Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

March 3, 2008 – Recap by Sassy

If you read this site’s report for last week’s Smackdown, part of the end of the show was missing, I SWEAR I watched it and I SWEAR I wrote it, but when I singed on to send it, I discovered my computer had eaten the last part of the show. I apologize.

Last week, JBL informed Mr. McMahon that Hornswoggle is not really his son. Hornswoggle is the son of Finlay.

The Big Show is scheduled tonight to face a professional boxer in the ring.

The show opens with The Game Triple H, Randy Orton and John Cena and Raw General Manager William Regal in Regal’s office. Big pop for Triple H and Cena, extremely loud jeers for Orton and slightly lower in volume for Regal. Regal tells the three wrestlers that he has called them in because he has had a wonderful idea that will spice up their Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIV.  Regal says he is going to call it the Triple Threat Takeover. For the next three week’s Regal will not be in charge, one of each of the wrestlers will be and there will be no repercussions. Tonight Regal will pick one of them at random and every week he will do the same.

Tonight John Cena will be in charge and he will pick the main event for tonight. Orton complains – what else is new – and asks Cena and Triple H if they want to be hurt four weeks before Wrestemania because we all know Orton doesn’t’! Orton wants to make a pact that whoever is in charge, they will let the other two have the night off and they have his word. Triple H says that he doesn’t trust either Orton or Cena.

Cena says that tonight he will be able to pick something after getting a pedigree and an RKO. Orton and Triple H don’t look happy.

Monday Night Raw is broadcast from Indianapolis, IN

On the USA network.

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

JR informs the audience that tonight the Road to Wrestlemania continues.


Mixed Martial Arts Exhibition Match

One Fall

The only way to win is by pinfall, submission or a knockout.


The Big Show, 7’0”, weighing 450 lbs.

The World’s Largest Athlete


Before Big Show’s opponent is introduced, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. is shown via satellite in Las Vegas, NV.




Brandon “The Thrill” Hill, from Englewood, CA, 5’7”, weighing 150 lbs.


Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I’m not sure


Could they have gotten anyone smaller to face Big Show tonight?  Hill enters the arena with two of his trainers. Since I am not an MMA fan, I can’t tell you where Hill stands in the MMA arena.  He’s built but there is such a difference in size!

Big Show seems to have a problem hearing the referee as he stares down, or stares down ON his opponent. Show gives Hill a shove with his chest before the match begins. If I was Hill, I’d send the trainers in – they are much larger than him – and stand outside the ring and watch the action. Show tweaks Hill on the nose as they begin to go to their respective corners.


The bell rings and Hill immediately sticks his head through the ropes…who can blame him? Show is literally stomping his way around the ring. The fans are jeering at Hill. As Hill again sticks his head through the ropes, Show grabs him by the trunks and pulls him back into the ring. The ref makes Show let go and he does, sending Hill into the ropes. The ref tells Hill that if he runs to the ropes one more time, the ref is going to call the match off. Hill comes out punching but he has to punch up and I still don’t think he can reach Show’s jaw.  He goes for the abdomen, but his punches don’t seem to be having much effect as Show continues to walk toward him, backing him up to the ropes. Hill grabs Show around the waist and Show picks him up and throws him into the corner post and then delivers a big boot to the face. Hill hits the mat and he appears to be down for the count. Show picks Hill up, grabs him by the throat, delivers a choke slam, and puts his boot on Hill’s chest while the ref counts to three.



The Big Show


That was an exhibition, all right. It was an exhibition of The Thrill getting knocked out of his socks – and his wrestling boots, too!


Show takes the mic and talks to Mayweather. Mayweather has a mic and we have a ton of trash talking going on. Show gets a little irritated and he goes after Hill, picking him up and tossing him over the top rope. Lawler and JR remind the audience that Mayweather and Hill are exactly the same size. Mayweather, however, has threatened to break Show’s jaw at Wrestlemania XXIV. JR says that they will talk to Mayweather later on tonight via satellite.


Nature Boy Ric Flair faces HBK Shawn Michaels in a Career Threatening Match at Wrestlemania.

Tonight Flair and HBK are tag team partners. The camera shows them walking toward the arena.  That match will be next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Triple H, The King of Kings, DVD available soon.


Tag Team Match


HBK Shawn Michaels from San Antonio, TX


Nature Boy Ric Flair from Charlotte, NC


Lance Cade


Trevor Murdoch

Both already in the ring.


Audience favorites: Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels

My favorites: I like them all


What is going on with Cade and Murdoch? They don’t even rate being introduced like the “big boys”?  Cade and Murdoch were the tag team champions and I don’t think they deserve to be treated like jobbers. They are much better than that and should have worked their way up the ranks by now. The fact that they aren’t even being acknowledged is a little irritating.


