Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

January 18, 2008 – Recap by Sassy

Royal Rumble last year, last two wrestlers left in the ring: The Undertaker and HBK Shawn Michaels. Winner: The Undertaker who went to Wrestlemania.

Friday Night Smackdown is being broadcast from Birmingham, AL

on the CW network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

The Undertaker enters the arena and then the ring. Cole informs the audience that The Undertaker is going for his second straight win at a Royal Rumble match. The Royal Rumble takes place nine nights from tonight. The Undertaker has a mic and tells the fans that it is not often he comes to the ring and puts a microphone in his hand because most of the time he doesn’t have that much to say. Undertaker doesn’t talk about taking souls, he just does it. In nine days, Undertaker will step into the ring at the Royal Rumble – the same Royal Rumble that he won last year. Undertaker is in the ring to issue a warning to the 29 men that will step into the ring with Undertaker. To those 29 men, Undertaker says if you stand before him, you will fall before him. If you enter that ring, you will rest in peace.

Big Daddy V and Matt Striker enter the arena and Striker tells Undertaker there is one big difference between last year’s Royal Rumble and this year’s Royal Rumble. V was not in last year’s Royal Rumble. Striker wants to know how Undertaker plans to move V over the top rope and onto the floor. Striker says Undertaker is looking a the men who will dominate 29 other superstars at the Royal Rumble to V’s way to the championship at Wrestlemania XXIV.

V heads to the ring and Undertaker goes on the attack. They are both on the floor as Undertaker sends V into the steel steps and then climbs back in the ring and motions V to come on in.

Cole tells the audience that Vickie Guerrero has been busy and we see last week’s verbal confrontation between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero and Vickie regarding her relationship with Edge and then between Edge, Mysterio and Chavo and then between Chavo and Mysterio. Vickie pits Chavo against Mysterio and we see a recap of that match with Edge and his Edgeheads coming in to attack Mysterio after he wins the match. Edge was, after all, at the announcer’s table.

Edge will face Rey Mysterio at the Royal Rumble to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Tonight it will be Rey Mysterio teaming with CM Punk to face Edge teaming with Chavo Guerrero.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, tonight The Animal Batista will face The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, in the VIP lounge, MVP’s guest will be The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

The Great Khali  from Bombay, India

Accompanied to the ring by his interpreter, R. Singh

Before Khali’s opponent is introduced, replay of the mini Royal Rumble match with midget wrestlers, including Hornswoggle, and the attack by The Great Khali with none other than Finlay to the rescue. Finlay took out Khali and then Singh.


Finlay from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 233 lbs.

Accompanied to the ring by Hornswoggle

Audience favorite: Finlay and Hornswoggle

My favorite: Finlay and Hornswoggle

Whatever deal Finlay made with Vince McMahon, the deal may just get Finlay killed.

As the match begins, Hornswoggle goes after Singh on the floor and then Singh chases Hornswoggle, but is cut off by Finlay who has hopped out of the ring and placed himself between Hornswoggle and Singh. Singh is sitting on the floor and trying to get out of Finlay’s way and we go to

Commercial break in the middle of the match!

Back from commercial break, Finlay and Khali are in the ring and it Khali is in control of the match. The audience is behind Finlay but it doesn’t seem to be helping Finlay. Khali tosses Finlay out of the ring and onto the floor. Hornswoggle starts to go around to check on Finlay but Khali comes out of the ring and Hornswoggle makes a hasty retreat. Finlay manages to get a jump on Khali but Khali nails Finlay and sends him back down to the apron ring. Khali drops Finlay with a boot to the face and then he picks Finlay up and slams him to the canvas. Khali puts a vice grip on Finlay’s shoulder. Finlay tries to get back to his feet and gets there but gets sent back down with a slam by Khali. Khali again picks Finlay up and sends him down to the mat. Finlay is fighting back and Khali has Finlay by the throat but Hornswoggle tries to get in the ring, distracting the referee. As the ref’s back is turned, Finlay nails Khali with a low blow, then comes off the second rope with a shoulder block. Finlay goes for his shillelagh but Singh has it and tosses it up the entrance ramp. As Singh turns around, Hornswoggle has in his hands an extra large shillelagh and delivers a blow to Singh as Finlay comes out to the floor to roll Singh into the ring. Singh gets tossed back out of the ring and Khali is back to his feet with his hands on Hornswoggle. Finlay gets Khali to release Hornswoggle but now The Great Khali catches Finlay. Khali slams Finlay down to the mat and then goes for the vice grip to Finlay’s head. The ref rings the bell and Khali does release Finlay.


