Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

July 14, 2008 Ė Recap by Sassy


Last week on Raw


Rey Mysterio defeated Santino Marella in 3 minutes.

In a womenís tag team match, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly defeated Layla & Jillian in 4 minutes.

CM Punk, WWE World Heavyweight Champion defeated Snitsky in 3 minutes.  The rumor is that Snitskyís nose was broken during the match.

Kofi Kingston, WWE Intercontinental Champion, defeated Charlie Haas in 3 minutes.

In a Fatal Four-Way Number One Contenderís Match, The Animal Batista defeated John Bradshaw Layfield, The Big Red Machine Kane & John Cena in 7 minutes.


Monday Night Raw is broadcast on the USA network


Ringside announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham


The show opens with a replay of The Big Red Machine losing it last week after his loss in the main event.  Kane attempted to beat up announcer Michael Cole and when Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler came to Coleís defense, Kane took Lawler out instead. Shane and Stephanie McMahon appear on the monitor to complain about the way the rosters and crew have not been working together. Not to sound rude but I am fed up with the Vincent Kennedy McMahon death angles that he continues to try to pull over on the fans.  The storylines on Raw are bad enough without adding any more garbage to the weekly show.


As the camera goes back to the arena, Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Y2J Chris Jericho are battling it out in their street clothes outside the ring on the floor. Jerichoís gofer, Lance Cade, appears to rescue Jericho and pull him out of harmís way. As numerous referees attempt to get Michaels to the back, The Big Red Machine Kane appears and head down the ramp to the ring with a bag of some sort in his hand. Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler get to their feet with Lawler stepping in front of Cole Ė or maybe thatís Cole moving to hide behind Lawler.  Lillian Garcia, the timekeeper and everyone else near the announcerís table scream and run as the lights come back up and Kane leans across the announcerís table staring down Lawler. Kane says something but I didnít catch what it was, and then he heads back around the ring and up the ramp. Lawler and Cole say that Kane said he was sorry for what he did last week. The camera shifts to the back and Michaels and Jericho are battling it out backstage with everyone trying to break them up.


Mickie James from Richmond, VA

WWE Womenís Champion


Katie Lea Burchill

With Paul Burchill


James goes for an early roll up but Burchill kicks out. Burchillís brother is not a pleasant distraction at ringside. And he is a distraction. James delivers a roll up and gets the three count and the win. Time: 3 minutes.


Winner: Mickie James with a roll up


Mickie James in a great ring presence. I suspect that Burchill may know something about wrestling but the fans havenít seen her wrestle since she has been in WWE. The two Burchills go after James but Kofi Kingston comes to the rescue and calls Burchill back into the ring. Brother doesnít want to come back but his sister does. We go to commercial break.


WWE Intercontinental Championship Match


Kofi Kingston from Jamaica

WWE Intercontinental Champion

With Mickie James


Paul Burchill from England

With Katie Lea Burchill


Kingston goes for a small package but Burchill manages to kick out. Cole reminds the audience that last week Burchill went after Kingston last week after Kingston defeated Charlie Haas. Kingston is attempting to use wrestling maneuvers against Burchill but heís going to have to stick to using those high kicks in order to take out Burchill. James makes a decent cheerleader for Kingston without being a major distraction outside the ring. Kingston delivers a leg drop as Katie Lea hops up on the ring apron. James charges around the ring to take care of Katie Lea as Kingston delivers trouble in paradise, goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 5 minutes.


Winner: Kofi Kingston with trouble in paradise


Kingston is a very talented flyer in the ring but his legwork is even better. This was not a long match but Kingston did manage to use a few decent wrestling holds during his time in the ring.


Santino Marella is backstage with Matt Striker. Marella says that today he issued an open challenge today to anyone in the locker room. Striker moves out of the way and Kane appears. Kane is looking for CM Punk. Marella points Kane in the direction of Punkís locker room. We go to commercial break.


