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May 5, 2008


A short while ago, a friend on one of the many wrestling forums I frequent, pointed me in the direction of this site:


I decided to take a look and found several wrestling shows that I can’t get locally.  I decided to give them it a try.  I am beginning my review of the shows at the above site and…first up



Showtime All Star Wrestling


This is the link to watch the actual show:


Episode 40, April 13, 2008


NOTE: This appears to be a weekly show. I had not seen the show or heard about SAW until I went to the Superstation site.  For a weekly local wrestling show, I have to say that it was worth the watch.  The matches are a little on the short side but the feuds are realistic and what real wrestling is all about.


The announcers are Michael St. John and Jack Johnson. 


First Match


SAW Tag Team Title Match


Lennox Lightfoot, 6’0, 220 lbs.


Indian Outlaw, 6’4”, 245 lbs.

Of Tribal Nation

SAW Tag Team Champions


Hammerjack, 6’3”, 250 lbs.


Matt Dillinger, 6’2”, 240 lbs.

Of TVA (Tennessee Violence Authority)

With Paul Adams

Referee: Ricky Bell

Match time: 7 minutes

Winners and new SAW Tag Team Champions

Hammerjack with the use of his sledgehammer

& Matt Dillinger



After the match, Lightfoot is down in the ring from the sledgehammer blow.  Help is called for to tend to him in the ring.  The referee also took a hit in this match, which gave the bad guys time to use a foreign object to win the match.


When someone named Hammerjack appears with a sledgehammer and someone named Matt Dillinger appears with a pool cue, you can rest assured it may not be a pretty match. Lightfoot and Outlaw worked a decent match for the time allotted against two non-wrestling opponents.  I was a little unhappy they lost the titles.


Second Match


Damian Adams, 5’9”, 202 lbs.

SAW Champion


Playboy Scott Hayes – No Stats

Time: 5 minutes

Winner and still SAW Champion

Damian Adams with a super kick

**I am not certain this was a match for the title belt.


While Hayes didn’t have a bad match, there is something about Adams that I like to see in a wrestler. There was a lot of wrestling involved unlike the first match of the show.


Third Match


Big Rig Bully, No Stats


Chris Eckos, 5’8”, 170 lbs.

Time: 4 minutes


Chris Eckos with a roll up

after Bully does an airplane spin and makes himself dizzy.


Both of these opponents could wrestle with Bully being a little lax in keeping with the rules of the match.


In what appears to be a commercial, individual real life murderers names are shown and now there is Frank Malone…coming soon to SAW. He certainly has the look that should scare his opponents.


Michael St. John is interviewing TJ Harley who says he was honored to lose his title to Damian Adams but Rob Roy McCoy interrupts. Commissioner Freddie Morton appears and makes an official match.


Fourth Match


TJ Harley, 5’10”, 230 lbs.


Rob Roy McCoy, 6’0”, 230 lbs.

Time: 7 minutes


Rob Roy McCoy with a chicken wing/inverted grapevine


After this match, McCoy puts Harley back in the submission hold and refuses to release him until several of the ring workers and the Commissioner enter the ring. McCoy tells Damian Adams that he is next.


Both of these men were also wrestlers but McCoy wanted to spend a little more time fighting and inflicting pain on his opponent. 


St. John and Johnson are talking while a still downed TJ Harley is being tended to in the ring. Big Rig Bully interrupts the conversation to let everyone know what a raw deal he has gotten in SAW.


Fifth Match


Arrick Andrews, 6’0”, 230 lbs.


Rick Santel, 5’11”, 205 lbs.

With Paul Adams

Time: 5 minutes


Arrick Andrews by disqualification


Before the match is over, the TVA (Dillinger & Hammerjack) hit the ring to beat down Andrews.  The referee rings the bell and awards the match to Andrews. Boogie Woogie Boy appears to assist Andrews but it is 5 on 2 until Indian Outlaw appears from the back. Outlaw has been handcuffed and has had his mouth taped but he manages to enter the ring and clear the bad guys out to the floor.


I liked Andrews ring work and Santel did a good job. The match was a little too short and, although the run in extended the time of the match, it cut one on one action between the two wrestlers.


While this is not your average weekly wrestling show on national television, it is great insight into the work of wrestlers you don’t often get to see. If you have never seen a down home style wrestling show or if you miss seeing the old time wrestling shows, I recommend that you watch SAW. 


Visit their website for information on how to see their events live and how to view more of their videos on YouTube.


NOTE: Personal stats taken from SAW website.



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