Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

May 16, 2008 Ė Recap by Sassy


Last week on Smackdown:

Matt Hardy defeated CM Punk in 5 minutes.

Finlay and M.V.P. wrestled to a 10 minute draw when both menís shoulders were on the mat and they were counted out.

In a divaís match, Natalya with Victoria defeated Kelly Kelly in 3 minutes.

The Animal Batista defeated John Morrison in 7 minutes.

The Big Show defeated Tommy Dreamer in 2 minutes.

The Big Red Machine Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero with Bam Neely in 7 minutes.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Dale Atlas in 1 minute.

In an Over the Top Rope Challenge, The Animal Batista defeated The Big Show, The Big Red Machine Kane, Finlay, M.V.P., and Matt Hardy in 13 minutes but Edge appears and defeats Batista making Edge the contender who will face The Undertaker at Judgment Day.


Smackdown is broadcast on the CW Network


Ringside announcers: Michael Cole & Mick Foley

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts


The Rated R Superstar Edge, Vickie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and Bam Neely enter the ring. And Edge has the mic in his hand. Theodore Long shows up and tells everyone that he is sorry he was late. Vickie tells Long that he comes to the show late and interrupts Edge and she reminds Long that he is her assistant and when she calls, Long answers. Long tells her the reason he was late and the reason that she couldnít reach him because he was at the WWE Headquarters and in a meeting with the Board of Directors. Long has an envelope to deliver to Vickie publicly. He opens the envelope and says that in response to her recent decisions regarding Undertaker and the Championship, WWE is taking disciplinary action against Vickie. They tell her to compete in her first wrestling match tonight or if she does not repeat, she will be removed as General Manger effective immediately. Vickie fires Long but Long says that she canít fire him because he quits. Before Long leaves the arena, he tells Vickie that her opponent tonight is The Undertaker.


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CM Punk from Chicago, IL weighing 225 lbs.



Chuck Palumbo from San Diego, CA, weighing 280 lbs.


Has anyone else noticed that CM Punk has been getting a lot of airtime lately?   Iím not complaining.  Punk does a great job in the ring when heís allowed the time and the opponents.  Palumbo beat up on Punk a few weeks ago.  Punk is looking for revenge.  The bell rings and Palumbo wastes no time beating on Punk with his fists. Palumbo takes Punk down to the bank with a side headlock. He goes for the cover but Punk kicks out at the count of 1. Punk reverses the action and goes to work on Palumbo with fists and knees until Palumbo delivers an elbow as Punk comes off the ropes. Punk sends Palumbo over the top rope and then runs back across the ring to take Palumbo back down to the floor with a suicide dive. Punk gets up holding his right hip.  They landed near Palumboís motorcycle. Palumbo goes for another cover and gets a one count. Palumbo keeps Punk down with a side headlock but the audience is behind Punk. Punk makes it back to his feet but Palumbo body slams Punk to the mat. Palumbo goes for an elbow drop but Punk rolls out of the way and Palumbo meets the mat. Punk goes for a roll up and gets a one count before Palumbo kicks out. Punk nails Palumbo with the high knee and follows up with a bulldog, goes for the cover and gets a two count. Punk goes outside to springboard off the top rope, delivering a clothesline. Punk goes for the cover and gets another two count. Palumbo delivers a short arm clothesline and goes for a pin, getting a two count. Punk tries for the GTS but canít get Palumbo up. Punk dives off the second rope and Palumbo catches him and slams him to the mat. Palumbo goes for the cover and gets a two count before Punk gets a shoulder off the mat. Punk slams Palumbo shoulder first into the ring post, tries again for the GTS, nails it, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 6 minutes


Winner: CM Punk with a GTS


Nice opening match for Smackdown. Punk can do some amazing things in the ring even against larger opponents. He worked hard in this match and took a lot of hard knocks as did Palumbo.  That suicide dive through the ropes looked good but scary.


M.V.P. and Finlay walk into Vickieís office to complain about the match that was held last week for the contender for the title.  You know the match, the one that Edge won at the last possible second. Big Show enters to voice his complaint about the scam that Edge and Vickie pulled last week. Vickie tells MVP to find a partner because he is going to be facing Big Show and Finlay tonight. Chavo reminds Vickie and Edge that he was part of the match last week and was unaware what they were puling.


