February 28, 2008 – Recap by Sassy




The rumor mill tells me that Judas Mesias may be making his way out of TNA and heading back to AAA in Mexico.  It is reported that Mesias is not getting the kind of contract or the amount of money that he needs to stay in the United States.

Along those lines, The Monster Abyss has not returned to the ring since refusing to enter the ring against Big Poppa Pump Poppa Steiner a few weeks ago. Rumor has it that Abyss will return to the TNA ring minus his mask and will be billed under his real name, Chris Parks. If that is the case, and Judas Mesias is out of the picture,

Father James Mitchell will be forced to find a new monster if Judas Mesias is no longer with the company or he could fall back on Black Reign and Rellik who seem presently to be having issues with Kaz and Showtime Eric Young. Father Mitchell will have to have some way to get his revenge on his son since he was black hole slammed at Against All Odds.

Another rumor indicates that TNA’s iMPACT program may not be going live as soon as anticipated. It appears that live programming is up to the network and Spike TV will be controlling when and where the live action appears.

Happenings on iMPACT since Against All Odds

1. The Prince of Phenomenal AJ Styles and Tomko are still TNA tag team champions and both have aligned themselves with the Angle Alliance forcing The Instant Classic Christian Cage to align himself with Kevin Nash and The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. Joe wants the TNA Heavyweight title, Christian wants AJ and Tomko and Nash is siding with Joe.

2. Gail Kim and O.D.B. are having communications problems after O.D.B’s match against Awesome Kong and her friend Raisha Saeed. After last week, O.D.B. and Gail Kim may have their own feud going.

3. Kip James fired Roxxi Laveaux several weeks ago and last week on iMPACT, he turned on an injured BG James officially ending the Voodoo Kin Mafia partnership.

4. Curry Man and Shark Boy are communication problems – the language kind.

5. Showtime Eric Young and Cowboy James Storm are still feuding over the TNA Drinking Championship belt, but Rhino has reappeared to take up his feud with Storm.

6. Robert Roode was going out of his way to avoid Booker T.

7. Team 3D was having a problem keeping their weight below 275 lbs.

8. Black Machismo Jay Lethal and SoCal Val are now an item.

9. The X Division is back in business and Lethal has the championship belt. Scott Steiner holds the Feast or Fired X Division and Heavyweight title shots.

And, of course, we had AJ Styles and his new Mrs. on their camera-ready honeymoon with the ever-curious JB tagging along. I’d like to add more to this one but just having to watch it every week is more than enough for any wrestling fan.

On to this week’s iMPACT –

Previously on iMPACT – a honeymoon at Gatorland.

The end of one partnership when Kip James turns on BG James and Bullet Bob Armstrong, and the beginning of another partnerships as Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner congratulates Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams on his performance in the ring.

Black Machismo Jay Lethal asks SoCal Val out on a date much to the apparent dismay of The Guru Sonjay Dutt.

Rellik and Black Reign make mincemeat out of Kaz with Showtime Eric Young too afraid to come to the ring to offer an assist.

Another failed weigh in as Brother Ray manages to make it in to the match and Devon goes over the limit.

Tension between knockouts as O.D.B. and Gail Kim brawl over their missed communication.

A surprise return as Booker T faces Kurt Angle in the ring and is attacked by Robert Roode, forcing The Instant Classic Christian Cage, followed my The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash, to come to Booker T’s aid.

Kevin Nash challenges Kurt Angle to a match on next week’s iMPACT.




Jeremy Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle while Kurt does his workout. There is a knock on the door but Angle doesn’t answer the door. Karen Angle appears and Angle wants to know what she wants. For a change, I can’t hear what the Mrs. has to say! Oops, there comes the sound. She’s looking for a marital reconciliation and apologizes and wants them to start over. Angle says that the jealousy thing with her other husband didn’t work so now she wants to come crawling back. Angle says that he is the boss and as long as she lives by that standard there won’t be any problems. He says she can live without her, she doesn’t think so, and he throws her out of the locker room and goes back to his workout.








iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

On Spike TV


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Crystal Loutham and Jeremy Borash

Mike Tenay informs the audience that the matches tonight are

Awesome Kong one on one against Angelina Love

Ladder Match

TNA World Drinking Championship

Showtime Eric Young squaring off against Cowboy James Storm

Brother Ray and Brother Devon must weigh in before their match against

Shark Boy and Curry Man

Tag Team Match

Black Machismo Jay Lethal and The Guru Sonjay Dutt taking on

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams

First Time Ever Match

Kevin Nash versus Kurt Angle


Booker T enters the arena dressed in his street clothes. As he walks to the ring, Tenay describes a video replay of the feud between Booker T and Robert Roode from Final Resolution through Against All Odds. At TNA’s next pay per view, Destination X on March 9, it will be Booker T versus Robert Roode.

