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June 5, 2008  Ė Recap by Sassy


Last week on iMPACT


TNA Wrestling



Black Machismo Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt with SoCal Val and Ace Young defeated Lance Hoyt & Jimmie Rave, Rock Ďn Rave Infection, with Christy Hemme in 4 minutes.

Angelina Love with Velvet Sky defeated Roxxi Laveaux in 4 minutes.

Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed defeated fan Lela Bates in 2 minutes.

In a King of the Mountain Qualifying Match, The War Machine Rhino defeated Cowboy James Storm with Jacqueline in 3 minutes.

In a King of the Mountain Qualifying Match, The Instant Classic Christian Cage defeated Tomko in 8 minutes.


iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV Network


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash, Crystal Loutham and Lauren


Thereís a match FIRST?  I may not be able to handle a match before an hour of senseless dialogue.


Booker T from Houston, TX


Robert Roode from Manhattan, NY


The War Machine Rhino from Detroit, MI


The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa, FL by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


These four will face The  Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe at King of the Mountain at the Slammiversary pay per view. Rhino goes for an early pin on Roode but Roode kicks out. Rhino tags in Cage who goes for a kick and then a cover, but Cage only gets a one count. Roode tags in Booker. Cage sends Roode from the ring apron to the floor and Booker uses the distraction to deliver a high kick. Booker tags in Roode. Roode and Booker do a little double-teaming before Booker leaves the ring. Roode pokes Cage in the eyes and tags in Booker. The two of them deliver a suplex to Cage before Roode exits the ring. Booker delivers a kick to Cage, goes for a cover and gets a two count. Cage goes for a DDT off the top but Roode shoves him out of the way and Cage meets the mat. Roode misses a lariat and Cage catches Roode with an inverted DDT before tagging in Rhino. Roode tags in Booker. Rhino delivers a spine buster and goes for the cover, getting a two count before Roode breaks it up. Cage enters the ring and sends Roode to the floor and then takes Roode out with a cross body block. Booker misses the ax kick, Rhino catches Booker with the gore and goes for the cover but Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D enter the ring and break it up. Time: 5 minutes.


Winners: The Instant Classic Christian Cage and The War Machine Rhino via disqualification


AJ Styles enters the ring to take out Team 3D and Booker T. Everyone is back on their feet and Styles, Cage and Rhino clear the ring. Styles tells Cage that they used to be like brothers and he just hopes now that they can both be on the same page. Styles tells Team 3D and Booker that he is not out to beat Angle, he is out to hurt Angle. Styles then tells them that he is going to take care of Tomko tonight. Cornette appears to tell everyone that there will be a match against Tomko tonight. Cornette says that it will be one on one because the special guest enforcer in that match will be Big Sexy Kevin Nash.


Jeremy Borash had an interview earlier today with Joe. JB wants to know if Joe trusts Nash as the special enforcer in the KOTM match. Joe says he trusts himself and no one else and no matter what Nashís intentions are, Joe will win the KOTM match and keep his title belt.


Commercial break.


Lauren is backstage with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, the Beautiful People to show off their newest trading card. Sky has a street fight tonight with O.D.B. Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong appear to tell everyone that Kong will find another victim tonight.


Street Fight Match


Velvet Sky representing the Beautiful People from the Big Apple

With Angelina Love


O.D.B. from Minneapolis, MN

Accompanied by a spit cup?


ODB dumps her spit cup on Sky before Sky bails out of the ring and ODB goes out behind her. Love makes a grab for ODB but ODB nails Love and goes after Sky. The two enter the audience area. ODB plays the audience well as the two fight their way through the crowd with the referee behind them. ODB sends Sky over the guardrail and onto the entrance ramp. ODB rolls Sky back into the ring but Love grabs ODB by the leg. Sky knocks ODB off of the ring apron and Love goes to work on ODB before sending ODB back into the ring. Sky goes for the cover and gets a two count. Sky bites ODB on the arm but ODB picks Sky up by the hair and then delivers a few slaps to the chest. ODB throws Sky over the mat and to onto the mat. Love is on the ring apron, ODB gets out of the way, kicks Sky, sending her into Love, delivers a power slam to Sky, goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 4 minutes.


Winner: ODB with a power slam.


After the match, Love enters the ring and delivers a face plant to ODB but Roxxi Laveaux enters the ring to help out ODB. Gail Kim enters the ring and goes after them both. Someone else enters the ring to go after Laveaux and then Kim. I believe this female wrestler is Mickie Knuckles, an Indy wrestler who is known for her hardcore style of wrestling.


