January 10, 2008 - Recap by Sassy


Employment Rumors

Internet rumors indicate Wildcat Chris Harris is leaving TNA to work for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Ron “The Truth” Killings who recently left TNA has already with WWE.

Cowboy James Storm has officially resigned from TNA as of the iMPACT taping that will air next week.

No word on where Storm may be headed.


In what began as a rumor indicating Gail Kim suffered an injured leg, it was confirmed by 

Gail Kim that she suffered a mild concussion (not a leg injury) this week in her match with Awesome Kong

– the match will air on next week’s iMPACT.

“Prince For A Night” What? No “previously on iMPACT”?

Crystal is backstage with Robert Roode who is entering the building. She asks about what he did to Sharmell who Crystal says is in the hospital with a broken jaw. Roode blames Booker T because he wasn’t there to protect Sharmell. Crystal wants to know if Roode has no remorse and Roode says he has none…this is professional wrestling and (bleep) happens. 

Roode says tonight it will be one on one Robert Roode versus Ms. Brooks.


iMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on Spike TV.

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Crystal Loutham and Jeremy Borash

Ring valet: SoCal Val

Tenay tells the audience tonight there will be fallout from Final Resolution and there will be an exclusive interview with Booker T who will give everyone an update on Sharmell’s condition. West tells the audience that tonight for the first time ever the Women’s Championship will be in the main event. Awesome Kong will face Gail Kim, current TNA Champion.

Tag Team Match

Senshi from Brooklyn, NY


Primetime Elix Skipper from Atlanta, GA


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley both from Detroit, MI

Motor City Machineguns

Referee: Andrew Thomas

This has got to beat Senshi’s match a week ago against Judas Mesias. As the bell rings, Senshi and Skipper go after Sabin and Shelley, sending Sabin out of the ring and Shelley down to the mat. It is now two on one as they work on Shelley with the referee trying to get one of them out of the ring. During the match, Tenay reminds the audience about the match at Final Resolution in which Team 3D and Johnny Devine defeated Motor City Machineguns and Black Machismo Jay Lethal. Tenay adds that information replays of the Final Resolution pay per view can be found at Sabin is into the ring and Shelley is now out on the floor. Skipper and Senshi are both in the ring. I’m not sure who the legal men in the ring are supposed to be. Senshi and Sabin are the two left in the ring as Shelley goes out after Skipper. Now Shelley is back in the ring to help Sabin, Skipper manages to get back in the ring but Sabin and Shelley take down Senshi and Skipper. Now Skipper is out on the floor and it is again two on one but this time leaving Senshi by himself. Shelley goes for the cover and gets the three count.


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley

Motor City Machineguns

Not a bad match but not quite as colorful as the match Sabin and Shelley had at Final Resolution.

As Sabin and Shelley go up the entrance ramp to leave the arena, Christian Cage comes down the opposite ramp and attacks Skipper and Senshi who are still in the ring. Christian sends Skipper out to the floor and then he goes after Senshi, tossing him over the top rope before calling for a mic.

Christian wants to talk to AJ Styles and he says there is a problem the two of them need to work out tonight. Christian is angry that AJ cost Christian the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Final Resolution.

Crystal is backstage with Jim Cornette, Matt Morgan and Wildcat Chris Harris. Wildcat wants to know what he has to do to get a little respect around TNA. Wildcat reminds Cornette that he has been with TNA since day one. Cornette claims Wildcat does nothing but complain. Cornette tells Wildcat since he wants a match tonight, he can have a match…against Judas Mesias. Wildcat says he wants a match and Cornette is going to give him some blood-spitting vampire. Cornette says that match will be next. Wildcat says as soon as he beats Mesias he will be back because they have more things to talk about. Cornette says that if Wildcat does come back Cornette will commit suicide on national television. Wildcat tells Cornette to take care of the VIP parking spot? Cornette starts to talk about all the things going on tonight when Samoa Joe enters. Joe wants to know if Cornette set him up at Final Resolution. Cornette tells Joe he needs to handle the Kevin Nash situation and Joe says he will handle the Nash situation tonight.

