July 3, 2008 – Recap by Sassy


Last week on iMPACT


The Phenomenal AJ  Styles defeated Consequences Creed in 5 minutes.

The Instant Classic Christian Cage defeated Brother Ray of Team 3D by DQ in 2 minutes.

In the $25,000 Challenge Match, Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed defeated Danielle in 2 minutes.

In a World X Cup Match, Team Mexico defeated Team Japan in 6 minutes.

In a Bimbo Brawl, Moose defeated O.D.B. in 6 minutes.

In the Main Event, No DQ Match, Booker T, with a little inadvertent help from Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe, defeated Big Sexy Kevin Nash in 8 minutes.


TNA Wrestling





Holy crap, TNA just doesn’t get it…I said just last week we were going to have The Dating Game – how close is that?


iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV Network


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash, Crystal Loutham and Lauren


AJ Styles appears with mic in hand – and Karen Angle. Styles calls out Kurt Angle but Brother Ray & Brother Devon of Team 3D appear in order to defend Angle who is out on a date. First Ray calls Karen a bitch and then he calls her a whore and Styles decides to beat up everyone in the ring. Styles is a little outnumbered and outsized. Ray & Devon get the table set up in the ring but Rhino appears to make the save. At Victory Road, Rhino wants The Instant Classic Christian Cage & AJ Styles to partner with him in a six man tag team match – Rhino wants a Full Metal Mayhem Match – against Brother Ray, Brother Devon & Kurt Angle and the fans get to select the type of match. I was hoping for commercial break, but Angle appears to tell the fans that he is going on three separate dates and he takes along Jeremy Borash with a camera and a mic.  Why doesn’t Angle just date JB and get it over with?  He meets his first date at the gym and she looks like she could be Brother Ray’s sister. We go to commercial break.


Homicide, Hernandez, Hector Guerrero & Salinas of LAX are in Houston , TX and appear via satellite to talk about their strap match against Cowboy James Storm with Jacqueline & Robert Roode at Victory Road. In the iMPACT Zone, Storm, Jacqueline & Roode appear at the top of the entrance ramp and enter the ring so they can argue with LAX about who is going to win the match at Victory Road.


Cowboy James Storm

With Jacqueline


Robert Roode


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley

The Motor City Machine Guns


Referee: Earl Hebner


Sabin & Shelley do what they do best, which is move like lightening and work in sync. Great work by MMG even when Jacqueline attempts to spit beer in Sabin’s face and he ducks out of the way and Storm gets hit. Time: 4 minutes.


Winners: Cowboy James Storm & Robert Roode


I do enjoy Sabin & Shelley in the ring and normally Roode & Storm would do a good job but I don’t see them working well as a tag team.


After the match, Sabin & Shelley get beat with straps and then the refs get whipped. Storm & Roode go after Security and then they go after Don West at the announcer’s table. Dave Penzer gets tossed into the ring and they beat on him, too, but Jim Cornette appears to make the save. Cornette tells Roode & Storm that he is going to find the two meanest wrestlers on the TNA roster and they are going to be in another match tonight. We go to commercial break.


Angle is now waiting for his lunch date and of course we have to go. We only see his date from the back until the camera pans and we see that there is hair on her chest. Angle not only in a dark diner but is wearing sunglasses inside the diner and JB has to point out to Angle that “she” is a he.


Bimbo Brawl


Moose from KY


Roxxi from New Orleans, LA


Referee: Rudy Charles


Moose appears with her shopping cart of weapons and Roxxi comes unprepared. Moose attacks Roxxi before she makes it to the ring. The ref cringes every time someone gets nailed with a weapon. Moose delivers a DDT on the Dead End sign and goes for the cover, getting the three count. Time: 5 minutes.


Winner: Moose with a DDT


Roxxi is bleeding from the forehead and the camera pans in after the match is over. I’m not sure why TNA has suddenly decided to work hardcore matches with women wrestlers.  The roster has several very talented women that are great in the ring.


Cornette is backstage with Big Sexy Kevin Nash. Cornette’s needs two wrestlers to go after Storm & Roode and he wants Nash to be one of the wrestlers. Cornette says that he will make Nash happy since he is helping him out but his partner in the match tonight will be Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. Nash tells Cornette that he doesn’t have a problem with it, but Joe will have a problem with it. We go to commercial break.


Cornette is backstage with Samoa Joe and JB. Cornette tells Joe that he wants him to be in a match against Roode & Storm. Joe says he will be happy to be in the match and then asks who his partner is going to be. Cornette tells Joe to sit down but Joe says no way will he be in a match with Nash as a partner. Cornette tells Joe he has to do it and Joe says that what happens in the ring tonight will be Cornette’s fault. The audience then sees a video of the relationship between Joe & Nash. We go to commercial break.


Angle is on his third blind date. Angle keeps talking about himself but she keeps leaving the table. He decides she’s bullemic but she says she has a spastic colon. He laughs and she leaves. JB reminds Angle that Ray got Angle three times today and Angle says he will get Ray tonight.