Booker T is in the ring with the mic and he tells the audience that he is tired of all of the backstabbing and underhanded dealings going on. Booker says he likes to do things face to face and he calls out Robert Roode to come to the ring and take a BLEEP whippin’ right here tonight.

Payton Banks appears in the arena and heads to the ring. She has a mic. Booker says she doesn’t look like Bobby Roode. Payton tells Booker that Roode is not yet in the building. She says that he will be there soon but he asked her to personally deliver a message from Roode and she slaps Booker T. She starts screaming at Booker to hit her – be careful what you wish for, sweetheart –

Traci Brooks charges down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. She takes Payton down with a spear and it’s a catfight in the center of the ring. Booker does not try to break it up choosing to cheer Traci on instead. Security hits the ring to break up the battle.

The camera leaves the ring as Tenay tells the audience they will see the efforts Team 3D have gone through this week in order to lose weight. Brother Ray and Brother Devon are at Bill Wong’s Chinese Buffet and Ray wants to go inside and eat but Devon stops him. Johnny Devine is filling his plate up with desserts as Ray reads him the riot act for eating all the junk food while Ray is trying to lose weight. Ray then catches Devon filling up his plate with fattening entrees. Ray tells Devon if he can’t each chocolate cake then Devon can’t eat ribs. Devon finds the salad and tells Ray that is what he should be eating. Ray takes a bit out of a carrot and says that dieting sucks.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for TNA’s latest DVD, Global iMPACT/Japan.

JB is backstage with Scott Steiner, Petey Williams and Rhaka Khan. JB asks about their match tonight. Petey says that thanks to Scott, he has an X Division title shot against Black Machismo Jay Lethal at Destination X. Petey thanks Scott. Scott says that it was a misunderstanding on Petey’s part and he tells Petey that he will forget that he is a short squatty bastard from Canada because Petey does have the heart of a lion and Scott likes that. Scott says they have a match tonight against Lethal and Sonjay tonight and Petey had better pass the test.

Tag Team Match

Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams from Winsdor, Ontario, Canada


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner from Detroit, MI

Accompanied to the ring by Rhaka Khan

Before Petey comes to the ring, he stops to pose and Scott walks back up the entrance ramp to give Petey a few pointers. They walk down to the ring together.


The Guru Sonjay Dutt from Bombay, India

As Sonjay enters the arena, he stops by to give SoCal Val a kiss on the hand.


Black Machismo Jay Lethal from Elizabeth, NJ

TNA X Division Champion

Referee: Andrew Thomas


I’m sorry that Lethal and Sonjay are getting ready to start a feud because I like them working together as a tag team but both of them work so well as singles, it should be interesting.

The bell rings and Petey faces Sonjay in the ring. Sonjay comes off the ropes and delivers a shoulder block but Petey doesn’t move. Sonjay takes him down with an arm drag, a hurricanrana and then another arm drag. Petey shows his use of feet and high kicks to take down Sonjay. Sonjay responds by showing a high kick that drops Petey down to the mat. Petey rolls out of the ring, tagging in Scott on his way. Scott delivers a blow to the back of Sonjay as he enters the ring but Lethal comes through the ropes and practices his lefts and rights on Scott’s face and jaw. Lethal performs a suicide dives through the ropes, landing on his feet and taking down Petey. As Lethal falls to the floor after the blow, Val is on hand to check on him with an angry Rhaka looking on. Rhaka walks toward Val and follows her as Val backs up behind the announcer’s table and toward the back.



