January 31, 2008 – recap by Sassy

Recap of Tomko’s problems with Christian Cage and Kurt Angle and the confrontation between Angle and Tomko last week. Tonight Tomko will be facing Angle in the ring.

“Boss… Or Partner”

Jeremy Borash is backstage with AJ Styles and Angle arguing about Angle getting in the ring with Tomko. Tomko is AJ’s partner and Angle is causing AJ all kinds of problems. AJ reminds Angle that AJ was three time TNA Champion but Angle laughs at the thought of AJ as champion.


iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham

Ring valet: SoCal Val

Mike Tenay reminds the audience that at TNA’s Against All Odds pay per view, Angle will be defending his title against The Instant Classic Christian Cage with Special Enforcer The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. Tonight on iMPACT Jim Cornette will be signing Samoa Joe to a new contract. Don West tells the audience tonight O.D.B. and the TNA knockouts will be in action and we will hear from Awesome Kong for the very first time. Tomko will face Kurt Angle in the main event.

Tenay tells the audience that on February 10, 2008, when TNA debuts in Greenville, SC, at Against All Odds, the future of Team 3D and the entire X Division are in jeopardy. The match conditions for the Hardcore Street Fight when Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D and Johnny Devine face Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machineguns and Black Machismo Jay Lethal are if Team 3D and Devine win, the X Division will be abolished but if MMG and Lethal win, Brother Ray and Devon will be forced to get their weight down to 275 lbs., if they are compete in TNA matches.

Team 3D and Devine enter the ring, Brother Ray with the mic. They are here to tell the audience how great they are and how they are going to beat Sabin, Shelley and Lethal.

On the monitor, Sabin, Shelley and Lethal appear dressed up as Ray, Devon and Devine. The three originals in the ring head for the backstage area to put a beat down on the three imposters. The fight comes through the back and into the ring where Lethal gets busted open and Sabin and Shelley put through tables and are down for the count. Team 3D did what they do best – they used chairs, kendo sticks, and tables to take out their soon to be opponents in the hardcore street fight coming up. Brother Ray warns the three on the mat to not show up at Against All Odds.

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Back from commercial break, promo for TNA live events in New York. Go to for further information.

Replay of the beat down on Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley by Brothers Ray and Devon and Johnny Devine.

Crystal is backstage with Scott Steiner and Petey Williams who are teaming up tonight for a tag team match. Scott tells Crystal that he is fine with an X Division title shot, but Crystal tells Scott that the X Division may not be around after Against All Odds and Scott wants to know if Petey knows anything about that and Petey said that he did but that it’s Scott’s problem now. After Petey walks off, Scott says if Scott has a problem, Petey has a problem.

Tag Team Match

Lance Hoyt


Jimmy Rave

Rock ‘n Rave Infection

Accompanied to the ring by Christy Hemme


Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams from Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner from Detroit, MI

Referee: Rudy Charles

I have yet to understand why Lance and Rave have Christy in their corner. Rave’s hairdo is funny I have to admit. Scott and Petey may soon be known as Maxi Muscle and Mini Muscle. Petey spends his time trying to show up Scott not only in poses but wrestling moves. Petey is fast and efficient in the ring but Scott is a powerhouse.  Scott does not appear to be happy that Petey is imitating Scott. Petey gets himself in trouble paying attention to Scott’s reaction and not watching his back with Lance Hoyt on the opposite side of the ring. Scott finally gets tagged into the ring and he delivers some heavy-duty slams. Unfortunately for Petey, Scott has not forgotten about the possible demise of the X Division. He uses one of the briefcases to nail Petey in the head before taking both of the briefcases and wanders up the entrance ramp heading out of the arena. Jimmy Rave covers Petey and the Rock ‘n Rave Infection win the match.


Jimmy Rave


Lance Hoyt

Rock ‘n Rave Infection

Not a great match but it could be the start of a great feud between Scott and Petey.

