December 27, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Christian Coalition – The Instant Classic Christian Cage and The Phenomenal AJ Styles and Tomko with a break in the group due to the Angle Alliance. AJ Styles is having a problem deciding which team he wishes to work with, or for.

“AJ’s Dilemma”

I didn’t make that one up either wrestling fans. It’s in red on the screen.

Crystal is backstage with AJ and Tomko and is questioning AJ about what decision he has made. AJ says he is on both teams but Tomko is telling AJ he can’t play on both teams because Christian and Angle hate each other. Tomko tells AJ that he needs to make a decision too because it will be best for both of them. AJ reminds Tomko they are tag team champions and Tomko says he hasn’t forgotten but that he has already made his decision.


Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Crystal Loutham and Jeremy Borash

Ring valet: SoCal Val

Tenay tells us that AJ Styles and Tomko will face Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machineguns in a non-title tag team match. West tells us that Robert Roode will face Booker T. Mike Tenay has a sit down interview with The Monster Abyss.

Senshi from Brooklyn, NY


Judas Mesias

accompanied to the ring by Father James Mitchell

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winner: Judas Mesias

You have to love the entrance video for Judas but I do prefer Mitchell in his red suit versus this new blue or purple one he is wearing. Judas enters the arena in a mask, which he removes prior to the match. He is used to wearing masks. He wore several different masks when working in AAA. This mask is not as impressive as some of the others I have seen him wear.

Personal stats were not announced when the wrestlers entered the arena but I would guess that Judas has a little weight and height on Senshi. I know it has been rumored Senshi is leaving TNA but he must have made someone very angry to get stuck in this match. He does manage to land a kick that sends Judas to the mat. A straight to hell and Senshi is down for the count. I am still not impressed with what Judas is doing in the ring but he may not be fully recovered from his wrestling injury earlier this year. Kudos to Senshi for taking a beating in this match.

Kurt is Angle is backstage with JB and are interrupted by Angles Mrs. Angle is complaining that his clothes are wrinkled and JB is trying to help him get his shirts taken care of. Angle and JB discuss the decision that AJ and Tomko need to make but the Mrs. is worried about Sharmell.

Christian Cage is on his way to the iMPACT Zone and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, a promo for

The Instant Classic Christian Cage enters the arena and the ring, mic in hand. Christian is concerned about AJ Styles and Tomko making a decision as to which side they are going to be on. AJ comes to the ring when ordered to by Christian. After, of course, Christian talks about Christian who considers himself The Champ. Tomko does not come to the ring with AJ. NOTE: AJ wears a TNA t-shirt to the ring. Christian makes sure AJ knows that Christian made AJ’s career. The fans do not agree with Christian’s assessment of AJ’s talent and his career. Christian tells AJ that the tag team championship he has is because of Christian. Christian also tells AJ that the two world championships he has held – AJ reminds Christian that he had three world championships – and Christian takes credit for that even though Christian was not yet in TNA when AJ held those championships. When Christian tells AJ that Angle is using him, Angle enters the arena and the ring. And HE has a mic in his hand. Angle tells AJ that Christian is using AJ, not him. Angle wants to talk about Angle, too. Angle tries to pull AJ out of the ring but Christian grabs AJ’s arm and says that AJ has made his decision and he will be staying with Christian. AJ tries to pull away from both of them and Angle and Christian run together and then start throwing punches. AJ gets in the middle to break it up but Christian grabs Angle’s title belt and goes for Angle but hits AJ in the head with the belt instead. Angle attacks Christian and this time Tomko comes to the ring to break it up. Christian tells Tomko that when AJ wakes up he wants their decision by tonight before he leaves the arena.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Booker T and Sharmell are headed to the arena.

Crystal is backstage with Robert Roode. Crystal says Roode may have made a mistake by trash talking Booker’s wife. Roode said that is his time and he finally got a match with Booker T. Roode calls Booker a washed up has been but Ms. Brooks breaks in and tells Roode he should never have dragged Sharmell into this. Roode goes off on Ms. Brooks.