Back from commercial break, Scott and Lethal are in the ring with Scott delivering a chop to the chest that sends Lethal down to the canvas. Scott picks up Lethal and drops him face first to the mat before sending Lethal over the top rope with a clothesline. Scott distracts the referee and Sonjay attempts to come through the rope and into the ring,  but out on the floor Rhaka has Lethal by the hair. She slams Lethal into the steel steps and then stops to fix her hair. Petey rolls Lethal back inside the ring. Scott continues to work on Lethal by slamming his head into the top turnbuckle and then delivering a belly-to-belly suplex. Scott goes for the cover and then stops and yanks Lethal up off the mat. He then argues with the ref and then makes the tag to Petey. Petey takes over where Scott left off, but Lethal manages to break free and tags in Sonjay. Sonjay takes down Petey and then delivers a dropkick to Scott as he comes through the ropes. Scott goes out on the floor. Sonjay uses his fancy footwork to take down Petey and then goes for the cover but Scott is back in the ring and he breaks up the count. Lethal comes off the top turnbuckle to take Scott down with a flying dropkick. As Scott gets back to his feet, Lethal delivers a kick to the jaw that sends Scott through the ropes and out to the floor. Lethal goes back up to the top turnbuckle to go after Scott but Petey is back to his feet and he shoves Lethal, sending Lethal face first into the guardrail surrounding the audience. Sonjay delivers a kick to the back of Petey’s head, Petey grabs the ref’s shirt and hangs on, Sonjay goes back against the ropes and Scott nails him in the back of the head with a briefcase. Petey delivers the Canadian destroyer, goes for the pin and gets the three count.



Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner


Video replay of the end of the match before the camera pans back to Petey, Scott and Rhaka celebrating their win in the ring.

Back to Team 3D on their quest for weight loss, Monday they are taking the “final test” which is a bakery full of goodies. Ray says to forget about the candy, forget about the caramel apples, he has found fudge! Ray tries to leave the building with his mouth full of jawbreakers but he gets busted.

Commercial break,

Back from commercial break, promo for TNA’s pay per view – Lockdown – live April 13, at the Tsongas Arena, Lowell, Massachusetts. Tickets go on sale tomorrow through Ticketmaster. For more information, go to

JB is backstage with Eric Young who is hiding, but not very well, from Rellik. JB reminds Eric about his match tonight against James Storm but Eric says he can’t worry about that, he has to worry about the monsters after what happened to Kaz last week on iMPACT. Kaz appears and Eric hugs him, remarking that Kaz is alive. Kaz has photos of “monsters” that he shows Eric. Kaz says that monsters are just alter egos but Eric reminds Kaz that the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and the Gremlins are real. Kaz says that Rellik and Black Reign are just alter egos and that everyone has an alter ego inside them, even Eric.

Tag Team Match

Brother Ray


Brother Devon

Team 3D from New York City

Accompanied to the ring by Johnny Devine

Before their opponents are introduced, Ray and Devon are again seen working on dieting on Wednesday. They are at a BBQ eatery and Devon is going inside. Inside the gate they go but Ray talks Devon out of breaking their diet.


Curry Man from Japan


Shark Boy from The Deep Blue Sea

Referee: Slick Johnson

Poor Ray and Devon.  Poor Shark Boy if Ray and Devon figure out that fish is a low calorie dish! I’m not too sure about Curry Man, but he may be in danger, too.

Referee Earl Hebner enters the ring with the scale to oversee the weigh in of Team 3D. Brother Ray tells Hebner that he and Devon have been dieting all week long. Devon gets on the scale and he doesn’t make the 275 mark. Ray says Hebner is lying because Devon has been on a diet all week. Ray asks Devon if he has been sneaking behind his back. Brother Ray then gets on the scale and he doesn’t make the 275 limit either. Ray and Devon are removing as much clothing as possible – we hope – down to their underwear and Devon gets on the scale, then Ray and neither of them can be in the match. Everyone leaves the ring.


The Twinkies, HoHos & BBQ Ribs

JB is backstage with Angle’s Mrs. JB wants to know about her marriage and she hugs JB. AJ wanders up and wants to know what JB did. JB tells AJ that she has problems. He tells her that Angle loves her. He says that he will talk to Angle.

Back in the ring, the referee is trying to raise the hands of Shark Boy and Curry Man but Shark Boy isn’t having any of it. He grabs a mic and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Shark Boy says he didn’t come out to the ring to get his hand raised, he came out to whip somebody’s bass. He tells the audience if they would like to see him and Curry Man whip somebody’s bass, to give him a Shell Yea. They do just that. Shark Boy says it could be any two people, including Mike Tenay and Don West but the announcers aren’t interest. Two people do respond to their request for opponents. Didn’t I say something earlier about being careful what you wished for?

