TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

August 27, 2007

by Sassy

I find it depressing that the biggest news regarding TNA has to do with lawsuits regarding overpaid non-talent or about how many roster talents want to be elsewhere. Is this really the kind of controversy that should surround pro wrestling?  Not even TNA writers could make this stuff up.

Pacman Being Sued

It seems Adam “Pacman” Jones is being sued by a nurse who was shot in the head during the altercation that left Tommy Urbanski partially paralyzed. You can find the article in its entirety at

Natalie Jones claimed in her suit that Jones and his entourage were responsible for her injuries.  She and two of the club’s security guards were injured, including the now partially paralyzed Tommy Urbanski.

Ms. Jones claims she was in intensive care for three weeks and she lost wages as a result of the injuries.  Ms. Jones is a registered nurse who was visiting friends in Las Vegas at the time of the shooting.

Jones’ attorney claims the police told him Ms. Jones was treated and released within a day and he is skeptical of any claims Ms. Jones has made. 

Of course he is skeptical.  I wonder if Jones and his “entourage” had insurance to cover the harm they caused to these people.

This IS TNA Related News -- Tommy Urbanski Being Released From Hospital

USA Today ran a story about 44 year old Tommy Urbanski, previously known as The Mad Russian and the Polish Prince, and his progress since the shooting that left him permanently in a wheel chair.

Tommy has got to be one tough guy.  No one had previously focused on the former pro wrestler turned real estate agent who was moonlighting as a nightclub manager/security and was nearly killed during the shooting incident involving Adam “Pacman” Jones. Tommy should be suing Jones and company.  He will need special care and equipment for the rest of his life.  A fund has been set up to assist the Urbanksi and his family:

Tommy Urbanski Fund, Silver State Bank, 400 Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV 89407 or go to the website: 

Here’s a thought.  Why don’t we all write TNA and demand they forward Jones’ hefty TNA paychecks to the Urbanksi fund?  Jones and his friends can get jobs anywhere.  They aren’t in wheel chairs.

When I see or hear any reference to Adam “Pacman” Jones, the one thing I will remember is:  Tommy Urbanski is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. TNA, this is not the kind of controversy you want surrounding your organization.

There is an interesting aftermath article here:  The owner of the club where the shooting occurred stated that the club had calls from a man warning them to lay off Pacman Jones complete with death threats.  Jones has some lovely friends.

TNA’s New Name

Several websites have been referring to TNA as The Angle Show or Total Nonstop Angle.  And they are not referring to wrestling gimmicks…

That Might Change

According to Steve Carrier, Jeff Jarrett is schedule to make his return to the ring against Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory.  And may I add – it’s about time!  I know that Jeff has had a tough year and he has my deepest sympathy.  I would like for him to know that his fans miss him and are glad he is going to be back in action.

Steve also reports that some of TNA’s personnel were upset because Jones and his entourage got a Winnebago to use as Jones’ dressing room at Hard Justice. No kidding.  I wouldn’t be upset.  I would be mad!

Samoa Joe Exiting TNA

This from Keelan Balderson, source  Samoa Joe would rather sign an entry-level WWE contract than re-sign with his current contract at TNA.

That’s it TNA.  Ensure you don’t keep the real talent on the roster.  I’m not saying Joe is TNA but it certainly isn’t going to help TNA’s ratings if Joe goes elsewhere.  I don’t want to see Joe in WWE because I don’t think they will do any better showcasing his talent, but if he’s going to be shoved to the back at least it won't be an organization he has worked so hard to improve. Joe is a popular guy with the fans as well as being multi talented in the ring and out.  He certainly deserves better than he has been getting.

Lesnar’s Not the Only One with MMA Aspirations

We dropped by and found an interesting item about Kurt Angle discussing working with MMA companies.  It does state that right now his wrestling comes first because of his main event status.  Dana White and Gary Shaw have shown an interest in Kurt, but Kurt doesn’t want to be under any kind of contract.    If you are a fan of MMA, the above site carries the latest MMA news. 

TNA’s Two-Hour Time Slot

According to Steve Gerweck, source,  TNA has hit a snag regarding their two-hour time slot on Spike TV.  Spike TV wants TNA’s equipment upgraded to HD.  Previously Spike TV assisted TNA monetarily but is no longer willing to do so due to a lack of increase in the ratings.

Current TNA Events

TNA at New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY on September 3.  Information at

Rhino and Christian Cage autograph signing at Devon’s Smoothie Shop, 3D Smoothies, in Melbourne, FL September 8.  Beings at 3 PM, concludes at 6 PM.   Call 321-254-9057 for information.