The Great Khali

Replay of the end of the match showing that Finlay protects Hornswoggle.

How many times is Finlay going to have to face The Great Khali. Fans would be more likely to watch a Khali versus Big Daddy V instead of watching these two giants beat on men less than half of their size. I like Finlay. He is a great wrestling talent but we aren’t’ seeing any of his talent in these matches with Khali.

Edge is backstage with Vickie and Theodore Long. Vickie is no longer wearing the neck brace and I won’t bore you with the blah, blah, blah. Fortunately Teddy interrupts before we have to witness any more on screen YUK! But Vickie changes that when she sends Teddy off to get them something to eat. Chavo shows up and says that he didn’t mean what he said last week and that Vickie is right and she should be able to do whatever she is doing with Edge. After Chavo gets done kissing Vickie’s behind, he kisses Edge’s behind and then says they should all be one big happy family. Oh, great.

Promo for Wrestlemania XXIV at The Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL, March 30, 2008.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Royal Rumble, live one week from Sunday on pay per view.

Raw Rebound: The Intercontinental Championship Match on Raw between Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. Orton immediately got himself disqualified but Jeff went on to send Orton off the side of the stage and then climbed up the metal tower to deliver a Swanton bomb on Orton. Both wrestlers were placed on stretchers and removed from the arena. The word on WWE ECW was that Orton stayed overnight at a medical facility but Jeff did not.

We always knew Jeff Hardy was much tougher than Randy Orton. And now he’s proved it. Jeff will face Orton at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

Deuce & Domino

They are already in the ring.


Shannon Moore


Jimmy Wang Yang

Audience favorites: I’m not sure

My favorites: Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang

Moore and Yang have been busy the last few weeks and they have been doing a great job in the ring. Both are highflying risk takers and they handle their opponents very well. Deuce and Domino may be able to wrestle but we don’t ever see them do so. They tend to want to bully everyone and throw their weight around.  Although the personal stats were not given, it appears Moore and Yang are giving up weight in this match. Moore gets tossed around quite a bit outside the ring after nearly taking out D&D’s mascot, Cherry. If you can’t stay out of the way, honey, don’t get near the ring. Moore and Yang could use a few lessons in how to not play fair when they are up against teams such as Deuce and Domino. Moore and Yang have been working well as a team.


Jimmy Wang Yang


Shannon Moore

Not a bad match and a good showcase for Yang and Moore. It would be very interesting to see Yang and Moore up against the Hardy Boys.

Finlay is backstage and McMahon shows up. McMahon is yelling at Finlay because Khali put his hands on Hornswoggle. McMahon says this is all because of Monday night when Finlay called McMahon a liar. McMahon wants an apology and Finlay apologizes. McMahon wants to know what they are going to do about Khali. McMahon then says that next week on Smackdown, it will be Finlay versus Khali but it will be a Belfast Brawl so Finlay will have the advantage. Finlay does not look happy.

The Animal Batista is making his way to the ring for his match, which is coming up next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for WWE HD next Friday on Smackdown.

The Animal Batista from Washington, DC, weighing 290 lbs.

Before Batista’s opponent is introduced, replay of Royal Rumble 2005 with Batista and John Cena as the last two wrestlers in the ring. Batista won and went on to Wrestlemania and won his first title match.