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Michelle McCool




Time: 2 minutes


Winner: Michelle McCool with a submission hold


Cole and Foley rehash the not so injured Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.


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The Animal Batista enters the arena to talk about Michaels and his fake leg injury. Batista is not dressed for action but he takes a mic and says he is there to talk about Michaels. Batista shows the video of last Monday Night Raw where Michaels proves that his knee is not injured when he super kicks Y2J Chris Jericho. Batista tells Michaels that he told Michaels if he wasnít really hurt, the next time Batista sees Michaels, Michaels will be hurt.


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The Big Show, 7í0Ē, weighing 440 lbs.


Finlay from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 232 lbs.

With Hornswoggle




The Worldís Strongest Man Mark Henry


The match begins with Finlay facing MVP in the ring. Finlay attempts to try some wrestling and MVP gives up to smack Finlay when he tries to give a clean break out of the corner. Finlay goes for the cover but only gets a one count before MVP kicks out. Finlay nails MVP with a clothesline and then decides to do a little underhanded ring work of his own. Finlay hangs on to MVP and tags in Show but MVP breaks away from Finlay, takes a swipe at Show and tags in Henry. The two big men lock up in the center of the ring and then break apart. Cole says that Show outweighs Henry by 40 lbs. Henry comes off the ropes and nails Show with a shoulder block but Show doesnít go down. Show has Henry in a side headlock. Henry sends Show into the ropes, but Show nails Henry with a shoulder block that sends Henry down to the mat. Henry tags in MVP who doesnít want to get into the ring but Show helps him over the top rope and down to the mat. Show tags in Finlay and delivers a clothesline and a stomp to the leg.  Finlay backs MVP into the corner and works him over before delivering a boot to MVPís chest. Finlay goes outside, Henry approaches, Finlay nails Henry in the face, then MVP sends Finlay down to the floor. MVP gets Finlay back into the ring and goes for the cover but Finlayís leg is on the ropes. MVP goes for another cover and gets a two count before Finlay powers out. MVP tags in Henry who enters the ring to stand on Finlay. Finlay tries to get to this corner but Henry stops him. Henry tags in MVP and Show tries to get the audience into the match. MVP goes for a cover and Finlay kicks out at the count of two. MVP goes for another cover but he only gets a one count. MVP misses the kick to the head but Finlay still canít get to his corner. MVP tags in Henry. Henry delivers a head butt, Show is stomping on the top steel step, but Henry tags in MVP. MVP misses a knee drop and Finlay makes it to show. Show takes down MVP with clotheslines, Henry enters the ring and takes down Show, he goes after Finlay, Finlay manages to send Henry out to the floor. Show delivers a choke slam, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 10 minutes.


Winner: Big Show with a choke slam and Finlay


It was a longer match than I expected and not a bad match between these four men. MVP and Finlay did a great job of keeping the action flowing and the two larger men took some hard knocks to make the match fun.


And boring of boring, Vickie is on the camera to bitch about the match she has to have tonight. She says she canít cancel the match, but she can change it. It will be The Undertaker versus Vickie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder and Edge in a six on one handicap match.


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Funaki from Japan weighing 195 lbs.


Vladimir Kozlov from Moscow weighing 297 lbs.


In donít think I should try to call this one, so I wonít. Iíll just put down the time. Time: 2 minutes.


Winner: Guess Who?


If Kozlov can do anything in the ring, we certainly havenít seen it. Iím sure he must be able to do something and while Foley is saying that Kozlov is virtually unstoppable, Iím laughing at the wrestlers that have been in the ring with him. Iíd like to see someone a little larger face Kozlov someday REAL soon.


WWE Slam of the Week: Cherry being dumped by Deuce & Domino. She has been replaced by Maryse but Cherry did get the chance to smack Maryse in the face.





