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February 26, 2008

Recap by Sassy


NOTE: I discuss WWE’s ECW with other wrestling fans and no one can understand why WWE still has this program and why they are calling it ECW.  In no way does WWE’s ECW fit the mold of the original ECW and for whatever reason, the wrestlers who are sent to ECW seem to be wasting their time in this one hour weekly time slot. My take has always been that WWE wants to control three nights a week on your television dial but with the lack of action on the show, I don’t understand why they continue to keep it going. I would rather see the wrestlers on the ECW roster divided up between Raw and Smackdown and give everyone a chance to work the ring. CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero are both wonderful wrestlers, however, they are not getting a chance to shine. Shelton Benjamin was moved to ECW and since that time he has not had a quality match. Moving wrestlers from Smackdown and Raw to ECW on a weekly basis does not appear to be helping the programming on this show.


WWE ECW is broadcast from Tucson, AZ

On the Sci-Fi Channel


Ringside announcers: Joey Styles and Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

Backstage interviews: Lena Yada


NOTE: Last night on Monday Night Raw, the promo for tonight’s ECW indicated there would be a match pitting Kofi Kingston and Kelly Kelly against Santino Marella and Layla. According to the announcement, this match is a result of Marella being unhappy that Maria is posing for Playboy and Kelly Kelly agreeing with Maria. And just as I said in my review of Raw last night, I tune in to watch wrestling, not plugs for Hugh Hefner’s magazine. Monday Night Raw wasted enough time on the Maria posing thing. This is only a one-hour time slot. Let the roster members wrestle and leave the other stuff to the Playboy channel.


BREAKING NEWS! reported this week that Colin Delaney has signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Colin Delaney, who worked the Indy circuit as Colin Olsen, will now be working for WWE full time.


Joey Styles informs the audience that the main event on tonight’s ECW will be a Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match with Elijah Burke, CM Punk and Shelton Benjamin as the competitors. The winner will challenge the current ECW Champion, Chavo Guerrero, next Tuesday night on ECW.


Mixed Tag Team Match


Kelly Kelly


Kofi Kingston from Jamaica, weighing 217 lbs.




Santino Marella residing Patterson, NJ, weighing 227 lbs.


Audience favorites: I’m not sure

My favorites: I’m not sure either, but I do tend to lean toward Kofi Kingston and Layla


I have not seen Santino Marella actually work in the ring. Most of his matches have been jobbers against the likes of Jerry Lawler.  It will be interesting to see how well he and Kofi Kingston work against each other in this match.


The bell rings and it is Layla and Kelly in the ring,  but Layla backs up to her corner and immediately tags in Marella before any contact is made. Styles informs the audience that Kelly must tag in Kofi immediately but Marella enters the ring and Kofi gets between Kelly and Marella, delivering a forearm to Marella before sending him into the ropes. Marella comes off the ropes and is greeted by a double dropkick courtesy of Kofi and Kelly. Kofi charges Marella who has backed into a ring post, lands on the top rope and delivers a few punches to Marella’s skull for good measure. Kofi flips down off of the top rope and delivers a shoulder block to Marella’s midsection that drops Marella down to the canvas. Marella rolls out of the ring and is met by Layla who checks on Marella and gives him a nice shoulder rub as a replay of the double dropkick is played via a split screen. Layla and Marella appear to be arguing outside the ring but I am not sure what the argument is about. Kofi stands up on the bottom rope, leans over the top rope and grabs Marella by the head, bringing him up to the ring apron. Marella grabs Kofi by the head and jumps off the ring apron, snapping Kofi against the top rope. Marella slides back into the ring and takes Kofi down with a clothesline and leg sweep. Marella picks Kofi up and again sends him down to the mat. Marella sends Kofi into the ropes; Kofi comes off the ropes and is again taken down with a clothesline. Kofi is back on his feet and Marella sends him into the wrong corner post. Marella goes back toward Kelly’s corner as Layla works over Kofi a little bit in the corner. Marella goes back to Kofi as Kofi’s back is turned watching Layla and delivers a blow to the back. Kofi goes down to his knees. Marella delivers a shoulder block to Kofi but Kofi comes back with a blow to Marella’s abdomen. Marella has Kofi in a wristlock and he takes him out to the center of the ring. Kelly is playing cheerleader on the ring apron trying to get the audience to get louder. Kofi drops Marella and goes for a roll up but he only gets a two count. Marella delivers another shot to Kofi’s spine and then delivers a boot to the back. Kofi is down on his knees on the mat as Marella continues the assault, delivering blows to Kofi’s midsection. Kofi comes back with a fist to Marella’s gut and then another as Kofi works to get back to his feet. Marella delivers another blow to Kofi’s back and Kofi goes back down to his knees. Marella tags in Layla and Layla enters the ring. She throws a punch at Kofi but Kofi catches her arm in midair. Kofi keeps Layla occupied as Kelly enters the ring and takes Layla down to the mat. Kelly takes Layla down again with a clothesline but Layla is back to her feet and she drives a boot into Kelly’s abdomen. Layla sends Kelly into the ring post and charges at her, but Kelly gets a foot up, driving Layla back. Kelly goes up on the top turnbuckle and comes off with a cross body block, goes for the cover but as the referee starts the count, Marella enters the ring and pulls Kelly off of Layla. As Marella argues with the ref who is trying to get him out of the ring, Kofi enters the ring and dives at Marella, taking him down to the mat. Kelly is back on her feet and she sends a boot into Layla’s midsection, face plants Layla on the mat, and goes for the cover, getting the three count.