The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry from TX, weighing 392 lbs.

Audience favorite: Batista

My favorite: I like them both

Henry always looks mad at the entire world and growls all the way to the ring. The fans give Henry a hard time as he makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring. The two men lock up in the center of the ring but Henry throws Batista across the ring near the corner post. They lock up again and Batista has Henry in a side headlock. Batista comes off the ropes and hits the mat after being met by Henry’s shoulder block. There’s a lot of yelling going on in the ring before Batista goes after Henry. The ref has to make Batista back off Henry in the corner. Batista delivers a kick that sends Henry out to the floor and Batista goes after him. Henry delivers a head butt that sends Batista down to the floor before picking Batista up and sending him into the steel steps. Henry picks Batista up and slams him back first into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring. The audience is chanting for Batista. Henry climbs up to the second rope and as he comes down, Batista gets his knees up and stops Henry from smashing him. Batista delivers a spear and goes for the cover but Henry powers out. Batista delivers another spear and then tries for the Batista bomb but Henry sends Batista over and to the floor. Henry goes for the splash and Batista rolls out of the way before delivering a spine buster, covering and getting the three count.


 The Animal Batista

I know Henry is so big that it is difficult to envision him as a great wrestler but he does a good job in and out of the ring for a man his size.

Recap of the rivalry between CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero. Chavo is now the Number One Contender for the ECW title after Edge interfered in a match between them on this week’s ECW and caused Punk to be counted out.

Tonight it will be CM Punk & Rey Mysterio versus Edge and Chavo Guerrero. The VIP Lounge will be MVP with guest Nature Boy Ric Flair and the VIP Lounge is next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Royal Rumble.

In the VIP Lounge, MVP has the mic and that means Big Things Poppin’, Little Things Stoppin’. MVP introduces his guest who MVP says defines the word VIP. MVP says the next time he meets his guest, it will be the last time the fans see that guest in action. Sixteen time World Champion the Nature Boy Ric Flair – and Ric Flair enters the ring to a standing ovation from the live audience. The two shake hands and Flair thanks MVP for the fabulous introduction. Flair tells MVP he was tearing up VIP lounges before MVP was born and a lot of them were in Birmingham.  WOOOOOO! MVP wants to talk serious – and tells Flair that in 9 days, Flair’s career will be over because Flair can’t beat him. Flair says that MVP doesn’t have what it takes to beat Flair. MVP says that June 24, 2007 in Houston, TX, MVP beat Flair and that at the Royal Rumble MVP will beat Flair again because MVP is half man, half amazing. Flair stops him and says that Flair is The Man. Flair runs down a list of all of the opponents he has beaten and Flair says that his loss to MVP was a blemish on his career that he has to correct. MVP again says that he will retire Flair at the Royal Rumble. Flair tells MVP he likes him and that he reminds Flair a lot of a guy named Ric Flair. Then he says that MVP is nothing like Ric Flair. Flair decides they should fight right now and takes off his suit jacket. MVP says they aren’t going to fight tonight, they are going to do it at the Royal Rumble in New York City. Flair picks up his jacket and then delivers a shot to MVP that sends him over the VIP Lounge sofa and to the floor. Flair exits the ring and the arena. MVP looks a little angry.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, replay of the match last week between Jamie Noble and Chuck Palumbo in which Noble again beats Palumbo. After the match, Palumbo backs Michelle McCool into a corner but Noble appears on the entrance ramp, distracting Palumbo and allowing McCool to get out of the ring and out of the way.

Michelle McCool from Florida


Layla from Miami, FL

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: I’m not sure

I’m not fond of either of these two because I don’t consider either of them wrestlers. I understand that Layla is back in school – wrestling school – so I tend to watch her more often to see if she improves. Layla may end up being a brawler instead of a wrestler. At the present time, Layla has to keep pulling up her wrestling tights. Layla has been working on McCool’s leg during this match and she’s doing a good job of it. Layla is much shorter and I thought she would be quicker in this match. McCool face plants Layla and goes for the cover to get the win.


