Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

February 25, 2008 – Recap by Sassy

Last Monday Night Raw: Replay of the John Cena versus Randy Orton match. If Cena wins, the title match at Wrestlemania XXIV becomes a Triple Threat Match between Cena and Triple H and Orton for the WWE Championship. John Cena won the match.

Monday Night Raw is broadcast

from Phoenix, AZ On the USA Network

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham

The Game Triple H, John Cena and Randy Orton are in the ring with Raw General Manager William Regal. Regal introduces the three men in the ring with John Cena getting the biggest pop. Regal tells the audience that the main event at Wrestlemania XXIV will be a history making match for the WWE Championship pitting The Game Triple H, Challenger versus John Cena, Challenger versus Randy Orton, defending Champion. Regal says he is responding to requests for photo opportunity, therefore, Regal is taking this time to grant said photo opportunity. The chants for Cena are quite audible. Regal asks for comments from each of the three opponents.

John Cena takes the mic and thanks Orton and Triple H for coming out because Cena has a problem with one of the other two men in the ring. Cena thanks Triple H for the way he called the match last week on Raw but Cena did not appreciate the pedigree Triple H gave him after the match and he wants Triple H to know he has a problem with that.

Triple H takes the mic and tells Cena there is no need to thank him. He didn’t do Cena any favors, he did what was right, and he wants Cena in that ring at Wrestlemania. Triple H says Cena may not have appreciated that pedigree but it doesn’t matter whether Cena appreciated it or not but he better get used to it because at Wrestlemania he is going to get the same thing.

Cena reminds Triple H that the last encounter they had found Triple H tapping out.

Triple H removes his jacket and Orton tells them they can talk all the trash that they want but one thing is going to remain the same. Orton is still the WWE Champion. Orton says they both have given Orton their best shot but he still has the title. Cena and Triple H are still in a staring stand off and ignoring Orton. Orton tells Cena “The champ is here!” Orton holds the title belt high in the air. Orton says there isn’t a damned thing that either of them can do about it.

Triple H and Cena cut loose on Orton and toss him over the top rope and down to the floor. Cena and Triple H are now nose to nose in the ring and they begin an exchange of blows in the ring. Triple H takes down Cena but Orton enters the ring and delivers the RKO to Triple H and then to Cena when he gets back to his feet.

The “You Suck!” chants for Orton are louder than Cena and Triple H got put together.

Orton leaves the ring and walks up the entrance ramp leaving John Cena and The Game Triple H laid out in the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Wrestlemania XXIV, 34 days away.

Orton is backstage walking down the hall when Mr. Kennedy stops him. Kennedy says he wants to talk to Orton and he tells Orton that he will be winning The Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania and that he will be cashing in his title shot that night. He tells Orton that if he loses his title shot, he loses.  If he wins, he will lose when Kennedy takes his title away. Orton says he will still walk out of Wrestlemania the WWE Champion. Kennedy tells him they will see about that and Orton walks off.


Tag Team Match

Santino Marella



At a combined weight of 447 lbs.

Accompanied to the ring by Maria




Cody Rhodes


Hardcore Holly

At a combined weight of 462 lbs.

WWE World Tag Team Champions


Audience favorites: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly

My favorites: Cody Rhodes, Hardcore Holly & Carlito


I know Carlito is on the wrong side but I think he is good in the ring. I haven’t seen enough of Santino Marella actually in the ring to know if he is any good or not. He has been relegated to pimping Maria for her Playboy shoot and has not been seeing action. We’ll see if he can keep up with the other three in this match.

