TNA News Bytes

TNA News Bytes

August 20, 2007

by Sassy

Twice a day I scour news reports looking for TNA news and rumors and manage to throw in a few non-TNA related newsworthy items.  The way things have been going in the pro wrestling world the last few months, it is easy to run two News Bytes a week.

Fond Farewell to Missing Link

SLAM! Wrestling in Canada has reported that John “Dewey” Robertson, better known to wrestling fans as the Missing Link, passed away August 16 in his hometown in Canada.  Reports filtered in earlier in the week that he was suffering from cancer.  It was well known that Robertson had not been shy about his addiction to steroids. Robertson was 68.

Uh-oh Here We Go

Richard Gray reports Matt Bentley made an appearance on the Between the Ropes radio show and did not have many nice things to say about TNA.  Bentley stated that neither he nor anyone he knew had ever been drug tested by TNA. He also noted that the great WWE Superstars that were being brought in were being pushed harder than the present TNA talent.  Ouch.

Another Band-Aid Please

Rob Halden over at 411 Mania posted a scathing, and I do mean scathing, column regarding TNA and its treatment of talent. The article does cover other organizations but it is an interesting article. You can read it here (WARNING!  Lots of swearing going on):

I like Rob Halden's point of view. 

Even WWE Takes a Shot

Ryan Clark reports that on 24/7 there is a legends segment where wrestling stuff is discussed.  JR comments that in order for those “other wrestling promotions” to be successful, the “Big guns” have to dress with the young guys. This could be considered a shot at TNA since Jarrett, Angle, Cage, and Nash all have their own dressing rooms.

Karen Angle’s "Talent"?

All week long I have been reading about TNA signing a new “talent” – Karen Angle.  I’m sorry, but what talent?  The ability to smooch some guy who isn’t your husband and hand chairs into the ring?  I didn’t mind her once in the ring let’s not get carried away.  She wasn’t a convincing actress.  If she’s going to be in the ring, then let’s see her wrestle.  TNA has already hired someone that can’t do anything, including work in the ring. TNA has Jones. They have someone who spends her time trying to keep her clothes in the right places.  TNA has Miss Brooks. And I believe Ms. Brooks could actually wrestle if she were given the opportunity.  If nothing else she presently puts herself in harm's way. With all the talk about cutting back on spending, why is TNA taking on more non-wrestlers than actual talent?


Larry Csonka reports that TNA’s iMPACT rating was 1.1, up from 1.0.  That speaks volumes for TNA’s “new talent”.

Gore, Gore, CHAIR!

www.f4wonline provided some insight into Rhino’s chair throwing abilities at Hard Justice.

If you saw Hard Justice you saw Rhino toss a chair not anywhere near Cowboy James Storm. Rhino explained this week that the chair he tossed into the audience was a slip on his part. He did say he threw a drink on a fan on purpose. Note to Rhino:  please do not take up baseball although you could to talk to the new guy about throwing a pigskin around. Note to self: Never stand in the way of Rhino with a chair in his had. New note to Rhino:  You are welcome to throw a drink on me anytime.

During a Hard Justice match I noticed a woman standing by the guardrail who nearly got hit because she wasn’t watching the action.  If you are going to be in the direct line of fire – and right outside that ring is most definitely in the direct line of fire – pay attention to your surroundings at all times. 


Current TNA Events

TNA at New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY on September 3.  Information at

TNA house show in Alabama on October 11.  Tickets go on sale September 20.  Information at

If there is something we have missed that you would like to add, please contact the Webmaster.


Current Events Involving TNA Talent

Hector Guerrero at Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, FL on August 25.

