TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

September 3, 2007

by Sassy

TNA and the Internet Drug Company

For the original breaking news on the list of Signature Pharmacy’s wrestling customers, please see the Special Report posted  on this site. Current updates to that report are listed farther down in this report. We are repeating the following since it is TNA news: posts that Sports Illustrated’s Louis Fernando Llosa states Kurt Angle, former WWE wrestler and Olympic Gold Medalist, was a customer of Signature Pharmacy.  No word yet on what TNA plans to do about Kurt’s employment but it could certainly put a crimp in the Total Nonstop Angle that’s been playing.  The site posts the following link:

I was wondering when Kurt’s name would pop up.  If I haven’t mentioned this before, I’ll mention it again:  Never hinge all your hopes on one star – or one star and his family as the case may be.

That is not to say that Kurt Angle is the only TNA employee involved.  We only know Kurt’s name has come up in relation to Signature Pharmacy.  TNA made some noise earlier on that they had their own wellness policy but none of the wrestlers involved with TNA seemed to be in agreement.

A Word To All Wrestlers No Matter Who You Work For at the Present Time

If you have taken drugs in violation of policy or are taking them now, please do the following:  TELL your organization you made a mistake and wish to correct it NOW.  Don’t wait until you get busted. Get off the drugs; go to rehab if you must, and come back clean and healthy.  Your fans will not be angry with you if you admit you have a problem and work to correct the problem.  They will be angry with you if you lie about it and get caught.

It Ain't So Says Joe!

Samoa Joe has broken his silence regarding his TNA status. On Joe’s MySpace page, he denies that he has been telling anyone, including his co-workers, that he would rather work for WWE. Source Adam Martin,  For what my humble opinion may be worth, the loss of Samoa Joe would be devastating to TNA.  Joe could use a little more push from the writers.  This wrestle was one of the reasons I kept watching TNA. He’s not just good.  He is one of the best. No one wants to see him be the fall guy for the Angle family.  More Joe, less BS!

Joe tells the world he doesn’t mind most controversial rumors constantly swirling around him, but this one was a little over the top.

The Dream Team

Several wrestling sites and message boards are reporting that TNA set up Kurt Angle and Sting as “The Dream Team” tag team.  I believe I may be slightly confused because neither of these wrestlers are known for tag team wrestling.  I don’t see this as anything other than a way to keep promoting the Angle family.  Sting certainly doesn’t require special promotion.  There are hard working tag teams on TNA’s roster:  Sabin and Shelley, Team 3D, The Steiner Brothers, VKM, LAX, I’d even vote for Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal.  You can count XXX except there are three of them, not the usual two involved in tag team matches.

Angle’s Has Another New Job

As reported by Ryan Gray, source Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kurt is attempting to broker a deal between TNA and Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar wants to work in MMA and has said as much, with Dixie Carter telling him TNA will allow him to have time off to do that. 

Didn’t we report in an earlier Bytes TNA is obtaining the name The Angle Show?

Current TNA Events

TNA at New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY on September 3.  Information at

Bound For Glory, Atlanta, GA,  tickets go on sale September 7.

No Surrender is September 9.

TNA house show Zamora Shrine Temple, Birmingham,/Rondale, AL, October 11.  Tickets go on sale September 10.

Information on Bound for Glory Fanfest starting October 13 can be located here: or at

Bound For Glory, Atlanta, GA October 14.

TNA will be releasing a Christian Cage DVD in October.  See for Instant Classic:  The Best of Christian Cage.

Current TNA Talent Events

Pro Wrestling Syndicate, September 7 , Garfield, NJ:  Lanny Poffo vs. Jay Lethal,  Abyss vs. Steve Mack, Sabu vs. Trent Acid, Necro  Butcher & Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston & Samoa Joe.  More information:

Auction for Autism article posted here:

For further information see 

Fans will be bidding to manage their favorite wrestlers.

There are many talented wrestlers to bid on.  The TNA talent listed:  Scott & Rick Steiner, Dustin Rhodes, Elix Skipper, Hernandez, Homicide, AJ Styles, Abyss, Senshi, Gail Kim and Earl Hebner plus Bid to Guest Ring Announce a Match!