The bell rings and Marella faces off with Cody in the ring. They have a shoving contest until Cody delivers a fist and slams Marella down to the mat. Lawler is busy trying to get Maria over to the announcer’s table instead of doing his job and calling the match. Cody send Marella into the corner post and then goes to work with fists and boots before sending Marella over on the mat on his back. Carlito has gone over to the corner trying to distract Cody and he is halfway between the corners when Marella sends Cody directly into Carlito, knocking Carlito off the ring apron and down to the floor. As Cody turns around, Marella delivers a boot and then slams Cody down to the mat. Marella tags in Carlito and Carlito and Marella take turns pounding on Cody until the referee makes Marella get out of the ring. Carlito unleashes punches on Cody and when Cody is down on the mat, Carlito delivers a boot and goes for the cover. He can’t get the three count. He tries again and Cody kicks out. Carlito has Cody in a chin lock but Cody is back to his feet. Carlito and Cody are both down on the mat. Carlito goes for the cover and can’t even get a two count. Cody ends up in the wrong corner and Carlito tags in Marella, but Cody manages to counter Marella’s move. Both men are down, Marella makes a tag to Carlito but Cody has made a tag to Holly who comes into the ring to take down both Marella and Carlito. Holly sends Carlito into the ropes and then drops him on the mat. Holly delivers a boot to Carlito’s midsection; Carlito comes back with a forearm to Holly’s back. AND THE CAMERA IS FOLLOWING AROUND JERRY LAWLER WHO CAN’T KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS AND IS AFTER MARIA!  THERE IS WRESTLTING IN THE RING, YOU IDIOTS! Carlito tags in Marella and he goes up on the top turnbuckle but WE CAN’T SEE ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE THE CAMERA IS STILL AT THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE! Holly manages to take Marella down to the mat and deliver the Alabama slam, goes for the cover and gets the three count.



Hardcore Holly


Cody Rhodes

WWE World Tag Team Champions


After the match, Maria runs back into the ring to check on Marella. Marella responds by yelling at Maria and then yelling at Lawler for distracting him by bothering Maria.

Lawler says that the audience wills see highlights of the WWE Wrestlemania press conference.


I realize that it is imperative Vince McMahon be forever linked to Playboy magazine, however, I feel that wrestling should be wrestling and not a constant plug for Hugh Hefner. We have a match with Cody Rhodes, Hardcore Holly and Carlito who are all good in the ring and we miss most of the match due to the Lawler-Maria whatever the hell you want to call it. The first part of the show is a whole lot of talk and the first match turns out to be a joke.  It is a waste of time for the wrestlers involved in the match, the live audience and the viewing audience.


Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JR reminds the audience that Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Big Show have agreed to face each other at Wrestlemania XXIV.  Video recap of the feud brewing between the two men.

Recap of the WWE Press Conference in Los Angeles, CA at noon today. (That figures!  I was in LA the week before on business – no chance I’d be in the same place at the same time as a WWE press conference!)  To be perfectly honest, I’d like to see Floyd Mayweather in person. Cena, Triple H, Shane McMahon, Mayweather and Big Show all attended the conference. We appear to have a battle brewing at the press conference even if Mayweather had to stand on a table to look Show in the eye.

Todd Grisham is backstage with Regal. Todd says Regal has a major announcement regarding the main event on Raw tonight. Regal says that tonight’s main event on Raw will be a tag team match.  On one team, Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton and the other team will be John Cena and Triple H. Y2J Chris Jericho arrives and tells Regal he wants to be in The Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania but Regal says that he has to qualify just like everyone else. Jericho’s opponent will be someone who has already qualified – Jeff Hardy. And that match is next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, last Monday Night Raw, video replay of the match between Jeff Hardy, WWE Intercontinental Champion against Snitsky in The Money in the Bank qualifying match. Hardy defeated Snitsky and will be going to Wrestlemania.


The Money in the Bank Qualifying Match


Jeff Hardy from Cameron, NC, weighing 225 lbs.

WWE Intercontinental Champion

Jeff Hardy has already qualified for The Money in the Bank Match




Y2J Chris Jericho, weighing 226 lbs.


I like both of the wrestlers in this match up. Jeff is so fast but Jericho shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping up.