Michelle McCool

Replay of the match, specifically the ending.

Since I’m not really a fan of either of these Divas, it may not be fair for me to voice an opinion, but I will do it anyway. I was not impressed with this match.

Cole reminds the audience of the match coming up pitting Rey Mysterio and CM Punk against Chavo Guerrero and Edge.

Promo for Jeff Hardy versus Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble pay per view.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Eve who is coming to Smackdown.

Jamie Noble is backstage to greet Michelle McCool and someone walks up to tell her that someone has sent her roses. She tells Noble he shouldn’t have, but Chuck Palumbo walks up and says that the flowers are from him and that he wants to apologize for what he did last week and the way that he treated her. Palumbo tells McCool that she is his best friend and then she hugs Palumbo. Noble and Palumbo get into a verbal confrontation and McCool breaks it up and tells the two of them to get along, for her. The two men agree to get along.

Cole and Coach plug the Royal Rumble pay per view, including the matches that will be held at the Royal Rumble:

Randy Orton defending his WWE Championship against Jeff Hardy

The 30 main Royal Rumble Match

MVP versus Ric Flair in a Career Threatening Match

JBL versus Chris Jericho

Edge defends his WWE Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio is backstage heading toward the ring but Vickie and Teddy meet him. Vickie wishes Mysterio the best of luck in his match tonight but he walks off shaking his head.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for WWE HD next Friday on Smackdown. Undertaker will face Big Daddy V, Finlay will face The Great Khali in a no rules, Belfast Brawl Match.

The Rated R Superstar Edge from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 250 lbs.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion


Chavo Guerrero from El Paso, TX, weighing 215 lbs.

Next week Chavo will face CM Punk for the ECW Championship


CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 222 lbs.

ECW Champion


Rey Mysterio from San Diego, CA, weighing 165 lbs.

Mysterio will face Edge at the Royal Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Audience favorites: CM Punk & Rey Mysterio

My favorites: I like them all, although CM Punk may be my favorite

Chavo certainly does make a great heel and he does know wrestling, but I’m not sure he can take Punk in a championship match. I’ve seen Punk in tough matches and if he fights like that against Chavo, Chavo doesn’t have a chance. While Chavo doesn’t hesitate to take risks, Punk appears to be more athletic. I now Mysterio can beat Edge but am not sure if he will be able to do it due to outside interference by Edge’s cronies, the Edgeheads, and now Chavo since they have become such good friends. Nice blindside shot by Punk sends Edge out to the floor, Chavo comes to his aid and gets sent over the top rope and down to the floor, Punk and Mysterio execute double suicide dives to take their opponents down again. Not bad teamwork from these two and we go to


Back from commercial break, Punk seems to be getting the worst of Chavo and Edge. Punk can’t get to his corner to tag in Mysterio. The audience is fired up for Punk and Mysterio. Edge knocks Mysterio off of the ring apron, Punk manages to avoid a spear by Edge and Punk is too far away from his corner again. His shoulder has been reinjured – it was originally injured by Chavo and Edge on this week’s ECW. Chavo gets the tag and slams Punk in the back but it pitches Punk forward and Mysterio gets his tag. Mysterio sends Edge to the floor with a cheap shot before going for a cover but Chavo manages a kick out before the three count. Mysterio sets Chavo up for the 619 and hits it, but Edge nails Mysterio in the back with a steel chair. Edge gets himself and Chavo disqualified and the fans are not happy with Edge as he goes into the ring after Mysterio who is still down from the chair shot. Punk tries to get into the ring and he does get his hands on Edge but the Edgeheads show up and Punk and Mysterio are in serious trouble.


CM Punk


Rey Mysterio

thanks to Edge




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