Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor

Wrestlerave 03 - June 28, 2003

Review by Sassy January 16, 2008

This DVD was created when Ring of Honor still followed the honor code. The current status of wrestling talent involved is listed immediately after the recap of each match. This time period was prior to TNA pulling their talent from Ring of Honor events.

Here is Wrestlerave 03:

Low Ki (that’s Senshi in TNA) who has his arm in a sling is in front of the camera. He was injured during a match with Slash Barker in the UK. Low Ki has issued a challenge for Barker to show up at Ring of Honor for a rematch. Low Ki appears to have a problem with Dan Maff and is telling him so. Low Ki also seems to have a problem with Julius Smokes also known as J-Train, who is in Homicide’s corner. Low Ki wants to tell Samoa Joe that he wants a shot at the ROH title Samoa Joe is presently holding. Low Ki will be back in ROH ready to wrestle in August of this year. Low Ki says it is not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he will bring.

Rob is backstage with Lucious and he tells Lucious that Steve Corino is no longer with ROH so she doesn’t need to be there. She goes off looking for her phone to call Corino because Rob is refusing to let her work.


Tag Team Match




at a combined weight of 325 lbs.


Jimmy Jact Cash from Staten Island, NY, weighing 245 lbs.


Prince Nana weighing 242 lbs.

Prince Nana takes the mic in order to insult everyone in attendance. Prince Nana clams to be a heavyweight contender. Dunn or Marcos (I’m not sure which is which) took the mic in order to get the audience behind them. I was not familiar with any of the wrestlers in this match although I had heard of Prince Nana and Dunn & Marcos. This was a good opening match.


Dunn & Marcos

Prince Nana – Unknown

Jimmy Jact Cash – New World Wrestling

Kevin Dunn



Both - Next Era Wrestling

Women’s Match

Alexis Laree weighing 119 lbs.


Sumie Sakai weighing 115 lbs., from Toyko, Japan

This was an excellent woman’s match. Alexis Laree did not disappoint and even though I had never seen Sumie before, I was impressed with her in the ring. A variety of wrestling moves with minimal screaming and hair pulling.


Alexis Laree

Alexis Laree – WWE (as Mickie James)

Sumie Sakai – Mixed Martial Arts debut in 2006

Christopher Daniels is backstage with Allison Danger (aka Corino) and Dan Maff, along with Raven who appears to have an injured foot but is ready to go into a match as Daniels’ partner tonight. Maff tells Joe that he will beat him in their Championship Match tonight. Raven has an issue or two with CM Punk and that is who he will be facing in

Tap Out Match

Chad Collyer from Indiana, weighing 219 lbs.


Matt Stryker from Cincinnati, OH,  weighing 199 lbs.

The match was supposed to be Matt Stryker against Tom Carter but Carter was off with his wife having a baby. This match was an old fashioned how much can you take wrestling match. Both of these men were muscular but very much wrestlers. No high flying, nothing but submission moves by the two competitors. I saw wrestling holds I had not seen in a long time.  This was the first time I had seen a Ring of Honor tap out match and it is worth watching.


Chad Collyer

Chad Collyer – Working as masked wrestler, “The Metal Master”

Matt Stryker – Left ROH in 2005

Special K






The Special K stable enters the arena and stands outside the ring. I could not count how many actual members there were.


Carnage Crew



Tony DeVito

Both from The Bronx, at a combined weight of 430 lbs.


Justin Credible

No stats given

Justin Credible was introduced as a tag partner by the members of the Carnage Crew before the match began.

With the exception of Justin Credible, I was not familiar with the wrestlers in this match. It appeared to be a grudge match The members of the Carnage Crew being larger than members of Special K. The introduction of Justin Credible really got the fans involved in the match. Justin was very active in this match and did a great job.


Carnage Crew  


Tony Devito

Justin Credible

Deranged – Independent circuit

Dixie – Unknown

Izzy - Independent circuit

Loc - Unknown

Tony DeVito – Last seen on WWE ECW

Justin Credible – Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Special K is a stable made up of spoiled rich kids who are interested only in partying via “raves”. The Special K rave became a spectacle off and on through the rest of the show.

ROH Title Match

Dan Maff from Brooklyn, NY, weighing 245 lbs/

As Dan Maff enters the arena, the announcer tells the audience that Maff’s father passed away yesterday and he chose to come to the ring rather than stay home. According to the announcer, Maff is wrestling in this match for his father.


Samoa Joe from American Samoa, weighing  270 lbs

Current ROH World Champion

Samoa Joe has always been a favorite of mine and this match is a great example of why.  I was not familiar with Dan Maff prior to this DVD but he went toe to toe with the Samoan Submission Machine. Both wrestlers dished out and took a lot of hard hits during this match.


Samoa Joe

who retains the ROH Championship Title

Maff stayed in the ring after Joe exited and got a standing ovation from the fans and the crew around the ring.