If we have missed any TNA events or TNA talent events, please contact the Webmaster.

Not Necessarily TNA News

Another Obituary -- With A Terrible Twist

Former pro wrestler John Meek, age 52, was  killed by ex-con, Harry Brian Taylor. Taylor hit the back of Meek’s motorcycle with his vehicle, a hit and run.  Meeks died en route to a Tampa hospital.  Meek and Taylor had words in a parking lot prior to the incident. Taylor had already killed someone and served 12 years of a 40-year sentence after being convicted of a stabbing death.  He got out of jail and this happens. Read about it here:

What Soon Could Be TNA News

Congressional Hearings

The New  York Daily Times reports that the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection will begin its hearings with an opening statement scheduled for September 24. Article posted by Mike Shalik, source

Special Report Follow Up

Source:  Wrestling Observer.  The following is a list of WWE talent who had previously failed drug tests and had been suspended as a result:

- Kurt Angle (for steroids, date on his prescription had expired)

- Matt Hardy

- Jeff Hardy

- Randy Orton

- Andrew "Test" Martin

- Chris Masters (for pain killers, not steroids)

- Joey Mercury (for pain killers)

- Rene Dupree

- Ryan Reeves

- Ryan O'Reilly

Dupree and Mercury were recently released by WWE and TNA now has Kurt Angle and Andrew “Test” Martin 


Randy Orton WWE wrestler, has already been suspended more than once and was sent home from an overseas tour after trashing a hotel room.  He did have to pay restitution.  That will make it all better.  This from Ryan Clark posted on  Many performers believe Orton will not be suspended this time. 

I think I understand.  One time is a 30-day suspension, two times is a 60-day suspension and three times is a  “it never happened”.  Daniel Pena, reports WWE is telling everyone Orton confessed to his drug use prior to the big boom and has already served his suspension.  The boys in the backstage area aren’t buying it and think WWE is only taking this course of no action to preserve the Orton/Cena storyline. Randy Orton and Chris Masters have previous wellness violations but if WWE isn’t punishing Orton, Masters will be the WWE roster member with a second violation and a 60-day non-paid suspension. also reports at the ECW taping CM Punk won the title from John Morrison.  That makes sense since Punk’s name was not on the list. Morrison’s name was.

WWE has banned all employees from talking to the media.  I would hope so.  Some of them look extremely silly after their interview about WWE’s wellness policy and how they never took drugs.  They somehow managed to get on the purchase list for Signature Pharmacy.

**NOTE:  If you surf the Internet you will find WWE’s PR people are saying that the wrestlers accused of being Signature Pharmacy clients are DECLINING comment.

Jim Ross was supposed to have posted on his blog about the WWE suspensions.  I didn’t read it because I am betting it is straight from WWE’s PR department.  I believe this because the rumor has been circulating Triple H has it in for JR and has for quite some time. This puts JR in an awkward position to say the least. It’s bad enough having to worry about making Daddy’s little boy or girl mad, it’s even worse when you have to deal with the in-laws.

There is further speculation that WWE did not release the names of the suspended wrestlers until they could have them wrestle in a match and lose their titles.  Oh, please!  Like the fans aren’t going to figure that out?  The policy should read IMMEDIATE suspension, not we’ll suspend you when it’s convenient for us. WWE’s motto must be the same as Cryme Tyme’s motto:  “Money, money, yeah, yeah.”


Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore has been released from WWE, however, there is no word on whether or not this release is related to the drug scandal. According to a post on, Eugene was surprised by the release.  He was previously suspended in 2005 for a wellness policy violation, however, his name did not appear on the Signature Pharmacy list.

WWE has released Cryme Tyme, Shad Gaspard and Jayson Paul, according to Adam Martin,  It is reported by PWInsider that the release had nothing to do with the wellness policy but was instead regarding an incident that took place between Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Gaspard  and Paul at the RAW house show in Terre Haute, IN.  We checked the show’s results on the same website and saw that Cade and Murdoch defeated Cryme Tyme by count out.  Cryme Tyme sold Murdoch’s hat to someone in the audience. 