Roode tells Ms. Brooks never to disrespect him again.

Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks


Booker T from Houston, TX

accompanied to the ring by Sharmell

Referee: I’m not sure since the match didn’t actually get started

Winner: There wasn’t one – the match didn’t get underway

Robert Roode’s number one fan is in the back of the audience again while Roode puts Ms. Brooks in a chair at ringside. Before the match can begin, Angle’s Mrs. shows up at ringside to attack Sharmell. I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. Sharmell could kick her butt all over the arena or in the ring. Booker comes out to break up the cat fight then Angle shows up to attack Booker, throwing him back in the ring so that Angle and Roode can beat on Booker. Booker uses his head and rolls out of the ring while the refs are breaking up the catfight. Booker suggests they have a tag team match tonight. Roode and Angle versus Booker T and a partner of Booker’s choice.

JB is backstage with AJ who doesn’t remember Christian knocking him out with the title belt and he doesn’t remember Christian saying he wanted to know what AJ’s decision is tonight. JB tells AJ that he should ask everyone’s opinion about what he should do. AJ is still sure that he can be teamed with both sides but JB tells AJ it won’t work.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Final Resolution, TNA’s January 6, 2008 pay per view. Promo for Team 3D and Johnny Devine and the X Division. This has been the most attention the X Division has had in a long time. They will face off in an Ultimate X Match at Final Resolution.

Non-Title Tag Team Match

The Phenomenal AJ Styles



TNA Tag Team Champions


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley

The Motor City Machineguns from Detroit, MI

Referee: Earl Hebner

Winners: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley,

The Motor City Machineguns

AJ stops at the announcer’s table to ask their opinion about what he should do. AJ faces off with Alex Shelley but AJ is worried about what the fans have to say about what he should do. This was a great match to showcase Sabin and Shelley’s talent of working together in the ring. For those fans that have not noticed, Sabin and Shelley have rising sun wear and have been wearing them for a few shows now. On New Years they will working in Japan. I understand they have quite a following there.



Back from commercial break, Showtime Eric Young shows up at ringside to offer AJ his advice on what AJ should do tonight. Eric’s distraction is helping Sabin and Shelley handle AJ and Tomko in the ring. Tenay breaks in to tell everyone that there is some sort of commotion going on in Jim Cornette’s office involving Team 3D and they will get a camera back in that area as soon as possible. Shelley does a great job of sending Tomko out of the ring. Shelley puts himself in front of Sabin to protect him from a hit AJ was sending his way. Sabin and AJ are the legal men in the ring. Shelley makes one heck of a long distance frog splash on top of AJ and then suicide dives out of the ring to send Tomko into the guardrail. After AJ hits Sabin with a peleg and then goes for the Styles clash, Eric is up on the ring apron and AJ stops to talk to Eric and Shelley is back in the ring. Sabin and Shelley pin AJ and get the win. Tomko is not happy. Eric leaves the arena and waves for AJ to follow him.

Crystal is in Cornette’s office with Matt Morgan, Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D and Johnny Devine. Ray says they are not going to be in an Ultimate X Match at Final Resolution. Cornette tells Ray that they have been picking on the X Division and it’s time for the X Division to play on their field. Devon grabs Cornette by the jacket but Matt steps in and breaks it up as Cornette tells Team 3D to get out of the building before he has them thrown out. Team 3D and Devine decide to leave on their own. Cornette tells Matt to go out and walk around for 30 minutes because if Cornette tries to talk to Matt about what he did last week, he will say things both of them will regret.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Gail Kim and Awesome Kong’s match at Final Resolution.