Kelly Kelly


Kofi Kingston


Before I make the snide remark about Mr. and Ms. Sunshine being in a match together, I have to admit that Kofi looked good through quite a bit of this match. Marella doesn’t give us the impression of a wrestler, but rather as a brawler, although I’m not sure Marella is tough enough to pull the brawler angle off. Nice opening match for ECW and better use of Kofi in the ring than he has been getting since he arrived.


Styles and Tazz remind the audience that the latest match announced for Wrestlemania XXIV will be the Bunny Mania Match pitting Maria and Candice Michelle against Melina and The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.





I am, therefore, skipping this little whatever it is and will get back to the show after Hefner’s plug is over.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Wrestlemania XXIV, 33 days away.


Mike Knox in the ring weighing 282 lbs.


Stevie Richards from Philadelphia, PA, weighing 207 lbs.


Audience favorite: Stevie Richards

My favorite: Stevie Richards


It has been good to see Stevie Richards back in the ring again. He is one of the ECW originals and he has been missed during the last several months while he was out having surgeries to repair the damage done to his throat and neck. He has been in short matches since he has been back but he certainly has not been hiding in the corner.  He goes all out in his matches as he always has.


The bell rings and Stevie is taking on someone much heavier than he is in this match up. The two men circle each other and lock up. Knox backs Stevie into the corner post, but Stevie turns Knox around and his back is now against the post. The ref calls for a clean break and Stevie backs away but Knox delivers a blow to Stevie’s jaw. Knox sends a fist to Stevie’s back and then a boot. Knox picks Stevie up and has him against the corner post. Knox is choking Stevie and doesn’t break the hold until the ref gets in his face. Knox sends Stevie across the ring and into the ropes. Stevie comes off the ropes, ducks under Knox’s waiting clothesline, and as Knox turns around, Stevie delivers a kick to Knox’s lower leg. Stevie then nails the other leg with a kick. Knox sends Stevie back into the ropes. Stevie comes off the ropes and Knox catches Stevie. Knox drops Stevie on the top rope and Stevie comes off of the ropes and lands hard on the mat. Knox argues with the ref and then puts a knee on Stevie’s throat, choking him. Knox delivers a forearm to Stevie’s chest while Stevie is still down. Stevie makes it to the ropes but Knox puts pressure on Stevie’s back and chokes him on the second rope. The ref again has to make Knox break the hold. Knox picks Stevie up by his hair, delivers a fist to the forehead, picks Stevie back up and has him in what appears to be a sleeper hold. The audience is trying to get Stevie to come back and Stevie delivers an elbow to Knox’s abdomen. Knox responds by delivering a short arm clothesline to Stevie, sending him back down to the canvas. Knox goes for the cover and gets a two count before Stevie gets a shoulder up off of the mat. Knox is not happy with the count and glares at the ref. Knox backs up and comes forward to drop a knee across Stevie’s neck. Knox again goes for the cover and again gets a two count before Stevie powers out. Knox goes to work on Stevie’s neck and throat as the audience tries again to get Stevie back into the match. Stevie makes it back to his feet, Knox sends him across the ring into the opposite ropes. Stevie comes off the ropes and delivers a kick to Knox’s chest. Stevie is still up against the ropes, Knox comes at him and Stevie delivers another boot to Knox’s chest and abdomen. As Knox backs away, Stevie sends out a backward kick that lands on Knox’s midsection. Stevie goes after Knox but Knox picks Stevie up. Knox slams Stevie back first into the corner post, then delivers a shoulder block. Knox backs up across the ring and charges but Stevie slides out of the way and Knox meets the corner post chest first. Stevie delivers a splash to Knox’s back, Stevie backs up again, Knox turns around and again Stevie nails him with a splash. Stevie face plants Knox, goes for the cover and gets the three count.