The bell rings and the two walk around the ring sizing each other up. They lock up and Jeff pushes Jericho into the ropes. Clean break by Jeff and Jericho twists Jeff’s arm and has him in a wriest lock. Jeff flips over and applies the wristlock to Jericho. Jericho puts Hardy in a side headlock. Jeff sends Jericho into the ropes. Jericho comes off and takes Jeff down with a shoulder block, Jericho off the opposite ropes, Jeff downed with another shoulder block, Jericho off the opposite ropes and Jeff takes him down with a high arm drag. Jericho back to his feet and Jeff drops him with another arm drag. Jericho rolls Jeff up and goes for the pin but cant’ get the three count. Jericho sends Jeff over the top rope but he lands on the ring apron. The two exchange punches until Jericho springboards off of the second rope to deliver a kick to Jeff but Jeff ducks and Jericho misses, landing face first on the mat. Jeff goes up to the top turnbuckle and comes off with a cross body block; Jericho rolls and has Jeff’s shoulders down. Jericho gets a two count before Jeff gets his shoulders off of the mat. Jericho delivers a dropkick to the back of Jeff’s head, picks Jeff up, with the fans chanting for Hardy in the background, points up to the sky and takes Jeff up and over with a suplex, comes off the ropes and drops an elbow then goes for the pin. Jericho gets a two count before Jeff powers out. Jericho picks Jeff up and delivers fists and chops before sending Jeff into the ropes. Jeff comes off of the ropes, ducks under Jericho’s clothesline attempt, turns and when Jericho tries to deliver a dropkick, grabs Jericho’s legs, drops him to the mat, then catapults him up and over the top rope and down to the floor. Jeff backs up and comes off the ropes to go for a baseball slide but Jericho gets out of the way and Jeff lands feet fist on the floor. Both men roll back into the ring and face off in the center of the ring and we go to




Back from commercial break, Jericho has Jeff down in the middle of the ring. During the break, Jeff missed his double kick when Jericho rolled out of the way. Jeff turns over and delivers boots to Jericho’s midsection and kicks to his head. Jeff comes off of the opposite ropes but Jericho catches him with a knee sending him down to the mat. Jericho goes for the cover and gets a two count before Jeff kicks out. Jericho kicks Jeff in the head and then picks him up and delivers a chop to the chest. Jericho delivers another chop to the chest, and then sends him into the ropes. Jeff comes off the ropes and ducks under the clothesline Jericho has waiting for him, comes off the opposite ropes and both men go up in the air and collide. The ref checks on both men down on the mat. The ref starts the count as Jericho is trying to get back to his feet. Jeff unleashes with fists to Jericho’s head and comes off the ropes twice nailing Jericho in the head both times. Jeff sends Jericho into the ropes but Jericho stops him, Jeff swings under and delivers a short arm clothesline that sends Jericho back down to the mat. Jeff sends Jericho into the corner post but as Jeff comes at Jericho, Jericho brings up a boot and nails Jeff in the face. Jericho comes up behind Jeff and heads toward the opposite corner post but he misses and lands on the center turnbuckle. Jericho is hung up on the ropes and this time Jeff nails him with both feet. Jeff goes for the cover and gets a two count. Jeff tries to send Jericho into the ropes, Jericho makes the switch, Jeff comes off of the ropes with a knee to Jericho’s chest. Jeff comes off of the ropes again but Jericho comes off the ropes behind him and delivers a clothesline, goes for the cover and gets a two count. Jericho picks Jeff up off of the mat and delivers a knee to the head and an elbow to the back. The chants seem to have changed to Y2J as Jeff goes up on the top ropes but Jericho catches him and he loses his balance. Jericho is holding the side of his head as if he ran into the top turnbuckle but I couldn’t tell for certain because of the angle of the camera. Jericho climbs up and delivers blows to Jeff’s back but Jeff delivers elbows and sends Jericho back to the canvas. Jeff comes off of the top turnbuckle and catches Jericho, goes for the cover and only gets a two count. Jeff picks up Jericho and sends him chest first into the corner post. As Jericho turns around, Jeff tries to deliver a hurricanrana, but Jericho catches Jeff’s legs and applies the walls of Jericho. Jeff manages to grab the bottom rope and Jericho is forced to break the hold. Jericho stomps on Jeff’s back until the ref makes him break, Jericho sends a kick to the ribs and then comes off the ropes but Jeff catches him with a boot to the midsection. Jeff face plants Jericho with a suplex and then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Jeff comes off with a Swanton bomb, but Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho comes off the ropes with a lion sault and goes for the cover. Jericho gets a two count and Jeff kicks out. Jericho delivers a roll up and gets a two count. Jericho is back to his feet and tries to deliver a kick to the back of Jeff’s head but Jeff ducks and Jericho hits the mat. Jeff delivers a boot to the abdomen and tries for the twist of fate but Jericho ducks underneath and again goes for the walls of Jericho. Jeff kicks Jericho back into the ropes. Jericho comes off the ropes, Jeff rolls him up, Jericho counters and does his own roll up and gets the three count.



