July 24, 2008  – Recap by Sassy


Last week on iMPACT


In an X Division Championship Match, Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams with Rhaka Khan retained his title by defeating Kaz in 5 minutes.

Matt Morgan squashed Jimmy Rave representing Rock ‘n Rave Infection with Christy Hemme in less than 1 minute. Morgan followed up by defeating Rave’s tag team partner, Lance Hoyt who has legally changed his name to Lance Rock.

In a women’s Gauntlet Match for the Number One Contender for the Women’s Title, Velvet Sky defeated The Pride of Tennessee Jacqueline, Gail Kim, Angelina Love, Salinas representing LAX, Roxxi, Rhaka Khan, Traci, Christy Hemme & O.D.B. in 12 minutes.

In a Three Way Match, The Guru Sonjay Dutt defeated Eric Young & Johnny Devine in 2 minutes.

In the Main Event Stretcher Match, Booker T defeated Consequences Creed in 5 minutes.


TNA Wrestling







iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV Network


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash, Crystal Loutham and Lauren


The show opens with Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe entering the ring with mic in hand. Big Sexy Kevin Nash meets him at the entrance to the ring, which is surrounded by a six-sided steel cage. Joe tells the fans and Booker T that he has a proposition. At Hard Justice, Joe wants a No DQ Steel Cage Match. Booker appears at the top of the entrance ramp accompanied by Sharmell. Sharmell seems to have gone back to good taste in clothing. Booker complains about Joe interrupting his backstage time. Booker wants to add tables, ladders and chairs to the match at Hard Justice. Booker says he will have a contract later on tonight for Booker to sign. Booker tells Joe to be very afraid of the dark. Jeremy Borash is backstage with Phenomenal AJ Styles, Instant Classic Christian Cage and War Machine Rhino. He asks them about their match tonight against Kurt Angle and Team 3D with perhaps Sting showing up to help out their opponents tonight. Styles says that Sting won’t interfere in their match and he is sure there was a reason for him to lay out Joe at the last pay per view. Cage says if Sting shows up, Sting will be the first one that gets taken out. Rhino tells Styles not to get  sucked in and we go to commercial break.


The audience sees a video of Sting’s career. Sting seems to have returned to the TNA ring and not necessarily in a good way.


Four Way Match


Jimmy Rave representing the Rock ‘n Rave Infection

With Lance Hoyt & Christy Hemme


Consequences Creed from Atlanta, GA


Johnny Devine from Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Showtime Eric Young residing at an undisclosed location


Referee: Rudy Charles


Young gets the biggest pop from the live audience but Creed has the showmanship stuff down pat. Creed takes on Devine as Young goes after Rave. Rave sends Young out to Hoyt on the floor. Creed sends Devine out to the floor and takes on Rave. Some nice moves by Rave and he goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Young is taken out by Rave on the ring apron. Creed goes for a dive but Hoyt ends up in the ring after Creed. Creed takes out Hoyt and goes for a dive over the top rope taking out Devine and Rave. Young is in the ring with Rave but Devine is back in the ring. Young takes them both on but only to get dropped on the ring apron by Devine. Creed goes for a bridge roll up to Rave but can’t get the three count. Rave drops Creed and goes for the cover but Young is back in the ring to break it up. Young goes for a cover but Devine interrupts the count. Devine goes for the cover and Creed is back in the ring to break it up. Creed goes for the roll up and gets the three count before Rave can break it up.  Time: 5 minutes.


Winner: Consequences Creed with a roll up.


No matter how much you dislike Rave he does have some great moves that coming shining through now and then in a match. Creed looks to be someone who could be working his way to the top in short order. After the match, Devine goes after Creed and Rave decides to assist. Hoyt enters the ring as Devine brings a chair into the ring. To the rescue comes Monster Abyss who clears the ring but refuses to use the steel chair. I wonder when the super powers will be asking Abyss to join them in their pursuit of good in the iMPACT Zone?


JB is in the back with Angle and Ray & Devon of Team 3D. JB asks them how they feel about the six-man tables match tonight. Ray brags that Sting is now one of them. Ray calls Angle the biggest scumbag of the group. Devon says that Sting will be here tonight and Sting will shock the world. We go to commercial break.


The audience sees a video of Kaz’s TNA career. Kaz on Karen Angle’s new talk show is next. I skipped it. Not the video, just the talk.  I’ve seen enough talk and only one match. We go to commercial break.


The Blueprint Matt Morgan


Kory Chavis (already in the ring)


Referee: Slick Johnson\


Chavis begins the match by getting in Morgan’s face, which is probably not the best way to start a match against someone so much larger than you are. Morgan is not intimidated and Chavis pays for mouthing off. The audience is all about Morgan. Chavis tries to fight back but Morgan sends a boot to the face and Chavis is down again. Morgan delivers a backdrop and goes for the cover getting the three count. Time: 2 minutes.