Nature Boy Ric Flair


HBK Shawn Michaels

With simultaneous figure four leg locks


After the match, replay of the end of the match. HBK has the mic and he tells Flair that he has to get something off his chest. HBK says that he appreciates what Flair said to him last week but HBK says he can’t do the match at Wrestlemania. HBK says that he does not want to go down in history as the guy that ended the career of Nature Boy Ric Flair. HBK says he knows Flair will ask why he thinks he will win the match and HBK says that it is Wrestlemania and he is the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, the Show Stopper, and if Flair keeps pushing for this match at Wrestlemania, he will leave HBK no choice.  It will be Flair’s show that is going to be stopped. HBK drops the mic and backs up the entrance ramp. He yells at Flair that Flair needs to make a choice.


Regal is on his cell phone backstage.  He tells the other party that Cena is the one in charge tonight and that the three wrestlers didn’t like it and then John Cena interrupts him. Cena says he has thought about it and that he has scheduled The Legend Killer Randy Orton versus The Game Triple H. Regal says he supposes Cena has given himself the night off and Cena says that no, he has not. Cena says that he has some business to attend to with Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy. Cena thanks Regal for putting him charge and says that since is now Cena’s office, Regal can now go. And he throws Regal out.

Next Monday on Raw, it’s a three-hour show. Wrestlemania rewind night. Every match will be a rematch from previous Wrestemanias, and there will be wrestlers from Raw, ECW and Smackdown in attendance: Undertaker, Batista, Edge, Orton, Triple H, Cena, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair, CM Punk, Michaels, Kane and Big Show plus a special appearance by Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JR informs the audience that it will be the return of Chris Jericho’s highlight reel and his special guest will be the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy. Lawler informs the audience that tonight Finlay faces John Bradshaw Layfield.


Umaga from the Isle of Samoa, weighing 350 lbs.


Before Umaga’s opponent is introduced, JR announces that William Regal has joined the announcers at ringside. JR reminds the audience that at Wrestlemania it will be Umaga, representing Raw versus The Animal Batista, representing Smackdown.




Super Crazy from Mexico

Who is already in the ring



Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I like them both


Here’s another “what were they thinking?” match. Super Crazy is not introduced to the home viewing audience.  Super Crazy is excellent in the ring but Umaga is so much larger and heavier. And the match is over before I finished typing two sentences (and I’m a fast typist!).





After the match, replay of the end of the match, if you can call it a match.


JR reminds the audience that tonight it will be John Cena one on one against Mr. Kennedy and Triple H faces Orton in a non-title match. Promo for Wrestlemania XXIV.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Y2J Chris Jericho is entering the ring for his Highlight Reel. Jericho qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania last week by beating Jeff Hardy in the ring. Jeff is Jericho’s guest tonight. I won’t be watching Wrestlemania but as much as I like Jericho, Jeff Hardy is my pick to win that match. He is the most amazing wrestler in the WWE. No one can compete with his style and his stamina in the ring. He is not a large wrestler but he proves you don’t have to be oversized to be great. The live audience in Indianapolis give a big round of applause to Jeff Hardy when he enters the ring. Jericho shows a replay of last week’s match as he pinned Hardy for the win. Jericho, naturally, says that he will be winning the ladder match at Wrestlemania.  The audience appears to loudly disagree with that assessment. Jeff says he will do whatever it takes to win the match at Wrestlemania and become the champion. Jericho says that he was the very first undisputed WWE champion and that Jeff is no longer his friend, he is just a target and from now to Wrestlemania, anything goes. I think the audience would like Jeff to take Jericho out and he does deliver a twist of fate to Jericho before he leaves the ring and heads up the entrance ramp.

Mr. Kennedy is heading to the arena. His match with John Cena is coming up next.

Carlito and Maria are at a table and Carlito tells Maria that Santino Marella is goofy and they are in Florida, the most beautiful place on earth except for the stupid seagulls – and a seagull attacks Carlito. Carlito beats up the seagull.  It was a funny commercial until he beat up the seagull. But then a seagull delivers a, er, um, load on Carlito’s shoulder.  Way to go seagull! It was a promo for Wrestlemania XXIV, by the way.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, the WWE Slam of the Week – Cena and Triple H in the ring until Kennedy attacks Cena and takes him down before leaving the ring.  That happened, I think last week, on Raw.


Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, WI, weighing 243 lbs.

For those of you that haven’t noticed, Mr. Kennedy has a new entrance theme.  I like it much better than his previous entrance theme.




John Cena from West Newbury, MA, weighing 240 lbs.


Audience favorite: John Cena

My favorite: I like them both


I think the audience was on its feet when Cena entered the arena.  It was certainly a loud welcome for the ex-champ.


After the previous matches, I have to say that at least these two competitors are close in height and weight.  They have different styles in the ring but that makes it more entertaining for the fans. 





Back from commercial break, promo for ECW, tomorrow night on the Sci-Fi Network. After last week’s triple threat contender’s match, CM Punk is now the number one contender. He will face Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship.



John Cena by submission


After the match, replay of the highlights. Cena did some high-risk maneuvers we aren’t used to seeing from him in the ring. Mr. Kennedy spilled some blood in this match.