Y2J Chris Jericho

Who qualifies for The Money in the Bank Match

at Wrestlemania


After the match, replay of the highlights of the previous match.


Qualified for The Money in the Bank Match: Mr. Kennedy, The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Hardy current WWE Intercontinental Champion and Y2J Chris Jericho.


That was one fast paced incredible match for Monday Night Raw. Jeff Hardy is awesome no matter who his opponent might be but Chris Jericho certainly gave him a run for the money in this match up. It was a great build up for what is going to happen in the actual Money in the Bank Match at Wrestlemania.


JR informs the audience that Hornswoggle is still under a doctor’s care after the attack last week by Vince McMahon and John Bradshaw Layfield. Lawler tells the audience that tonight McMahon has scheduled an apology.

McMahon backstage leaving the makeup artist’s table.  McMahon’s apology is next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for WWE ECW, specifically Kofi Kingston. ECW is on tomorrow night on the Sci-Fi channel.

Promo for Wrestlemania XXIV at The Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL, March 30, 2008.

McMahon enters the arena and the ring. We know he has a mic – why else would he be in the ring? McMahon tells the audience that they are about to hear something from him that they have never heard before. McMahon says that he made a mistake last week and it is difficult for him to say that but for the first time in his life, he made a mistake. He made a mistake when he allowed his son to be put in danger. McMahon says that his son deserved the whipping he got from McMahon but he did not deserve what he got from John Bradshaw Layfield in the steel cage. McMahon tells Hornswoggle that he apologizes for what happened to him last week. The audience doesn’t buy it but McMahon says he isn’t the only one who is going to apologize tonight but the person who caused Hornswoggle’s injuries is going to apologize as well and he tells that person to come out right now. John Bradshaw Layfield comes down the entrance ramp and enters the ring. JBL may not be able to be heard over the boos of the audience. McMahon tells JBL he should beat the hell out of him right now. McMahon says that JBL was only there to control Finlay, not to harm Hornswoggle. McMahon says he wants an apology and he wants it now. He repeats himself when JBL does not respond. JBL says that he is sorry – twice. Then says that he is sorry that Hornswoggle is not McMahon’s son. JBL says that this ruse made McMahon look like a fool and that McMahon’s family started it. JBL says that Hornswoggle is Finlay’s son. McMahon says he doesn’t know whether to believe it or not but it does seem to make some sense because the members of McMahon’s family are rotten to the core. McMahon says asks JBL if Hornswoggle is after his money. JBL says that Hornswoggle has no idea that McMahon is not his father and that Finlay is his father. JBL says that Finlay knew the entire time. JBL says that he has documentation that proves Hornswoggle is not his son. JBL says that the next time Finlay is in a WWE ring, JBL will make Finlay admit the truth. JBL then leaves the ring. McMahon throws down his mic and leaves the ring as well.

Triple H and John Cena are backstage. Triple H says he doesn’t like Cena and Cena doesn’t like him but what Cena wants to do tonight is what Triple H does best – win. Cena says he feels the same way Triple H does.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Wrestlemania XXIV.


Umaga from the Isle of Samoa, weighing 350 lbs.




D.H. Smith from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 250 lbs.


The rumor had it that Smith received “special” treatment. He was brought up to WWE from developmental in order to be suspended for failing a drug test. If this turns out to be fact and not a rumor, WWE’s drug testing program may be more useless than we originally believed.


