TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

February 18, 2008

by Sassy


TNA Wants Jonny Fairplay?

Fairplay is telling everyone that he is signing a deal with TNASource: .  Hmmm, makes us wonder if they are signing up that guy that beat him up at the awards ceremony…

And more

Former TNA personality Jonny Fairplay, who may be re-joining the company, is said to have major heat with the locker room, reports prowrestling.NET. Few people were happy to see him backstage at last Monday's Impact taping.

The heat stems from his previous run with the company, which took place during 2004 and 2005. A number of people backstage weren't pleased with how he buried TNA during media appearances, bragged about the amount of money he was being paid for doing little, not to mention that he generally rubbed people the wrong way with his cocky demeanor.

There is some concern among people in the locker room that TNA is going to pay Fairplay and get little in return. A number of undercard wrestlers are frustrated with their pay at the moment and are not up for the idea of the company giving Fairplay another big money contract. Meanwhile, TNA president Dixie Carter is interested in Fairplay's services because she believes that he can help garner some mainstream publicity for the company. As reported earlier, Fairplay has not signed a contract with TNA, but is expected to appear at the next week's set of Impact tapings.

Also, there was some eye-rolling among some of the wrestlers backstage because he was hanging out in the "green room" -- a room generally reserved for the top stars of the company such as Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash and Booker T.


New Plans for Abyss

Mike Johnson reports that Abyss will be off of TV for a while to play up the current storyline that he may be done. He is then scheduled to return in a few months unmasked and will most likely wrestle under his real name. Source: ProWrestlingFans


Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machineguns

Team 3D's Brother Ray was responsible for booking most of the six man tag match from last weekend's Against All Odds that was designed to push Jay Lethal to the next level. The original plan was to give the rub to the Motor City Machineguns (who have done good merchandise business and are extremely popular among fans), but they have some heat for allegedly balking at different aspects of recent angles and "being too concerned with what fans online think". Source: ProWrestlingFans


TNA Booking

Kurt and Karen Angle have alot of booking freedom over their own segments and angles. According to one source, if the Angles have nd idea, 9 times out of 10 it will be used even if it is thought to be a bad idea. NOTE: That explains a lot to this writer about the quality of TNA booking!

As previously mentioned Vince Russo has been booking most of what is seen on iMPACT!. According to numerous sources Jeff Jarrett comes up with the feuds and matches he wants and then gives Vince the task of setting up the angles and storylines around them.

The match agents ("producers") in TNA currently include Glen Gilberti (Disco Inferno), Scott D'amore, D'Lo Brown and Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) while one of the members of Phi Delta Slam is currently working the gorilla position.

Most of the Abyss/Mitchell/Mesias storyline was booked by Mantell with ideas from Abyss.

NOTE: You have to admit, Abyss has come up with some killer ideas – as in Barbed Wire Massacre II.

Brother Ray booked alot of Team 3D and Devine's feud with Machismo and The Motor City Machine Guns.

Source: Rajah


TNA Wants Dragon Gate

TNA has contacted Dragon Gate about using some of their stars in late March when they are Orlando for two ROH events. Source: ProWrestlingFans


Not Under Contract

A source within TNA Wrestling has confirmed that a lot of the newer talent they've brought in are working without contracts. Because these wrestlers are working without restrictive deals, they still have the freedom to work for Ring of Honor and other independent companies that TNA prohibits it’s contracted wrestlers to work for. Source: ProWrestlingFans


New Faces

Mike Johnson of the Professional Wrestling Insider is reporting that Tranesha Briggers (the new Knockout that has aligned herself as Scott Steiner’s valet) will work under the name Rocka Khan. Source:  Rajah

Rocka Khan made her debut at Against All Odds during Big Poppa Pump’s match against Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams


Under Contract

Samoa Joe is described as being "locked up, long term" with TNA through 2010 or 2011. There were also similar reports making the rounds about Team 3D's status with TNA. Despite reports stating otherwise, the team is signed with TNA through September 2008. Source: ProWrestlingFans


Shark Boy Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve Austin recently commented on the current TNA Sharkboy rip-off: "I've heard about it. It doesn't anger me. If a guy is able to make a living on a rip-off, a spoof, making fun of me, whatever. I'm still with WWE. More power to him." Source: ProWrestlingFans


Team 3D Versus Booker T

Team 3D has posted a video promo on the Myspace page of their wrestling academy calling out Booker T’s wrestling school and claiming that there is heat between the two schools. Apparently they are doing this to build up storylines against each other as a way to work together. Source: ProWrestlingFans


Shelly Martinez News

For those wondering of the backstage reaction regarding Shelly “Salinas” Martinez’s recently released adult fetish DVD, there is no heat on her for partaking in the project. Martinez was filmed in the project before she was under a TNA contract and company officials were aware of the DVD before she was signed. Source: ProWrestlingFans