Tag Team Match

Roxxi Laveaux of Voodoo Kin Mafia from New Orleans, LA


The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore from Tennessee


O.D.B. from Minneapolis, MN

accompanied to the ring by her flask


Angelina Love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Velvet Sky from The Big Apple


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL

TNA Women’s Champion

Referee: Slick Johnson

Winners: Gail Kim, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

Gail Kim pins Roxxi Laveaux for the three count

Gail Kim will face Awesome Kong in a no disqualification title match at Final Resolution.

Crystal is backstage with Cornette and Matt and Cornette tells Matt that he got a call from upstairs corporate about the matches made last week by Matt when Cornette was gone. Matt has a letter from corporate that came while Cornette was busy and Cornette opens the envelope a bonus check for last week’s show.  Samoa Joe shows up to interrupt the conversation. Cornette tells Joe he has to stop bad mouthing TNA in public. Cornette tells Joe about his match tonight but Joe says he isn’t going to be in any match tonight because he has decided that is what is best for him. Cornette tells Joe that he is sick of everyone going into business for themselves and Joe can either walk out to the ring and wrestle tonight or he can walk out the door to his car and go home because Joe is fired. Joe says the choice is his and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Against All Odds, Greenville, SC, on February 10, 2008.

Mike Tenay and The Monster Abyss have a sit down interview. Tenay wants Abyss to give him the answers that he has after his interview with Father James Mitchell. Tenay begins by saying that Mitchell no longer refers to him as The Monster Abyss, but as Chris. Abyss says that his real name is Chris Parks. Tenay wants to know how long Abyss has known Mitchell and Abyss says he has known him too long. Tenay wants to know about Abyss’s father and mother. Abyss says that his mother raised him, not his father as Mitchell said. Tenay wants to know about the obsession Mitchell has and the secret that only Mitchell and Abyss knows but Abyss says that the secret lives with him and it dies with him. Tenay keeps asking and Abyss stops the interview by standing up and taking off the mic and walking away.

Prime Time Elix Skipper from Atlanta, GA


The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe from American Samoa

Referee: Shane Sewell

Winner: Prime Time Elix Skipper by DQ

Joe does show up and it appears to be only to beat up Skipper. This was more of a beat down than a match. Joe spends his time in the ring beating on Skipper and shoving around the referee until the ref finally has enough and rings the bell disqualifying Joe.  Security has to enter the ring to get Joe off of Skipper. Joe grabs a mic and starts talking but the mic is cut off after Joe tells everyone that he is going to come in and destroy everyone in the ring until he gets what he wants. Joe infers TNA is trying to shut him up.  This seems to be a carry over from Joe’s live mic experience at the last pay per view. My suggestion would be to shut up creative and turn Joe loose. He does a great job with the mic.

Miss Jackie is backstage with what appears to be a drunken Cowboy James Storm. Eric is sitting at the table with a six-pack. JB is at the table with Eric and AJ while Eric explains to AJ how many choices Eric has to make every day, mostly the choices has to make at meal times. Eric then switches to cell phone choices. AJ looks more confused than ever and wanders off leaving Eric talking to JB.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Crystal is backstage with Scott Steiner and Petey Williams Crystal is asking Scott about his trading briefcases and losing his briefcase with the Heavyweight title shot in it to Petey. Scott now has an X Division title shot. Scott tells Petey he is too small for a World title shot and Scott wants Petey to trade title shots. Petey tells Scott he has the most defined body of the heavyweight division, the X division, the women’s division – except for maybe Awesome Kong – Petey says he will be the next TNA heavyweight champion.  Scott tells “Caroline” that he will get his heavyweight title back whether Petey likes it or not.

Back to the ring, Dustin Rhodes is entering the arena and the ring and he has brought security with him. He calls out Kaz because he wants to know why Kaz attacked him out of nowhere last week. Kaz comes to the ring to tell Dustin that he doesn’t like rats. Dustin doesn’t know what he is talking about – or at least he pretends to not know what Kaz is talking about – an they end up brawling in the middle of the ring. Kaz manages to take off his shirt in the middle of the fray, which seemed to make the female fans in the audience happy. And I’m going to say it…Kaz looks as good in black shirt and slacks as he does in his ring attire. The battle goes up into the audience and up the stairs as security tries to break the two up. Security gets Dustin down on the floor but Kaz vaults over the guardrail in the bleacher area and lands on Dustin and security. Nice body drop. 