Tenay tells the fans that earlier today the Angle Alliance arrived at the iMPACT Zone. That would be Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Jeremy Borash and Kurt’s Mrs. It appears JB and AJ are at odds about who is the greatest lackey for Angle. Angle says that tonight AJ will be Prince AJ Styles.

Promo for TNA: Global iMPACT – Next Thursday at 11:00 PM on Spike TV.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Against All Odds, February 10, 2008 in Greenville, SC at the Bi-Lo Center. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster.

The cameras are backstage with JB, AJ, Angle and Angle’s Mrs. JB is trying to explain to AJ that Christian is after him and a surprised AJ doesn’t know what to do. Angle tells him to forget about Christian. AJ and JB are going off to hide when Tomko enters the room. Tomko is checking to see if AJ is all right. Tomko tells AJ he is on his own.

Judas Mesias from The Depths of Hell

accompanied to the ring by Father James Mitchell

Before Judas’ opponent is introduced, Tenay gives the audience a rundown of the win by Judas over Abyss at Final Resolution.


Wildcat Chris Harris from Ft. Wright, KY

Referee: Rudy Charles

Mitchell joins Tenay and West at the announcer’s table to assist with commentary for this match. Wildcat walks over to the announcer’s table but is attacked from behind by Judas who has come out to the floor after Wildcat. Judas is big on stomping his opponents. Tenay mentions Abyss but Mitchell yells at Tenay and says the name is Chris. Judas is beating Wildcat in the middle of the ring but the fans don’t seem to be as fond of Judas as they were at Final Resolution. Mitchell has left the announcer’s table and is now at ringside. Wildcat has turned things around in the ring but he can’t get the three count and argues with the referee about the count. The audience is cheering on Wildcat as Judas manages to get back to his feet. As Mitchell gets up on the ring apron to distract the ref, Judas releases red mist into Wildcat’s eyes and then delivers the straight to hell. Judas goes for the cover and gets the three count.


Judas Mesias

With a little help from  Father James Mitchell

Mitchell has promised that next week everyone will know the secret Chris aka Abyss has been hiding.

As much as I enjoy Judas Mesias as a monster, I understand he works very well as a technical wrestler in the ring. I think he may be confused that the audience doesn’t treat him as a heel more than they do. Chris Harris, although he was allowed to do some wrestling moves in this match, continues to get nothing but beat downs in the ring.

Crystal is backstage with Ms. Brooks. Crystal said she has talked to Roode and is worried about Ms. Brooks getting into the ring with Roode. Ms. Brooks says she will not run and hide and she will have to get in the ring with him tonight.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, replay of the win by Judas Mesias over Wildcat Chris Harris and Mitchell’s promise that either Mitchell or Chris aka Abyss will reveal the secret they have been hiding.

West tells the audience there will be a coronation tonight for Prince AJ Styles.

Recap of the championship match at Final Resolution between Gail Kim, TNA Women’s Champion, and Awesome Kong. Kong went through one referee, Slick Johnson, and was starting on the second ref when Gail Kim managed to get the pin and retain the Women’s Title.

BG James


Kip James

accompanied to the ring by Roxxi Laveaux

Voodoo Kin Mafia


Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams from Ontario, Canada


The Guru Sonjay Dutt from Bombay, India

Referee: Slick Johnson

Kip and Sonjay face off in the ring. Kip has Sonjay locked up in the ring and Petey comes to his aid, but Kip takes them both down to the mat. Petey and Sonjay drop Kip down to the mat. Kip tags in BG and Sonjay tags in BG. Tenay tells us we have a



Back from commercial break, promo for the TNA Genesis DVD that will be available Tuesday.

Petey is now in the ring with Kip who goes for a cover but doesn’t get the three count. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner sneaks down the entrance ramp to trade his briefcase – with the X Division title shot – for Petey’s briefcase, which contains a Heavyweight Division title shot. Scott then sneaks back up the entrance ramp and out of the arena. Petey rolls across and gets a tag to Sonjay who is now in the ring with Kip. BG comes in to assist Kip and Sonjay sends BG out with a flying drop kick off the top turnbuckle. Petey has just discovered that the wrong briefcase is sitting on the ring apron. Petey grabs the briefcase Scott Steiner traded and runs up the entrance ramp looking for Scott and leaving Sonjay alone in the ring with Kip and BG. BG has a grip on Sonjay but BG shoves Kip away and Kip shoves BG, sending him across the ring and giving Sonjay an opportunity to catch Kip with a roll up.


