TNA New Bytes

TNA New Bytes

August 23, 2007

by Sassy

I do not take pleasure in constantly ranting about TNA.  In fact, I started writing about TNA on this site because I was so excited about a venue that was not WWE owned, but TNA hasnít been providing me with anything positive as of late.  I go with what I know and call Ďem like I see Ďem. If the stories are true about TNA wrestlers suffering from low morale, itís easy to sympathize with them. 

Speak No Evil

Several websites are reporting that TNA management is monitoring all interviews and TNA roster members are not allowed near a reporter without a member of TNA management present. 

And speaking of reporters, take a look at Bob Mageeís recent rant:

TNA doesnít seem to catch on.  The greatest TNA reporter is no more, thanks to TNA management.  Other reporters are getting the idea that TNA isnít interested in having them around. Does that mean TNA wants the fans to only see and hear what TNA management wants them to see and hear?

TNA Roster Watch

For more takes on how TNA is killing itís talent, please see an article by Daniel Wilcox here:

Which describes what TNA doing to Samoa Joe and the rest of the talent they continually ignore.

WWE, er I Mean TNA

Mike Shalik reports that a TNA text message went out to TNA mobile subscribers indicating TNA is in discussions with Pacman Jones to produce Jonesí new music video.  They have got to be kidding!  I have music channels through my cable company if  I want to see music videos.  This guy canít play football because he is suspended for illegal activities, he canít wrestle because he is under contract with a football league who wonít allow it and now TNA is going to produce his music video.  He canít play football, he canít wrestle and if he canít sing or rap or whatever he thinks heís doing, will TNA be picking up the tab for the next endeavor? 

The rumor mill tells us that Vince Russo had nothing to do with the hiring of the Tennessee Titan suspended player. Thank you Mr. Russo!

And did everyone know that Jonesí criminal defense attorney, Manny Arora, is none other than the attorney for Dr. Phil Astin of painkiller and steroid fame?  Mr. Arora certainly gets around, doesnít he? provided us with that little tidbit and this one:  Jones has only been arrested five times, but has been questioned by the police for ten separate incidents. 

How Long is Three Months

Too long when you consider thatís how much time Pacman Jones has left on his TNA contract. You can read about Jonesí contract here: I just feel any sympathy for Jones on his loss of 3 million dollars due to his suspension from football.

And this just in from citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter ďIt is believed TNA is paying Pacman Jones $25,000.00 per appearanceĒ.  If this is true, heís already made $50,000.00.  He appeared at Hard Justice and then on iMPACT.    Add another $25,000.00 to that.  I just checked and Jones is scheduled to appear on this iMPACT this week.

Iím so shocked, I canít even comment.  I donít know why Iím shocked but am.  TNA is complaining about the money they loaned Konnan for surgery that most likely saved his life. TNA is cutting costs. They sent five wrestlers packing and signed the football player for $25,000.00 a performance.  

TNA and Konnan


Dave Meltzer reports TNA is in talks with Konnan trying to bring him back.  Vince Russo is brokering the deal.  Konnan says TNA owes him $12,000.00 for his Spanish announce table work and TNA says Konnan owes them $16,000.00 for a loan to get his new kidney.  Hereís a thought:  Get rid of the non-talent, erase the debts all around and get Konnan back on board so we can all be relieved that he is well and let him work like we know he can.

Marc Mero Questions TNA

From The Wrestling Observer:  Marc Mero contacted Dixie Carter about TNAís drug testing policy, however, TNA lawyers said it was a private matter. I donít think thatís how Congress is going to see it.

Rating the Roster

Larry Csonka has a TNA wrestlerís ratings page here:

Although Iím not in complete agreement with him on some of my favorites, it is a good write up.

Current TNA Events

TNA at New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY on September 3.  Information at

Rhino and Christian Cage will be at an autograph signing at Devonís Smoothie Shop, 3D Smoothies, in Melbourne, FL on September 8 beginning at 3 PM, concluding at 6 PM.  Call 321-254-9057 for further information.

No Surrender Pay Per View September 9.

TNA house show at Zamora Shrine Temple, Birmingham/Rondale, AL October 11.  Tickets go on sale September 10.

TNA Interaction Fanfest will be held October 14, no further information available at this time.

Bound For Glory will be held in Atlanta, GA on October 14. Tickets go on sale September 7.

Current Events Involving TNA Talent

Hector Guerrero at Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, FL on August 25. We read a blurb in the A1 Wrestling newsletter indicating Jim ďThe AnvilĒ Neidhart would be wrestling on the same card.

JAPW match between Samoa Joe & Lo-Ki versus LAX for the JAPW Tag Team title on September 3.  Information at

Help spread the word.  If we have missed any events that should be added, please contact the Webmaster.

TNA in the Big Apple

Mike Johnson reports TNA is hoping to bring a show to New York City sometime in 2008.

Not Necessarily TNA News

Whereís Jerry Lynn? reports Jerry Lynn may be headed to WWE via the ECW show.  As a Jerry Lynn fan, Iíll be sure to keep you posted on his whereabouts. Call me crazy, but I thought TNA should have bent over backwards to keep Lynn on the payroll preferably in the ring.


www.F4Wonline tells us that Ric Flair may be retiring around Wrestlemania 24.  I realize that Flair has worked for WWE for quite some time, but I was watching him before that.  Love him or hate him, Rick is a wrestling legend and deserves respect.