Tag Team Match

Curry Man from Japan


Shark Boy from The Deep Blue Sea


Black Reign from the Deepest Darkest Corners of his Mind

Accompanied to the ring by Misty or Marlene, the white domestic rat







I’m not too sure Shark Boy and Curry Man will be able to whip these two basses.

Black Reign sends Shark Boy out of the ring and Rellik and Black Reign take down Curry Man. Shark Boy is back in the ring, working on the two opponents but it doesn’t last long as a receives a big boot courtesy of Rellik. Curry Man is now in charge and he goes after Rellik and Black Reign, taking them both down to the mat. Curry Man delivers a cross body block to Black Reign and goes for the cover but Brother Ray has appeared at ringside and has the ref distracted. Devine slides into the ring behind the ref’s back with a kendo stick and he nails Curry Man in the back. Devine slides back out of the ring, Black Reign goes for the cover and gets a two count before Curry Man gets a shoulder off the mat. Brothers Ray and Devon and Devine stay outside the ring but as Curry Man is sent across the ring into the ropes, he slingshots over the ropes and takes out Ray and Devon on the floor. Devine is on the ring apron with his kendo stick, but Kaz appears to pull Devine down to the floor. Kaz grabs darkness falls and nails Black Reign in the abdomen. Shark Boy delivers a stunner, goes for the cover and gets the win.



Shark Boy


Curry Man

With a little interference from Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Johnny Devine

And a little help from Kaz


After the match, Rellik hits the ring and goes after Shark Boy and Curry Man but Kaz is in the ring after Rellik. Ray and Devon are now in the ring helping Rellik and Black Reign as Devine grabs a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Ray and Devon set up the table and Eric is at the top of the entrance ramp. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring to help Kaz, Shark Boy and Curry Man. Black Reign and Rellik look at Eric and he bails out of the ring and runs back up the entrance ramp. Ray and Devon send Kaz through the table.

Crystal is backstage with Robert Roode and she wants to tell Roode something but he won’t shut up and let her talk. Roode tells Booker T that he is here and tonight the running stops.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for TNA Live Events in Aiken, SC, Salem, VA and Pikeville, KY. Visit for more information on live events.

West introduces a video that contains the history of VKM, BG James and Kip James. Actually it was a nice video from the first time BG James appeared in the TNA ring until last week when BJ and Kip James parted ways. And I think the video was longer than any match the audience has seen tonight.

Robert Roode and Payton Banks enter the arena, both dressed in street clothes. Roode has a mic in hand – why not, everyone else in the ring tonight has had a mic in their hand – and he calls out Booker T. Roode has words with the audience while he’s trash talking Booker T.

Booker T is more than willing to charge down the ramp and enter the ring and there is a brawl that starts in the ring and then goes to outside the ring and then back into the ring. As Roode is almost down, Payton enters the ring and Booker has her by the hair, the distraction giving Roode a chance to deliver a DDT. Payton hands Roode handcuffs and he cuffs Booker to the top rope.

Who keeps coming up with the handcuff crap? 

Traci Brooks enters the ring and spears Roode from behind and throws off Payton but Payton gets Traci’s scarf and uses it to choke her. We have another set of handcuffs for Traci. Security finally hits the ring but Roode runs them off with his belt. TNA has brave security people, don’t they? Security finally gets Roode and Payton out of the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Road to Lockdown with TNA in Springfield, MO on March 19, Evansville, IN on March 20, and St. Louis, MO on March 21, 2008. Does anyone else feel like this two-hour time slot is one big commercial for other TNA events?

Tenay gives the audience a replay of what happened before commercial break between Booker T, Robert Roode, Payton Bank and Traci Brooks.

Tenay reminds the audience that at Destination X it will be an Elevation X match between The War Machine Rhino and Cowboy James Storm. Video of the Elevation X ring.

Crystal is backstage with Cowboy James Storm and Miss Jacqueline. Storm is upset because Jackie called for a ladder match against Eric Young tonight and Storm has been out partying. Storm says he has had too much to drink to worry about climbing a ladder. Jackie tells Storm that he has an Elevation X match coming up and he can’t go into that match being afraid of heights. Storm says he is not afraid of heights. Jackie tells him it’s okay to be afraid. Eric is afraid of monsters and Storm is afraid of heights.