The Guru Sonjay Dutt


Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams

Sonjay gets the three count and bails out of the ring, stopping to give SoCal Val outside the ring. BG and Kip argue in the middle of the ring while a worried Roxxi looks on. BG exits the ring but Kip asks for a mic and tells BG that next week he wants an answer as to who BG’s partner is going to be for the title shot.

Not a bad match although it was a surprise when Sonjay managed to get the win over VKM. His big smack to SoCal Val may lead to a feud with Black Machismo Jay Lethal who has his eye on said ring valet.

Crystal is backstage with Christian and she wants to know what Christian is going to do to AJ when he catches up with AJ. Christian tells Crystal he is going to leave that to her imagination. As Christian and Crystal walk away, the camera shows AJ and JB hiding under a desk with two TNA employees.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JB and AJ are still in hiding. Showtime Eric Young finds them and tells them they should go to the park and hide because there are a lot of people in the park and it would be hard for anyone to find them. AJ and JB run off and leave Eric sitting in their spot.

Tenay gives the audience a recap of the feud between Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D and the X Division and the Ultimate X match that was held at Final Resolution. Team 3D and Johnny Devine were victorious and still have the X Division Title Belt.

Brothers Ray and Devon and Johnny Devine are in the ring. Ray has a mic. He wants to have a word with X Division members Black Machismo Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machineguns. Brother Ray says that at Against All Odds it should be a Hardcore Street Fight between Team 3D and Devine and Lethal and Motor City Machineguns. If Lethal, Sabin and Shelley win, they get the X Division title belt but if Team 3D and Devine wins, the X Division has to leave TNA. The challenge has been issued.

Samoa Joe, being followed by Crystal, enters Kevin Nash’s dressing room. Joe grabs Nash and Nash turns around with a baseball bat in his hand. Nash tells Joe if he wants to wrestle Nash tonight, Joe has to go to Cornette and get him a check for a hundred grand. Nash says he isn’t doing it for free. Nash says he didn’t screw Joe, he said it was a wake up call. Nash says that Joe is too angry and that he needs Nash who has the experience Joe lacks. Nash hands Joe the bat and leaves the room. 

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Tenay is with Booker T in an interview taped earlier this week. Tenay says they are in the hospital lobby and Tenay wants to know about Sharmell. Booker says that Sharmell has a shattered jaw (as the replay is shown on the screen at Final Resolution where Roode nailed Sharmell with a fist to the jaw). Booker says the day Sharmell walks out of the hospital, Booker will no longer blame himself but will take out his anger and frustration on Robert Roode.

Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY


Ms. Brooks?

Roode enters the ring with mic in hand to the displeasure of the audience. Roode addresses Booker T and says that he saw his interview and he makes fun of Booker. Roode says Booker should be thanking Robert Roode since Sharmell’s jaw is wired shut and she may be able to lose a few pounds. Roode says that speaking of overweight skanks, it brings him to Ms. Brooks. I have a feeling Ms. Brooks would win a popularity contest with the fans right now. Roode has certainly been catching heat as of late. Roode says that Ms. Brooks is fired but he says that is not enough because tonight Robert Roode, Inc. is going to do something that Robert Roode, Inc. should have done a long time ago. Roode tells Trace to bring her fat (bleep) to the ring.

