July 17, 2008  – Recap by Sassy


Victory Road Results


Team Mexico defeated Team TNA, Team Japan and Team International to win the World X Cup. I did read that Kaz was beyond awesome in the X Cup match.

Kurt Angle, Brother Ray & Brother Devon defeated The Phenomenal AJ Styles, The Instant Classic Christian Cage & The War Machine Rhino.

Homicide & Hernandez with Hector Guerrero & Salinas representing LAX defeated Beer Money Robert Roode & Cowboy James Storm with Jacqueline refusing to be at ringside in a Fan’s Lumberjack Match to retain the TNA Tag Team title.

Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong in a title rematch to retain the TNA Women’s Championship.

Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe may have lost the title to Booker T with the assistance of Sharmell – no one seems to be sure about who is supposed to be the champion.


Last week on iMPACT


During the absolute worst “Parking lot brawl” I have ever seen, Robert Roode with The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jacqueline faced Homicide representing LAX. I have no idea whether or not there was a winner. I wasn’t even certain how much time to count for the match itself.

In a World X Cup Singles Match, Doug Williams representing Team International defeated Masato Yoshino in 5 minutes.

In six-man tag team action, Kip James, Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams, X Division Champion with Rhaka Khan & Tomko defeated BG James, Showtime Eric Young & Matt Morgan when Williams pinned Young. in 5 minutes.

In the $25,000 Challenge for the TNA Women’s Championship, Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong, TNA Women’s Champion, with Raisha Saeed in 6 minutes. Wilde becomes the new TNA Women’s Champion.

In a World X Cup Match, Kaz representing TNA defeated Ultimo Guerrero representing Team Mexico in 6 minutes.

In the main event, six-person mixed tag team match,  Gail Kim, O.D.B. & The Phenomenal AJ Styles defeated Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Kurt Angle when Kim pins Sky in 5 minutes.


TNA Wrestling






iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV Network


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash, Crystal Loutham and Lauren


Sharmell and Booker T arrive in a limo with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt in hand. They make their way into the arena and the ring. Some of the live audience is impressed, others being the “you suck” chant. I read that the championship match at Victory Road was beneath both Joe and Booker. Jim Cornette appears at ringside to tell Booker that he did not win the title belt and he demands that Booker surrender the title to him so that he can give it back to Samoa Joe who is the real champion. Cornette tells Booker if he wants the title belt, he will have to wait for the rematch at Hard Justice. Joe appears at the top of the entrance ramp in his suit and tie. The audience chants “Joe” as Booker tells Joe that he can have the belt even though Joe knows he can’t beat Booker. Booker tries to give the belt back to Joe. Joe tells Booker to shut up. Joe refuses to take the belt and tells Booker that Booker will be a target as long as he holds it and that Joe will take the belt back at Hard Justice. Joe says that after he is done with Booker, he is going after Sting. Sting appeared at Victory Road to take Joe out with a baseball bat.


Lauren is backstage with Beer Money & Jacqueline. She reminds them how many times the fans got them with the belts at Victory Road. Roode doesn’t think it’s funny and says that tonight it is going to be Beer Money revenge and tonight they are going after the fans. We go to commercial break and none too soon – who on earth is writing this garbage and who on earth is allowing it to get into the program?


Jeremy Borash is in the back with Kaz who will be in an X Division title match tonight. Kaz said that he let down everyone when he lost the match at Victory Road.


X Division Championship Match


Kaz from Anaheim, CA



Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams from Windsor, Ontario, Canada


With Rhaka Khan


Referee: Andrew Thomas


These two do a great job working against each other in the ring. I like them both and they are again doing everything they can to make this a memorable match. Every move that one wrestler attempts, the other has a counter move to block it. Kaz manages to go for a cover but he only gets a two count. Khan gets involved and he charges out of the ring after her. Back in the ring, he takes down Williams and goes for the cover again getting a two count. Kaz delivers a high kick but he takes too much time to try to set Williams up. Kaz goes for a roll up, Williams reverses it into a roll up, holding the trunks and gets the three count and the win. Time: 5 minutes.


