WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw

August 27, 2007

by Sassy

The first show after Summerslam is on the Sci-Fi channel this evening being broadcast from Boston, MA.  Monday Night Raw’s usual channel, USA, was showing US Open Tennis.

Raw opens with a recap of the Summerslam match, Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE title. The FU gets the win and Cena remains the WWE Champion.

Ringside announcers:  Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Randy Orton comes to the ring to the jeers of the audience. Orton claims it was a miracle Cena walked out of Summerslam with the title.  The audience interrupts chanting “Cena”.  Orton says he had the match won and he should be champion.  Orton says next time Cena won’t be so lucky and Orton demands a rematch for the WWE title.  Orton calls out Cena to accept his challenge and Cena obliges to the loud approval of the audience.  This is Cena’s hometown and Cena’s father is in the audience.  Cena tells Orton with all of his bragging, his third generation wrestling background and his legend killing, he still could not get the job done.  Cena announces, “The champ is here!”  Cena explains to Orton he had his title shot, lost, and now must move to the bottom of the list. Tonight Cena wants the title match to be against Triple H. William Regal, General Manager of Raw, enters the arena and tells Cena he will not be facing Triple H or Orton. Cena will be in action against King Booker.  Booker accompanied by Sharmell enters the arena regaled in their royal attire. Orton attempts an RKO but is sent through the ropes by a watchful Cena.

Mr. Kennedy weighing 245 lbs. from Green Bay, WI


Jeff Hardy weighing 225 lbs., from Cameron, NC. 

Audience favorite:  Jeff Hardy. 

Winner:  Umaga?  There is no call made as to the actual winner of the match.

As Kennedy is about to pin Hardy, Umaga comes into the ring, Kennedy escapes. Umaga turns on and destroys Hardy. According to JR & Lawler, Umaga was after Hardy because Hardy previously held the Intercontinental Championship.

A recap of the Summerslam match Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero. Mysterio returned to Summerslam after knee surgery after Chavo injured him in a match. Mysterio wins the match at Summerslam.

Another recap is shown of the Orton vs. Cena Summerslam match.

A recap of Triple H returning via Summerslam in a match against Booker T.  Triple H was also returning from an injury.

A recap of the Summerslam Triple H vs. Booker T.  The winner of that match was Triple H.

Coach, Mr. McMahon, and Mr. Kennedy are in the parking area.  Vince asks Mr. Kennedy if he knows Vince’s middle name is Kennedy.

Carlito’s Cabana with Special Guest Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Carlito calls this the coolest cabana in history because of his guest. The audience is not impressed. Mr. McMahon’s birthday was last week. Mr. McMahon says it is time to intimidate the woman who gave birth to his illegitimate child.  If she does not reveal the name of his son, he will sue her for emotional distress. Triple H enters the arena and makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the audience. Triple H says he understands that Vince is upset because he is old and that he has to worry about a son he was not aware of. Triple H claims he had time to do research and has found all of the women that could be the mother of his son, but he has brought the four women he believes could actually be the woman Vince is looking for.

Wrestlemania III, Vince was really drunk and thought she was Aretha Franklin but she was actually a baggage check girl:  Mary. A woman with whom Vince had a lengthy relationship and with whom Vince had missed the target:  One Eyed Wendy. The next woman who will be a little embarrassing for Vince and, actually, a little embarrassing to Carlito:  Carlito’s sister. The last one Triple H truly believes is the mother of Vince’s son, the one Vince knew as Francis, but to everyone else, she is known as Frank. None of the women admit to being the mother of Vince’s child. Triple H tells Vince he should be worried about his image now, especially after the new problems that have surfaced today. Triple H announces that Vince is running an illegal rooster fighting ring and that animal rights groups are outside because Vince hates animals and ultimately leads to Vince saying that he loves cocks. Vince says he wishes Triple H had never come back and tells him that he hates him. Carlito tells Triple H he will take those two weak quads of his and put him back on the shelf for another eight months. It’s a face off with Carlito’s mouth full of apple until he spits on Triple H. Triple H smiles and works over Carlito and with a  finishing pedigree.

Daivari, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas


Cody Rhodes, Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Audience Favorite: Rhodes, London & Kendrick

Winner: Rhodes, London & Hendrick. 

Rhodes comes off the top rope and pins Daivari for the win.

Promo of Rey Mysterio and his return to Smackdown.

Daivari is in the ring speaking in his native language when Cryme Tyme enters the ring. Cryme Tyme steals Daivari’s headdress in order to sell it to someone in the audience for five dollars. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch enter the ring and invite Cryme Tyme into the ring. Instead of entering the ring, they steal Lance Cade’s hat and, instead of selling it, they give it away to someone in the audience.

Coach and Vince in Vince’s office.  Randy Orton enters to stare down Vince telling him he demands a rematch with John Cena. Vince tells Orton he does not deserve another title shot until he can show Vince he deserves it.

Recap of the Diva Battle Royal, winner to wrestle Candice Michelle for the Women’s Title.  The winner of that match was Beth Phoenix.

Maria from Chicago, IL


Beth Phoenix from Buffalo, NY

Audience Favorite:  Maria

Winner:  If there was actually a match, Maria won by disqualification. 

The referee did not ring the bell and the ref threw out Phoenix when she did not follow his direction.

Promo for ECW tomorrow night.

Backstage interview with Candice Michelle regarding her future match with Beth Phoenix. Snitsky interrupts the interview.

Vince and Coach in Vince’s office.  Vince tells Coach he will know the answer to the question of his illegitimate child by next week’s Raw.

William Regal enters to tell Vince next week on Raw, Vince’s entire family will be there to confront him and they will be bringing their attorneys. 

Recap of various highlights of Summerslam, including Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo, Orton vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Booker T.

Championship Match

Booker T


John Cena

Audience Favorite:  John Cena

Winner:  John Cena by disqualification

Randy Orton enters the ring and double-teams John Cena with Booker T. Booker T exits the ring. Orton drags John Cena’s father out of the audience and delivers a head kick.