Ms. Brooks enters the ring with mic in hand. She should have brought a barbed wire covered chair or at the very least borrowed Nash’s baseball bat. Roode starts to talk and Traci tells him to shut up. She accuses Roode of being a woman beater. She says that he has everything that anyone could want but that doesn’t matter because at the end of the day he is just a prick named Bob. The audience gives Traci enthusiastic approval. Roode tells Traci to shut up. They drop the mics and Cornette comes down the ramp and enters the ring telling Roode not to move. Cornette says Roode is not going to put one single finger on Ms. Brooks. Cornette says Roode is an embarrassment to the male species and that he is disgusting. Cornette says he should suspend Roode for the rest of his life. The fans agree with Cornette. Cornette says he should suspend Roode, fire Roode, and he should probably have someone run Roode over with a truck but he’s not going to do that. Cornette says he wants to see what happens when Booker T comes back and gets his hands on Roode. Cornette tells Traci to go to the back and security will escort her off the property and he promises her that Roode will not lay a hand on her. Behind Traci on the ramp, Robert Roode’s number one fan comes out of the audience and attacks her from behind. Cornette goes out of the ring as the fan nails Traci with a chair. Roode threatens Cornette with the chair. Roode tells Traci this is her replacement, Miss Banks. Matt Morgan enters the arena and Roode and his new assistant make their getaway.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JB is outside in Universal Park and AJ is hiding somewhere in the park in order to avoid Christian Cage. AJ shows up dressed in an Egyptian pharaoh outfit but JB tells AJ that he has to put on his tuxedo. AJ says he isn’t going to do that, but then changes his mind after JB tells him Angle’s Mrs. wants to meet AJ in the men’s room. 

Final Resolution Rematch

Jimmy Rave


Lance Hoyt

Rock ‘n Rave Infection





Latin American Exchange

accompanied to the ring by Selinas

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Can TNA make up their mind about names with wrestlers…especially the women they hire?  We have had at least three, perhaps four, with name changes after initial appearances on TNA. Christy Hemme is not at ringside tonight. Hernandez and Lance lock up in the ring. Hoyt quickly tags in Rave and Hernandez drops him to the mat before tagging in Homicide. Rave tags in Lance again. Rave gets tagged back in and he is in the ring with both Hernandez and Homicide who proceed to beat on Rave before Lance interferes. Hernandez sends Lance off the top turnbuckle into the guardrail. Rave comes close to getting the three count on Homicide. Homicide hits the gringo killer and gets the three count. Lance pulls Rave out of the ring as LAX celebrates in the ring.






O.D.B., busy drinking from her silver flask, reminds the audience that it will be Gail Kim against Awesome Kong tonight but she doesn’t care who wins because she will be going up against the winner for the Women’s title.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is backstage with Tomko who has a match coming up against Shark Boy. Crystal wants to know if Tomko doesn’t feel bad for AJ but Tomko says that it’s AJ’s fault that he’s in the position he is in now.

Shark Boy from The Deep Blue Sea


Tomko from Jacksonville, FL

One half of the TNA Tag Team Champions

Referee: Rudy Charles

Shark Boy comes out with a bandage around his head, his arm in a sling and the other arm holding a crutch so he can walk down the ramp. Shark Boy has bandages on both legs. Tenay says that he understands Shark Boy asked TNA management for a match against one of the biggest wrestlers in TNA.

This match should most definitely be a squash. I’m fairly certain Tomko won’t break a sweat. The bell doesn’t even ring when Shark Boy hits the mat. Shark Boy does make an attempt to fight back but he doesn’t have a chance. Tomko picks Shark Boy up and holds him high above his head before he drops him face first to the mat. Cover and a three count.



It’s hard to give any kind of comment about this match.  It wasn’t a match and I’m wondering why Shark Boy is continuously in bandages and beat down matches.

After the match, security enters the ring with a stretcher in order to take care of Shark Boy who is still down in the ring.

JB is in the back with AJ and Kurt’s Mrs. – in the men’s room. She wants some time alone with AJ and asks JB to go and put on his tux. She tells AJ that he is even more of a man than Angle. She tells AJ he needs to go out there and face his fears. AJ goes off to look for his tux.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for TNA Global iMPACT next Thursday on Spike TV.

Crystal is backstage with Kaz and his little friend. When Crystal asks Kaz who his little friend is, he tells her that it is Marlene and he thanks Crystal for helping him decorate Marlene’s cage. Crystal says that Marlene looks a lot like Misty the Artic fox and Kaz says she is not an Artic fox, it is a mouse and it is Kaz’s mouse, Marlene. He says that it really isn’t his mouse, that he is watching it for a friend and if that friend wants his mouse back, he can come get it.

Perhaps we fans should pitch in and get Kaz a biology book so that he can tell the difference between a boy and girl “mouse”.

Tenay reminds the audience that Angle retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Christian Cage at Final Resolution with a lot of help from outside the ring.

