TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

March 3, 2008

by Sassy


After submitting the Ring of Honor Special Edition for the Indy News Bytes, I thought it might be more interesting to do all of the News Bytes in a different format. We will mention news, rumors and opinions of what is going on this week at Total Nonstop Wrestling.


Bad news for Bobby Knight fans.  Knight has rejected an offer from TNA and will be going with ESPN instead. 


The Monster Abyss is rumored to be getting a new look – and a new persona.  According to reports, Abyss will return to the TNA ring as Chris Parks minus the Monster’s mask. Having never seen Chris Parks in the ring without his mask, it could be an entertaining change. The profile for Abyss has been removed from the TNA official site, but TNA insists that he has terminated employment with the company. I have never understood how it could be comfortable for Abyss to wear the mask and the heavier clothing in the ring; however, the mask and clothing do make for great protection in thumbtacks, broken glass or barbed wire match.


Father James Mitchell may lose a son if Judas Mesias leaves TNA and heads back to take up where he left on in Mexico with AAA. Judas worked as El Mesias in AAA before he was hired by TNA and had been working part time for AAA since then.  Even though El Mesias is the proverbial “bad guy” in AAA, he is a big draw in Mexico. It is my understanding that Judas feels he can make more money working for AAA and TNA was not willing to come close to his asking price. I have seen El Mesias work in AAA and was eager to see him make his mark in TNA but I was disappointed in the way he was used in the ring.

Mitchell is reportedly staying with TNA but there is no indication on how he will be used if his new son goes missing.  

Black Machismo Jay Lethal has been getting a major push lately at TNA.  I’m not complaining because I enjoy watching Lethal in the ring. As a big part of the TNA X Division roster, Lethal deserves more ring time.


Even though Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D have denied the rumors, it is still being hinted that Team 3D will be leaving TNA for WWE.  Ray and Devon have denied the rumors and they have a wrestling school in Florida and would be spending more time on the road working for WWE. It has further been reported that Brother Devon has been in charge with booking the matches for the feud with Team 3D and the X Division.


Since the break up of the Voodoo Kin Mafia, it is being reported that BG and Kip James are looking for greener pastures. Most anxious to make tracks is Kip James who is looking back in the direction of the WWE ring. Obviously, this fan will miss BG and Kip if they part ways with TNA but, then again, their matches have been few and far between and most of the feuds that were begun with VKM have simply fizzled out with no resolution.


We hear that the appearance of Bullet Bob Armstrong at Against All Odds and the iMPACT directly after the pay per view is not a long-term situation.


TNA insiders indicate Jeff Jarrett will not be returning to the ring anytime soon. Jarrett has been busy raising his children since the death of his wife although he has been handling some behind the scenes work for TNA.  I understand that Jarrett needs to be with his family but if he reads this, I’d like for him to know that this fan misses his obnoxious King of the Hill Jarrett.


Where is Sting?  This question keep cropping up everywhere I look regarding TNA roster members. When Sting last appeared in the TNA ring, fans were under the impression that he had requested a reduced work schedule.  If anyone knows if and when Sting will return to the TNA ring, the TNA fan base would like to know.

Cowboy James Storm has admitted that he and the newest announcer at TNA, Crystal Loutham,  are developing a budding romance outside the six-sided ring.


Give Him a Shell Yea! Shark Boy has been credited with coming up with the Cold Stone Steve Austin gimmick for his character. I’ve heard complaints about the parody but the TNA fans are eating it up. Steve Austin has been reported as saying that he doesn’t have any issues with Shark Boy coming up with a similar character.  It was an awesome change from Shark Boy who never opened his jaws to a Shark Boy that comes out as a Big Bad Fish.


TNA insiders are reporting that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machineguns are getting heat backstage because of their attitudes backstage and in the ring. It would be a disaster for TNA if Sabin and Shelley were no longer a part of the TNA roster. Since the supposed revival of the X Division, Sabin and Shelley are two of the major X Division players.


For fans concerned that Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe hasn’t signed his new contract with TNA on the screen, it is my understanding that Joe has already signed a contract extension and will be with TNA for another five-year period.


The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels has resurfaced in the persona of Curry Man from Japan. Daniels had used the character in the ring before and whether the audience is aware of who they are watching or not, no one seems to know. Curry Man has been a hit with the fans in the iMPACT Zone.


Rumor has it that Booker T and Kurt Angle are trying to convince TNA management to approach Bobby Lashley and offer him a spot on the TNA roster. The original rumor was that Lashley would be unable to work for another wrestling organization since he was still legally under contract with WWE. Lashley, who has been out of action since suffering an injury in WWE, did not return to the WWE ring after he was released to learn to work. It was thought Lashley might head to MMA but as of late he has been advertising for wrestling bookings.


No word on whether or not Sharmell’s leave of absence due to the “injury” she suffered during the Final Destination pay per view at the hand of Robert Roode was scheduled due to other obligations or was a way to make the feud between Booker and Roode to heat up to the boiling point.  And no word on whether or not she will be returning to join Booker T in the ring.


Against All Odds Ticket Sales did not meet the expectations of TNA management. It was reported by fans at in the live audience the fans that purchased tickets farther away from the ring were given empty seats closer to the ring to make the auditorium appear to be full. The ticket sales for the pay per view were not even close to what TNA was expecting.


It is being reported that the ticket sales for the Destination X pay per view are exceeding those of Against All Odds.


Despite rumors to the contrary, it appears that TNA’s iMPACT will be going live as per their original time frame. The live shows may give the home viewing audience a more realistic show but it will also keep the TNA talent from working the Indy organizations as they have in the past. There has been nothing in print regarding whether or not TNA will be making any changes to the way shows are booked and how talent will be used or if the pay structures of any of the TNA roster will change.


The newest face on the TNA scene is Rhaka Khan, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner’s favorite freak, is really Trenesha Biggers. She is a professional wrestler who was in the top 25 of the 2005 WWE Diva Search.


Raisha Saeed, who stands at ringside during Awesome Kong’s matches, is actually a wrestler who works the Indy circuit under the ring name Cheerleader Melissa. She has been getting more vocal and physical during Kong’s matches as of late.  Look for her to be an in ring presence in the very near future.


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