July 10, 2008  – Recap by Sassy


Last week on iMPACT


Cowboy James Storm & Robert Roode with Jacqueline defeated Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, Motor City, Machine Guns, in 4 minutes.

In a Bimbo Brawl, Moose defeated Roxxi in 5 minutes.

In a World X Cup Match, Rey Bucanero representing Team Mexico defeated Alex Kozlov representing Team International in 2 minutes.

In a World X Cup Match, Milano Collection AT representing Team Japan defeated Curry Man representing Team TNA in 4 minutes.

In a Special Challenge Match, Taylor defeated Raisha Saeed with Awesome Kong in 4 minutes.

In the Main Event, Big Sexy Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe defeated Cowboy James Storm & Robert Roode with The Pride of Tennessee Jacqueline in 6 minutes.

Sting made an appearance in the rafters before the iMPACT went off the air.


Speaking of Moose aka Mickie Knuckles, we understand she was seriously injured while working an Indy match and is suffering from a broken femur.


Best of luck and fast healing to Moose!


For those of you who have not heard, Scott D’Amore, Rellik and James Mitchell have been released from TNA.  I personally will miss all three of these talents and think TNA needs to start looking at the non talent they hired while releasing those that have wrestling talent not to mention knowledge of wrestling.



TNA Wrestling




Victory Road “Drive-By”


iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV Network


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash, Crystal Loutham and Lauren


The show begins in the parking lot as JB announces that there will be a Parking Lot Brawl.  If there is a referee involved, I don’t know who it is because I don’t see him.


Robert Roode

With The Pride of Tennessee Jacqueline


Homicide representing LAX


No offense, Roode, but Homicide can brawl. Don West tells the audience that Cowboy James Storm and Hernandez have been banned from the area in order to make this a one on one fight. Moose’s Dead End sign has made it into the hands of Homicide. So much for a one on one match as Jacqueline goes after Homicide. Now some guy in a mask has appeared and is beating on Homicide. He takes off the mask and it’s none other than Cowboy James Storm. There are referees attempting to break it up but they get shoved out of the way. The handcuffs have come out and the match is entering the arena. Herandez has appeared to take out Roode and Storm. Hernandez gets a dose of double team and now Hernandez is down on the mat. Hector Guerrero has appeared to check on Homicide and Hernandez is back in charge. He has the leather strap in his hand and he goes to work on Storm and Roode. Storm and Roode bailout of the ring as Salinas rolls into the ring Time: 6 minutes.


I’m not sure if the entire six minutes can be counted as the match but no one called a DQ. It wasn’t as exciting a brawl as I had hoped it would be and I was disappointed in Homicide during the time in the parking lot. On top of the mediocre match, it’s a “banned from the area” match and when Storm shows up the match isn’t stopped.  I guess TNA forgot that they made that particular stipulation for the match. After the match the lights go out and Sting appears in the rafters again. We go to commercial break.


The audience sees a video of the World X Cup wrestlers. It would be nice to see a World X Cup Match go longer than 3 or 4 minutes.


World X Cup Standings

Team Mexico                          3 points

Team Japan                            2 points

Team TNA                               1 point

Team International                 0 points


World X Cup Singles Match


Masato Yoshino representing Team Japan


Doug Williams from the United Kingdom

Representing Team International


Referee: Slick Johnson


I’ve heard good things about Williams but I have never seen him in a full match. Nice suicide dive by Yoshino to Williams outside the ring. Yoshino has great speed and works well off of the ropes but Williams has a stiffer style that looks good in the ring. I’m sure Williams has some weight on Yoshino but TNA doesn’t announce weight anymore so I’m not sure how much the difference is between the two. Yoshino has some great counters to Williams’ attempts to drop him to the mat. Williams delivers a suplex off the top turnbuckle and Yoshino lands near the opposite side of the ring. Yoshino goes for a roll up but Williams kicks out at the count of two. Williams catches Yoshino in a bridge roll up and gets the three count.  Time: 5 minutes.


Winner: Doug Williams representing Team International with a bridge


Williams did a great job in this match against Yoshino who has the greatest speed of anyone in the TNA locker room. Both men worked hard for the fans.