Ladder Match

TNA World Drinking Championship

The belt is hanging over the ring.


Cowboy James Storm from Lieper’s Fork, TN


Accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jacqueline Moore


Showtime Eric Young residing at an undisclosed location

TNA World Drinking Champion

Referees: Andrew Thomas & Slick Johnson

That bit before the intros was the most mic time Jackie has had in a long time. I thought she had forgotten how to talk. Eric hits the floor when the pyros go off. Storm goes up the entrance ramp after Eric but Eric gets the jump on him and sends Storm into the guardrail and then takes the ladder into the ring. Eric uses the ladder to baseball slide it into Storm but Storm takes the ladder and nails Eric in the head. Storm removes the padding around the outside of the ring and tries to deliver a suplex, but Eric manages the suplex on Storm instead and we go to



Back from commercial break and Eric has the ladder up in the ring but Storm is back in the ring and he stops Eric from going up the ladder after the belt. Storm grabs a second ladder and uses it as a battering ram outside the ring, taking Eric down to the floor. Storm sets up a ladder between the ring and the guardrail and tries to send Eric into the ladder but Eric slides underneath. As Eric comes up, Storm hits the ladder and sends it into Eric, sending him crashing down to the floor. Storm is back in the ring setting the ladder up under the belt. Storm starts up the ladder, slowly, and then gets back down on the mat as Jackie yells at him to climb. Eric is back up on the ring apron and the two battle on the ring apron. Storm tries to suplex Eric onto the ladder but Eric fights him off. Storm comes back with a super kick that sends Eric down on the ladder outside the ring back first. Storm is again trying to go up the ladder in the ring and Jackie is in the ring, helping him up the ladder, but he can’t get past the second rung. Jackie climbs up the ladder on the opposite side to show him that it isn’t scary and she grabs the belt, hands it to Storm and the match is over.


Cowboy James Storm

NEW TNA World Drinking Champion

With a lot of help from Jackie


After the match is over and Storm and Jackie are celebrating in the ring, Rhino enters the ring on the opposite side. Rhino nails Storm with a gore, holds up the Drinking Championship belt and he leaves the ring with the belt.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for TNA’s next pay per view, Destination X, live, Sunday, March 9, 2008. See your pay per view provider for information.

JB is in the back with Kurt Angle. There is a knock on the door and AJ Styles appears to talk to Angle about his marriage. AJ apologizes for kissing Angle’s wife. AJ says he is there to talk about Angle’s Mrs. Angle says that she cries all the time. AJ tells Angle he needs to treat his wife with dignity and respect. Angle says that she’s a woman. Angle says he understands that he has a thing for Angle’s wife and if he knew anything about her, he would know she is a bitch. AJ tells Angle to take it back. Angle tells AJ that he has a match tonight against Kevin Nash and AJ had better be ready to help him out.

Angelina Love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Accompanied to the ring by Velvet Sky


Before her opponent is introduced, video Roxxi Laveux earlier today telling Angelina Love that she has had a premonition and that if Love gets in the ring tonight, she will be hurt.


Awesome Kong residing in Japan, 6’1”, weighing 272 3/8 lbs.

TNA Women’s Champion

Accompanied to the ring by Raisha Saeed

Referee: Rudy Charles

Before the match, video of Awesome Kong decimating the women’s locker room on her way to the championship. Besides the constant coming attractions promos, the audience seems to be an overabundance of “previous” film clips.