World X Cup Standings

Team TNA                   1 point

Team Mexico              1 point

Team International            0 points

Team Japan                0 points


World X Cup Match


Alex Kozlov representing Team International

With Daivari


Rey Bucanero representing Team Mexico


Referee: Shane Sewell


Kozlov delivers a nice suicide diver over the top rope, landing on his feet on the floor. Kozlov goes for an early cover but Bucanero kicks out. Bucanero delivers a senton off the top turnbuckle, goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 2 minutes.


Winner: Rey Bucanero for Team Japan with a senton


The match was fast paced and a good watch but extremely short. It makes it difficult for the fans to judge the quality of the wrestlers and how well they work against each other when they are in the ring for 2 minutes.


Angle is at the iMPACT Zone looking for Brother Ray and we go to commercial break.


We are back to the Angle Show as Angle enters the ring. There are great ways to build feuds but this is the worst angle I have seen in a long time.  Angle calls Brother Ray out to the ring. Ray brings Brother Devon along for backup. Ray explains that they can talk about things in the back but Devon has made a match for them for Victory Road. Angle refuses to go to the back with Team 3D. Ray tells Angle that his black book has been lost so he used Devon’s little black book. Ray says he brought a girl for Angle tonight and calls Sandy to the ring. She is having a terrible time getting around the ring in those heels. First Angle yells at her and then apologizes but then Angelina Love & Velvet Sky enter the ring to beat up Ray’s catch. Karen comes to the rescue, takes out Love & Sky and then slaps Angle. She gets herself cornered but Styles, Rhino, Gail Kim & O.D.B hit the ring to make the save. Wrestling fans, you do realize that the World X Cup Match could have been longer and more entertaining if this little skit hadn’t taken up so much time? We go to commercial break – about 5 minutes too late.


JB is backstage with Booker T in Booker’s bright red dressing room. Booker wants the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Victory Road. We go to commercial break.


TNA Rough Cut


Matt Morgan Living the Dream


We have another segment of Rough Cut with Morgan talking about his pro wrestling training and his wrestling relationship with Jim Cornette, his WWE Smackdown career.


To be continued…


World X Cup Match

Milano Collection AT representing Team Japan


Curry Man representing Team TNA

With Kaz


Referee: Slick Johnson


Team Japan is still working hard at making the TNA fans dislike them. I have only seen Milano in a couple of short matches but I do like his style. Curry Man, although talented, has been more of an audience favorite due to the costume and his actions rather than his wrestling style. This was a decent match although I would like to see the World X Cup matches scheduled for a longer time slot. Time: 4 minutes.


Winner: Milano Collection AT with a moonsault.


Lauren is backstage with Storm, Roode & Jacqueline to talk about their match against LAX at Victory Road. We go to commercial break.


Special Challenge Match


Raisha Saeed from Syria

With Awesome Kong


Taylor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Referee: Rudy Charles


I didn’t hear the bell ring but the match is on. Taylor makes a mistake of rolling out on the floor and gets caught with a clothesline courtesy of Kong. Saeed sends Taylor into the steel steps outside the ring and then rolls Taylor back into the ring. Saeed delivers a backdrop suplex and goes for the cover but Taylor kicks out at the count of two. Saeed goes up to the top turnbuckle but misses Taylor when she rolls out of the way. Taylor delivers a kick to the head and goes for the cover, but Kong pulls the referee to the floor before he can count to three. Taylor goes for a cover with the bridge and gets the pin and the win. Time: 4 minutes.


Winner: Taylor with a bridge cover.


I have to say I was impressed with both Saeed and Taylor in the ring. Although not a hardcore match, both women fought hard and kept up the pace throughout the match. We go to commercial break.


The audience sees a video of Gail Kim and Angelina Love with Scott D’Amore. This is a continuation of last week’s video of Love’s wrestling career.


Main Event


Tag Team Match


Cowboy James Storm


Robert Roode

With The Pride of Tennessee Jacqueline


Big Sexy Kevin Nash from Detroit, MI


Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa


Referee: Earl Hebner


I’m still not thrilled with Nash in the ring these days.  Nash has the capability to be a great manager if TNA would use him in the correct manner. Nash begins the match leaving Joe on the ring apron. Joe tags himself in and Nash has to get out of the ring. We go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the action, Joe is in the ring with Roode and Joe is not doing well. Nash and Storm end up on the floor. Roode tries to nail Joe with the handcuffs but Joe gets out of the way. Roode delivers a low blow. Joe delivers a high kick, nails the muscle buster, goes for the cover and gets tht win. Time: 6 minutes.


Winners: Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe with a muscle buster & Kevin Nash


It appears that even though they won, Joe and Nash still have issues. While it appears that there is a Nash/Joe feud brewing, no one seems to know what effect it will have on the Championship Match at Victory Road when Joe faces Booker T to defend his title.  My guess would be that Nash will be standing in line to issue a challenge to the winner of that match.


After the match, Joe and Nash argue in the ring but Sting’s entrance music begins.  Sting is up in the rafters staring down at the two men in the ring. With Sting now in the mix, Nash and Sting may be in competition to face the holder of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


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