The standings now show TNA has one point and Team International has two points making Team TNA at the bottom of the standings.


JB is in the back with Kurt Angle who is looking for his tag team partners, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, the Beautiful People. Angle is worried about the match and they are worried about their makeup. We go to commercial break.


The Guru Sonjay Dutt is in the gym with Lauren and his yoga class with Lauren. Dutt says they have a new student, Petey Williams, is in the gym. Black Machismo Jay Lethal charges through the doors and goes after Dutt. Dutt is surrounded by his mini gurus and they back out of the gym with Dutt chanting “Set Val free”.


Lauren is in the back with Taylor who faced Raisha Saeed last week. She will be facing Awesome Kong tonight.  We go to commercial break.


Rough Cut


Making It


Matt Morgan is talking about his career with TNA.


Six Man Tag Team Match - Falls County Anywhere


Kip James from FL


Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams

X Division Champion

Accompanied by Rhaka Khan


Tomko from FL


BG James from FL


Showtime Eric Young residing in an undisclosed location


Matt Morgan from CT


Referee: Slick Johnson


It appears that the match is not exactly following tag team rules. Morgan and Kip are in the ring battling it out while everyone else is battling outside the ring. Referee Rudy Charles and Shane Sewell are outside the ring as well. Young & Williams make it up into the audience area. Williams has Young in a sharpshooter but he gets saved by one of his partners before he can tap. Young and Williams are back in the ring. Young as a cover but Tomko breaks it up. Young dives through the ropes but Tomko catches him with what looks like a lead pipe. Williams goes for the cover on the floor and gets the win. Time: 5 minutes.


Winners: Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams, Tomko & Kip James


I’m not sure I understand the purpose of these matches although this was a better brawl than the opening brawl in the parking lot. After the match, Tomko & Williams enter the ring with the pipe. Williams holds Young but Abyss enters the arena and heads to the ring. He goes after Tomko. Abyss sends Tomko over the top rope with a clothesline and then picks up the lead pipe but he throws it down on the mat. We go to commercial break.


$25,000 Challenge for the TNA Women’s Champions


Taylor Wild from Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Awesome Kong, 6’1” weighing 278 2/8 lbs.

TNA Women’s Champion

With Raisha Saeed


Referee: Rudy Charles


Kong goes after Wild before the bell rings. Saeed trips Wild as she tries to come off the ropes. Roxxi appears at ringside to stop Saeed’s interference in the match and we go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the ring. Wild appears to be in trouble. Wild goes for a cover once and then again. She manages to work her way out of the awesome bomb. Kong knocks the ref down and Wild comes off the top rope with a cross body block, Kong falls over the ref and Wild gets a two count. Kong takes Wild down with an implant buster but she can’t get the three count.  Kong misses with the spinning back fist, Wild goes for a roll up and gets the three count and the win. Time: 6 minutes.


Winner of the $25,000 Challenge and the new TNA Women’s Champion:  Taylor Wild


With the exception of the commercial break at the beginning of the match, this was a great match. Wild is fast and uses everything in her power to get the job done and Kong didn’t give her any breaks. Great match and great win for the new women’s roster member, Taylor Wild.


JB meets Wild on the entrance ramp while Kong sits in the ring looking like she’s going to cry.  The tears turns to fury and Wild will now have to watch her back no matter where she goes in TNA.  Kong will be looking for her. We go to commercial break.


Team TNA is in the back, Kaz, the captain, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & Curry Man. Kaz will face Ultimo Guerrero tonight in a Team TNA versus Team Mexico. It appears Kaz has improved greatly with his mic skills.  Of course, I could care less if he can talk – I just like to see him work in the ring.