No Surrender is September 9.

TNA house show Zamora Shrine Temple, Birmingham/Rondale, AL October 11.  Tickets go on sale September 10.

TNA Interaction Fanfest will be held October 14.

Bound For Glory in Atlanta, GA October 14.  Tickets go on sale September 7.

Current TNA Talent Events

JAPW match between Samoa Joe & Lo-Ki versus LAX for the JAPW Tag Team title on September 3.  Information at

If we have missed any current TNA or TNA Talent Events please let us know by contacting the Webmaster.

Current TNA Talent News

Chris Sabin in Action

Article by Ryan Clark posted on  On Monday, Chris Sabin and Hawaiian Lion beat Katsuhiko Nakajima and T28 at the Ofunato Citizen Gymnasium, for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Not Necessarily TNA News


We Found Spike Dudley!

TNA fans know him as Brother Runt.  It was reported on Spike Dudley has gone to CZW and will be in the ring at the Chris Ca$h Memorial Show. Spike is not your run of the mill King Kong in the ring, but I think he certainly can’t have less exposure than he had in TNA.  Good luck on your new endeavor Spike.

Brock Lesnar Update

Ryan Clark informs us that Lesnar will be at the UFC pay per view this Saturday to talk to company officials regarding a contract.  I haven’t heard anything else regarding Lesnar and TNA. The word out in the original Lesnar/TNA talks had Dixie Carter allowing Lesnar to work in MMA while under contract with TNA.  This could mean that Lesnar wants to set up his UFC contract before finishing talks with TNA or it could be that the talks with TNA fizzled out.  I started to say stay tuned for further information, but then I visited and found this:

Brock Lesnar was interviewed by the Sherdog radio network and he
stated that as far as pro wrestling is concerned that is behind him and
he did his last pro wrestling match against Kurt Angle on 6/29/07
because he had a obligation to drop the IWGP title. 

Sounds like Lesnar is not going to be doing any pro wrestling in the near future unless, of course, his MMA career takes a nosedive.

Jeff Wishes The Hulk Happy Birthday

Dave Meltzer reports that Jeff Jarrett attended Hulk Hogan’s 54th birthday party but that he left early.  The party was the night before the Hard Justice pay per view.

Another Premature Death

Scott Dumas who was a WWE jobber in the 80’s and 90’s has died at the age of 44.  He was found dead in his hotel room. Sources say he was not involved in wrestling at the time of his death. There is no word on cause of death at this time. 

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I have purchased a few books by wrestlers or about wrestlers over the years and none are what I consider to be great.  I have been reading reviews for Brody: The Triumph and Tragedy of Wrestling’s Rebel, written by Larry Matysik and Barbara Goodish (Bruiser Brody’s widow).  I remember Brody and consider him to have been a true hardcore wrestler full of fire and intensity.  His murder in 1988 at the age of 42 was a shock to the wrestling community. It happened in Puerto Rico and the assailant was another wrestler.  The killer walked claiming self-defense. I am considering purchasing and reading this book not just because I remember Brody but because this book was written by people close to him.

A Serious Hogan News Item

Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, was seriously injured in a car accident early Sunday evening in Florida.  News channels report Nick was driving the car that went out of control and crashed into a palm tree.  Word is that Nick suffered head injuries and a broken arm. Bubba the Love Sponge reports are that Nick has now been released but his passenger is still in the hospital and in critical condition. According to Bubba, the passenger’s name is John, no last name given. There are photos of the car on various websites ( is one).  If you see the car, you wonder how either of them could have survived. reports Nick has his Formula Drift license and has done some track racing.

Thursday Bytes Follow Up

Jerry Lynn's Future has an interview with Jerry Lynn, ex-TNA X Division star.  Jerry walked because he was not being used for tapings and if you aren’t used, you aren’t paid.  WWE was mentioned but only in passing.  Jerry doesn’t say what he will be doing in the near future.  All I can add is:  TNA letting Jerry Lynn walk is a tremendous loss to fans.

WWE, Wrestling and Steroids

Rumor has it when Triple H and Rey Mysterio made their return on WWE’s Summerslam; neither of them were as “bulked up” as they were before.  I did not see the Pay Per View.  I don’t spend money on any WWE PPV.  We can only hope that wrestling is going to be following a new trend of using wrestlers that don’t look like full time body builders.  As long as wrestlers can work the ring, they shouldn’t be judged on the size of their muscles.


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