Kane has found Punk. Kane tells Punk that deep down inside he knows he is dead. Punk wants to know what Kane is talking about. Kane says that tonight he needs Punk in the ring one on one. Punk says that he has the biggest match of his life in six days and he canít believe that Kane is challenging him. Kane says he needs it and Punk says that he needs to prove to everyone that doesnít believe in him that they are wrong and Punk agrees to face Kane in the ring tonight. Punk asks Kane what he has in the bag and Kane laughs and walks off. John Cena is backstage with Todd Grisham. Grisham tells Cena that John Bradshaw Layfield has issued a New York City Parking Lot Mat at Great American Bash. Cena explains what a NYC Parking Lot match really is and I want to know if Vince Russo is working for TNA AND WWE. Cena tells JBL that he doesnít like JBL and he knows JBL doesnít like him. I hope this parking lot brawl is better than the last one I watched. Shad and JTG of Cryme Tyme appear and Cena challenges JBL to find himself two partners for a six-man tag team match. We go to commercial break.


Santino Marella is in the ring and he wants to know who has the guts (so to speak) to accept his challenge. The Glamazon Beth Phoenix appears to accept the challenge.


Santino Marella from Italy


The Glamazon Beth Phoenix from Buffalo, NY


If Marella was embarrassed getting beaten by Rey Mysterio last week, he could be really embarrassed this week. Iím actually enjoying this match. Marella charges Phoenix in the corner but she gets out of the way, takes Marella down in a roll up and gets the three count. Time: 1 minute.


Winner:  The Glamazon Beth Phoenix with a roll up.


Phoenix is one strong wrestler. She picked Marella up more than once during this match and made it look like she wasnít breaking a sweat doing it.  We go to commercial break.


Kelly Kelly from Jacksonville, FL is introduced for a match. Before Kellyís opponent is introduced, the WWE World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase, appear and head into the ring. Dibiase says that she needs to leave because they have something to say.  She leaves the ring. In the middle of their talk, Hacksaw Jim Duggan appears and heads to the ring. Duggan says that he came out to talk to Rhodes & Dibiase from the heart. Duggan says that they donít respect the people that paved the way for them to be where they are. Rhodes gets in Dugganís face Ė Duggan does have his trademark board in his hand. The audience seems to disagree with the assessment of the tag team champions. JBL appears on the monitor. He wants them to join him for the six-man tag team match in the main event tonight. They accept. We go to commercial break.


The Big Red Machine Kane weighing 323 lbs.


CM Punk from Chicago, IL weighing 224 lbs.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion


I have the urge to yell RUN PUNK RUN! But running wonít make the doubters any more positive about Punk holding that title. Punk is working hard using his legs and manages to send Kane out to the floor. Kane goes past the announcerís table and heads for the chair that Garcia vacated but he doesnít pick it up. Kane does turn things around and he goes for a cover in the ring but Punk gets a shoulder up at the count of two. Kane delivers a short dropkick and again goes for a cover and again he gets a two count. The live audience is pro Punk and they are chanting. Punk tries to go for a roll up but Kane gets Punk by the throat. Punk delivers a high knee and then does it again. Punk tries for the bulldog, but Kane fights it off. Punk takes Kane down to the mat, delivers a kick to the back of Kaneís head and goes for the cover but Kane kicks out after the count of one. Punk comes off the ropes with a cross body block and again tries for a pin and he gets a two count. Punk tries to go for the GTS but Kane breaks free. Punk ends up on the ring apron and Kane sends him down to the floor. Punk sends Kane into the ring post and then climbs up on the ring apron to come off and deliver a bulldog on the floor. He needs to be in the ring, Punk! The ref has been counting and Punk rolls back in at the count of 9, winning the match. Time: 7 minutes.


Winner: CM Punk via count out


I hate to admit it when Punkís opponent was so much larger but this was a great match.  I was just sure Kane was going to be able to take Punk out.  And I am not a doubter but Kane is so much bigger and Kane is quick for a big guy. After the match, chairs start flying into the ring courtesy of Kane and the ref bails out of the ring. Punk makes the mistake of staying in the ring and Kane enters the ring to take Punk down to the canvas. Kane has Punk down, pounding on him. Kane gets to his feet and picks Punk up by the hair. Kane drops Punk again and picks up the chair. He sets the chair up on Punkís neck and climbs to the top turnbuckle. The Animal Batista appears to make the save and he delivers a spear to Kane, and then nails Kane in the head with a chair when he stands up. Batista picks Punk up off of the mat and stands him up. Punk holds out his hand to Batista but Batista tells Punk he isnít his friend and that Batista wants that title belt.  Batista pats Punk on the face and Punk shoves Batista backward. Batista delivers a spine buster and leaves Punk in the ring. I predict Punk is going to beat Batista at GAB and DONíT make a liar out of me Punk! We go to commercial break.