Stevie Richards.


As I said before, Stevie has been coming in to these matches with absolute determination since he returned to ECW. He stood up to a man much larger than him in this match up and held his own. The audience was loudly approving when Stevie Richards wins the match.


Tommy Dreamer is backstage with Colin Delaney who is not bandaged up – yet. Dreamer tells Colin that he can give Miz the elbow like he did last week. Colin wants to know if when he becomes champion if he can get his own entrance music. Dreamer just stares at him.


Promo for World Wrestling Entertainment

No Special Effects

No Second Takes

No Shortcuts

No Drugs

No ‘roids

World Wrestling Entertainment

Reminds You

There Are No Shortcuts

To your Goals.


Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, the Raw Rebound:

Vince McMahon apologizes to his son, Hornswoggle. McMahon wants John Bradshaw Layfield to apologize to Hornswoggle for what he did to him in the steel cage. JBL comes to the ring and tells McMahon that Hornswoggle is not McMahon’s son, but Hornswoggle is Finlay’s son and that members of McMahon’s family and Finlay knew about the set up.

Tazz and Styles inform the audience that Hornswoggle did not deserve what happened to him at the hands of JBL.


Tag Team Match


The Miz from Cleveland, OH, weighing 231 lbs.

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions


John Morrison from Los Angeles, CA, weighing 220 lbs.

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions


Tommy Dreamer


Colin Delaney

At a combined weight of 425 lbs.


Audience favorites: Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney

My favorites: Tommy Dreamer, Colin Delaney and John Morrison


Colin comes to the ring with no bandages covering his body this time. I’m looking forward to the day Dreamer and Colin take out Morrison and Miz.