Winner and still X Division Champion: Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams

by using the trunks and a roll up


This was another great match by two great wrestlers. It could have gone a little longer and if TNA would cut the gab time we could have more time for matches like this one.


JB is backstage and Showtime Eric Young appears to tell JB that the first ever top secret meeting for the Prince of Justice Brotherhood is tonight but JB can’t tell anybody about it or Young will kill JB. We go to commercial break.


JB is backstage with Joe to talk about what Sting did at Victory Road. Big Sexy Kevin Nash appears to tell Joe that Nash never doubted Joe could beat Booker T. Nash says he was trying to motivate Joe. Nash says that Booker wants Joe to doubt himself and that is what Joe is doing. Nash says that when a man no longer believes in himself he has nothing left. The camera goes to Beer Money who are beating up the production staff and, we can thank commercials tonight, we go to commercial break.


JB is in the parking lot and he says that the limo may hold all the answers but instead of Sting getting out of the limo, Devon, Ray and Angle get out of the limo wearing Sting masks and carrying baseball bats. JB goes behind the limo and finds Curry Man, Shark Boy and Super Eric. Super Eric says they are there to discuss the filth that infests TNA and how they can rid the good citizens of it.  Let me help you out there, SE…start with firing the writers, Russo first, and then get rid of all of the unnecessary personnel that has been hired to take up good match time. Get a real booker who knows how to book quality matches and you’ve got it! Beer Money appears to take out Curry and Shark as Eric wanders off to the little boy’s room.


Jimmy Rave representing Rock ‘n Rave Infection

With Christy Hemme


Matt Morgan from CT


Referee: Shane Sewell


This should be short and sweet and not because Rave can’t work the ring. Rave won’t be allowed to work the ring since Morgan is getting the spotlight. Hemme runs to the back as Morgan pounds on Rave. Morgan slams Rave to the mat and gets the win. Time: Under 1 minute.


Winner: Matt Morgan


Do you want me to say something good about this match?  I can’t. After the bell rings, Hemme appears with Lance Hoyt in tow. Hoyt tells Morgan that he should be messing with him. Hoyt enters the ring and we have another match going on. I’m not timing this one because I didn’t hear a bell ring although there is a referee in the ring. Morgan delivers a boot to Hoyt’s face. Morgan delivers a slam to the mat, goes for the cover and gets a second three count.


JB is in the women’s locker room with Cornette. Cornette says he needs a spokeswoman and Gail Kim says it will be her and the girls are fighting again. Cornette says that tonight it will be a ten-girl gauntlet match to decide who will face the new champion. The winner will face Taylor Wilde next week for the championship. We go to commercial break.


Beer Money are now in Universal theme park going after the fans.


Kurt Angle appears wearing a Sting outfit, followed by Team 3D dressed in the same outfit. We go to commercial break. 


Commercial break wasn’t long enough because Angle has the mic. Angle wants to welcome Sting to his group. Styles, Cage & Rhino appear on the entrance ramp. Styles threatens Angle. Ray tells the trio that they can have a rematch at Hard Justice and it will be a six-man table match. Cage doesn’t like the fact that Ray is giving orders and Ray bails out of the ring but Angle and Devon hold him back. Cage says that the match will take place next week on iMPACT and it will be a five-table elimination match.


The audience sees a video of the trouble brewing between the TNA women’s division.


Gauntlet Match


The Pride of Tennessee Jacqueline, already in the ring


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL


Angelina Love


Salinas representing LAX


Velvet Sky




Salinas eliminated by Sky & Love



Rhaka Khan




Christy Hemme





We go to commercial break in the middle of the match. During the commercial break, Rhaka Khan, Christy Hemme & Traci are eliminated.


ODB is eliminated.


Roxxi is eliminated.