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Back from commercial break, video of Bullet Bob Armstrong and BG James preparing for their title shot.

Kip James

Voodoo Kin Mafia

Accompanied to the ring by Roxxi Laveaux



Latin American Exchange

Accompanied to the ring by Homicide of LAX and Salinas

Referee: Earl Hebner

Kip is finding out just how tough Hernandez is in the ring. He’s a big boy but quick on his feet. Kip stops to show off and pays for it. Kip appears to be getting some heat from the audience in this match. Salinas tries to climb up and help Hernandez but Roxxi stops her. Roxxi goes to use her white powder, but Hernandez ducks out of the way and Kip catches the white powder instead. Hernandez goes for the cover and gets the win.



Latin American Exchange

Again, not a great match.  It was too short without enough action by the men in the ring. I know both of them are better than what they were allowed to do in this match. This could be the start of a major feud between Kip and BG James.  First BG chooses another partner for this tag team title shot and then Kip fires Roxxi in BG’s absence.

After the match, Roxxi enters the ring to check on Kip, but Kip is mad and decides that Roxxi isn’t doing VKM any good. Kip fires Roxxi in the ring.

JB is backstage with AJ and Tomko. AJ is talking to Tomko about last week and the fact that AJ had left the match but Tomko managed to win the match in spite of that. Tomko tells AJ that Tomko will not back down from Angle and that AJ needs to stay out of Tomko’s way.

Coming up next, Judas Mesias will be in action.

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Back from commercial break, promo for the Turning Point DVD, 2007, which will be available Tuesday.

Tenay reminds the audience that Brock Lesnar will be in UFC action on Saturday night on the UFC 81 Breaking Point pay per view.

Promo for the Barbed Wire Massacre Match between The Monster Abyss and Judas Mesias accompanied by Father James Mitchell.

Judas Mesias from The Depths of Hell

Accompanied by Father James Mitchell


Cory Javis

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Judas is wearing a new mask when he enters the arena this time. Cory was not introduced prior to the match. It’s a total squash by Judas and the audience seems to love him in the ring. Very short match, all Judas.


Judas Mesias

We can assume this match was short and sweet because the barbed wire match was taped during this period of time. The reason the match was taped in Orlando was because South Carolina refused to allow it to be held in their state. It will be shown on the pay per view as scheduled.

After the match, Mitchell has a mic and reminds Abyss that he can now acknowledge that Chris Parks, also known as Abyss, is actually Chris Mitchell, son of Father James Mitchell.  That makes Judas Mesias his half brother but Mitchell refers to Judas as Chris’s stepbrother. Judas spends the time Mitchell is talking on the mic to play with a piece of barbed wire.

Up next is Shark Boy

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Back from commercial break, recap of the last few months in which Shark Boy suffered beat downs by several members of the TNA Roster, his illness and his rebirth as Shark Boy -  24:7 - and that’s the fishin’ line cause Shark Boy said so! 

Shark Boy enters the ring. Shark Boy is there to issue a challenge to anyone in the back, the audience, anyone anywhere, that wants to face Shark Boy in the ring. Referee Slick Johnson is standing by in the ring to officiate Shark Boy’s match. No one takes Shark Boy up on his offer, however, Slick appears to have upset Shark Boy by saying something negative about Shark Boy. Slick pays for his imaginary comment by receiving a Shark Boy stunner and when members of the Security team enter the ring to assist Slick, they receive the same treatment. Shark Boy ends his time in the ring by swigging down some clam juice.

Shark boy is doing a great job with his Steve Austin gimmick, but it could grow old in a hurry. We now know that Shark Boy is capable of doing other things in the ring besides just getting the fins beat off of him.  We can only hope TNA will take the hint and run with it.