Umaga goes after Smith and Smith fights right back. Umaga sends Smith over the top rope with a clothesline then goes out to the floor after him. Umaga delivers a chop to the chest, then rolls Smith back into the ring. Umaga goes up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a frog splash halfway across the ring. Umaga picks Smith up, has him against the ring post and delivers a few fists to the forehead for good measure. Umaga then delivers a smash to Smith’s head before picking Smith up and delivering the Samoan spike. Umaga goes for the cover and gets the three count.





Replay of the end of the match – which was most of the match.


A typical squash match with Umaga taking out his aggression on D.H. Smith. Umaga has the ability to be a talented ring worker, however, WWE never allows Umaga to use those talents. D.H. Smith also has the capability to be a great wrestler. WWE is now using Smith as a jobber. Waste of time, waste of talent.


Paul, Katie Lea Burchill and William Regal are backstage. Regal says he got a letter from Vickie Guerrero wanting a representative from Raw to face a representative from Smackdown at Wrestlemania. Regal says that he will send Umaga, but Katie Lea tells Regal that he should send her brother, Paul. Regal says that he has always liked Paul and he has a great future but he has to show him some more. Paul says he will be glad to show him some more and then tells Regal that he thinks his sister likes Regal.

Promo for WWE ECW tomorrow night with Santino Marella and Layla taking on Kofi Kingston and Kelly Kelly.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, replay of last Monday night when HBK Shawn Michaels introduced the first inductee into the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame, Nature Boy Ric Flair.


Lance Cade who is already in the ring

Accompanied to the ring by Trevor Murdoch




HBK Shawn Michaels from San Antonio, TX


The match begins with HBK and Cade locking up in the middle of the ring. HBK has Cade in a headlock but Cade takes charge sending HBK into the ropes and sending him to the mat with a shoulder block. Cade takes HBK down with a suplex and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Cade sends HBK back into the ropes and HBK delivers a back slide and gets a two count. Cade goes for a cover but doesn’t get the three count. Cade goes to work on HBK’s neck and back. HBK gets back to his feet and delivers a few fists to back Cade up. Cade delivers a boot to the midsection. HBK sends Cade into the ropes but Cade comes off the ropes with a boot to HBK’s chest. HBK is down on the mat, Cade picks him up, sends him into the corner post but HBK picks up a boot and stops Cade. Cade slams HBK to the mat before going up to the top turnbuckle to drop an elbow, but HBK rolls out of the way and Cade meets the mat. HBK goes out to the top turnbuckle and delivers a flying elbow. HBK begins to stomp on the mat, Murdoch is up on the ring apron but HBK ducks him and delivers a fist that sends Murdoch down to the floor. HBK locks in the figure four and goes for the submission but Murdoch comes in and drops an elbow on HBK. The referee rings the bell and disqualifies Cade for interference in the match by Murdoch.



HBK Shawn Michaels

via DQ


After the match, Murdoch and Cade both go after HBK. The ref is trying to stop them, but they refuse. As they come at HBK, he delivers a kick to Murdoch, dropping him to the mat. He delivers an inverted atomic drop to Cade and then hits him with the kick to the jaw.


The match was short and not one of Cade’s better matches but not a bad fill in for Raw. I’m not sure why we haven’t seen more of Cade or Murdoch or both on WWE lately. Both men are talented and I’m a big fan of Trevor Murdoch.


Nature Boy Ric Flair enters the ring and tells HBK that he wants to face him at Wrestlemania. HBK says that he does not want to be the one to beat Flair but Flair says that just because they face each other, it does not mean that HBK will win. Flair says that all of the compliments HBK has given him will mean nothing if he doesn’t face him in the ring. HBK agrees and says that he will face Flair in a match at Wrestlemania.

NOTE: It has been rumored that Nature Boy Ric Flair would face HBK Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, lose the match and retire from wrestling.  We will have to wait and see if the rumor is true.

