February 7, 2008 – Recap by Sassy

I will be away from home during the next week and most likely will not be near a television set.  Never fear – I have Tivo. I will be playing catch up with next week’s wrestling shows the following week.  That includes Against All Odds airing this Sunday on pay per view.

NEWS FLASH: TNA is reported to be in talks with Bobby Knight, the hotheaded basketball coach who recently resigned his last position.

Not Exactly TNA News: Low Ki, previously known as TNA’s Senshi, injured his knee last week during a match. No word yet on how long he will be out of action.

Against All Odds Card

Hardcore Street Fight

Brother Ray & Brother Devon, Team 3D & Johnny Devine, TNA X Division Champion


Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, Motor City Machineguns & Black Machismo Jay Lethal

Match Stipulations: If Lethal and MMG lose, the X Division will be disbanded. If Devine & Team 3D lose Ray and Devon will have to get their weight down to 275 lbs., and keep their weight at 275 in order to compete in TNA.

TNA World Tag Team Championship

The Phenomenal AJ Styles & Tomko, Champions


BG James & Bullet Bob Armstrong, Challengers

TNA Women’s Championship

Awesome Kong, Champion


O.D.B., Challenger

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

The Instant Classic Christian Cage, Challenger


Kurt Angle, Champion

Special Enforcer: The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe

Barbwire Massacre II

The Monster Abyss


Judas Mesias with Father James Mitchell

Grudge Match

Booker T


Robert Roode

Drinking Championship

Cowboy James Storm. Challenger


Showtime Eric Young, Champion

Women’s Match

Peyton Banks


Traci Brooks


Case Versus Case

Feast or Fired

X Division Championship Shot


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Shot

Scott Steiner


Petey Williams

A rundown of last week’s action on iMPACT and a summary of what is coming up: Samoa Joe didn’t sign his negotiated contract last week. Jim Cornette may try again to get Joe to sign on the dotted line but he will need to worry about Matt Morgan getting in Joe’s way. 

Traci Books has been gunning for Peyton Banks and if Traci has her way, she won’t be waiting until the pay per view to smack Peyton around a little.

Robert Roode should be looking over his shoulder tonight. Last week Booker made a surprise appearance to surprise Roode.

Shark Boy took out his frustration on Referee Slick Johnson. Will TNA give Shark Boy a match with another roster member in the interest of the safety of their referees? 

AJ and Tomko have been at odds since AJ decided to join the Angle coalition and last week was no different. They have a big match coming up on Sunday night if they can get past their differences and AJ’s constant worrying in order to retain their championship. Kip James fired Roxxi Laveaux from Voodoo Kin Mafia after a mishap during his match against Hernandez of LAX. BG James was not in the building at the time of the firing. If he shows up tonight, what will his reaction to the news be?

O.D.B. is gunning for the women’s title on Sunday. Last week Awesome Kong’s mouthpiece warned O.D.B. to stay away. O.D.B. doesn’t appear to be the kind to avoid a confrontation. Look for Kong and O.D.B. to have something to say to each other tonight.

The Instant Classic Christian Cage faces Judas Mesias for the first time. It will be entertaining to see Christian in a match with the wicked Judas.

Kaz promised Dustin Rhodes a four-pole match tonight complete with mousetraps and the domestic rat, Marlene (previously known as the Artic fox Misty, companion of Black Reign).

PREVIOUSLY ON iMPACT (actually before the show) the conflict between Scott Steiner and Petey Williams regarding the championship briefcases, Booker T going after Robert Roode, Father James Mitchell telling The Monster Abyss that his stepbrother, Judas Mesias, is going to massacre him at the Barbed Wire Massacre, Team 3D and Johnny Devine warning The Motor City Machine Guns and Jay Lethal to not show up at Against All Odds, and Christian’s assist during Tomko’s match against Kurt Angle with AJ Styles as the guest referee.


Jeremy Borash is backstage with Robert Roode and Peyton Banks. JB asks Roode about his match against Booker T at Against All Odds which is a result of Roode nailing Sharmell with a fist during after their match at Final Resolution. Roode claim he tried to apologize to Booker T but Booker is ignoring him.

iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV.

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Crystal Loutham and Jeremy Borash

Ring valet: SoCal Val


Mike Tenay advises the audience that at Against All Odds, Kurt Angle will face Christian Cage in a match for the TNA World Heavyweight title. Tonight Christian will face Judas Mesias in the main event. Johnny Devine will defend his X Division title against Homicide of LAX, Kaz will face Black Reign in a four-corner catch Misty match.

Robert Roode of Wall Street, Manhattan, NY

Accompanied to the ring by Peyton Banks

Before Roode’s opponent is introduced, film clip of the incident at Final Resolution between Robert Roode and Sharmell and the attack by Booker T last week after Roode’s match.

And as soon as the film clip has been shown, Booker T comes out of the crowd dressed in his street clothes and sneaks up behind Robert Roode. Booker rips off Roode’s robe and Roode gets away long enough to go running up the entrance ramp and out of the arena.

This was supposed to be


Black Machismo Jay Lethal of Elizabeth, NJ

However, Lethal never made it to the ring.