The match begins with Dreamer and Miz face off in the center of the ring. They lock up and Dreamer has Miz in a side headlock. Miz sends Dreamer across the ring and into the ropes. Dreamer comes off the ropes and sends Miz to the mat with a shoulder block. Dreamer comes off the opposite ropes and Miz hits the mat, Dreamer goes over him and comes off the opposite ropes. Miz tries for a hip toss but Dreamer blocks it. Dreamer picks Miz up and body slams him to the mat. Miz back to his feet and Dreamer takes him down with an arm drag. Miz gets back to his feet and delivers a blow that makes Dreamer release the hold. Miz tags in Morrison. Dreamer takes Morrison down with an arm drag. Morrison back to his feet and he sends a knee into Dreamer’s midsection. Morrison nails Dreamer with a European uppercut and tries to send Dreamer into the ropes but Dreamer gets the switch and delivers a suplex. Dreamer comes off the ropes and Colin taps Dreamer in the back as he hits the ropes, to deliver an elbow to Morrison on the mat. The ref says Colin tagged in and tells Dreamer to get out of the ring. Dreamer has words with Colin and the referee then Dreamer grabs the ropes and flips Colin over into the ring. Colin lands on Morrison. As Morrison gets to his feet, Colin meets him with a flying dropkick that sends Morrison back down to the mat. Colin goes for the cover but I’m not sure he even managed to get a one count before Morrison powers out. Both men back to their feet and Morrison takes Colin down with a clothesline. Morrison decides to pummel Colin with fists while he is down on the mat. The ref has to grab Morrison’s arm to stop him from continuing the assault. Morrison backs up and delivers a blow to Dreamer that sends Dreamer down to the ring apron. Dreamer tries to enter the ring but the ref stops him. Morrison picks up Colin and takes him to Miz’s corner while the ref is busy with Dreamer. Morrison delivers a punch to Colin, and then tags in Miz. It’s a double team as Morrison holds Colin so that Miz can deliver a boot to the abdomen. The ref makes Morrison get out of the ring but Colin is down on the mat. Miz picks up Colin and slams him backward onto the mat. Miz has Colin in a headlock but the audience is getting vocal in favor of Colin and wanting Dreamer tagged back into the match. Miz slams Colin’s head into the top turnbuckle and then catapults him up and into a fist held by Morrison. Miz is still holding Colin as Morrison leaps over the top rope and delivers an elbow to Colin. The ref sends Miz out of the ring as Morrison goes for the cover. He gets the count of one before Dreamer enters the ring and delivers a kick that breaks the count. The ref makes Dreamer leave the ring and go back to his corner. Morrison delivers a slap to a downed Colin in the midst of loud catcalls from the audience. Morrison grabs Colin by the hair and tags in Miz. Morrison holds Colin until Miz can enter the ring and send Colin down to the floor.  The ref makes Morrison get out of the ring and back on the ring apron in his own corner. Miz delivers a kick to Colin who is trying to get off of the floor. Miz flips Colin over and goes to work on his neck. Colin gets back to his feet, but Miz sends him back to the mat to the dismay of the live audience. Miz stops to make the audience boo louder before going back to Colin. Miz attempts to deliver what appears to be a suplex but Colin breaks free and slides over Miz’s back. Colin is trying to get to his corner but Miz goes across the ring and tries to deliver a blow to Dreamer, Dreamer nails Miz instead, Miz reels backwards and Colin makes it to Dreamer to get the tag. Dreamer comes out with a clothesline that drops Miz. Miz gets back to his feet and Dreamer again sends him to the mat with a clothesline. Dreamer stops beating on Miz long enough to deliver a punch to Morrison that sends him down to the floor. Dreamer sends Miz into the corner post, Dreamer comes off the ropes and delivers a bulldog, and Dreamer sets Miz up on the top turnbuckle, hangs Miz upside down and goes across the ring. Dreamer takes a run and nails Miz in the face. Dreamer picks up Miz, and delivers an inverted DDT. Morrison is back in the ring and he goes across to come off the ropes. Dreamer takes Morrison down with a clothesline, sending him out of the ring and down to the floor. Dreamer goes after Miz but Miz delivers a jawbreaker, and then goes after Dreamer with boots. Miz comes off the ropes and charges at Dreamer but Dreamer gets out of the way and  Miz nails Colin on the ring apron, sending him down to the floor. Dreamer delivers a DDT to  Miz as Colin climbs back up on the ring apron. Dreamer goes for the cover and gets the win.



Tommy Dreamer


Colin Delaney


Decent match for Tommy Dreamer and I got my wish! Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney DID beat Morrison and Miz! Colin didn’t spend as much time in the ring functioning like a true wrestler, but he did enough for us to know what he may be capable of in the near future and it beats seeing him get unmercifully beaten up week after week.


Promo for The Undertaker and his 15-0 record at Wrestlemania and video of matches scheduled for Wrestlemania XXIV. For more information on this year’s Wrestlemania pay per view, visit

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Tazz points out that members of the White Sox baseball team are in the audience at tonight’s ECW. Styles introduces a replay of the Wrestlemania press conference that was held in Los Angeles, CA on Monday at noon with emphasis on the Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Big Show match scheduled for Wrestlemania XXIV being touted as The Biggest versus The Best.

Miz and John Morrison are arguing backstage about the loss they suffered tonight at the hands of Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney. Lena approaches with a mic and asks about the match. She says that rumor has it Morrison and Miz will have to defend their tag team titles against Dreamer and Colin next week on ECW. The duo says that them being defeated for the tag team titles by Dreamer and Colin would be like the Big Show losing to Mayweather at Wrestlemania.

The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk and Elijah Burke are heading toward the ring for the main event contender’s match. That match is coming up next.

