Whereís the Talent?

August 21, 2007

by Sassy

This website recently posted a current TNA roster.  In looking over the roster, there are many workers who have not been working and some that, although they have been in the ring, havenít been given a chance to showcase their specialties.  This is my take on who has been left out.

Sonjay Dutt: He works very well with Jay Lethal but what about Sonjay?  I am not overly fond of his The Guru gimmick, but I can live with that if I get a chance to see him in action.  It seems as though TNA has been unwilling or unable to provide a push for Sonjay.  There were rumors some time back about a possible shoulder injury Sonjay had suffered and that may be why he has been getting short times in the ring and no shot at the X Division title.

Chris Harris:  I thought Chris was going to get a major push when the feud with Dustin Rhodes began.  After seeing Hard Justice I donít think itís going to happen.  Chris has been doing a great job as a singles wrestler since the break up of AMW.  He has been turned into the fall guy just the same as another wrestler on this list. I am stunned that TNA is not putting his skills to better use. 

Havok:  I am of the opinion Havok should be working in the X Division.  He and Raven may make a good pair but I believe Havok would be an appropriate opponent for the other X Division players. Havok is spending too much time as a backup.

Hernandez:  LAX is a great tag team, but Hernandez would do well as one of the larger wrestlers going up against opponents of the same size.  When he and Homicide are in the ring, Homicide is quick and makes Hernandez look slow.  Hernandez isnít slow, but heís a larger wrestler and canít be expected to keep up with what Homicide does in the ring. Hernandez doesnít get a chance to show off his individual talents and I think thatís a big loss for the fans.

Homicide:  A previously stated, LAX is a well oiled tag team but we got a taste of Homicide working in the X Division and I thought he would continue to be a part of that group.  His methods are different than most of the X Division and he could use some polish but for whatever reason TNA doesnít seem to want to showcase Homicideís agility and style.

Lance Hoyt:  TNA hasnít done much of anything to let Lance break out of his follow the big guys mode.  I did not feel as though Lance and Christy Hemme ever clicked as an item and it takes away from what Lance could and should be doing in the ring.

Kaz:  Kaz has become a major player lately and he stands out as a tremendous athlete in his feuds with Serotonin.  He seems to be on track for a major push and it will be well worth it.

Kevin Nash:  I used to consistently watch Nash in the ring and thought he was good even with the height and weight that he carries.  Perhaps he is getting to the end of his action days but even so TNA needs to come up with a better story line.  His initial mentoring of certain X Division players was entertaining but his doctor story line was terrible. 

Raven:  I know where I would like to see Raven work but I understand that no one wants to be in such strenuous matches constantly.  Raven is at his best in hardcore matches and anyone that has watched him throughout his career canít argue that.  Iíve had a hard time adjusting to him as the leader of Serotonin and prefer to see him in one on one action.  Raven is Raven and he doesnít necessarily need a push but he does need to be working in something that shows off his tough resilience. He could easily be in line for a title if he had the chance to head that direction.

Rhino:   Rhino has talent in the ring.  Iíve seen that talent.  TNA has been busy setting Rhino up as a fall guy for anyone and everyone that comes through the door.  Rhino is another wrestler who does well in a hardcore setting and itís about time he was in line for a shot at a championship match.

Dustin Rhodes:  If what I witnessed at Hard Justice is any indication of what TNA has planned for Dustin Rhodes, I am very unhappy.  I donít mind Dustin taking on some wild-eyed character and running with it, but that isnít what happened at Hard Justice.  His match with Chris Harris, which I had been waiting for impatiently, was nothing short of laughable.  Dustin can work in the ring.  Let him work, donít stick him behind face paint and treat him like he isnít a wrestler.

Shark Boy:  Shark Boy has been missing in action for some time now.  I know he can work well in the X Division and I donít understand why he hasnít been involved in any of that action. The last time he was in action he had suffered a hand injury.  I donít know if that is the reason he is out of action right now or if TNA just hasnít gotten around to put him in any matches.

Elix Skipper:  He came in as part of Triple X and I donít have a problem with a tag team as such but Skipper hasnít been set up to do anything since he came back to TNA.  I have not seen him in the ring enough to see what he can do.  I donít want to take anything away from Daniels and Senshi because they are both top of the line X Division players, but Skipper doesnít seem to have found a niche anywhere even as part of the Triple X team.

AJ Styles:  I donít understand why TNA felt it necessary to take AJ out of the spotlight and throw him in as a lackey for Christian Cage.  AJ is one of the ultimate X Division wrestlers and he is missed in that particular venue.  AJ shouldnít be playing seconds to anyone, even Christian.  That isnít fair to someone who is an integral part of TNA.

Tomko:  A giant of a man who works well in the ring and who would be a great foe for either Matt Morgan or Andrew Martin.  Heís been outside of the spotlight with AJ behind Christian Cage.  Tomko can do better than that when given the opportunity.  A little push from TNA writers would do wonders for Tomko.

Petey Williams:  TNA fans are ready to start asking ďPetey WhoĒ?  We havenít seen Petey in a match for a long time.  The last match he was in was an elimination match and his time in the match was so short it really didnít count.  When Team Canada broke up, Petey was great in the ring as a singles wrestler.  He is an excellent athlete, an excellent X Division worker and I, for one, would like to know why Petey isnít working in the ring. 

I am all for thinking ďoutside the boxĒ but TNA needs to be focusing on present talent before it worries about bringing in more outsiders.  Iím all for new blood in any organization but hate to see these guys wasting their time on sluggish story lines and limited ring time. All of the wrestlers listed above have the ability to do the job if TNA bothered to work them.






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