Crystal is in Jim Cornette’s office with Cornette and Matt Morgan. Cornette is upset by Matt’s interference with Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash last week. Nash shows up and Matt gets in Nash’s face. Nash tells Cornette to give him a check for a hundred grand and he will fight Matt. Nash also tells Cornette that if Samoa Joe’s signing doesn’t go well tonight, Nash is washing his hands of the whole deal. Nash says that word on the street is that if Cornette doesn’t sign Joe tonight, Cornette will probably be out of a job and that means Matt will be unemployed too. Cornette tells Matt that the contract signing has to go smoothly.

AJ Styles shows up to beg Cornette to not allow the match between Tomko and Angle to take place tonight. Cornette he will do something about the match and that he will call for AJ in a few minutes and AJ is to come alone when he calls for him.

Jim Cornette’s decision on Angle versus Tomko is next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cornette is in the ring, mic in hand.

First he plugs Against All Odds:

TNA Heavyweight Championship

Christian Cage, Challenger, against Kurt Angle, Champion

And Special Enforcer Samoa Joe

Revenge Match

Robert Roode versus Booker T

Barbed Wire Massacre II

The Monster Abyss versus Judas Mesias with Father James Mitchell

Cornette calls out The Phenomenal AJ Styles. AJ enters the ring, complete with his Prince AJ crown and his tag team title belt. Cornette tells AJ that he knows he is torn between his boss and his partner and he knows AJ feels helpless. Cornette says that he can’t stop the match between Tomko and Angle tonight but Cornette will make AJ Styles the special referee for that match. Cornette says there must be a winner in this match and if AJ doesn’t count someone out, AJ’s contract will be terminated.

Crystal is backstage with Awesome Kong and her sidekick. Kong’s sidekick is Raisha Sahid (I made that spelling up -- I hope it's correct!) and she reads a statement from Kong. Kong still hasn’t spoken a word since she has been in TNA. She says O.D.B. has agitated the monster.

3 Way Match

Roxxi Laveaux from New Orleans, LA

Formerly of Voodoo Kin Mafia


Angelina Love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


O.D.B. from Minneapolis, MN

Accompanied by her Silver Flask

Referee: Rudy Charles

O.D.B. appears to be the fan favorite in this match. O.D.B. will be facing Awesome Kong for the Women’s Title at Against All Odds.


Back from commercial break, promo for TNA’s Destination X pay per view, March 9, 2008, at Norfolk Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA. Tickets are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets.

The match is still going on in the ring with Love taking hits from Roxxi and O.D.B. The ref gets involved on one side of the ring with Love and as O.D.B. goes to get the ref’s attention, Love goes for the cover on Roxxi and gets the three count.


Angelina Love

After the match, O.D.B. slams Love to the mat before going after her silver flask for a little nip.

O.D.B. has certainly made a name for herself and amassed a fantastic fan base since her appearance in TNA. It’s good to see women who aren’t afraid to actually work in the ring.

JB is backstage with AJ who is in his special referee shirt. He reminds AJ about the conditions of the upcoming match and his ref job. Angle shows up and tells AJ that AJ is going to count Tomko’s shoulders down on the mat. Tomko appears to take on Angle and security has to get in the middle.

Replay of the hit Sharmell took from Robert Roode during the Final Resolution pay per view. Tenay is in the ring to introduce Booker T in a video message from Houston, TX, earlier today. Booker T says that Sharmell is at home now and he wants to thank the fans and TNA for the support since she was injured. Booker says he looks forward to seeing everyone soon.

Mixed Tag Team

Robert Roode from Manhattan NY


Peyton Banks from Manhattan, NY

Before anyone else is introduced, Roode takes the mic to throw a few insults Booker T’s way and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break,


Cowboy James Storm of TN

Accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Jacqueline

(that’s what the ring announcer said!)


The Guru Sonjay Dutt from Bombay, India


Traci Brooks from St. Marys, Ontario, Canada


Showtime Eric Young Residing at an Undisclosed Location

Referee: Slick Johnson

who seems to have recovered from the attack by Shark Boy earlier in the evening.

During the match, Traci chases Peyton out of the arena.