Tenay and West give the fans a recap of the matches that will be held at Against All Odds this Sunday on pay per view.

Crystal is backstage with Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan. Matt is complaining about Joe attacking him but Cornette says he isn’t got to do anything to Joe, Cornette is going out to get Joe to sign his new contract. Cornette tells Matt if he gets near the ring or Joe tonight, Cornette will have to fire Matt.

Non-Title Match

Traci Brooks of St. Marys, Ontario, Canada


Awesome Kong, 6’1”, 272 3/8 lbs., residing in Tokyo, Japan

Accompanied to the ring by her sidekick (I can’t remember how I spelled her name last week).

Referee: Earl Hebner

Before the match begins, commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Against All Odds.

If you were going to have someone soften up your opponent before the pay per view, Kong would be the opponent you would want her to have. The bell rings and before the two can lock up, O.D.B. shows up on the monitor and gives Kong a lot of lip and even more insults. This could be bad news for Traci. Kong looks a little angry. Traci gives it her best shot but she isn’t having much luck. Tenay breaks in to tell the audience that Booker T and Robert Roode are still running around backstage with Roode running and Booker chasing. Kong delivers a slam and picks Traci up again to deliver the awesome bomb.


Awesome Kong

After the match, Peyton Bank shows up to beat up on a downed Traci Brooks. The ever-brave Earl Hebner gets knocked down by a girl who continues to beat on Traci until security shows up to pull her out of the ring.

Backstage, we see Robert Roode who looks as though he is running in a marathon, but he is now in the parking lot with Booker T chasing. Roode makes it to his car and drives off leaving Booker T standing.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is in Cornette’s office with Matt, Cornette, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams. Petey is mad at Scott for smacking him with a briefcase last week and Scott is mad at Cornette for not telling him the truth about the X Division and the chance that it may be gone after Against All Odds (See the stipulations in the Team 3D, Devine, MMG, and Lethal match). Cornette says it doesn’t matter because at Against All Odds it will be Scott Steiner versus Petey Williams, case versus case. Whoever wins the match gets both cases.

Before the match, recap of the feud that has been brewing between Black Reign and his alter ego, Dustin Rhodes, and Kaz.

Four Corner Capture Misty Match

The first man to capture the rat wins the match.

Black Reign from The Deepest Corner of His Mind


Kaz from Anaheim, CA

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Kaz appears at the top of the entrance ramp with Darkness Falls, Black Reign’s favorite weapon, along with Black Reign’s wig. Black Reign doesn’t wait for the bell to ring, he goes after Kaz outside the ring. Black Reign takes down Kaz and goes up the top turnbuckle and sticks his hand in the box at the top and gets his hand in a mousetrap.

Then we go to



Back from commercial break, promo for

Kaz is on the top turnbuckle, sticks his hand in a box and he gets caught with a mousetrap. We see a replay of what happened during the commercial break. Nice moves by Kaz.  It would have been even nicer to see without a commercial break in the middle. Two mousetraps down, one mousetrap and one rat to go. Kaz is trying to decide which corner to go up and he does but Black Reign is back to his feet and he brings Kaz back down to the mat. Tenay says that the viewers have been setting record-breaking numbers for iMPACT for the last few weeks. Kaz is now working on Black Reign and has him down on the mat. He goes back up to the top turnbuckle but Black Reign is back to his feet and he sends Kaz off the top turnbuckle and to the floor outside the ring. Black Reign goes for one of the two remaining boxes and again gets a mousetrap on the hand. Kaz is back to his feet and is back in the ring, now going up top to last box and brings out Misty.



Black Reign catches Kaz with Darkness Falls and picks up his Artic fox, Misty.

JB is in the back with Booker T. JB asks about the match Booker has coming up at Against All Odds. Booker says Sharmell wants him to beat up Roode and he will do that at against All Odds.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Destination X pay per view coming up in March, 2008.

Recap of the feud between Team 3D, Devine, MMG and Lethal and the hardcore street fight match coming up at Against All Odds.

X Division Title Match

Johnny Devine from Calgary, Canada




Latin American Exchange


Accompanied to the ring by Salinas

Referee: Slick Johnson

I thought Homicide would have this one wrapped up but Devine seems to be hanging in there. Not a bad match between these two competitors. Devine rolls Homicide up and tries to use the ropes but it doesn’t work. Homicide used the gringo stunner but can’t get the three count. Homicide hits the gringo stunner again and goes for the cover but Brother Devon charges into the ring and breaks it up. Homicide gets beat on by Devon and Brother Ray who enters the ring with a kendo stick. Salinas enters the ring as well and Hernandez comes in to run Devon and Ray out of the ring. Hernandez delivers a border toss to Devine.



via DQ

Johnny Devine retains the X Division title

Crystal is backstage with Christian. Christian says that Against All Odds it will be Christian versus Angle for the TNA Championship. Christian says that he is calling out Tomko.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, recap of the problems between Tomko, Angle, AJ, Christian, Joe, Cornette, with Nash and Matt tagging along.