With Deuce & Domino


I like the looks of Cherry and hope she has the talent to actually work the ring. Maryse knows how to shove but Cherry retaliates with a kick to the gut and forearms. Cherry tries to climb up on the ropes but she is distracted by the two men on the floor. Cherry tries for a roll up but she canít get the three count. Maryse goes for the cover and gets a two count. Maryse uses the hair to slam Cherry to the mat. Maryse slaps Cherry but Cherry is back on her feet delivering forearms. Cherry delivers a bulldog, goes for the cover and gets the three count, wisely rolling out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. Time 3 minutes.


Winner: Cherry with a bulldog


Not a great wrestling match but Cherry could do a lot better if she is given a real opponent.


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Matt Hardy is backstage with Kofi Kingston. Shelton Benjamin appears to complain about Kingston and to tell Hardy that the Hardys are a thing of the past and Benjamin is the future. Hardy reminds Benjamin that he has no gold except the gold on his head.


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Matt Hardy from Cameron, NC weighing 236 lbs.

WWE United States Champion


The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC weighing 248 lbs.


Benjamin is a good heel and Hardy always has the fans behind him. Although Benjamin doesnít spend much time in the ring these days really wrestling but he does have talent when he uses it. Benjamin gets Hardy backed into a corner and breaks clean much to Hardyís surprise. Benjamin applies a side headlock as the audience chants ďHardyĒ. Benjamin goes for a pin and gets a one count before Hardy kicks out. Benjamin works with Hardy on the mat while the audience continues to chant for Hardy. Hardy gets back to his feet and delivers a clothesline and then a bulldog before going for the cover. Hardy gets a one count. Benjamin delivers a face plant and goes for the cover. Benjamin gets a two count. Benjamin has Hardy in the corner but Hardy fights his way out. Hardy comes off the ropes and meets Benjaminís knee. Benjamin counters the twist of fate and drops Hardy on the top rope. Benjamin delivers a back breaker and goes for the cover but he only gets a two count before Hardy gets a shoulder off the mat. Benjamin applies an abdominal stretch move on the mat but Hardy makes it back to his feet, picks up Benjamin and drops Benjamin on the mat. Hardy goes for the cover and gets a two count. Benjamin is back on his feet. He drops Hardy and goes for a cover getting a two count. Benjamin has Hardy in a body scissors but Hardy fights his way out of it. Benjamin is back to his feet first and he delivers a kick to Hardyís ribs. Benjamin comes off the rope and Hardy takes him down with a clothesline. Hardy delivers a fist to the side of Benjaminís head, comes off the ropes, hits the side effect and goes for the cover but canít get the three count. Benjamin takes Hardy down to the mat, Hardy comes off the second rope but Benjamin picks up a boot and catches Hardy in the abdomen. Hardy catches Benjamin with a twist of fate, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Time: 7 minutes.


Winner: Matt Hardy with a twist of fate.


Commercial break.


6 on 1 Handicap Match

Vickie Guerrero, The Rated R Superstar Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins


The Undertaker


Itís amazing that Vickie has to be wheeled to the ring in a wheelchair to be in a match. Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely stop at the top of the entrance ramp and then they turn and walk out of the arena. Does this mean that Chavo has finally grown a backbone?  The Undertaker enters the arena but he doesnít look worried about the number of bodies in the ring. Undertaker drops the two Edgeheads and heads for Edge but Hawkins and Ryder are back to their feet. Edge finally gets involved when Undertaker is in the corner. Undertaker has Ryder and Hawkins in the corner and he again heads for Edge and Vickie but the Edgeheads are back on the attack. Edge is standing around giving orders and delivering a boot now and then. Undertaker is back on his feet and he has Edge by the throat but Edge is saved by one of his cronies. Undertaker is back down on the mat and Undertaker goes for the illegal choke hold on Edge but once again Edge is saved. Undertaker sends all three of the men out of the ring and looks at Vickie. Ryder and Hawkins come into the ring to get taken out by a double choke slam. Undertaker again heads for Vickie. Undertaker has her by the throat but Edge takes Undertaker down with a spear before Undertaker can deliver the choke slam. All four bail out of the ring and yes Vickie hauled her butt out of the ring without the wheelchair just fine. Can we drop the stupid wheelchair bit now? Time: 4 minutes.


Winner: Iím not sure, but I assume it would be The Undertaker since the cowards all ran away and would have been counted out.



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