September 4, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Ringside Announcers:  Joey Styles and Tazz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

We see a recap from last week’s match of CM Punk pinning The Miz for a shot at the Championship Title.

We are told CM Punk will face John Morrison tonight for the ECW Championship title.

We will name the ECW wrestlers who have been named in the Signature Pharmacy drug scandal and will note probable suspensions.

Tonight’s ECW is being broadcast from Cincinnati, OH

The Boogeyman, from The Bottomless Pit


Matt Striker, from New York City, NY

Accompanied by Big Daddy V

Audience Favorite:  The Boogeyman

The Winner: The Boogeyman by disqualification after interference from Big Daddy V

Big Daddy V, naturally, takes this opportunity to body slam The Boogeyman on the floor after the .match is over.

None of the wresters involved in this match were on the Signature Pharmacy client list

I am not a fan of any of the wrestlers in the ring.  The Boogeyman may be a great character but he has just been disgusting. Boogeyman has some nice wrestling moves but isn't often allowed to show them off in the ring.  Big Daddy V is large, but his outfit is not attractive.  Striker plays a great heel, but he hasn’t had a gimmick worth watching in quite some time.

We are backstage with Armando Estrada and CM Punk.  Estrada tells Punk that this is his last chance to take the title from Morrison. Estrada wishes Punk good luck and Punk tells him that luck is for losers.

Back from commercial break, it’s the second match of the night.

Balls Mahoney, weighing 310 lbs., from Nutley, NJ


The Miz, weighing 231 lbs., from Cleveland, OH

Accompanied by Extreme Expose

Before the match, we are shown a clip of Balls Mahoney guest staring on the network show “Who Wants to be a Superhero?”

Audience Favorite:  Balls Mahoney

Winner:  The Miz with a pin.

Miz takes the opportunity to call Mahoney a loser and Kelly Kelly gets in the ring to assist Mahoney.  Miz, Layla and Brooke get in the ring to talk Kelly Kelly into leaving with them.

None of the wrestlers or women involved in this match were on the Signature Pharmacy client list.

Balls Mahoney may not look like a champion body builder but he does have the ability to fight and take hard punches and even harder falls.  Can he please be in the ring with someone more his caliber? The Miz seems to have a problem finding a spot that fits no matter what WWE show he is working for at the time.  His chick magnet routine isn’t working. With the exception of tight clothes or lack of clothes, I haven’t found any reason for Extreme Expose to appear at anytime during the ECW hour. None of them are ring workers.

We go backstage to John Morrison and to hear him talk about John Morrison.

John Morrison, the Tuesday Night Delight and Shaman of Sexy, was on the Signature Pharmacy client list.

Back from the commercial break, we are shown a film clip from Monday Night Raw concerning Vince McMahon and his family and Mr. Kennedy and the fight over the McMahon’s money or Vince’s illegitimate son. We are supposed to find out who the “son” is next Monday Night on Raw.

Tag Team Match 

Elijah Burke, weighing 230 lbs., from Jacksonville FL & Kevin Thorn, weighing 270 lbs.


Stevie Richards, weighing 235 lbs., from Philadelphia, PA & Tommy Dreamer, weighing 275 lbs., from Yonkers, NY

Audience Favorite: Stevie Richards & Tommy Dreamer

Winners: Elijah Burke & Kevin Thorn.  Burke pins Richards for the three count.

None of the wrestlers involved in this match were clients of Signature Pharmacy.

Tommy Dreamer is an absolute fan favorite wherever ECW travels.  Stevie Richards is finally getting a great push, which he deserves. Richards seems to thrive in the ECW ring.  Thorn is one of my favorites.  I think he has talent WWE is not using.  Burke is another player that doesn’t seem to be getting any impressive story lines or ring time although he does well in the ring.

We see a promo for Unforgiven.

Back from commercial break, Styles and Tazz tells us about the upcoming match between Punk and Morrison.  We see a recap of the rivalry between Morrison and Punk over the last few weeks, including their match at Summerslam.

ECW Championship Title Match

CM Punk, weighing 222 lbs., from Chicago, IL


John Morrison, weighing 219 lbs., from Los Angeles, CA

Current ECW Champion

Audience Favorite:  CM Punk

Winner:  CM Punk with a GTS and a three count. 

CM Punk is the new ECW Champion.

As previously stated, Morrison is on the Signature Pharmacy client list. CM Punk’s name was not on the list.

It is obvious that Morrison lost the title because of his association with Signature Pharmacy and his impending suspension from WWE.  I have never understood the draw Morrison has a singles competitor although he is a good tag team competitor. Unfortunately, his partner left WWE a while ago. His Morrison character isn’t all that good, but he did a good job in the match tonight. Punk has tremendous ability in the ring and a title reign is a push in the right direction for him. Punk has a clean living character and if WWE played it smart, they would continue to push this character. Morrison and Punk worked well enough together in this match it would be interesting to see them at some point as tag team partners. All in all, the audience got their money’s worth with these two tonight.

EWC Roster, Suspensions and Injuries

John Morrison, suspension due to wellness policy violations.

Marcus Cor Von, out of action due to family emergency, no scheduled return date.



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