Ring of Honor Presents

Ring of Honor Presents…Take No Prisoners

From Philadelphia, PA

Debuting 30 May 2008 on pay per view.


Preview by Sassy




After two long months, FINALLY, ROH has come back to pay per view!  We, the fans, who have been suffering from a lack of true wrestling, now have the chance to chant






ROH is back and Take No Prisoners appears to have the greatest of ROH talent and a card that will keep fans on the edge of their seats – and it’s about time!


Here’s the card…


ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness, ROH World Champion


Winner of Four-Corner Survival


As much as I am going to dislike waiting until the end of the show to see whether or not Nigel McGuinness retains the championship belt, ROH has certainly made this a suspenseful event!


I hear McGuinness has been a VERY bad boy lately and is on the outs with many ROH fans.  As much as I enjoy watching Nigel as a champion, I have a favorite in the Four Corner Survival match I wouldn’t mind seeing with the gold.


Four Corner Survival Match – Winner Gets World Title Shot in the Main Event!

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Delirious vs. Go Shiozaki vs. Tyler Black


Claudio Castagnoli, 6’5”, 232 lbs.

Delirious, 5’10”, 186 lbs.

Go Shiozaki, 6’1”, 221 lbs.

Tyler Black, 6’1”, 210 lbs.


Castagnoli is one of my favorite ROH wrestlers and I would love to see him take this match and then take out McGuinness for the title but I do foresee problems for Castagnoli in this match up. Castagnoli does have speed but not the speed of Delirious or Black. I hear Shiozaki has that same high speed and Castagnoli may want to step back and let his three opponents battle it out before swooping in and claiming the victory. If he doesn’t he’s going to have to keep his opponents on the mat and out of the air. I am not familiar with Shiozaki but I hear from other ROH fans that he is something to see.  Delirious is another of my favorites, however, I don’t see him taking out Castagnoli during this match up unless Castagnoli makes a major error. I have been waiting to see more of Black in the ring and although I would like to see him go one on one in a match, what I have seen of Black thus far makes me wonder if he could surprise ROH fans by winning this match and going after Nigel in the main event. There should be many high-risk maneuvers in this match courtesy of Delirious and Black but Delirious is giving up quite a bit of height and weight.  The action will be amazing and there is no way I can pick the winner.


Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries


Bryan Danielson, 5’10”, 185 lbs.

Austin Aries, 5’9”, 205 lbs.


ROH does it again!  A match with two gifted wrestlers and any ROH fan knows this will be a major battle. I want to put my money on Aries but Danielson could take the win. Both men can wrestle and both men can brawl. If Danielson and Aries can keep it clean, be prepared for a pure wrestling match and I am at a loss to pick the winner. Both wrestlers have some awesome finishing moves. If the match turns into a brawl, Aries should have the win.  No ROH fan will want to miss this match up and if you have not seen and ROH event before, don’t miss this match!


ROH World Tag Team Title Match


Davey Richards & Rocky Romero, Champions


Ruckus & Jigsaw, Challengers


Davey Richards, 5’8”, 202 lbs.

Rocky Romero, 5’7”, 175 lbs.

Ruckus, 5’8”, 225 lbs.



The more I see of Davey Richards in the ring, the more I like him.  Teaming with Rocky Romero and holding the title belts should give the Tag Team Champions an edge but I am not counting out Ruckus and Jigsaw.  Ruckus is the largest man in the ring but he moves well and should be able to slow Richards and Romero down.  Although I don’t have his personal stats, Jigsaw is smaller but daring and will be able to hold his own.


Philadelphia Street Fight


Jay & Mark Briscoe with Daizee Haze


Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews with Lacey


Jay & Mark Briscoe at a combined weight of 430 lbs.

Necro Butcher & Joey Matthews at a combined weight of 417 lbs.


I am looking forward to this match. I am such a Briscoe Brothers fan and I’m counting on Haze to keep Lacey at bay during this match up.  I have been waiting to see more of the hardcore wrestler known as Necro Butcher and this match should give fans a chance to see his down and dirty style of wrestling. I am not familiar with Matthews in the ROH ring. This match should give him a chance to show how well he can do in a match that is guaranteed to be a brawl – you expected something else with the Briscoe Brothers and Necro Butcher? If Butcher is as good as I hear he is, the Briscoe Brothers may be in trouble.


Special Challenge Match


Roderick Strong vs. Kevin Steen


Roderick Strong, 5’10”, 212 lbs.

Kevin Steen, 5’10”, 220 lbs.


These two opponents are nearly equal in size and I know how good Strong can be in that ring but Steen is nothing to sneeze at and I would like nothing more than to see Steen kick Strong around the ring, around the arena and out into the parking lot.  I can’t stand Strong but I can’t deny that he is great. Steen is determined and I’ll be cheering him on in this match.


And, you may want to bring along a set of earplugs (not only because Lacey will be at ringside during one of the matches) because it will be


The Larry Sweeney Show starring Larry Sweeney…


With any luck at all, some brave soul will charge out from the back and remove Sweeney before he gets too much mic time!


Adam Pearce (as if Sweeney on the loudspeaker wasn’t enough! Hide the mics!) , Brent Albright (what I wouldn’t give to see him in the ring during this event!), BJ Whitmer and Erick Stevens (one of those wrestlers who just has “it” and will soon be at the top of the heap) will be appearing and there will be a big bonus match! Cross your fingers, wrestling fans, could it be Albright versus Stevens?


And where is Jimmy Jacobs? Should we warn Claudio to watch his back during the Four Corner Survival Match?  Will Jacobs appear to help out Tyler Black?


Here’s the catch:  You must be prepared to spend a lot less on “Take No Prisoners” than you pay for those other pay per views and you must be prepared to see more ring action than lip action. I’m doing my best not to be overly enthusiastic here because last time ROH hit pay per view, my cable company did something stupid and made me wait ONE MORE DAY to see the show! 


If you don’t catch the debut on May 30, don’t despair.  There will be reruns during the month of June.  And if you want to catch up on all of the happenings in the ROH ring, don’t forget to visit www.rohwrestling.com and get yourself a few extra DVDs.  





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