Ring of Honor Results

Ring of Honor Results

April 19, 2008

Results courtesy of Hawkeye, www.rohwrestling.com


Danny Daniels and Rhett Titus v Trik Davis and Ernie Osiris
-winners: Daniels and Titus

Main Show

Silas Young v Austin Aries
-Aries wins with Horns of Aries in about 8min. Elongated Squash.

Sugarfoot v Mitch Franklin
Match went for a min, and Jimmy came back out. He's pissed and sends Necro out to destroy the students. Its a hardcore handicap match. Double pin. Necro wins in less than 2 mins. Continues beatdown after match

Claudio Castagnoli & Pelle Primeau vs. Brent Albright & Adam Pearce
-Pelle gets beaten down, makes tag, CC cleans house, Pearce hits Brent with his case, CC hits Ricola bomb, and wins

Shimmer 4 way
-A "Marijuana" chant breaks out for Daziee. And a "Hot Topic" chant for MsChif. Lacey tries to start a "silicone" chant directed at Ashley, fails. Good match, Mschif wins while Lacey and Daizee are fighting outside the ring. 

Delirious vs. Chris Hero with Larry Sween

Hero wins with a roaring elbow. Possible Delirious heel turn

The Rematch One Year In The Making- Non Title

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

-the opening 10 mins are better than the opening 20 last year.  Lots of near falls. MCMG win after top rope slice bread #2 from Alex to Mark. I think better than last year. Shelley pointed out they tied as all posed together. MCMG leave, AotF come out, Jimmy, Necro, Tyler, Gowen, Matthews, and Allison. They bloody the Briscoes. Jimmy spikes himself in anger. Aotf looks concerned as they leave


El Generico v Kota Ibushi
-the match was amazing as you would have thought. Ibushi deserves to come back. Ibushi hit a reverse rana off the top rope, then the phoenix splash for the win. Amazing!!!

Six Man Tag Team Match
Jack Evans, Ruckus & Jigsaw vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black & Joey Matthews
-Zack Gowen replaced Jimmy. 

AotF wins after Black pins Jack with Small Package Driver. Post Match, Jimmy comes out and sends AotF to the back. He says he needs to do this alone. He tells Aries he broke his heart, and calls out Aries. Aries attacks, but Aotf come back out, minus Necro, and attack. The beat him down, and are setting up to spike him. Lacey out and begs him to stop, think Macho, Liz, and Honkey Tonk. Jimmy grabs Lacey and sets to spike her, but collapses and cries. AotF leave. 

ROH World Title Match
Nigel McGuinness vs. Kevin Steen
-Nigel retains. Very hard hitting, but not that great. Nigel works the arm the whole match, but wins with lariat.

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