Bragging Rights

I recently wrote a column for another wrestling website.  I do not wish to take away from this site because I love what I do here and believe it is one great wrestling site but I wanted to share this particular column with our readers.  Posted with permission of Wrestling Truth & Wrestling Rumors:

The Heat From Congress
Written By: Sassy

The recent clamor about steroids, other legal/illegal drugs and drug testing made me sit down and think about the changes in wrestling over the years. I began to wonder when, how and why it all changed.

When I was young, local wrestlers were Pat OíConnor, Bob Geigel, Bulldog Bob Brown, Sonny Myers, Nature Boy Roger Kirby, Danny Little Bear and Harley Race. These were men that anyone could watch every week on local television. Television capabilities improved and thus began the age of Ric Flair, Michael Hayes with his Freebirds, the Funk Brothers, and the Von Erich clan. Not one of these men was built as though they spent every day in the gym. They were wrestlers, not bodybuilders. Some of them were baby faces and some of them were heels but all of them were adored in the ring.

No one cared if Bulldog Bob Brown was a little on the chunky side. Everyone hated him when he was bad and loved him when he was good. Pat OíConnor and Sonny Myers knew more legal wrestling holds than I had ever heard of. Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes were loud and annoying but you would never want to miss a match with either or both of them in the ring. I donít remember worrying about the size of their muscles. I worried about the guy facing them and what he would look like at the end of the match.

I started a list of deceased wrestlers as a reference for myself. Even after the articles popping up all over the Internet telling how many wrestlers had died under the age of 65, I was not prepared for all of the names I wrote down and how many unknown causes of death I found. And I am still adding names to that list. Bryan ďCrushĒ Adams was the last name entered with cause of death unknown to date.

I have been trying to find out who decided fit bodies with normal muscles were not appropriate for the ring. I am not sure when the rules changed and how steroids became a normal part of wrestling life. I remember not only the scandal a few years back but also the smirks of people who just knew super stars such as Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior had to be on something. Large hulking muscles were not considered ďnormalĒ.

Is Congress crossing a line investigating drug policies in the wrestling world? I wish I had a definite answer to that question. It is obvious that someone should be since no wrestling organization seems to be interested in following through on its own. I do know something about drugs and drug policies in the workplace. I worked for a Government contractor. I assisted in developing a zero tolerance drug policy. If any employee at any job site on any military base was caught with illegal drugs they were terminated immediately. No exceptions. They were terminated because if a Government representative found one of the contractorís employees with illegal drugs, the contractor was held responsible. When an organization is held accountable and the ultimate punishment could be the loss of income, it is amazing how quickly preventative policies are established.

So blame it on the Benoit tragedy, that list of younger deceased wrestlers that keeps growing or the pro wrestling organizations who decided it was never important, but the world of pro wrestling may never be the same. And I, with my own list of those gone, wonít say thatís a bad thing.

Check out the entire Wrestling News & Wrestling Rumors website here: and while you are there be sure to read Keelanís Call, Wrestlingís Not Fake, Itís Painfully Real.  It is an in depth look at the way pro wrestling has changed and what has gone wrong with the health and well being of pro wrestlers.  I agree that wrestling is not fake.  That does not mean that severe injuries and sometimes death donít happen.  Anyone can make a mistake or miss a cue.  Wrestlers are athletes and I dare any non-wrestler who says they are not to hop in the ring and last for fifteen minutes with a pro wrestler in the ring.

Where is Marcus Cor Von?

I noticed Marcus Cor Von, TNAís Monty Brown the Alpha Male, has been missing from ECW for quite some time.  Rumor had it that he was having problems dealing with a recent death in his family or a family situation of some sort.  Latest rumors say that he has been taking care of his sisterís children because she unable to do so at this time.  He may no longer be with TNA but I enjoyed watching him in the ring.  If he is taking time for his family, kudos to him and I hope he will be back in action soon.

Follow Up to Mondayís Bytes

Konnan Update

Dave Meltzer reports that Konnanís drug therapy worked, he still has his new kidney and is out of the hospital again.  According to the report, Konnan has no plans to return to TNA.  Keep getting better, Konnan!

Update on the Death of John Kronus

The Citizen of Laconia reports that John Kronus, real name George Caiazzo, was found to have an enlarged heart at the time of his death.  Once again a medical examiner is still waiting for toxicology reports before naming the actual cause of death.

The Latest on the Evil Dr. Astin

Dr. Astinís attorney has filed a court document stating that Chris Benoit had a hormone disorder and that is why Astin prescribed such an outrageous amount of steroids. Benoit was prescribed 10 months worth of anabolic steroids every three to four weeks for one year.  I am not a medical doctor, but this looks like a legal ploy to me. It certainly took a long time for Dr. Astin to decide to let the world know the ďreasonĒ he was over prescribing steroids.  How convenient to do so after the cremation of the body had already taken place.  Astinís attorney seems to think the world is gullible.  Iím not so sure the District Attorney is going to buy the story.






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