Lockdown Pay Per View

The official website for TNA's upcoming Lockdown PPV features a logo with a cloverleaf. Since its been reported that TNA was considering holding the Lockdown event from Boston (a city with a very high Irish population), there's a good chance they're going with that. Source: ProWrestlingFans


Mobile Alert

TNA Wrestling sent out a text message to their "TNA Mobile" subscribers earlier today announcing that they will be holding a "fully interactive PPV" later this year. Source: Rajah


iMPACT Ratings

TNA iMPACT! last night scored a 1.08 cable rating (1.1), .78 in M18-49, a .55 in P18-49, a .68 in M18-34, and an average audience of 1.5 million viewers. The show did quarter hours of 1.10, 1.09, 0.99, 1.08, 0.98, 1.01, 0.91, and 1.03. Source: ProWrestlingFans


TNA Talent Events

Tomko d. Alexander Otsuka at Antonio Inoki's IGF show on February 15, 2008.

Kurt Angle lost his version of the IWGP title in Japan when he was defeated by Shinsuke Nakamura. Angle won the title when he defeated Brock Lesnar on an IGF show back in June of 2007

IWA held their February 16 event at the Antonio R. Barceló Coliseum at Toa Baja. Luis Santiago, of reported the results as follows: TNA & NWA Female champion Amazing Kong defeated the team of Double Image in 9:58 after applying a splash on one of the guys. During the match Kong ducked a movement by one of them and seems that one of the Double Image team injured his knee.



TNA Events

For information on house shows, pay per views, and information on your favorite TNA roster members, visit


Destination X Update

TNA Destination X - Sunday March 9, 2008 - Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA

Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, Tomko, AJ Styles) vs. Samoa Joe, Christian Cage & Kevin Nash

Elevation X Scaffold Match: Rhino vs. James

Source: Gerweck


Kurt Angle’s Interview

TNA World Champion Kurt Angle had some interesting comments in a recent interview with The website did the interview in video format, but has since posted some quotes in text format. Below are some of the quotes posted:

Regarding TNA’s videogame to WWE's videogame: "Smackdown's game is going to look like all the other games in the past. I've been there. I know how much effort they put behind it. For each wrestler they usually take about two-and-a-half minutes and that's it. They (Midway) have actually spent hours with wrestlers to make this happen with TNA Impact! You're going to see it's so much more authentic. It's a no brainer. We're going to win the war definitely."

When asked if he felt confident that fans would choose TNA’s game over WWE’s game: "No I'm not confident that will happen. I believe in the long run we will end up selling more than they will. But I believe the fans will pick Smackdown first, they will try it out and then they'll go back and they will pick TNA Impact! up and they'll try it and say "wow I shouldn't have bought Smackdown".

Perhaps his most interesting comments: "During the first week I don't think we're going to win the war. I think within a month we're going to be crushing them in the war. So it's just going to take a couple of weeks for everybody to realize that we have the better game. It's just that right now WWE is slightly beating us in the TV ratings and they are going to have the advantage because they've had experience. This is our first video game. This is big for us, this is huge. A lot of people are going to be curious but at the same time they're so used to buying WWE stuff they are probably going to do the old fashioned "let me see how Smackdown's doing" and then they'll say "let me see how Impact's doing".

Of course Angle’s claim that WWE is just “slightly” beating TNA in the TV ratings is not true at all. TNA’s ratings are not even close to the ratings of RAW or SmackDown.  Source: Rajah


Not Exactly TNA News

Late last year, Andrew "Test" Martin wrote on his MySpace page that he was planning on retiring from the wrestling business after his wrestling tour of Europe this March. Martin has since changed his mind as he is now accepting bookings for indy shows, personal appearances, and fan conventions. If anyone is interested in Test's services, e-mail David Herro at for more information.

Test put up a new blog on his MySpace talking about Thursday's Northern Illinois University shooting incident. Test wrote, "So I see on the news another American decided to shoot up a University campus. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of American friends but I will as a Canadian never understand your fascination with having a gun. Do you think it adds inches to your ####? I think it makes you a #####, anyone who needs a gun is a coward..try putting your fists up and let's see what happens. maybe that's why this country is so messed up." He also added, "Your precious America..the super power ranks number 56th on the list for health care right behind the way Canada is 2nd. I wouldn't even know where to get a gun in Canada but here it's on every corner...Guns are for #####, you point a gun at me you better be sure to pull the trigger because I will break your neck with my bare hands..." Source:


According to her MySpace page, former TNA backstage announcer Leticia Cline is releasing a DVD on herself through her official website,, very soon. It is a new biography DVD entitled "Leticia Cline Uncovered." The DVD will feature interviews, "exclusive footage," photo shoots, a photo gallery, and more.





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