The bell rings and Love tells the ref to check her for foreign objects. Kong is not impressed. Love then asks the ref to check Kong. The ref heads toward Kong and as the ref is checking Kong, Love comes across the ring and nails King with a forearm. Love has Kong up against the ropes and continues to pummel her with forearms while she has Kong against the ring post. It doesn’t last long as Kong shoves Love backward into the ring. Love lands on the mat but gets back to her feet and goes after Kong with forearms again. Kong again shoves Love down to the canvas. Love is back on her feet and she delivers a blow to Kong’s chest. Kong doesn’t flinch. Love comes off the ropes and ducks under Kong’s waiting clothesline. Love comes off the opposite ropes and slides under Kong. Love delivers a boot to Kong’s midsection and attempts to face plant Kong, but Kong stops her. Love leaps at Kong and Kong catches her then slams her into the ring post. Kong picks Love up and delivers a blow to the chest. Kong picks her up again and Love fights back with fists to the abdomen but Kong delivers a blow to Love’s back sending her down to the mat. Kong picks Love up off the mat and slams her head first into the ring post, then slams her down to the canvas. Kong applies a version of a camel clutch but because she is digging at Love’s face, the ref makes her break the hold. Kong gets up and argues with the ref before going back to Love. Kong slams love into the ring post and then charges, but Love gets her boots up and has her legs around Kong’s neck. She kicks Kong back toward the center of the ring and comes back at Kong with chops to the chest. Love attempts to send Kong across the ring but Kong doesn’t move, instead sending Love across the ring into a ring post. Kong charges, Love slides out of the way and Kong goes chest first into the corner post. Love delivers a knee to Kong’s midsection, then a high kick to the head. Love delivers a jawbreaker before going outside on the ring apron to climb to the top turnbuckle. Love leaps off the top turnbuckle and Kong catches her in midair. Kong has Love over her shoulder but Love manages to slide down Kong’s back. Kong delivers a spinning back fist that drops Love to the mat. Kong delivers the implant buster, walks around the ring, picks up Love again and delivers the awesome bomb, goes for the cover and gets the three count.


Awesome Kong


I have to admit that is the best action in the ring I have seen from Angelina Love since she appeared at TNA. It would have been nice to see her against someone closer to her own size, but she worked well against Awesome Kong in this match.

After the match, Kong and Saeed celebrate in the ring as Sky comes into the ring and she and the ref check on Love. O.D.B. appears at the top of the entrance ramp with mic in hand. ODB tells Kong that in ten days they will find out who is the knockout of all knockouts. As ODB trash talks Kong, Gail Kim enters the ring behind Kong and goes after her. Gail comes off the ropes and Kong knocks her down to the canvas. The ref is trying to get Kong to stop but as she picks Gail up off the mat, ODB enters the ring and she goes after Kong. Kong tosses ODB across the ring as Gail is getting back to her feet. ODB continues to charge at Kong until Kong takes her down with a clothesline. As Kong sets up ODB for the awesome bomb, Gail delivers a high kick that nails Kong. ODB and Gail continue to trade punches on Kong and then they deliver a dropkick and a spear. The try to send Kong over the top rope and they get the job done. Kong gets back to her feet outside the ring and tries to get back inside but Saeed stops Kong and gets her to back up the ramp. Gail and ODB face off in the center of the ring and we have a little trash talking and then some shoving back and forth until the ref gets in the middle.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Main Event

Non-title match


Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

Accompanied to the ring by AJ Styles & Tomko


Kevin Nash from Detroit, MI

Accompanied to the ring by Samoa Joe & Christian Cage

Referee: Earl Hebner


West and Tenay remind the audience that this is the first time Angle and Nash will meet in the ring. Go, Nash, go! The live audience appears to be pro Nash.

The bell rings and Angle has to enter the ring because he’s been standing out on the floor. The two lock up and Nash pushes Angle back into a ring post. The ref asks for a clean break and Nash delivers a clean break. AJ hits the ring apron and Tomko gets up on the ring apron to give Angle advice. The ref makes Tomko get off the ring apron and Angle and Nash meet again in the center of the ring. Angle has Nash is a waist lock but Nash pushes Angle back into the ring post. The ref again calls for a clean break but Nash turns and takes a swing at Angle. Angle ducks under and goes across the ring out of Nash’s reach. The ref gives Nash a talking to as AJ gets up on the ring apron to provide a few words of encouragement to Angle. The ref makes AJ get off the ring apron and Nash and Angle again face each other in the center of the ring. There is a stare down before Nash delivers a right fist to Nash’s jaw. Nash doesn’t move. Angle connects with another right and Nash shakes it off. Angle throws another right and Nash blocks it. Nash delivers a right fist to Angle’s forehead, sending Angle down to the canvas. Nash delivers elbows to the side of Angles head, then knees to Angle’s abdomen. The ref tries to get Nash to break it up but Tomko yells at the ref and the ref is now talking to Tomko outside the ring. Nash releases Angle and then delivers another elbow to the side of the head before picking Angle up and putting Angle over his shoulder. Angle breaks free and slides behind Nash before going after Nash’s right knee with hard kicks. Angle comes off the ropes and charges at Nash but Nash delivers a boot to Angle’s face and Angle is again down on the mat. Angle gets back to his feet and Nash delivers a clothesline that sends Angle over the top rope and down to the floor in Joe and Christian territory. Joe stands over Angle doing a little trash talking. Angle gets back to his feet and shoves Joe. Joe goes after Angle but Angle runs around the side of the ring and Tomko meets Joe. Joe throws a punch at Tomko, AJ tries to get involved, Christian comes around the side of the ring and goes after AJ and the battle is on the floor. More referees come down the ramp to deal with the brawl going on outside the ring. Hebner throws Joe out of the ringside area and then throws everyone out except Nash and Angle and we go to





