August 28, 2007

by Sassy

The first ECW after Summerslam show is broadcast from Albany, NY.  

Ringside Announcers:  Joey Styles and Tazz

First out to the arena is John Morrison, The Shaman of Sexy, to celebrate his victory over CM Punk at Summerslam. We see a still shot from Summerslam showing Morrison using the ropes in order to get the win. Morrison is not an audience favorite. Morrison spends his time at the mic proclaiming his greatness and reminds the audience there will be a fatal four-way match to decide who will challenge Morrison in a match for the ECW Championship.  The four are The Boogeyman, The Miz, Big Daddy V, and CM Punk. The writer for Morrison must have had rock star aspirations. Morrison has declared himself the Tuesday Night Delight and has convinced the audience he is the Tuesday Night Heel.

Kevin Thorn, weighing 270 lbs


Stevie Richards, weighing 235 lbs., from Philadelphia, PA

Audience Favorite:  Stevie Richards

Winner:  Kevin Thorn with a devastating jawbreaker off the ropes.

A promo for next week’s Monday Night Raw back on USA.  A promo for Boogeyman.

The Miz is backstage with Layla, Brooke and Kelly Kelly.  Along comes Balls Mahoney and The Miz spends his time trash talking Mahoney. Kelly Kelly stops to wish Mahoney good luck in his upcoming match.  Armando Estrada is backstage with John Morrison and congratulates him on successfully defending his title at Summerslam. CM Punk enters and goes for the food on the trays but Estrada tells him they are not for him. Morrison says that Punk is there to try to get Morrison to hand him another title shot.  Punk says that he will win the fatal four-way tonight but, unlike Morrison, will not have to put his feet on the ropes to do it.

Promo for Rey Mysterio at Summerslam and his return to Smackdown on Friday.

Elijah Burke


Balls Mahoney

Audience Favorite:  Balls Mahoney

Winner:  Elijah Burke with an Elijah Express.

The Miz, accompanied by Extreme Expose, is seated outside the ring in front of the announcer’s table. 

The Miz takes the announcer’s mic to reiterate Mahoney’s loss.  The Miz heads toward the exit with the girls in tow.  Kelly Kelly takes a detour and goes up into the ring to check on Mahoney. After The Miz and girls exit the arena, Kelly Kelly leaves the ring, waves to Mahoney and exits the arena.

We see another Summerslam promo – Summerslam is replaying on PPV TV all week -- with Mysterio, Cena, Orton, Booker T and Triple H.

Fatal Four Way for a Championship Title Shot

The Miz


CM Punk, weighing 222 lbs., from Chicago, IL


Big Daddy V, weighing 487 lbs., from Harlem, NY


The Boogeyman from the Bottomless Pit

Audience Favorite:  CM Punk

Winner:  CM Punk by giving The Miz Punk's famous good night move.

As Punk celebrates in the audience, we see V and Matt Striker in the ring scowling at Punk.



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