Candice Michelle and Maria are on their way to the ring for the unveiling of Maria’s Playboy Magazine cover.  Oh, joy.

Promo for Wrestlemania XXIV, Floyd “The Money” Mayweather facing The Big Show

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Wrestlemania XXIV.  It’s just been one continuous Wrestlemania XXIV commercial tonight. Wrestlemania XXIV is 27 days away.

I’ll be skipping the next part of this show.  I tuned in to watch wrestling, not the strip club of the month.

I was fast-forwarding until it showed the cover and it appears to be Marella’s face all over the cover of the magazine. Marella shows up in the ring and he wants her to leave with him.. She says it isn’t his decision, it’s her decision. There are some heated words and Lawler throws Marella out of the ring and onto the floor. 

Okay, I’m back to fast-forward now.

Commercial break – NOT SOON ENOUGH!

Back from commercial break, video clip of Carl Edwards, NASCAR racer. That I can watch! He does a decent back flip.


Money in the Bank Qualifying Match


Carlito from the Caribbean, weighing 220 lbs.


Cody Rhodes from Charlotte, NC, weighing 219 lbs.

One half of the WWE World Tag Team Champions


Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I like them both


Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy have already qualified for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania XXIV.


Cody Rhodes does not wrestle like his father but he is still great in the ring. Carlito has the talent, too, and he is a fantastic heel. This will be Carlito’s third Wrestlemania. Cody Rhodes has not been to a Wrestlemania yet.




Who will be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania XXIV.


After the match, replay of the match before Carlito heads up the ramp and out of the arena.


Floyd “Money” Mayweather will be up next.

Promo for Wrestlemania:  The Undertaker, 15 and 0 at Wrestlemania. Undertaker will face The Rated R Superstar Edge for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Wrestlemania is March 30, 2008, live on pay per view.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, next Monday night on Raw, the official Wrestlemania weigh in for Floyd ”Money” Mayweather and The Big Show.

Replay of the match between Brandon “The Thrill” Hill and The Big Show earlier tonight. Mayweather is live via satellite from Las Vegas, NV. JR asks Mayweather about his appearance at Wrestlemania. Mayweather says he will be there to dominate. JR asks Mayweather if he has ever really been hurt. Mayweather says that he is the best, no matter what he does. JR wants to know if The Big Show intimidates Mayweather. Mayweather says that last time he broke the Big Show’s nose and at Wrestlemania, he will break Big Show’s jaw. He says it is no longer the WWE, it’s the MME – Money Mayweather Entertainment.

The WWE Hall of Fame promo by Mike Adamale.  The three announced inductees to date are Nature Boy Ric Flair, 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, and Rocky Johnson and Peter Maivia, Father and Grandfather of The Rock. Adamle introduces Mae Young as the next inductee in the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Mae Young.  She deserves it!

Finlay is heading toward the arena. Finlay is in street clothes and he will be face to face with JBL next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, replay of what happened to Hornswoggle on Monday Night Raw in the steel cage when JBL entered the ring and beat Hornswoggle after handcuffing Finlay to the top rope.

Finlay enters the arena and the ring, with his favorite weapon in his hand. McMahon enters the arena with a mic. McMahon says he knows that Finlay is looking forward to his confrontation with John Bradshaw Layfield. McMahon wants to know if Finlay conspired with members of McMahon’s family against him. Finlay says that it is true. McMahon wants to know of Hornswoggle is McMahon’s son. Finlay says that McMahon isn’t good enough to be Hornswoggle’s father. McMahon wants to know if Finlay is Hornswoggle’s father. Finlay says it is true and Finlay is proud of it. McMahon says that JBL can’t physically be in the arena tonight but he was able to hook him up via satellite. JBL is on the screen and he says that he regrets not being able to be there, but he is with Hornswoggle in the hospital. Finlay threatens JBL but JBL says that Finlay isn’t in a position to threaten anyone. Finlay wants to fight JBL and JBL says he will fight him on JBL’s terms and at Wrestlemania. JBL has the camera shut off so that he can beat up Hornswoggle.  We do get the sound. Finlay does not look happy and JBL could be in serious trouble when Finlay gets his hands on him.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, next Monday on Raw, three-hour special promo again.

John Cena is at the announcer’s table for the main event match coming up next.


Randy Orton from St. Louis, MO, weighing 245 lbs.

WWE Champion


The Game Triple H from Greenwich, CT, weighing 255 lbs.


Audience favorite: The Game Triple H

My favorite: The Game Triple H


All I can say is – GO GET HIM  TRIPLE H! I’ll never forgive him if he doesn’t kick Orton’s butt all over the arena in Indianapolis.



John Cena?

Randy Orton?


I’m not sure since Orton brought the belt into the ring, the ref took away the belt. Cena FU’d Triple H, Orton RKO’d Cena.


Shame on you, Triple H, for not beating Orton into the ground!




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