Jacqueline is eliminated.


Velvet Sky pins Gail Kim for the win.


Time: 12 minutes


Winner:  Velvet Sky with a pin.


I’m never big on gauntlet matches and this one was so not impressive.  Why Velvet Sky is getting a championship match makes no sense.  There are other much better women wrestlers who should be in the ring with Taylor Wilde.


JB is backstage with Booker & Sharmell. JB wants to know who Booker’s opponent is going to be tonight. Booker says he is going to face Consequences Creed for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Booker then calls 911 for an ambulance and says that tonight’s match is going to be a stretcher match.  We go to commercial break.


JB is backstage with Black Machismo Jay Lethal and SoCal Val. They are discussing The Guru Sonjay Dutt and his interference in his relationship with Val. Val thinks Lethal is being too hard on Dutt.


Three Way Match


Johnny Devine from Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Showtime Eric Young residing at an undisclosed location


The Guru Sonjay Dutt from Bombay, India


Referee: Rudy Charles


Devine goes for a quick roll up on Dutt but Dutt kicks out. Dutt ends up outside on the floor leaving Devine to work over Young. Devine goes for a cover but Young kicks out. Dutt is still out on the floor. Devine springboards into the ring but Young catches him with a foot. Young is back on his feet, taking out Dutt who has made it back to the ring apron but Devine goes for a roll up, Young rolls through and gets a two count. Dutt goes for a cover on Young and gets the three count and the win.  Time: 2 minutes.


Winner: The Guru Sonjay Dutt


The match was too short and not the best of any of these wrestlers in the ring. After the match, Lethal appears to take out Dutt. Devine gets involved and Lethal takes him out. Lethal goes after Dutt with a chair but Val takes the chair away. Dutt has the chair, he hits the ring post and throws the chair to Lethal then falls on the floor when Val has her back turned. Now Val is mad at Lethal. Lethal chases Val out of the ring and we go to backstage to see Beer Money heading toward the arena. We go to commercial break.


Robert Roode & Cowboy James Storm now known as Beer Money appear and head toward the ring. Roode looks mad and Storm can’t stop smiling.  Must be the beer in his hand. They go out of the ring and look for someone to beat on in the audience. They pull someone out of the audience who is wearing an LAX t-shirt and beat on him. The four refs get sent out of the ring when they try to help. Security shows up to help but they go after them as well. Storm and Roode get to the announcer’s table but Hector Guerrero goes after them before they can go after him. The two of them get Guerrero in the ring and the timekeeper is ringing the bell.  Oh, really, can it get any worse?  Yes it can as the handcuffs comes out and Guerrero is getting beat on in the ring. Homicide, Hernandez & Salinas appear to run Beer Money out of the ring.


JB is backstage with Angle, Team 3D & Tomko. JB reminds them about the match they are scheduled to be in next week. Angle says that next week they are not coming along, that Sting will be in their corner. We go to commercial break.


Lauren is backstage with Creed. Creed doesn’t do a bad job on the mic.


Main Event


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Stretcher Match


Booker T


With Sharmell


Consequences Creed from Atlanta, GA



Referee: Earl Hebner


I guess when Sharmell turns heel, her outfits reflect her persona.  Normally Sharmell looks fantastic. The outfit she is wearing tonight is just trashy. I keep waiting to see Creed in a great match since I think he has a lot of talent to show the fans. We go to commercial break in the middle of the main event. Back in the ring, the match appears to be even. Booker delivers the ax kick. Booker sends Creed out to the floor and takes him toward the stretcher. Booker has Creed on the stretcher and he calls the crew to take Creed out of the arena. The bell rings. Time: 5 minutes.


Winner: Booker T


Booker follows Creed to the ambulance and continues the beat down as Sharmell opens the ambulance door and screams. Joe comes out of the ambulance and sends Booker into the ambulance, closing the door. Sharmell attempts to nail Joe with a baseball bat but he takes it away from her and she runs screaming away.

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