Shaquille O’Neal of the NBA gives his opinion of the Floyd Mayweather versus Big Show at Wrestlemania.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Mike Adamle has the mic. He reminds the audience that Ric Flair is the first inductee in the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. Two of the other inductees are introduced at this time.  Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson, The Rock’s father and Grandfather, will be inducted into the 2008 Hall of Fame. The Rock will be on hand to induct his father and his grandfather in the Hall of Fame. Nice video of both wrestlers and their time in the WWE. Tickets for the Hall of Fame Ceremony are available this Saturday.

Lawler informs the audience that another match has been scheduled for Wrestlemania and that match will be Bunny Mania:  Maria and Candice Michelle versus Melina and The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

JR informs the audience that they will now see Maria’s Playboy shoot. NOTE: I skipped over this part. I tuned in to watch wrestling.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for next Monday Night Raw, Floyd “Money” Mayweather versus Big Show.


Tag Team Match


Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, WI, weighing 243 lbs.


Randy Orton from St. Louis, MO, weighing 245 lbs.

WWE Champion




The Game Triple H from Greenwich, CT, weighing 255 lbs.




John Cena from MA, weighing 240 lbs.


A match where everyone, including Orton’s partner, is gunning for Orton. Works for me.


Orton and Kennedy has words as so Cena and Triple H before the match begins. The bell rings and Orton goes after Cena. Cena throws him over the top rope and to the floor. Triple H sends Kennedy out to the floor. Cena and Triple H are standing face to face in the ring and we go to





Back from commercial break, Cena has Kennedy pinned. He gets a two count before Kennedy gets a shoulder up. Cena tags in Triple H and he goes to work on Kenney, backing him up against the corner post, delivering a few punches and then sending him across the ring into the opposite ring post. Kennedy is ready for him and backs him up with a shoulder block. Triple H sends Kennedy into the ropes and takes him down to the mat before tagging in Cena. Cena slams Kennedy face first into the top turnbuckle and then uses his abdomen as a punching bag. Cena tags in Triple H. Triple H receives a low blow from Kennedy as the ref’s back is turned. Kennedy tags in Orton and Orton goes to work on Triple H with stomps all over Triple H’s body. Orton gives Cena the look and Cena glares back. Orton goes for the cover but Triple H kicks out. Orton tags Kennedy back in the match and Kennedy keeps Triple H in the wrong corner. Kennedy delivers kicks to Triple H as Orton hold Triple H in the corner. Triple H manages to nail Kennedy with a few kicks before Kennedy backs up and delivers a running kick to Triple H’s head. Kennedy goes for the cover and gets a two count before Triple H gets a shoulder off of the mat. Kennedy tags in Orton. Orton has Triple H in a headlock, down on the mat. Triple H makes it back to his feet, sending fists to Orton’s abdomen. Orton sends Triple H to the floor by his hair and as the ref’s back is turned, Kennedy goes to work on Triple H who is down on the mat. Orton drops Triple H face first on the mat, goes for the pin but doesn’t get the three count. Orton tags in Kennedy and we have a double team until the ref gets Orton back in his corner. Triple H gets back to his feet, sending Triple H into the corner post, but Triple H gets the boot up and nails Kennedy. Triple H can’t get the tag to Cena as Kennedy tags in Orton.  Orton delivers an inverted back breaker. Orton goes for the RKO as Triple H gets to his feet, but Triple H shoves Orton out of the way. Triple H tags in Cena as Orton tags in Kennedy. Cena goes after Kennedy, delivering hits, kicks, inverted atomic drops and then goes for the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena hits it and goes for the FU, but Orton gets involved. Triple H comes in and sends Orton out onto the floor and follows him out. Cena delivers a drop toehold to Kennedy and delivers a submission hold. Kennedy taps out.



John Cena


The Game Triple H


Not a bad match but not one of the best I have seen. These four men in the ring should have been spectacular but it was lacking something. I can’t describe it but I think the match between Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho was much more entertaining and fast paced than this match was.


After the match, Triple H and Cena face off in the ring. Kennedy appears and takes Cena down to the mat. Triple H stands by and watches.


Wrestling Bodyslam . Com