the Steiners didn't show up for Slammiversary was because the Steiners know that Brother Ray and Brother Devon are better than them. Ray then checks for scars on Scott's throat and tells Scott he is a liar and that Scott is scared.  Rick removes Scott's shirt and the camera pans to Scott's scar from the surgery. Ray insists it is a paper cut that Scott has and calls Scott "wussy". Scott tells Ray they have never beat the Steiner brothers and they never will.  Scott tells Ray to name the time and place.  There is then heated discussion of Team 3D and ECW and the Steiner brothers in WCW. We now hear BG James' voice and we see Kip James (the members of VKM) along with Roxxi Laveaux. BG says VKM's invitation must have been lost in the mail. BG then states the best wrestling team in history is VKM. Scott tells them they were only on top in the WWF and they were only on top of a heap of crap. Again Scott calls Ray fat and Ray tells him to stop calling him fat. Scott says he doesn't have his doctor's permission but he didn't need it.  

And just when we thought it was all talk and no action, Scott goes after BG and Rick goes after Kip. Devon moves in on Scott and BG while Ray takes on Scott and Kip. It then becomes four on two as VKM and Team 3D proceed to work over the Steiner brothers. Devon and Ray take down Rick as Kip and BG go after Scott, holding him in the corner. Ray and Devon wrap the Puerto Rican flag around Rick's throat when LAX hits the ring, clearing everyone out but the Steiners. 

This wasn't actually a match but I had to call the action. If you were watching when the Steiners and Team 3D were in the ring, you will notice that they are fairly well matched in size. Kip and BG aren't small, but they don't compare to the bulk of the original four in the ring. Hernandez is right in there with the rest of them.  Homicide is smaller, but he is faster and flies higher than the rest. This altercation may have just set into motion an eight man tag team match that will be something to see. Let's hope Scott Steiner is physically ready for a match.  He has a huge scar from that surgery. 

We are back to Kurt with his psychiatrist. Kurt is wondering why he is unloved in TNA. Kurt says he is TNA.  He says he is not taking all the credit and then changes his mind and says he is trying to take all the credit.  He claims when you think of Kurt Angle you think of Gandhi, George Washington, and Martin Luther the King (that's what HE said!).  He hopes that all people will come to respect, love and honor Kurt Angle for the hero that he is.  His psychiatrist tells him that it is touching and we see that his psychiatrist is none other than Kevin Nash.  As the camera pans out, we find Kurt fully, clothed lying, in his tanning bed and Nash asks if he can get his 15 minutes in the tanning bed.  Kurt tells him sure and tells him to clean up when he is done. 

No Disqualification Match: The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. The Monster Abyss 

Before the bell rings, AJ comes off the top rope and hits Abyss with a forearm, taking Abyss down to the mat. The referee signals for the bell to ring and AJ goes back after Abyss.  AJ misses the first back body drop Abyss throws at him, but AJ gets caught on the second try. Abyss goes after AJ in the corner and AJ catches Abyss in the face with this boots. AJ charges Abyss and Abyss gets AJ in the face with his boot. AJ is in the corner, Abyss runs and slams into him. Abyss comes off the ropes and catches AJ in the head.  AJ is down on the mat. AJ staggers to his feet and Abyss lifts AJ high over his head, but AJ manages to break free. AJ comes off the ropes at Abyss but Abyss flips him over the top rope onto the floor. We come back from the commercial break to find Abyss on his knees and AJ delivering fists to Abyss's skull, kicking him in the chest, adding a drop kick to the head. We then go back to the replay of what happened during the commercial break and find that both wrestlers are in the stands when AJ smashes Abyss in the head with a chair, the flies out of the stands to take Abyss into the side of the ring. Back to current action and AJ has positioned a chair in the ring ropes, but Abyss is back on his feet, pounding on AJ. Abyss picks AJ up again, and again AJ breaks free and comes off the ropes, but Abyss catches him with a boot to the midsection. Abyss has AJ in the air, but AJ gets loose and tries to get set up for a roll up pin. Abyss shakes it off, catapults AJ toward the chair, but AJ lands on the second rope and misses the chair, comes off the middle rope, Abyss gets out of the way and AJ lands on his feet. Abyss grabs AJ by the neck and pushes him face first into the chair. Abyss applies the shock treatment to a stunned AJ and goes for the pin.  Abyss gets a two count and AJ manages to kick out before the referee can get to three. Abyss signals for doomsday, they grapple in the middle of the ring before AJ plants a boot on Abyss's head. Abyss goes down to all fours. AJ goes after Abyss, but Abyss tosses him over the top rope. AJ lands on the ring apron and springs to the top rope. AJ comes off the rope, but Abyss catches him by the throat and delivers the choke slam. Abyss goes for the pin and again only gets a two count. Tomko appears at ringside as AJ hits Abyss with a low blow. Abyss catches AJ in the black hole slam and goes for the pin but Tomko enters the ring to break it up. AJ and Abyss are both down and the referee is attempting to get Tomko out of the ring when the lights go out -- and Sting is in the ring going after AJ and Tomko. Sting tells Abyss to get the tacks and Abyss brings them out from under the ring as two arms reach out and grab Abyss by the legs.  Abyss is on the floor being pulled under the ring as Tomko and AJ team up against Sting.  Roode enters the ring and it is now three on one. Roode and AJ are arguing about who is supposed to be hitting Sting.  Abyss appears from under the ring with blood on both arms and his head and we see Christian at the top of the ramp. Christian points to everyone in the ring and then sprinkles the broken glass on the mat.  Tomko puts Sting in a double choke slam and drops him on the broken glass. Roode and AJ go out of the ring to get Abyss into the ring. Tomko gets Abyss by the hair and Christian motions to AJ to get the tacks from under the ring.  Christian drops the tacks on top of the glass before Tomko double chokes slams Abyss into the glass and the tacks. 

I liked most of this match. I could have done without the bloody Abyss at the end. AJ Styles is one of the greatest fliers I have ever seen and he can leap from anywhere. He must have been a kangaroo or a pogo stick in a former life.  Abyss is a great presence in the ring.  He doesn't have to leap from the top ropes in order to get your attention.  His mere presence will make you sit up and take notice. I haven't gotten used to AJ as a heel or a crybaby, but he does his job well. Tomko isn't getting much up front time and I'm waiting for him to decide he's had enough of Christian. A feud between AJ and Roode could be brewing as well. 

If this show was any indication of the action coming in Hard Justice, it will be well worth tuning in.  I'd be watching just for Samoa Joe and Kurt but it appears TNA is planning on making it as good as if not better than Victory Road. 



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