July 29, 2008 – recap by Sassy


Last week on ECW


Tommy Dreamer defeated Colin Delaney in 3 minutes.

Evan Bourne defeated Gene Curtis in 6 minutes.

In a Fatal Four Way Match to decide who will face the ECW Champion at Summerslam, Matt Hardy defeated John Morrison, Finayl with Hornswoggle & The Miz in 13 minutes.


WWE’s ECW is broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel.


Ringside announcers: Tazz & Todd Grisham

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel


Since Mike Adamle has been named Raw General Manager, who will take his place at the WWE ECW announcer’s table with Tazz? Tazz announces his new announcing partner, Todd Grisham, formerly WWE backstage interviews. Matt Hardy, Number One Contender for the WWE ECW Title, enters the ring. Hardy tells the audience that he was excited about being drafted to ECW. Hardy says that he will challenge Mark Henry for the ECW Championship at Summerslam. Mark Henry and Tony Atlas enter the ring to have a chat with Hardy. Henry bends a steel bar to intimidate Hardy before Summerslam. Hardy tells Henry that a metal bar doesn’t fight back. We go to commercial break.


Chavo Guerrero from El Paso, TX weighing 215 lbs.

With Bam Neely


Ricky Ortiz weighing 246 lbs.


This is Ortiz’s second match in ECW.  Guerrero begins the match with jaw action but he and Ortiz lock up and Guerrero has the upper hand until Ortiz picks Guerrero up and slams him to the mat. Grisham certainly beats Adamle as an announcer. Guerrero applies a side headlock, Ortiz sends Guerrero into the ropes, he catches Guerrero and slams him to the mat. Guerrero is back on his feet, but Ortiz comes off the turnbuckle and nails Guerrero, going for a cover. Guerrero kicks out and hangs Ortiz up on the ropes. Guerrero delivers a kick to Ortiz and goes for the cover but Ortiz gets a shoulder off the mat. Guerrero applies a front face lock on Ortiz yelling for Ortiz to give up. Ortiz refuses and Guerrero keeps Ortiz down on the mat. Ortiz makes it back to his feet. Ortiz slams Guerrero into the corner post and then delivers a series of fists. Ortiz sends Guerrero off the ropes and delivers a drop kick as he comes off the ropes. Ortiz charges at Guerrero, Guerrero delivers a drop toehold that sends Ortiz face first in the turnbuckle. Guerrero goes for a cover, puts his feet up on the ropes and Neely comes around the ring to give Guerrero a little help.  The referee catches Neely in the act and calls for the bell. Time: 4 minutes.


Winner: Ricky Ortiz via disqualification


Now that’s the Chavo Guerrero that we all know and love.  If Chavo isn’t cheating, he isn’t a Guerrero.  He gave the fans a nice show before going for the sneaky pin. After the match, Neely enters the ring to assist Guerrero in beating down an already downed Ortiz. Neely slams Ortiz to the mat and the ref is trying to get the ring. Guerrero goes up to the top turnbuckle to deliver a frog splash and Neely bails out of the ring to grab something at ringside. Evan Bourne appears to deliver a dropkick to Guerrero in the ring and a dropkick to Neely on the ring apron. Bourne gets out of the ring and back up the entrance ramp before Guerrero or Neely can catch him.


The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry & Tony Atlas are backstage when Colin Delaney appeared to ask why they weren’t at ringside while he was in the ring with Tommy Dreamer last week. Henry says that he disappointed them last week by losing to Dreamer. Delaney wants another chance. Atlas says that he can make it up to Henry by facing Matt Hardy in the ring tonight to soften him up for Summerslam. They tell Delaney that they will be at ringside this time. We go to commercial break.


Tag Team Match


The Miz from Cleveland, OH weighing 231 lbs.


John Morrison from Los Angeles, CA weighing 220 lbs.


Finlay from Belfast, Northern Ireland




I can’t tell if WWE is trying to make a big joke out of Morrison & Miz or if they are trying to give Hornswoggle a chance to show his stuff in the ring. I can watch Finlay any day of the week and Morrison has a great deal of talent. I’m not a Miz fan but I do like Hornswoggle. Miz needs to put his hat back on over that mowhawk hairdo he is sporting. Finlay doesn’t seem to care much for it either as he goes for a cover but Miz kicks out. Hornswoggle & Finlay do work well as a team. They take out Morrison & Miz and we go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the action, Morrison and Finlay are in the ring with Finlay going for the cover and getting a one count. Hornswoggle has yet to be tagged into the match. Morrison & Miz aren’t looking good in this match. Morrison manages to back Finlay into the corner but as he goes for a neck breaker, Finlay catches Morrison in a backslide, getting a two count. Finlay goes for a cover and again gets a two count. Finlay goes for a cover but Miz pulls Finlay off and as Finlay goes out on the ring apron, Morrison sends Finlay into the ring post. Finlay goes down to the floor outside the ring. Finlay is back in the ring and Morrison goes to work on Finlay’s shoulder and arm that were injured when he hit the ring post. Morrison goes for a cover but Finlay kicks out. Morrison tags in Miz who continues to work on Finlay’s shoulder. Miz tags in Morrison but Morrison misses a double stomp to Finlay. Finlay sends Miz off the ring apron and then catches Morrison. Finlay delivers the Celtic cross and goes for the cover but Morrison kicks out at the count of two. Finlay goes up to the second rope, Hornswoggle tags himself in, Morrison catches Hornswoggle and slams him face first into the mat, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 9 minutes.

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz


Finlay certainly did a great job for working a tag team match mostly on his own. After the match, Mike Knox enters the ring and delivers a boot to Finlay. Knox looks at Hornswoggle who is still down on the mat, Finlay gets up and comes at Knox again but Knox delivers another boot that sends Finlay crashing to the canvas. We go to commercial break.


Lena Yada catches Knox backstage. Knox says that Finlay is soft from dancing around the ring with leprechauns and Knox just took his shot.


Hardy is backstage with Braydon Walker who has showed up to wish Hardy good luck and to tell Hardy that he has his back tonight. We go to commercial break.


Matt Hardy from Cameron, NC weighing 236 lbs.


Colin Delaney weighing 178 lbs.

With The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry & Tony Atlas


Henry & Atlas don’t come down the ramp. Delaney is having a tough time dealing with Hardy. Hardy delivers a suplex and goes for the cover getting a two count. Henry & Atlas stay at the top of the ramp as Hardy slams Delaney into the ring post. Hardy slams Delaney to the mat but he misses an elbow drop giving Delaney a chance to go up the top to deliver a missile dropkick. Delaney goes for the cover but only gets a one count. Delaney applies a side headlock but hardy picks Delaney up and drops him to the canvas. Hardy goes up to the second rope and comes off with an elbow before delivering the side effect but Hardy doesn’t go for the cover. He stops to show off to Henry before he delivers the twist of fate and gets the three count. Time: 3 minutes.

Winner:  Matt Hardy


Delaney does a great job of getting beat up in the ring. After the match, Henry & Atlas approach the ring. Hardy stays in the ring but Henry picks up Delaney and throws him over the top rope to the floor. The ref is trying to stay between Hardy & Henry. Grisham thinks Delaney may have broken his arm. Henry & Atlas leave the ring without attacking Hardy and head back up the entrance ramp.

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