WWE Friday Night Smackdown

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

August 31, 2007

by Sassy

As most readers know by now, several WWE roster members are already suspended from or facing suspension from an investigation into an online pharmaceutical company.  Since I have not been doing recaps for WWE shows, I am not certain how these suspensions will affect Smackdown, Raw or ECW, but this site will try to keep fans informed and up to date.

That said, this is the first Smackdown since Summerslam and the intro to tonight’s show is a promo:  Rey Mysterio Returns Home.

Announcers are Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield

General Manager Theodore Long and The Great Khali, with his interpreter, are already in the ring. Teddy introduces Khali to the audience to mixed reactions from the audience.  Teddy tells Khali that tonight we will find out who Khali’s opponent will be in the Championship match at Unforgiven. Teddy tells the audience that right here in Albany, NY, we are going to have a championship competition, meaning a series of matches that will determine who Khali’s opponent is going to be. 

First Championship Competition Match




The above wrestlers were not on the published lists of possible suspensions.

Audience Favorite:  Kane

Winner:  Finlay with the use of a foreign object and the interference of Hornswoggle.

Finlay will face the winner of the second championship competition match: The Animal Batista versus Rey Mysterio.

We see a replay of last week’s basketball competition between Matt Hardy and MVP who were attacked by Deuce and Domino accompanied by Cherry.  Matt and MVP will be in a Tag Team title match against Deuce and Domino.

We see a skit with Jesse and Festus on going back to school. These two have been on Smackdown consistently in promos.

Tag Team Championship Match

MVP, the WWE United States Champion, weighing 248 lbs, from Miami, FL and Matt Hardy, weighing 236 lbs., from Camden, NC


Deuce and Domino, the WWE Tag Team Champions, at a combined weight of 465 lbs., from the Other Side of the Tracks accompanied by Cherry.

The above wrestlers were not on the published lists of possible suspensions.

Audience Favorites:  Matt Hardy and MVP

Winners:  MVP gets the pin after Matt Hardy takes out their opponent.  MVP and Matt Hardy are now the WWE Tag Team Champions.

We see Mr. McMahon in his office when Batista enters. Vince is happy to see him and tells him he is sorry about Summerslam.  Vince wants to tell Batista that he spent a lot of time in Washington, DC where Batista is from and Batista could easily be Vince’s son. Batista says he was raised by a single Mom who had to work hard to keep raise him and keep him out of trouble.  Batista tells Vince that if he found that Vince was his Dad who had never contributed a dime, he would beat Vince unmercifully. Vince tells him Batista there is no resemblance.

Back from commercial break Eugene is shooting T-shirts into the audience when Mark Henry enters the ring. Eugene shoots a T-shirt into Henry’s chest and he takes Eugene out, literally, sending him out onto the floor. Henry takes the mic and states that Undertaker is coming back at Unforgiven but he will take care of him again as he has done before.  Henry says he is going to take his body back into the sand box they calla desert.  The lights dim and Undertaker’s bells are heard. On the monitor we see the Undertaker’s video which culminates in Undertaker’s arm coming up through the sand in the desert. Henry is silent in the ring as the audience calls for “Taker”.

Second Championship Competition Match

The Animal Batista, weighing 290 lbs., from Washington, DC


Rey Mysterio, weighing 170 lbs., from San Diego, CA

Batista’s name was on the list of possible suspensions.

Audience Favorite:  It appeared Mysterio had the crowd’s vote but this is the first time he has been on Smackdown since the knee injury that took him out of commission.

Winner:  Rey Mysterio due to Batista’s disqualification after Finlay’s interference in the match.

Mysterio will face Finlay to decide who will face The Great Khali for the WWE World Championship.

We see a replay of Triple H’s return on last Monday’s Raw.

We see a promo of Ashley’s Survivor television series preview.

Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman enter the ring in order for Vince to complain about Triple H’s treatment of him on Monday Night Raw. Coach tells Vince that he has been through the women who may be the mother of his illegitimate son. Coach says it was 1983 at in New York City, Madison Square Garden.  He introduces Cheryl. Cheryl tells Vince she remembers their night together and no other man can compare to him. Coach then says he wants to take him back to New Year’s Eve, 1977, in New Haven, CT. Coach introduces Teresa, Elizabeth and Vi. The women tell Vince thanks to him they brought in the New Year with a bang.

The network, CW, went off the air for a few minutes and I have no idea what happened during the lapse.

Master Lock Challenge

Chuck Palumbo


Chris Masters

Chris Masters’ name was on the list of possible suspensions, Chuck Palumbo's name was not on the list.

It turns into a boxing match after Masters slams Palumbo instead of trying to lock in the master lock. No master lock, no pin, no winner.

Promo of Randy Orton and John Cena on Monday Night Raw.

Backstage with Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore.  Noble is worried about Hornswoggle and is trying to work out a plan. As Noble turns around we see a sign taped on Noble’s back “I Love Leprechauns”.

Final Championship Competition Match

Rey Mysterio



Audience Favorite:  Rey Mysterio

Winner:  Rey Mysterio with a springboard off the top rope and a roll up.

Rey Mysterio will face The Great Khali for the WWE World Championship.

Khali and his interpreter come down the ramp. Khali enters the ring to face Rey Mysterio doesn’t reach Khali’s chest. Khali shoves Mysterio to the mat and waits for Mysterio to get back to his feet, setting Mysterio up for the claw.  Batista runs down the entrance ramp and into the ring to stop Khali. Batista runs Khali into the ropes, Mysterio delivers the 619 and Batista finishes up with a spear before Khali gets out of the ring.



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