Current World X Cup Standings


Team Mexico                          3 points

Team Japan                            2 points

Team International                 2 points

Team TNA                               1 point


World X Cup Match


Ultimo Guerrero representing Team Mexico


Kaz representing Team TNA

Captain of Team TNA


Referee: Shane Sewell


Knowing that Team TNA needs the points is not going to help me to decide whom I want to win in this match. I have not seen much of Guerrero in the ring but what I have seen, I have liked. Kaz is always spectacular in the ring. Guerrero takes Kaz off the top turnbuckle with a front suplex and goes for the cover but Kaz kicks out. The rest of Team TNA are standing on the entrance ramp to cheer on Kaz. Kaz looks like he needs a cheering section as Guerrero again goes for a cover. Kaz kicks out. Guerrero stops to try to get the audience to stop chanting for Kaz. Again Guerrero takes Kaz down from the top turnbuckle and goes for the cover getting a two count before Kaz kicks out. Kaz finally goes to work with those kicks he does so well and he goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Kaz slips when he tries to springboard off the top rope and grabs his knee. Guerrero goes for the cover and gets a two count. Kaz delivers a kick to Guerrero but he’s limping as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Kaz goes for the hurricanrana but Guerrero sends Kaz down and across the ring in a power bomb. Guerrero goes for the cover and gets a two count. Guerrero goes off the tope with a moonsault but Kaz rolls out of the way. Kaz delivers the wave of the future and gets the three count and the win. Time: 6 minutes.


Winner: Kaz representing Team TNA


This match is the kind of match I like to see. I’m not thrilled about Kaz injuring his knee in the midst of a tournament but he did a great job against Ultimo Guerrero in this match.


World X Cup Standings


Team Mexico                         3 points

Team TNA                               3 points

Team Japan                            2 points

Team International                 2 points


Lauren is backstage with The Phenomenal AJ Styles, O.D.B. and Gail Kim. We go to commercial break.


The audience sees a video of the history of the Ultimate X Match. This Sunday, Victory Road debuts on pay per view, which will have an Ultimate X Match. Jim Cornette says that there will be a new match at Victory Road.  It will be a rematch for the Women’s title with Taylor Wild, the new champion, facing former champion Awesome Kong.


JB and Angle are backstage with Love & Sky who are still worried about their makeup and their tans. We go to commercial break.


The audience sees a video preview of the match between Booker T and Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe at Victory Road. Booker appears in the ring to issue an apology to Joe. Booker is getting to close to the King Booker thing again and I don’t care for that persona. Booker calls Joe to the ring and Joe obliges. Booker apologizes to Joe for not respecting him and then he tells him that he’s sorry about what is going to happen Sunday night in Booker’s hometown of Houston, Texas. Booker tells Joe that Nash is right about one thing – Joe can’t beat Booker. The live audience breaks into a chant of “Joe” but I think the audience is split between the two. Booker shakes Joe’s hand and says “may the best man win”. Joe says that Booker is sorry. The lights go out and Sting’s entrance music is heard as Sting appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Sting heads to the ring. Sting asks the audience who will win at Victory Road. There seems to be some confusion about who will win. Sting says that he will be at Victory Road to watch the match. We go to commercial break.


Knocked Out – Angelina Love and Gail Kim appear to be building a feud.


Main Event


Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match


Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

Beautiful People


Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA


O.D.B. from Minneapolis, MN


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL


The Phenomenal AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA


Referee: Earl Hebner


ODB & Kim take care of Love & Sky before Styles & Angle face off. Styles goes for the cover but Angle kicks out. Styles delivers a dropkick but he spends too much time before he goes for the cover and Angle kicks out. Frank Trigg appears on one side of the ring and Karen Angle appears on the opposite side of the ring and we go to commercial break. This is probably the first time tonight I don’t mind a commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the action, Angle & Styles are still in the ring. Angle goes for the pin but Styles kicks out. Styles manages to deliver a DDT. Styles nails Angle with the pele kick and goes for the Styles clash but Angle counters. The two hit each others with clotheslines and both men are on the canvas. The tags are made and all four women are in the ring. Styles comes across the ring and over the top ropes to take out Angle. Kim catches Sky, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 5 minutes.


Winners: Gail Kim, O.D.B. & The Phenomenal AJ Styles


There is mayhem in the ring after the bell and Trigg manages to come in and slam Styles down to the mat. I don’t know about the rest of the TNA fans, but this is getting more than a little boring.


I won’t be ordering Victory Road but will post the results on next week’s iMPACT report.





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