Cornette is in the ring with the contract for Samoa Joe. He introduces Joe who enters the ring with Kevin Nash in tow. Samoa Joe will be the Special Enforcer for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match at Against All Odds. Cornette tells Joe that Matt is to stay away from the ring and again Cornette presents Joe with the contract and hands Joe a pen.

Kurt Angle enters the arena just as Joe is about to sign the contract. Angle’s Mrs. comes along looking like she just got out of bed (and I don’t mean that in a good way – I think makeup, hairdresser and wardrobe all have it in for her) and then she stops to tear up a fan’s sign before entering the ring with her hubby. Angle tells Joe he isn’t signing anything yet. Angle wants to talk about the match where Joe will be Special Enforcer. With the audience shouting “you suck” for the benefit of Angle, Angle threatens Joe. He tells Joe if he causes Angle to lose his match on Sunday, Joe will pay for it. Joe takes the mic and tells Joe that he has respect for Angle and that at Against All Odds, Joe will call it right down the middle.  They shake hands before Joe picks Angle up and sends him through the table. Nash likes seeing those tables get broken. Joe again does not sign his contract. What’s Cornette going to do – fire Angle?

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for the Barbed Wire Massacre II match at Against All Odds.

JB is backstage with Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave of the Rock ‘n Rave Infection, along with Christy Hemme. Christy forgot to get dressed before she came to work and Lance is telling everyone that they are the greatest band. I think I missed the entire point of whatever that was all about.

NOTE: I do think I read somewhere that Christy Hemme was in a band, but I don’t recall Lance Hoyt or Jimmy Rave being part of that particular band.

Tag Team Match

Lance Hoyt


Jimmy Rave

Rock ‘n Rave Infection

Accompanied to the ring by Christy Hemme


Curry Man from Japan


Shark Boy from The Deep Blue Sea

Referee: Earl Hebner

Shark Boy doesn’t mess around when he faces Rave in the ring. Shark Boy spends a few seconds stomping a mud hole in Rave in fact, before tagging in Curry Man. Rave manages to tag in Lance. All four men end up in the ring but Shark Boy ends up outside of the ring as Lance and Rave work together on Curry Man. Shark Boy hits Lance with a stunner and then he takes out Rave the same way. Curry Man takes Rave down and then allows Shark Boy to make the cover.


Shark Boy


Curry Man

After the match, Shark Boy celebrates with bottles of clam juice.

Crystal is backstage with Tomko and asks about Christian wanting a meeting with Tomko.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is backstage with BG James and Bullet Bob Armstrong. BG addresses AJ and Tomko and tells them that Against All Odds the James Gang is bringing the gold home to Momma. Bob tells AJ and Tomko that he and BG will win the titles. Kip James shows up and tells them both that he has seen them training and he knows that their dreams are about to come true and Kip wishes them the best of luck.

Tenay and West again go over the card for Against All Odds, including the match just added between Scott and Petey.

Tiger Mask representing New Japan Pro Wrestling


The Phenomenal AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA

One half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions

Referee: Rudy Charles

AJ takes a mic to the ring in order to beg the forgiveness of Kurt Angle. I guess AJ has been disowned. AJ is off to a slow start but it doesn’t take him long to build momentum. He then goes to work trying to take the mask off of Tiger Mask, but Tiger Mask decides to bite AJ to make him leave the mask alone. The ref gets hit giving AJ time to deliver a low blow to Tiger Mask.


AJ Styles

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Against All Odds, the pay per view that airs Sunday.

Recap of the feud between The Monster Abyss and Father James Mitchell with Judas Mesias thrown into the mix.

The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Tampa, FL, by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Before Christian’s opponent is introduced, Tomko enters the ring. Christian tells Tomko he wants to get to the point. Christian says he doesn’t know where things stand between Christian and Tomko. Christian tells Tomko that he did help Tomko out last week. Christian turns his back on Tomko, Tomko spins Christian around, but he does not hit

Main Event

The Instant Classic Christian Cage


Judas Mesias from The Depths of Hell

Accompanied to the ring by Father James Mitchell

Referee: Rudy Charles

Commercial break before the match begins.

Back from commercial break, Judas wears the same mask he wore last week on his way to the arena. This match has several near falls when Abyss enters the arena with a hand full of barbed wire and then goes after Mitchell who goes up the entrance ramp and out of the arena. Thanks to the distraction, Christian is able hit the unprettier and wins the match.


The Instant Classic Christian Cage

Christian watches Abyss and Judas fight up the entrance ramp and out of the arena but Christian is hit in the back by AJ Styles. AJ begins to beat on Christian. Christian manages to deliver a sharpshooter to AJ when Angle shows up to help out AJ. Now both of them are beating on Christian. Angle picks up the belt but before Angle can nail Christian in the head, Tomko charges into the ring. AJ and Angle run out of the ring. Tomko picks Christian up off of the mat and holds out his hand to shake hands with Christian.

We knew Abyss would show up and go after someone.  I think I was surprised Judas Mesias didn’t leave the ring to help Father James Mitchell. Not a bad match and the Tomko ending surprised me as well. Definitely not in a bad way…

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