Robert Roode

Peyton Banks


Cowboy James Storm

If the Traci Brooks-Peyton Banks feud doesn’t get going, I’m going to stop caring.  This has been going on for quite some time. Peyton Banks hasn’t really worked in the ring since she showed up at TNA and it looks like she never will. Sonjay Dutt never seems to get the ring time he deserves, X Division or not. I’m not sure what direction the James Storm-Eric Young drinking contest is headed but Booker T should be taking out Roode in the near future.

After the match, Roode is surprised by the appearance of Booker T who charges into the iMPACT Zone and after Roode in the middle of the ring. Storm attempts to help out Roode but Booker T sends Storm down to the mat and chased Roode up the entrance ramp and out of the arena.

Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash are on their way to the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Barbed Wire Massacre II Match at Against All Odds.

Crystal is backstage with Kaz who has donned a blonde wig and is calling himself Sunshine. He has a white rat this time that he is calling Marlene. Oh, great, now there are TWO rats on TNA. Kaz says he is screwing with Dustin and that next week there will be a pole match, one box will hold Marlene, the other three will hold mousetraps.

If they really DO put one of those LIVING BREATHING RATS ON A POLE



Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan are in the ring for Samoa Joe’s contract signing. Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash enter the ring. West tells the audience that Joe has an existing contract and that this is just renegotiation. Cornette tells Joe that he is one of the most important acquisitions TNA has made. The audience agrees with Cornette’s statement. Cornette tells Joe the contract is for five years and that Joe got just what he asked for. Joe has the contract in his hands but he needs a pen. Cornette doesn’t have a pen so he asks Matt for a pen. Matt  takes a pen from his pocket and tosses it at Joe, hitting him in the face. Matt removes his jacket and slaps Joe. Joe grabs Matt and sends him through the table. Nash is laughing and Joe tears up the contract, tossing it on Matt. Joe exits the ring and heads up the entrance ramp. Cornette is yelling at Matt who is still down on the floor.

Tomko versus Angle is coming up next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

The Phenomenal AJ Styles

Special Referee

Main Event

Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

WWE TNA Heavyweight Champion


Tomko from Jacksonville, FL

One half of the TNA Tag Team Champions

Tomko gets one big welcome from the audience as he enters the arena. I have my fingers crossed that Tomko takes out Angle in short order. AJ doesn’t look happy to be in the ring and he’s trying to get Tomko to quit beating on Angle. Angle ends up on the floor and goes out after him. Tomko slams Angle’s head on the steel steps. The two are back in the ring and it’s all Tomko. Tomko covers Angle but AJ doesn’t bother to go down to the mat to start the count. Tomko gets in AJ’s face but then turns back to Angle.


Back from commercial break, Angle seems to have the better of Tomko. We see what happened during the commercial break – Angle attempts to pin Tomko but AJ is having trouble trying to count either wrestler down on the mat. Tomko goes for a cover but he can’t get AJ to count to three either.  He claims he counted to two. Both men are back to their feet and Tomko slams Angle to the mat. AJ again seems to have a problem counting and he gets to a very long two count before Angle gets a shoulder up. Tomko again goes for the cover and again AJ pulls the long count, allowing Angle to get the shoulder up. Angle delivers an Olympic slam and he’s going for the ankle lock. Tomko manages to send Angle across the ring. Angle hits AJ and sends AJ out to the floor. Both men hit each other with a clothesline and they are both down on the mat. There is no ref in the ring. Christian Cage appears at ringside, taking the championship belt and slamming Angle in the head. Tomko goes for the cover and AJ is now back in the ring. AJ is trying not to count to three, but he finally gets his hand down for the third time.



In all honesty, Tomko did not see Christian enter the arena and nail Angle. He thought he won the match fair and square.

Crystal is backstage and catches Christian as he leaves the arena. Christian says Tomko says he wants to do what’s best for Tomko. Christian says he wants to do what’s best for Tomko as well.


Judas Mesias will go one on one with The Instant Classic Christian Cage.




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