Promo for Wrestlemania XXIV with Batista on the beach. Wrestlemania is Sunday, March 30, 2008 – just in case you haven’t seen enough promos.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Big Show and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Big Show will take on a professional boxer on next Monday Night Raw.

WWE ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero enters the arena complete with introduction by Chimel. He goes to the announcer’s table in order to watch the action in the ring tonight.


Triple Threat Match

Number One Contender for the WWE ECW Championship


The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC, weighing 248 lbs.


Elijah Burke from Jacksonville, FL, weighing 231 lbs.


CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 225 lbs.


Audience favorite: CM Punk

My favorite: I like them all but my money is on CM Punk


CM Punk lost the title to Chavo and is seeking another shot at the title.

The bell rings and it appears that Burke and Benjamin are going to work together to take care of Punk. The audience is chanting loudly for Punk as the three men square off. Benjamin blindsides Burke with a kick to the side of the head as Burke is concentrating on Punk. Punk and Benjamin smile at each other before they circle each other and lock up in the center of the ring. Benjamin applies a side headlock to Punk. Punk backs Benjamin into the ropes and sends him across the ring to the opposite ropes. Benjamin comes off the ropes and takes Punk down with a shoulder block. Benjamin backs up and comes off the ropes again, steps over Punk and is met with a blow from Punk as he comes off the opposite ropes. Benjamin is down on the mat. Punk picks up Benjamin but Benjamin delivers fists to Punk’s forehead. Punk goes down to one knee and Benjamin backs up to come off the ropes. Burke, who is on the ring apron, pulls down the top rope and Benjamin goes over the top rope and down to the floor in front of the announcer’s table. Burke makes his way into the ring and Punk meets him with a hip toss that sends Burke down to the canvas. Burke is back to his feet and Punk picks him up and delivers a body slam. Punk delivers a knee to Burke’s head and goes for the cover. Burke powers out. Punk goes for a wristlock but Burke pushes Punk back to the corner post with a shoulder block. Burke delivers several more shoulder blocks as Punk is up against the post. Punk fights back with forearms to Burke’s back but Burke responds with punches to Punk’s abdomen and finishes up with a fist to the skull. Burke picks Punk up and delivers a head butt, then nails Punk in the head with a fist that sends Punk down to the mat. Burke goes for the cover but only gets a one count before Punk kicks out. The live audience again begins the CM Punk chant as Burke sends Punk across the ring and into the ropes. Punk hangs onto the ropes but Burke catches him in a headlock. Punk picks Burke up off of the mat but Burke fights him off and gets himself back into a standing position. Burke sends a knee into Punk’s midsection and then backs up to come forward with a forearm to Punk’s head that sends Punk back down to the canvas. Burke picks Punk up and sends him across into the ropes but Punk breaks loose, Burke goes back into the ropes and they charge at each other, meeting in the center of the ring. Punk picks up Burke and sends him over his head and down to the mat. Burke is up against the ropes, Punk charges, Burke gets up a boot to stop Punk, and Burke goes over the top rope and onto the ring apron. Punk springboards off the second rope and delivers a kick to Burke that sends Burke down to the floor. Punk is on his feet but Benjamin slides into the ring behind Punk, turns Punk around and delivers an inverted bulldog, then goes for the cover. Benjamin gets a two count but Burke reaches into the ring and pulls Benjamin off of Punk and out to the floor. Burke and Benjamin exchange blows outside the ring, taking each other down with clotheslines while Punk is still down in the ring and we go to



