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WWE News Bytes

September 11, 2007

by Sassy


Autopsy In For WWE's Sherri Martel

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - Tuscaloosa homicide investigators say WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel had multiple drugs in her system when she died, including a high amount of oxycodone.

A homicide spokesperson said her June death in McCalla was ruled an accident.

Martel, who was 49, was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame last year and won championship titles in the American Wrestling Association and World Wrestling Federation.

At the time of her death, Captain Loyd Baker of the Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit had said foul play isn't suspected, but that Martel didn't die of natural causes.

Source: www.pwbts.com

Since the redesign of this website, WWE News and TNA News will be separate which means you get more news updates for WWE. With WWE being the larger organization, we are betting there will be two weekly updates for readers.

Sid Vicious May Return to WWE

WWE has apparently been talking to Sid Vicious about returning to WWE ring action.  There is a question regarding whether or not Sid can pass a wellness test in order to be hired.  For those who don’t know, Sid had a bad break in his leg putting him out of action several years ago.  Sources who have seen Sid said he looks good and wrestles the same as he always has. Source:  Ryan  Clark, Pro Wrestling Torch.

Signature Pharmacy Investigation Update

Prosecutors are working to prove that Signature Pharmacy provided prescriptions to clients without said client ever having seen a medical doctor.  Signature Pharmacy’s attorney has denied any such wrong doing.  Source: Ryan Gray, www.24wrestling.com.

Sports Columnist Comes Down Hard on WWE

You can read the full story here: 


But Bob DiCesare is not happy with the way WWE has handled its wellness program. 

Source: www.wrestlingtruth.com.

Another Reporter Tells It Like It Is

The Orlando Sentinel ran the following article:

Orlando should push the WWE to come clean

Vince McMahon came to town six months ago and we all laughed along. Now Orlando getting WrestleMania 24 doesn't seem all that harmlessly amusing.

World Wrestling Entertainment's big party is still scheduled for March at the Citrus Bowl. It shouldn't be unless McMahon shows he's as serious about getting rid of drugs as he is about making money.

That topic was easy to ignore at March's big announcement at city hall. It was more fun watching Ashley the Dirty Diva make eyes at Buddy Dyer.

Then WWE star Chris Benoit killed his family and himself, and McMahon had the worst PR summer this side of Michael Vick.

The bad newz keeps coming. Last week the WWE suspended 11 rasslers for violating its "wellness policy" and Congress said it would hold hearings.

Does The City Beautiful really want to get in the mud with McMahon?

It was right to pursue WrestleMania, but withhold the key to the city until the WWE develops a more legitimate testing policy. The current one has fewer teeth than the average wrestling fan.

"If the goal was to have a policy in place for PR reasons but have athletes maintain their size and look, then it was working," Dave Meltzer said. "Until the walls came tumbling down last week."

Meltzer publishes the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He counted 60 wrestlers under 50 years old who've died in the past 10 years.

It's a combination of accidents, drugs, heart disease and lifestyle. Meltzer noted that if that ratio applied to the NFL, guess how many players would have died since 1997?

That would be 430.

Think that would have gotten anyone's attention down at city hall?

They certainly responded to demands that the new venues be built "green." I'm all for saving the environment, but saving a few lives also has merit.

At this point, let me apologize for the earlier crack about teeth. Most wrestling fans undoubtedly have fine oral hygiene. It was to illustrate how their sport got in this position.

Most dismiss it as a joke. Then a wrestler turns into a homicidal maniac, serious questions are asked and McMahon starts looking like the Bud Selig of the Death League.

The WWE has roughly 160 active wrestlers, and 11 of them were fingered in one raid on an Internet pharmacy. That's the now notorious Signature Pharmacy in Orlando. Apparently the city's biggest WrestleMania lure was the postage wrestlers would save by picking up their steroids in person.

It seems half the sports world has or will be implicated in the Signature investigation. In some ways, real sports are as lame as wrestling when it comes to testing.

Human Growth Hormone is the drug of choice, yet there is no test. The only deterrent would be to collect blood samples until a test is developed.

Nobody's doing that, but wouldn't it be astounding if the WWE led the way? If you think that's going to happen, you also believe The Dirty Diva's body parts are real.

The WWE exempts wrestlers who can produce a doctor's prescription. We're quickly learning what a joke that is.

McMahon's biggest obstacle is that muscles sell. Super-freaky bodies get the best TV spots and promotional pushes.

"Every fan who understands wrestling knows the score," Meltzer said. "And every wrestler knows the score."

McMahon's strategy will be to weather the storm and hope Congress doesn't get too meddlesome. By next March we can all pretend everything's back to normal.

We've seen what normal means with the WWE.

Does Orlando really want to be a party to that?

David Whitley can be reached at dwhitley@orlandosentinel.com.

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Source: http://www.slamline.com

What a novel idea this would be…entire cities banning WWE until the wrestlers are clean – and safe.  The reporter isn’t just talking about wrestling’s inability to test their personnel, look closely, the entire drug testing system for sports appears to be questionable.

Not Suspended

Two of the wrestlers named as Signature Pharmacy clients, Santino Marella and Randy Orton, both appeared at WWE’s Africa tour.  Other WWE Signature Pharmacy clients did not.  There is no word on why they were allowed to skip suspension. Source: www.24wrestling.com. Batista was not suspended, but as reported earlier, Batista claims he was never a client of Signature Pharmacy and may be seeking legal action against the reporting agency that named him as such.

Torrie Wilson Just Says No

Torrie reacted to the accusation that WWE Divas were using drugs with a vehement denial.  Torrie stated that she gets what she’s got by hard work in the gym and not by using drugs.  Her denial wasn’t quite as radical as Victoria’s although Torrie only mentions not using steroids.  Source: www.angrymarks.com.

What’s Up With Ric Flair

Last Friday in a radio interview, Flair denied quitting WWE. This means he didn’t quit or got what he wanted and will be staying.  Source: www.angrymarks.com.

Where King Booker Goes, Sharmell Follows

The rumor mill is flying again regarding Sharmell staying in WWE.  Source say that Sharmell is not interested in being a part of WWE if Booker is no long there and would have no problem walking away from the organization. We have not heard anything regarding her contract with WWE and how it might impact her imminent departure.

Benoit Family Fund For Brain Injury Research

Michael Benoit, father of Chris and grandfather of Daniel Benoit, has set up the above fund. 

Donations can be sent to:

Sports Legacy Institute

Benoit Family Fund for Brain Injury Research

230 Third Avenue

Waltham, MA  02451-7528

Make checks payable to Sports Legacy Institute.  You can also make a contribution via Paypal here:  www.sportslegacy.org/donations.asp.

Source:  www.warned.net.

WWE Latest Action in Response to Benoit’s Brain Injury Findings

WWE has removed an article from their official website that documented some of the most famous chair shots in wrestling history. Source:  www.wrestlingtruth.com.

Daddy Hogan Knows Best or Does He?

www.myfoxtampabay.com reports that Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, will be represented by Barry Cohen, a high profile criminal attorney.  So, all you little Hulkamaniacs out there, it’s okay to do B A D things as long as your Daddy is Hulk Hogan who can afford the best attorney money can buy.

If You Are Missing Eugene

Integrity Bookings has announced their newest client addition:  Eric Bischoff’s Favorite Nephew, Nick “U-Gene” Disnmore. He will be available for wrestling matches, wrestling clinics and autograph sessions.  Contact TalentRelations@ integritybookings.com. Source www.gerweck.net.






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