Black Machismo Jay Lethal was having a bachelor party last night and the fans are showed a video clip of the party. The Guru Sonjay Dutt appears to tell Lethal that he has something to tell him this Sunday. Cowboy James Storm appears to pass out. BG James appears to tell Lethal to learn how to keep his mouth shut and to learn how to take orders. Shark Boy appears to make sure the party keeps going.


Commercial break.


West and Tenay run down the matches for Slammiversary.


Tenay has an interview with Sting. Sting talks about Ric Flair. Sting indicates that he is thinking about retirement.


Commercial break.


The fans see a video about the King of the Mountain match.


X Division Match


Curry Man from Japan


Jimmy Rave representing Rock Ďn Rave Infection

With Christy Hemme


Chris Sabin representing the Motor City Machineguns from Detroit, MI


Johnny Devine from Calgary, Canada


Kaz from Anaheim, CA


Curry Man and Sabin work together until Sabin goes for a roll up pin on Curry Man. Kaz and Devine work against each other as Rave is out on the apron ring. Kaz sends Devine over the top rope and to the floor outside the ring. Rave takes Kaz down on the ring apron but Sabin delivers a suicide dive to take out Rave. Devine comes off the top of the KOTM box to deliver a moonsault and take out Sabin and Kaz and we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH! Back to the ring, Rave and Kaz have ladders but Rave catches Kaz with the ladder. During the commercial break, Rave pinned Curry Man. Rave has the X and he climbs up the ladder as Sabin springboards off the top rope and drops Rave and the ladder. Sabin covers Rave and gets the three count. Rave is in the penalty box as Sabin starts up the ladder. Kaz throws a ladder at Sabin and sends Sabin and the ladder down to the canvas. Sabin uses the X to deliver a blow to Kaz and now both Kaz and Sabin are climbing ladders. Kaz is awesome in ladder matches. Kaz knocks the X out of Sabinís hands as Curry Man in back in the ring and everyone is down on the mat except Curry Man. Devine is back in the ring to take down Curry. Devine starts setting up ladders against the rope. Devine suplexes Curry on the ladder as Rave gets out of the penalty box. Sabin delivers a ladder to Devineís abdomen, then delivers a slide kick to Devineís face with a ladder and we go to SECOND COMMERCIAL BREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH! Back to the action, Curry takes Rave and Devine down from the top turnbuckle. Kaz and Sabin are on top of the penalty box exchanging blows. Sabin delivers a cross body block into the ring to Curry. Devine puts a ladder up to Kaz but Kaz stomps on the ladder, slamming the ladder into Devineís face. Kaz then delivers a ladder drop to Rave, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Devine delivers a roll up to Kaz and he gets the three count. Kaz and Rave are now in the penalty box. Devine has the ladder up in the center of the ring, grabs the X and starts to climb up the ladder. Sabin has Devine by the leg, but Devine hops off the ladder and drops Sabin. Devine delivers a drop kick to Sabinís head and Devine starts back up the ladder but Curry is behind him. Curry delivers a spice rack, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Curry slings Sabin off the rope and then throws him through the ropes to the floor. Curry gets the ladder set up and starts up the ladder as Kaz is back in the ring to go up the ladder and knock Curry to the mat. Kaz has the X and reaches up to hang the X above the ring. Time: 10 minutes not counting commercial breaks.


Winner: Kaz by hanging the X above the ring.


Do you ever wonder why the X Division keeps getting shoved to the backseat when the matches X Division workers put on are so entertaining and exciting?  It was busy, it was thrilling and it was awesome.


$25,000.00 Fan Challenge


Awesome Kong, TNA Womenís Champion

With Raisha Saeed




Amber OíNeal from Greensboro, NC, Becky Bayless from NYC, and Daffney, all Indy wrestlers appear at ringside but Kong and Saeed must decide which one to wrestle Kong. Daffney is chosen. Commercial break before the match begins. Daffney isnít extremely small but she is nowhere near the size of Kong. Daffney rolls out of the ring but Kong follows her out. Daffney is now down on the floor outside the ring. Kong slams her head first into the steel guardrail surrounding the audience. Kong rolls Daffney back inside the ring. Kong picks her up by the hair, delivers the awesome bomb, goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 2 minutes.