Back from commercial break, Punk has Burke down in a cover but he doesn’t get the three count. Benjamin is not in the ring, but outside by the announcer’s table. Punk sends Burke into a corner post, backs up and goes for the high knee but Burke drops his shoulder and sends Punk up and over the top rope. Punk lands on the apron ring, Burke turns and charges but Punk delivers a kick to Burke’s side through the ropes. Punk attempts to suplex Burke down to the floor, Burke attempts to suplex Punk back into the ring, but both men manage to block the maneuvers. Burke delivers blows to Punk’s abdomen as Benjamin charges across the ring, goes over both men, catches Punk on his way down, Burke releases his hold and Benjamin slams Punk back first onto the floor. It didn’t sound pretty when Punk landed. It appears he landed directly on his back and the back of his head. Punk and Benjamin are now both outside the ring on the floor, leaving Burke in the ring. Benjamin rolls Punk back into the ring and as Benjamin gets up on the ring apron, Burke greets him with a dropkick through the ropes. Benjamin goes back down to the floor. Burke delivers a high elbow drop to Punk who is still down on the mat, then Burke stops to show off to the live audience. Burke goes for the pin but as Punk kicks out, Benjamin rolls back into the ring. Benjamin goes after Burke with a blow to the back. Burke retaliates with a fist to Benjamin’s jaw. Benjamin grabs Burke’s legs and drops him down to the mat then goes to work with fists to the face. Burke rolls Benjamin over and goes for a roll up but Benjamin kicks out. Burke delivers a knee to Benjamin’s midsection then sends him across the ring but Benjamin makes the switch and hits Burke with a knee in the abdomen. Benjamin sends Burke into the ropes, Burke comes off and ducks under Benjamin’s waiting clothesline, turns and delivers a boot to Benjamin’s midsection, then goes down on one knee and delivers an uppercut to Benjamin’s jaw. Benjamin lands on the ropes and Burke goes across to come off the opposite ropes and lands on Benjamin’s back before sliding out of the ring and onto the floor. Burke walks back up the steel steps to get back in the ring where Punk is still down on the mat. Burke delivers a boot to Punk through the ropes and then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Punk makes it back to his feet and goes after Burke who has just reached the top rope. Punk delivers a series of fists to the abdomen and then tries to send Burke over his head and down to the mat but Burke fights back with fists before raking the eyes. Benjamin is back to his feet and he leaps up to the top rope, grabs Burke and delivers a flying suplex off the top rope. All three men are now down in the ring. Benjamin goes for the cover on Burke and gets a two count before Burke gets a shoulder off the mat and Punk comes after Benjamin. Punk and Benjamin are both back to their feet as Punk delivers a boot to Benjamin’s gut, then delivers blows to the side of Benjamin’s head. Benjamin tries to deliver a boot to Punk but Punk catches his foot and as Benjamin swings around, he comes back with a high kick that connects and sends Punk crashing back down to the canvas. Benjamin goes for the pin on Punk but Punk kicks out. Benjamin picks Punk up and delivers a knee to the abdomen and a forearm to the back of the head, another knee to the abdomen, then he tries to send Punk into the corner post. Punk gets the switch and sends Benjamin into the corner post then follows up with a high knee. Burke is back to his feet and he delivers a dropkick to the back of Punk’s head. Burke goes for the cover on Punk but Punk gets a shoulder up off the mat. Burke drags Punk to the center of the ring and delivers an elbow drop. Burke is back to his feet and he points at Benjamin who is still down in the corner of the ring. Burke charges at Benjamin, grabs the top ropes and goes up in the air but Benjamin is back on his feet and he catches Burke in midair. Benjamin carries Burke into the center of the ring but Burke breaks free. Benjamin turns and goes after Burke with a clothesline but Benjamin ducks underneath. Burke comes back with a forearm to the jaw, sending Benjamin over the top rope. Benjamin hangs onto the top rope as he goes over, gets back up on the ring apron and as Burke comes toward him, delivers an elbow to Burke. Benjamin jumps down off the ring apron and to the floor as Punk, who is back to his feet, picks up Burke and delivers the GTS. Benjamin tries to get back in the ring but Punk gets the three count and the win.



CM Punk

Number One Contender for the WWE ECW Title

He will face Chavo Guerrero next week in a title match.


After the match, Chavo hits the ring to face Punk. Chavo does a little trash talking then holds the ECW title belt high over his head as Punk stares him down.


This was a great match although I was a little surprised at Punk and Burke in the ring. They didn’t seem to play off each other very well and some of the moves looked awkward. Benjamin went all out in this match, taking some hard lumps throughout. All three men worked hard in this match and it was an entertaining end for tonight’s ECW. Watching Burke and Benjamin together in the ring, it could well be that they would make a nice tag team for the ECW line up. CM Punk seems to do much better on his own although he and Benjamin worked well off each other in this match.




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