Winner:  Matt Morgan with a backdrop.


Lauren is backstage with Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley who will be facing Beer Money tonight. Sabin insults The Cowboy James Storm and Robert Roode but they do compliment Jacqueline, well, sort of. Sabin and Shelley have masks.  I’m not sure when they started wearing those. We go to commercial break.


The Prince Justice Brotherhood, consisting of Super Eric, Curry Man and Shark Boy, is in the back with Lauren. They are attempting to come up with a new motto. Super Eric comes up with the new motto “We come in peace, they leave in pieces”. Shark Boy really wanted the motto to be “Shell Yeah” but he agrees with Super Eric’s idea.


Tag Team Strap Match


Cowboy James Storm


Robert Roode

Beer Money

With Jacqueline


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley

Motor City Machine Guns


Referee: Shane Sewell


We go to commercial break before the match begins. The bell rings with Shelley strapped to Storm and Sabin strapped to Roode. Roode and Sabin end up on the floor. Sabin sends Roode into the guardrail and the referee is having problems keeping track of who is where. Sabin has Roode come back into the ring and he goes for a cover but he can’t get the three count. Sabin & Shelley go for submission holds but Jacqueline interferes at ringside. Sabin and Shelley are working over Storm & Roode in the beginning of the match. Jacqueline again interferes and this time the interference allows Storm & Roode to take over control of the match. Storm goes for a cover but Shelley kicks out. Roode delivers a dropkick and Storm goes for the cover but Shelley kicks out. Sabin & Shelley again manage to gain control of their opponents and this time they show the fans some of their great timing. They form a star in the middle of the ring and Jacqueline ends up in the middle. The ref tries to get her out of the ring but Storm makes sure the ref gets knocked out of the ring. Jacqueline hands Storm handcuffs, he uses them as a weapon. Storm nails Sabin and the ref is back in the ring in time to deliver the count. Time: 8 minutes.


Winners: Cowboy James Storm with the use of handcuffs & Robert Roode of Beer Money with Jacqueline


After the match, you know the drill. Roode & Storm use the handcuffs on their opponents in order to beat them down with the straps.  To the rescue is Homicide & Hernandez of LAX with Salinas. LAX clears the ring. We go to commercial break.


TNA Women’s Championship Match


Velvet Sky

With Angelina Love


Taylor Wilde from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Referee: Rudy Charles


Sky has her back to Wilde as she talks to Love on the apron ring. Wilde goes for the roll up and gets the three count. Time: Under 1 minute (the announcer said it was 5 seconds).


Winner and still TNA Women’s Champion: Taylor Wilde


Believe me, it gets worse. Sky is complaining that it wasn’t fair and she wasn’t ready and that she didn’t hear the bell ring. She wants another match. So, Wilde gives her another match.


Round Two


As Wilde rolls back into the ring, Sky catches her on the mat. Love tries to grab Wilde’s leg, but she misses and Wilde goes for the roll up, getting the win. Time: Under 1 minute (the announcer said it was a total of 25 seconds for both matches).


Winner and still TNA Women’s Champion: Taylor Wilde


And one to go…as Love gets in the ring to complain about what just happened. Love bets her five grand that she won’t face Sky again in the ring.


Round Three


Wilde heads back to the ring and pulls Sky out to the floor. Wilde rolls Sky back into the ring but she misses a leap off the second rope and Sky goes for a cover but Wilde kicks out. Sky goes for another cover and gets a two count. Sky sends Wilde out to the floor so Love can beat on Wilde on the floor as Sky keeps the ref distracted. Sky goes out to the floor and slams Wilde’s head into the ring apron before sending her back into the ring. Sky again goes for a cover and again Wilde kicks out at the count of two. Sky has a submission hold applied but she bites Wilde on the arm and gets caught by the ref. Sky delivers a clothesline and gets a two count. Sky delivers a face plant but can’t get to Wilde in time to get the cover. Wilde delivers a few clotheslines and a dropkick as Sky comes off the ropes. Wilde delivers a monkey flip and stomps on Love’s hand on the ring apron. Wilde goes for a bridge cover but Love enters the ring and the ref rings the bell. Time: 5 minutes.


Winner and still TNA Women’s Champion: Taylor Wilde by DQ


After the match, Love continues to beat on Wilde and the audience is calling for O.D.B. Wilde gets the brown bag treatment but Gail Kim and O.D.B. appear to aid Wilde. They clear the ring and help Wilde to her feet. I should mention that O.D.B. appeared with a turkey leg in her hand.