The audience sees a video of The Monster Abyss Ė something about three more days before he is released from the mental hospital (?) he is in at the present time.


Commercial break.


Lauren is backstage with Nash and she asks about being special enforcer match tonight and then at Slammiversary. Joe appears to ask Nash about his special enforcer appearance at Slammiversary. Nash says that he was upset about not being chosen to be in KOTR but Nash has to protect his investment, which Joe. Nash says that he is getting tired of Joe yelling and carrying on when all Nash has done is help Joe. Nash tells Joe that paranoia will make him crazy.


Commercial break.


Six Man Tag Team Match


Lance Hoyt representing Rock Ďn Rave Infection from Dallas, TX

With Christy Hemme


Kip James from FL


Cowboy James Storm from TN

With Jacqueline


Matt Morgan




Hernandez representing Latin American Exchange

TNA World Tag Team Champions

With Salinas and Hector Guerrero


Storm and Homicide begin the match. Homicide tags in Hernandez. James enters the ring to stop Hernandez from pinning Storm. Hernandez tags in Homicide. Jacqueline distracts Homicide and then goes after him out on the floor. Salinas attempts to stop her and gets shoved to the floor. Guerrero comes around the ring to drag Salinas back to her side of the ring as Storm attempts to pin Homicide. Storm tags in Hoyt who goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Homicide gets a shoulder off the mat. Hoyt tags in James. During the match, Tenay informs the audience that that the match at Slammiversay will be ODB, Laveaux & Kim versus Love, Sky & Mickie Knuckles, who made her debut tonight as muscle for the Beautiful People. Homicide makes it back to his feet but he runs into Jamesís elbow and is back down on the mat. James tags in Storm. Storm and Homicide deliver clotheslines to each other, Homicide tags in Morgan. Storm tags in James. Morgan clears the ring of his opponents. Morgan comes off the top rope and drops James, but Hoyt goes up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a moonsault to Morgan. Hernandez enters the ring and he clears out the opponents before bringing him Homicide. They deliver suicide dives to Storm and Hoyt on the floor, leaving James and Morgan in the ring. Morgan goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 7 minutes.


Winners:  Matt Morgan, Homicide & Hernandez of LAX

With Salinas & Hector Guerrero


JB is backstage with Petey Williams, Scott Steiner and Rhaka Khan. Kaz now has a chance to face Williams for the X Division title. Steiner says that Kaz canít win against Williams and as Williams takes the mic to talk, JB says they are out of time.


Commercial break.


If anyone wanted to watch the point/counterpoint garbage between the Angles, go for it.  Thatís one of the reasons I use the DVR and fast-forward through this crap. Styles was watching on the monitor in the back and JB asks him about what he just saw.  Fast forward buttons are so nice.


Another commercial break.


Main Event


Tomko from Jacksonville, FL


AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA


Big Sexy Kevin Nash, Special Enforcer


I havenít missed the soap opera storyline that continues throughout TNAís iMPACT. I donít know how many romantic rivalries TNA is going to insist on having, but they are old and they are boring. If TNA wonders why itís ratings have been going down, I just gave them a hint. Styles comes out and starts the match before the bell rings and the match is going on outside the ring until Styles rolls Tomko back into the ring. Styles uses the ropes and a boot to choke Tomko. Styles and referee Earl Hebner have a few words over Styles using the ropes in various ways to wear down Tomko. Tomko shoves Styles across the ring, but Styles is right back to Tomko, beating on his head and back. Tomko sends Styles over the top rope. AJ appeared to hit his arm on the ring apron on his way to the floor and we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH! Back to the ring, Styles is back in the ring, but he is favoring his right arm. Styles delivers a drop kick and both men are down on the mat. During commercial break, Nash broke up Tomko using the top rope to do further damage to Stylesí arm. Styles has Tomko back down on the mat and as he sets up for the Styles clash, Roode appears on the entrance ramp. Nash beats Roode up the ramp and then stops Booker  from entering the ring. Styles nails Tomko with the peleg and comes off the top with a frog splash to get the three count and the win. Time: 4 minutes less commercial break.


Winner: AJ Styles with a frog splash


Booker enters the ring and attacks Nash with a chair. Styles tries to help Nash, Roode enters the ring, Rhino and Cage enter the ring, as does Team 3D. LAX is now in the ring, Joe appears to get into the fray. Joe goes to work on Booker. Nash has the chair and tries to nail Booker but Booker ducks and Joe gets nailed by the chair.

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