Thus far, WWE has fired only one person on the Signature Pharmacy investigation list.  And that person, Simon Dean, was not actively wrestling. As far as who is/was actually suspended, as of this posting it is anyone’s guess.  WWE isn’t talking and we haven’t heard anything but supposition.  

Batista Cleared

Ryan Clark,, reports that Dave Batista has been cleared of any wrongdoing and has not been suspended. reported that Batista was a client of Signature Pharmacy, but his name was not in the Sports Illustrated article.

Batista has also suggested that he wishes to take legal action against the party or parties who initially mentioned his name regarding wellness policy violations since he has never purchased anything from an Internet pharmacy.  Source:  PWInsider.

Meeting Before ECW/Smackdown Taping

Information directly from item posted by Andy Steven at

Before the ECW/SmackDown taping in Cincinnati, Ohio, Stephanie McMahon conducted a talent meeting. The meeting was held at 4pm with the main subject being the changes to the Wellness Program.

The main changes made to the program and announced to the talent are:

- New talent signed by WWE will need to be drug tested before being signed.

- Marijuana testing will now be in effect by WWE. If tested positive, talent will be fined one thousand dollars each time failed. Also, if tested positive for marijuana, talent will not be suspended and will not be included in their ?three strikes? rule.

- The drug ?anti-estrogen? will be added to the banned items talent will be tested for.

- From November 1st, talent who violate the Wellness Program will be made public by WWE.

Also, before the ECW/SmackDown taping took place on Saturday, Triple H addressed the stars during a pre-show meeting. He told the stars that the whole industry is now being under attack and it’s now time for everyone to stick together.

Add the National Football League to the Mix

New England Patriot’s safety, Rodney Harrison, has been suspended without pay for the first four regular games of 2007 due to his name being associated with the Internet pharmaceutical company.  Harrison claims he did not take steroids and only used medication that would help accelerate the healing of injuries he had sustained. Source

WWE please take not:e:  The NFL did not wait around to win a game or two before putting Harrison on suspension. 

Thursday Bytes Follow Up

Nick Hogan’s Passenger

As of this writing, John Graziano is still listed as critical.  News broke that Hogan and wife had hired a criminal defense attorney.  I have a problem with that.  Not that Nick’s parents want to protect their boy but perhaps this time Nick should be left to his own devices.  If Nick caused the accident whether by racing or carelessness, getting him out of trouble isn’t going to help anyone but Nick.  Do we want Nick driving on streets where children play?  Nick didn’t hit a tree in the middle of the street.  He went off the road and was lucky he didn’t take anybody else out.  I believe it would be in Nick’s best interest to have a real life wake up call.  He may be “only a kid” but the kid had been on the pro racing circuit.  He knew what he was doing.

Screaming Headlines:  Hulk Hogan’s Fortune in Jeopardy

When you have a child under the age of 18, it may be 21 in some states, it is in your best interest to monitor what that child is doing.  You do not hand your kid a fast car, let him do whatever he wants, bail him out of traffic citations and not expect to face the music when he crashes.  The kid is 17. That makes him Mommy and Daddy’s responsibility. I feel sorry for the guy in intensive care that may have suffered brain damage.  And I feel sorry for his Mom and Dad.  Hulk’s millions are not an instant fix. You can read the story at



This item was posted on August 30, 2007 News Bytes. 


We found this website while searching for further updated medical information regarding Tommy Urbanksi:  This site is dedicated to the removal of Jones from the Tennessee Titans roster and you can sign a petition to let your voice be heard.

Unrelated to wrestling, I am searching for the same type of site for Michael Vick and any other wrestler who has been involved in human and/or animal cruelty.  If anyone out there has info on sites such as this, please let us know.  We will post the information here.

This should read: Unrelated to wrestling, I am searching for the same type of site for Michael Vick or any other professional ATHLETE who has been involved in human and/or animal cruelty or any other criminal act. If anyone out there has information on sites such as this, please let us know.  We will post the information in our next News Bytes.


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