Dustin is okay as Black Reign but I think I like him better as Dustin Rhodes.

JB is backstage with AJ and Kevin Nash. AJ has come to Kevin looking for advice on what he should do tonight. JB has already told AJ he should go with Angle. AJ apologizes to Kevin for what he did to him at Turning Point and Kevin tells him not to worry about it and that he is on the clock. Nash tells AJ about the NOW splitting up and Nash went with the black and red because it was the stronger faction and the best for Nash. Nash tells AJ there are no friends in this business and AJ needs to decide who is going to stab him in the back, Angle or Christian. AJ still looks confused.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for Final Resolution – again.

Tenay gives everyone a run down of TNA’s most memorable moments of 2007:

The two hour iMPACT, Samoa Joe with three title belts, Kaz gets a title shot, Awesome Kong debuts, Big Fat Oily Guy, Ms. Brooks covered with feathers at Hard Justice, Alex Shelley’s Eye Spy, Cowboy James Storm, Miss Jackie and friends finding Eric Young and JB in the local drug store buying, er, um, supplies(?), Abyss bleeding, Devon bleeding, Sting bleeding, Jeff Jarrett putting a guitar over AJ Styles’ head, Adam “Pacman” Jones (which was not a memorable moment unless you count it as the worst mistake TNA made in 2007), the debut of Angle’s Mrs., the debut of Judas Mesias, the return to the ring of Kevin Nash (no mention was made of Scott Hall), the debut of Booker T, Team 3D with the tag team titles, Black Machismo Jay Lethal beating Angle for the X Division title, Team Pacman winning the tag team championships (another worst for TNA), AJ Styles and Tomko winning the tag team titles, Gail Kim becoming the first TNA Women’s Division Champion, Sting winning the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Main Event

Tag Team Match

Robert Roode from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks


Kurt Angle from Pittsburgh, PA

TNA World Heavyweight Champion


Booker T from Houston, TX

accompanied to the ring by Sharmell


Commercial break,

Back from commercial break, Booker T announces is partner (like ya’ll couldn’t see that one coming…)

The Instant Classic Christian Cage from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winners: Booker T & The Instant Classic Christian Cage

I always say how nice Sharmell looks when she is on the show, but I do need to mention that Ms. Brooks looked very nice this evening.

Christian and Booker seem to get along very well before the match even begins. Robert Roode’s Number One Fan is still hanging out in the back watching the action. AJ Styles comes down to ringside carrying a chair and we go to



It’s the last match, surely this is the LAST commercial break in the middle of a match?

Back from commercial break, AJ is sitting at ringside and I think he’s playing with his ears as a nervous reaction? Booker goes for the spinarooni and tries to pin Roode but is interrupted by Angle. Christian does a blind tag on Booker’s back saving Booker from a beat down by Angle and Roode. AJ picks up the chair but then he throws it down and heads out of the arena. Roode hits Christian with a low blow but Booker sends Angle off the top turnbuckle to the floor then hits Roode with the axe kick sending him back into the middle of the ring where Christian delivers the unprettier, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Ms. Brooks look happy that Roode got pinned.

Booker T and Sharmell leave the ring and the arena. Christian grabs a mic and demands that AJ come to the ring with his decision. Angle takes a mic and tells Christian that AJ his is boy while the audience chants “Angle sucks”. AJ enters the arena and heads to the ring still looking confused. Christian demands an answer – that AJ is going with Christian Cage.  Angle tells AJ that he is with the Angle Alliance. AJ is stuck between the two yelling men and the show is over.


Maybe we’ll know AJ’s answer next week on iMPACT.

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