The audience sees a video of the wrestler formerly known as Daivari who has changed his name to Sheik Abdul Bashir. Please don’t expect me to spell that correctly every time. We go to commercial break.


JB is at the hospital with The Guru Sonjay Dutt and SoCal Val and the little gurus. Dutt wants to know if she saw the replay but she says that she hates violence. Dutt thinks he has a chance but the doctor interrupts by bringing in the bedpan.


Six-man Tables Elimination Match


Brother Ray


Brother Devon

Team 3D


Kurt Angle


War Machine Rhino


Instant Classic Christian Cage


Phenomenal AJ Styles


Referee: Earl Hebner


We go to commercial break before the match begins. The match begins and everyone is on the floor. Styles slams Ray’s head into the guardrail, Cage drags Angle back into the ring and Rhino is facing off with Devon in the audience area. Cage and Angle are making it a boxing match until Cage delivers a should block off the second rope. Cage goes for the unprettier, Angle goes for the ankle lock, Cage kicks out of the hold. Angle and Cage are back on the floor as Ray and Styles hit the ring. Styles delivers a dropkick and takes him out with a cross body block over the top rope. Devon and Rhino are still in the audience area. Rhino gets slammed into the wall as Cage and Angle are fighting off the entrance ramp. Devon is choking Rhino with a cable. Cage and Styles are in the ring working on Angle in the ring, delivering a double suplex. Devon and Ray are back in the ring, delivering a 3D to Rhino. Ray and Devon roll out to grab tables out from under the ring. Cage and Styles deliver a dropkick sending the table into Ray and Devon. Styles has a table in the ring and has it set up but Ray is back on his feet. Rhino moves the table before Styles can be sent through. Devon drags Rhino out of the ring and slams him into the steel steps. Ray now has the table set up and Devon and Ray have Styles in the ring. Ray has Styles on the table but Cage enters the ring to stop Devon from diving into Styles. Cage and Rhino send Devon into the table.


Devon eliminated by Cage & Rhino.


Someone sends a trashcan into the ring and Rhino delivers a gore to Ray. Angle enters the ring and takes everyone out with a steel chair and we go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the action, Ray and Angle are working on Cage. During the commercial break,


Rhino eliminates himself by going through a table.


Cage sends Ray to the floor and goes after Angle. Cage goes out to the floor to bring in another table. Cage sets up the table and moves it closer to the ropes. Angle is back to his feet and Cage has him on the table. Cage goes to the top but Devon delivers a low blow to Cage as Devon and Ray deliver a 3D, sending Cage through the table while Angle keeps the ref occupied.


The previously eliminated Devon and Ray eliminate Cage


It’s now two on one with Styles fighting back against Ray and Angle. Styles delivers a pele and sends Ray crashing to the canvas. One of the fans outside the ring tells Angle to put Ray in a body bag. Intense little guy out there in the seats. Devine appears and tries to throw powder into Styles face but catches Ray instead. Ray puts Devine through the table by mistake. Styles kicks Ray out of the ring, and sends Angle into Ray, sending him onto a table outside the ring. The ref gets knocked out.


Ray eliminated by Styles with a little assist from Angle.


Styles has Angle down on the mat and he goes out to bring another table into the ring. Styles sets up the table and the ref is still down in the ring. Styles sets Angle up on the table. Styles goes out to climb up to the top but Frank Trigg appears to nail Styles with a kendo stick, allowing Angle to send Styles through the table. Time: 12 minutes.


Winner: Kurt Angle with a whole lot of cheating going on


How many wrestlers does it take to beat Phenomenal AJ Styles?  Let’s see, I counted FIVE and two of them weren’t even in the match and one of them had already been eliminated. ! If someone doesn’t kick Trigg’s butt soon I’m going to be upset. I don’t care who beats him or how, but Trigg needs a dose of some heavy duty wrestling medicine. Booker  is heading to the ring with the title belt over his shoulder. We go to commercial break.


Booker enters the ring accompanied by Sharmell.  Joe enters the ring accompanied by Nash. I don’t think I have to remind everyone who is getting the loudest pop here. Joe is still a TNA fan favorite. Booker says he has the contract for Joe to sign but Booker says that Joe can’t beat him. Booker says the contract has a few stipulations:  tables, ladders, chairs, anything that will mess Joe up. Booker tells Joe to tell Nash to get out of the ring because it’s none of Nash’s business. Joe tells Booker that since he wants Booker to be comfortable, he will send Nash to the back but Joe wants his bat wielding witch of a wife to go to the back too. After a little lip lock, Sharmell leaves the ring. Nash then leaves the ring. Booker signs the contract and then hands it to Joe. Joe takes the contract and the lights go out. Booker has the bat in his hand and Joe is on the mat.

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