Back from commercial break, Nash and Angle are back in the ring as Nash attempts to deliver a boot to the face of Angle. Angle gets out of the way and Nash gets his leg hung up on the top rope. Angle takes the opportunity to deliver kicks to Nash’s left knee. The ref is trying to break it up and Nash manages to get his right leg off the ropes. Angle goes down to the mat and delivers a hard forearm to the back of Nash’s left leg sending Nash down to the canvas.  Angle continues to work on Nash’s knee. Angle has Nash in a figure four-leg lock. Nash tries to turn Angle over but he can’t get the job done. Nash tries again but he still can’t get Angle turned over. Once again Nash tries but he still can’t get it done. Nash finally gets Angle turned over and Angle is trying to get to the ropes. Angle does grab the bottom rope and Nash has to break the hold. Angle goes after Nash but Nash manages to power slam Angle down to the mat. Nash is back to his feet and as Angle charges, Nash delivers a fist to Angle’s forehead, sending Angle down to the mat. Angle gets and Nash continues to take him down with blows to the forehead. Angle gets back to his feet and delivers a boot to the midsection then comes off the ropes but Nash catches him and takes him to the mat with a side slam. Nash goes for the cover and gets a two count before Angle kicks out. Both men are back to their feet. Nash delivers a knee to Angle’s abdomen and takes Angle up for the jackknife power bomb but Angle manages to switch it around and takes Nash down to the mat. Angle sets Nash up for the ankle lock and he has it locked in. Nash manages to roll over on his back and kick Angle back across the ring. Both men back to their feet and Angle charges at Nash but Nash sidesteps Angle and Angle goes shoulder first into the ring post, through the ropes and down to the floor. Angle is holding his head and West and Tenay come to the conclusion that Nash hit his head on the ring post. Angle’s Mrs. comes running down the entrance ramp to check on Angle. She tries to stop Angle from getting back in the ring and Angle shoves her down on the floor. Nash is now out of the ring and he delivers a knee to Angle’s abdomen then rolls him back into the ring. As Nash gets back into the ring, Angle delivers a kick to the abdomen and then fists to the side of Nash’s head. Outside the ring, JB has appeared to check on Angle’s Mrs. The camera is again outside the ring and AJ has appeared to check on Angle’s Mrs.



The ref sees AJ out on the floor and he bails out of the ring to remind AJ that he was banned from ringside. Back to the ring and Angle comes off the ropes to meet Nash’s knee. Nash delivers a jackknife power bomb but there is no ref in the ring. Nash goes for the cover and the audience counts to ten and the ref is still out on the floor. Nash is back to his feet and sees the ref and AJ arguing outside the ring. Angle delivers a low blow, an Olympic slam and, of course the ref will come back in the ring in time to deliver a three count. 

May I just say – that was a terrible ending to this match. I don’t know why Nash bothered to get in the ring. Kevin Nash is finally in the ring doing what he does best and we are stuck watching the crap outside the ring instead of Nash in the ring.


Winner and Joke of the Week

Kurt Angle

With help from anyone and everyone including the referee

Angle STILL hasn’t won a match on his own!


After the match, if anyone care, AJ carries Angle’s Mrs. up the entrance ramp – he couldn’t have done that THREE MINUTES AGO? Angle celebrates in the ring with his title belt and Tenay and West can’t shut up about Angle not even being aware of what is going on with his wife and AJ.

That’s it for now folks and as far as this fan is concerned, the last match should have been cut out of the show before it aired.






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