Dan Maff – Wrestled with IWA in 2005

Samoa Joe – TNA Wrestling

In researching Dan Maff, there appeared to be a problem sometime during his run with ROH that involved Homicide who initially brought him into wrestling. Although I am unsure what the problem was, Dan Maff seems to have dropped off the wrestling radar.

Homicide is backstage accompanied to J-Train (now known as Julius Smokes). Homicide is talking to Trent Acid about their match tonight. The interviewer informs Homicide that Low Ki told him if J-Train hadn’t been in Homicide’s corner during his match with ROH Champion Samoa Joe, Homicide would already be champion.

Four Corner Survival Match

Alex Shelley from Detroit


Jimmy Jacobs from MI, weighing 169 lbs.


BJ Whitmer from Cincinnati, OH, weighing 235 lbs.


Tony Mamaluke

At the beginning of this match, the announcers tell the audience that Shelley and Jacobs have only been in the professional ring for about a year. They certainly don’t appear to be newcomers. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t been aware of the background of these two wrestlers. All four contestants worked hard in this match. They kept the action flowing and took some hard knocks to do it. BJ Whitmer pins Jimmy Jacobs for the win. Marmaluke had Shelley in a submission move and Shelley was tapping, but the referee didn't catch it.


BJ Whitmer

Alex Shelley – TNA Wrestling, teams with Chris Sabin to form Motor City Machineguns

Jimmy Jacobs – Ring of Honor

BJ Whitmer – Ring of Honor

Tony Mamaluke – Released from WWE in 2007

Raven Rules 

No Disqualification Match

CM Punk


Colt Cabana

At a combined weight of 457 lbs.

Accompanied by Lucy Furr




Christopher Daniels

Accompanied by Allison Danger

Before the match begins, CM Punk has the mic and cuts down Raven who lays down in the ring and invites Punk to come and get him. Punk calls Raven washed up and a has been. A blonde CM Punk, a blonde Raven, and a CM Punk/Raven feud that appears to have been ongoing for some time. With Raven rules, this match was hardcore and it showed a side of CM Punk I had not seen before. Not a bad match and the Raven Rules did mean a no DQ match.


CM Punk 

Colt Cabana

This was the first match where blood was drawn. I initially thought Daniels was in worse shape, but CM Punk was bleeding so much I wondered if he was going to make it through the match. He was still bleeding as he made his way out of the arena.

CM Punk – WWE, ECW Champion

Colt Cabana – Ohio Valley Wrestling

Raven – TNA Wrestling

Christopher Daniels – “Fired” from TNA Wrestling at the end of 2007.

In the ring after the match, Raven takes the mic and tells Punk there has to be retribution for what Punk has done to him. He says it is like the twelfth time Punk has left him laying in a pool of his own bile. Raven says that the next ROH show is in Elizabeth, NJ and he wants Punk one on one at that show and that Punk will become a victim of The Raven Effect, quote the Raven “Nevermore”.

Backstage after the match, the reason CM Punk hates Raven seems to be because Raven is just like Punk’s father who was an alcoholic. Punk says he doesn’t respect Raven, he hates Raven. Punk says on the 17th of July he will become a monster in order to fight the monsters and This Is Straight Edge.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris Sabin from MI, weighing 207

NWA TNA X Division Champion



AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA, weighing 202 lbs.

One Half ROH Tag Team Champion with Amazing Red

NWA World Heavyweight Champion

This match made me wonder why we don’t’ see action such as this in TNA. This may have been a much earlier match for Sabin but he kept up with AJ in this match up. Both of these wrestlers know their technical wrestling and they did use their wrestling abilities.  Excellent match, excellent wrestling talent, worth the price of the DVD.


AJ Styles 

who retains the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles – TNA Wrestling, teams with Tomko and is one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions

Chris Sabin – TNA Wrestling, teams with Alex Shelley to form Motor City Machineguns

AJ Styles has the mic after the match and he wants the audience to understand the importance of the NWA Title Belt that he has in his hand. He wants the audience to respect the NWA title and he wants the audience to know how much he respects them.

The interviewer is backstage again and this time he has found Low Ki. He tells Low Ki that he told J-Train what Low Ki had said and he tells Low Ki that J-Train wants to meet with Low Ki after the show. Low Ki says OK and walks away.