Y2J Chris Jericho weighing 222 lbs.

With Lance Cade


Paul London from Austin, TX weighing 190 lbs.


I was looking forward to see London in the ring again but this isnít the way I wanted to see him in the ring. Jericho is out for blood and London is paying for it. Cade is stalking around outside the ring with a steel chair in his hand but London is back taking Jericho down with a kick. London comes over the top rope and Jericho gets out of the way. Jericho delivers a back breaker and tries to set up the walls of Jericho. London taps out. Time: 4 minutes.


Winner: Chris Jericho via submission


I wasnít thrilled with this match even though Jericho does make a great heel. As Jericho is telling London how he should handle his wrestling career, Michaels appears at the tope of the entrance ramp. Cade is standing outside the ring with the chair while Jericho is calling for Michaels to come to the ring. We go to commercial break.


Jamie Noble is backstage with Layla. Noble tells her that they can be Rawís power couple. Layla says that she doesnít date short men. Noble says that he is way above average in a lot of ways, one in the wrestling ring. He says he will challenge the next man that shows up. The next man that shows up is Snitsky. Layla starts to panic when Noble gets in Snitskyís face. Noble takes Laylaís hand and heads to the ring. Snitsky follows.  It may have been the ďbeat with an ugly stickĒ remark that Noble made.


Jamie Noble

With Layla



Noble is going to get himself killed trying to get a date. Noble goes after Snitsky before he gets all the way in the ring and Lawler notes that there is no ref in the ring. That isnít stopping Snitsky from working over Noble. Noble comes off the ropes and meets Snitskyís boot. Snitsky delivers the pump handle slam and then stares at Layla. Snitsky climbs out of the ring and Layla climbs up on the apron ring to check on Noble. Time: 2 minutes.


Winner: Snitsky, if that was actually a match, with a pump handle slam.


We go to commercial break.


The fans voted on who is in the most danger of losing their title at GAB?


CM Punk                                                                55%

The Game Triple H                                                20%

The Worldís Strongest Man Mark Henry               25%


Main Event


Six-man Tag Team Match


John Bradshaw Layfield


Cody Rhodes


Ted Dibiase

WWE World Heavyweight Champions

We go to commercial break before their opponents are introduced.





Cryme Tyme

At a combined weight of 525 lbs.


John Cena weighing 240 lbs.


I canít call this as a wrestling match; I can only call it as who is getting the worst of the beat down. So far, JBLís side has been getting the better of Cenaís side. Dibiase & Rhodes arenít doing a bad job as a tag team but I think Cryme Tyme works better as a team. JBL should have stayed home and the audience is hot for Cena but Cena hasnít spent any time in the ring. We go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the action, JBL goes after Cena on the ring apron but Cena wasnít tagged into the match and the ref makes Cena get back on the ring apron. Shad needs to make a tag but heís not having much luck getting to his corner. Rhodes goes for a bulldog but Shad sends Rhodes across the ring. Rhodes makes it back to his feet and sends Cena off the ring apron to the floor. Dibiase gets tagged in and he goes for the cover but Shad kicks out. Shad and Dibiase get into a boxing match but Dibiase canít keep up with Shad. Dibiase tags in Rhodes. Rhodes misses a leap off of the top turnbuckle and the fans are screaming for Shad to make a tag. Shad makes it to Cena and now Cena is in the ring. Cena delivers the five-knuckle shuffle and delivers the FU to Dibiase, drops Rhodes to the mat and goes out to the top turnbuckle. Cena sends Rhodes down to the mat and locks Rhodes in a submission hold. JBL enters the ring and kicks Cena in the head. The ref calls for the bell. Time: 13 minutes.


Winners: John Cena, Shad & JTG of Cryme Tyme via disqualification


JBL mouths off at Cena as he backs out of the arena and Cena is on his feet chasing JBL through the building. We may have a preview of the parking lot brawl before the Raw goes off the air. Cena is outside the building looking for JBL but JBL is nowhere to be found. Cena heads back toward the building and then stops and goes back toward the parking lot. JBL catches Cena from behind with a tire iron? JBL sets Cena up against a car and heads back to get in another car.  I'm sure I've seen this gimmick before -- on WWE no less.  JBL runs into the other car and then gets out of his car Ė which is a big ugly gas-guzzler, by the way. JBL is looking a little confused and we go off the air.




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