JAPW match between Samoa Joe & Lo-Ki versus LAX for the JAPW Tag Team title on September 3. Information at

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TNA?  Not Exactly…

Matt Murphy reports that WLW (World League Wrestling) has announced a weekly wrestling show that premiers September 22 on Ozark TV Channel 98.  WLW is Handsome Harley Race’s group.  I am not certain how many of you will be able to get this program. I understand this is a family owned channel and is not affiliated with any network.   If you would like more information on WLW and schedules, you can find it here: Most fans will remember Race from his WWF days but yours truly was watching him on a local station in Kansas City well before he moved to WWF. Race runs a wrestling school. Information about the school is available at the above site. I will avoid going into my rant about how much the fans miss by not being able to see the smaller wrestling groups on the air. 

If anyone out there has information on other leagues showing up on TV send the information to the Webmaster. This site would love to spread the word.

Wrestling Competition – Hulkamania Gone Wild!

Daniel Bradshaw reports that Hulk Hogan is looking to start his own wrestling organization and has already raised part of the funding necessary.  Hogan’s main goal appears to be butting heads with Vince McMahon and the WWE.    Hogan claims WWE has been unable to present the artistic value of the sport and Hogan’s organization is going to be something completely different. Hogan is still a fan favorite and far from forgotten.  If Hogan manages to get a new wrestling venue off the ground fans will be there just because Hogan is involved. Unfortunately, TNA could end up in the middle of a struggle between WWE and Hogan’s new venture. 

On a side note, perhaps this news will have the person or persons responsible for the theft of $100,000.00 worth of jewelry from the Hogan’s home so fired up, he/she/they will return the items to the Hogan family and turn themselves in to the cops.

Follow Up to Thursday’s Bytes

TNA’s Two-Hour Time Slot

Ryan Clark reports the deal between TNA and Spike TV is close to completion and that TNA will be going from one hour to two hours in late September or early October 2007.


This from Ryan Clark posted August 18, 2007:

The anti-rejection medicine given to Konnan after a recent kidney replacement surgery has been helping and it is possible he will be out of the hospital within a few days. We will continue to follow this story as it develops

Way to go Konnan!

Congress Takes on WWE

Read the actual response from WWE to Congress:

I read the letter and translated the document as being a combination of spin and legal mumbo jumbo.  Perhaps WWE forgot Congress has attorneys?

According to AP, WWE officials met with New York prosecutors regarding the sale of illegal steroids.  Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Florida is the big mail order company under investigation.

Congress Takes on TNA

Since no one seems to have heard or seen anything about a drug policy or drug testing in TNA, expect to see more news regarding TNA in the new Congress versus Pro wrestling show in the near future.

Fight Continues for the Benoit Family

This from Harry R. Weber, Associated Press Writer, Atlanta:

Richard Decker, attorney for Maureen Toffoloni, has filed suit to establish the order of deaths of Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit. 

Here is a short explanation.  The courts will consider that Chris Benoit died first, no matter when he actually did die.  This is so the perpetrator of the murder, namely Chris Benoit, cannot make money from the crime, i.e., the Benoit estate.  If Nancy died second and left no will (which I understand she did not), the estate would then pass to Daniel Benoit.  Because Daniel Benoit is deceased, the estate would then to pass to Daniel Benoit’s siblings, Chris Benoit’s living issue.  But, if Daniel died before Nancy, then Maureen Toffoloni and crew would get a piece of the estate. 

No kidding.  Like I didn’t see that coming.  The first words out of Decker’s mouth were “the Toffoloni’s are considering filing a lawsuit” and that was a nanosecond after the discovery of the bodies.  Who does Decker think he kidding and who is Maureen Toffoloni to try to take away from Benoit’s living children?    Is Decker unable to look at the autopsy reports and get an established time of death for each person?  I’ll bet he can but he then he couldn’t grandstand and make a few bucks and hope there is a loophole he can find that will bring him an even larger fee.    This is a great idea.  Let’s keep the estate in limbo and keep this in the news further traumatizing Benoit’s living children and his parents. I’d like to know if Decker has filed to try to get his legal fees paid for through the estate.  I see nothing but greed and it is disgusting.























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