Fight Without Honor

Trent Acid


Notorious 187 Homicide

Accompanied to the ring by Julius Smokes

I should mention that a fight with no honor indicates a match with no rules. I had only seen Trent Acid once before and was eager to see him in action again. This was two tough men and one tough match. Homicide is always ready to go the extra mile for his fans and Trent kept up with him during a match that included tables and ladders and chairs. The first dive Trent made off of the ring to nail Homicide appeared to have caused as much damage to Trent as it did to Homicide. Homicide came through the ropes to nail Trent with a cross body block outside on the floor and nearly took himself out with a direct hit to his hip on the floor.  During the course of this match, I’m sure ROH was wondering if they had enough in their budget to replace the ladders and chairs that were destroyed. These two make you wonder how they get back up off of the mat, floor, guardrail or wherever else their bodies might land. Johnny Kashmere did interfere and was chased by Julius and there is a fight outside the ring and into the back area with the two non-wrestlers. This match is a must see for any Homicide or Trent Acid fan. Homicide did some fantastic work with Ring of Honor. I highly recommend Homicide fans see his ROH work. For those who have never seen Trent Acid in the ring, he is as high risk and high danger as Homicide. He is another talent worth seeing.


Trent Acid

Trent Acid – Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Homicide – TNA Wrestling, teams with Hernandez to form Latin American Exchange. 

Known as Notorious 187 Homicide in other wrestling venues.

After the match is over, the arena goes dark and Special K makes their way into the ring to take out Johnny Kashmere, who has come back to the ring to congratulate his partner, and Trent Acid (also known as the Backseat Boyz).  Special K then proceeds to have a “rave” in the ring, around the ring, and in the audience. I am not sure what happened to Homicide. The announcers say that the show is over but Special K has taken over the arena and they aren’t going home.

Backstage after the show:

Jim Cornette is on camera to talk about Ring of Honor and that he will be coming to the Ring of Honor on August 9 at Montgomery County Fair Grounds, OH. The backdrop during this promo is OVW - Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The rave is still going on in the arena. Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid are back on their feet in the ring but don’t look like they are in a partying mood.

Carnage Crew is backstage and they are discussing their match earlier this evening, including Justin Credible’s appearance in their corner. On July 19, the first annual Death Before Dishonor Match Fast Eddie, Rudy Boy and Hotstuff Hernandez will face Carnage Crew in an Anything Goes Hardcore Match. They also discuss the wrestler Masada and they discuss ECW and their time with ECW. They throw in some trash talking about Special K.

And Special K is still carrying on their rave in the arena. Trent and Kashmere are gone from the ring and the arena.

Samoa Joe is backstage to talk about or to someone named Paul. Oh, it’s Paul London (who is now with WWE and teams with Brian Kendrick who I believe was known as Spanky in ROH). London must be facing Samoa Joe soon for the ROH title.

The cameraman and the interviewer are thrown out of the backstage area.

Bonus Showcase Matches


Appears to be a member of Special K


Benny Blanco from the Bronx, weighing 235 lbs.

These three matches may be dark matches before the main show, but I am not certain. They are not long matches and I have been unable to locate any information on the two wrestlers in this match. The match goes back and forth between wrestling moves and beat down. Blanco does a version of the Eddie Guerrero “Three Amigos” to get the win.


Benny Blanco

Lit - Unknown

Benny Blanco - Unknown




Hydro and Angeldust are both members of Special K. They enter the ring together and it appears Angledust doesn’t understand that they are opponents and not partners in this match. Undoubtedly this is early Jay Lethal, previously Hydro in ROH, but he is very good in this match. I was unable to find out any other information about the wrestler known as Angeldust.  Hydro appeared to be the fan favorite throughout the match and both wrestlers were good.



Hydro – TNA (as Black Machismo Jay Lethal)

Angeldust – Unknown

After the match, Angeldust appears to be upset that Hydro beat him in the middle of the ring but Hydro makes everything right by handing Angeldust a bag of white powder.  All is forgiven as the wrestlers leave the arena.

The Outcast Killaz from the Bronx

Oman Tortuga


Diablo Santiago


Christopher Street Connection 

at a combined weight of 420 lbs.

Buff E.



CSC enters the arena to the song YMCA (hint, hint). One of the CSC members stops to kiss a male member of the audience and give him his pink hat.  And yes, wrestling fans, it appears we have the tough guys from the Bronx up against the gay guys from – well, I couldn’t hear where they were from. A lot of the match is spent with gay innuendoes between CSC and the Outcast Killaz. Other than that, it wasn’t a bad match. I have no information on any of the four competitors in this match.


Christopher Street Connection

Oman Tortuga - Unknown

Diablo Santiago – Independent circuit

Buff E - Unknown

Mace - Unknown

If there was ever a showdown between Low-Ki, J-Train and Homicide, it was not on the DVD.

I realize that this DVD is older, however, since I have become such a Ring of Honor fan, I wanted to find out more about the history of ROH. I wanted to know more about the wrestlers that have gone through the doors at various times in ROH history as well as letting fans know what ROH DVDs are out there. There are several current TNA wrestlers on this particular DVD as well as current WWE roster members CM Punk and Mickie James (then Alexis Laree) I went to the ROH website and purchased this DVD then discovered the following day that ROH had a 33% off sale.  So back I went to www.rohwrestling.com and ordered three more DVDs. As soon as those DVDs arrive, I’ll be reviewing them.



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