Angle, his Mrs., JB and AJ enter the ring, which is equipped with a throne. Angle introduces Prince AJ Styles and says there are about to do the coronation. Oh, how cute, AJ now has a little crown. The fans in attendance are chanting choruses of “you suck” for Angle while he is trying to talk. While Angle is talking about how AJ screwed Christian Cage, AJ keeps making motions for Angle to not talk about that. And we hear Christian’s entrance theme. The live audience is much more receptive for The Instant Classic than they were for the personnel currently in the ring.

Christian reminds Angle that he made Angle tap out with Angle’s own ankle lock that Christian delivered in the middle of the ring. Of course the ref didn’t catch the tap out due to outside interference. Christian says that he will deal with Angle later but right now he wants to address Prince AJ. Christian asks AJ if he is ready to man up. AJ says he is going to man up and not take anymore of Christian’s crap. Christian then insults Angle’s Mrs. AJ gets very angry at Christian’s remark and tells Christian that he can take him. Christian says there are two of them and one of him so let’s find out and he heads to the ring. Samoa Joe’s entrance theme begins and he is on the opposite entrance ramp.

Joe says that he has come tonight for his title shot and he isn’t asking Angle, he is telling Angle. AJ yells at Joe and Joe said that he had no qualms slapping another man’s (bleep) to get what he wants. Christian says that he and Joe have never agreed about anything but they can agree that the two in the ring need to be beat right now. As they both start down the ramps, Cornette and Matt Morgan appear and Cornette gets involved. Cornette says he agrees with Christian that he got a raw deal and Christian deserves a rematch and that Cornette agrees with Joe that he should be a challenger for the title. Cornette says that he doesn’t know if AJ deserves a title match but he would love to see AJ get whupped. Cornette says that next week on iMPACT there will be a three-way dance: The Phenomenal AJ Styles versus The Instant Classic Christian Cage versus The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. If Christian or Joe wins they will get the title shot at Against All Odds. If AJ wins he can either take the title shot against Angle at Against All Odds or he can give Angle two months off and Angle won’t have to defend the title until Lockdown in April.

I have yet to come to an understanding regarding the use of AJ Styles in the last few months. We know AJ has talent.  Why is continually being used as a lackey?

Awesome Kong and Gail Kim are headed toward the arena for their match which is coming up next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break

Awesome Kong                                                                                                          Gail Kim

6’1”                                                                                                                 5’6”

272 lbs.                                                                                                         125 lbs.

Final Resolution Rematch

TNA Women’s Championship Match

Awesome Kong residing on Tokyo, Japan

weighing 272 lbs.


accompanied to the ring by someone covered from head to foot – it appears to be a she


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL, by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

weighing 125 lbs.

TNA Women’s Champion

Referee: Earl Hebner

If you saw the match between these two at Final Resolution, you will wonder how Gail can move at all let alone get in the ring with Kong again. Kong took some hard hits in that match as well. The match begins with Kong taking Gail outside the ring and delivering a beat down. Gail fights back but Kong slams her into a wall and the entrance ramp. I didn’t hear that this was also a no disqualification match, but it must be. Kong charges at Gail who is up against a wall, but Gail manages to propel herself out of the way and Kong goes through the wall. Gail is still down on the floor and now so is Kong.



Back from commercial break, the two opponents are back at ringside with Kong rolling Gail back into the ring. Kong is now in the ring and she again sends Gail crashing to the canvas. Gail delivers a DDT and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Gail comes off the top rope with a splash and still can’t get the three count. Gail goes out on the ring apron to climb to the top turnbuckle but Kong’s friend approaches her and Gail sends a boot her direction as Hebner orders the person back to the other side of the ring. Kong catches Gail and takes her down with a choke slam but she can’t get the three count. Kong face plants Gail on the mat and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. The last time Kong didn’t like a count the ref’s life was in danger. Gail tries for a hurricanrana but gets caught. Kong delivers the power bomb and then picks her up and delivers another power bomb and then a third before going for the pin. Kong gets the three count.


Awesome Kong

New TNA Women’s Champion

We see a replay of the final moments of the match.

And that’s the end of the show.

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