Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown

December 21, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Vickie Guerrero, Smackdown General Manager, in her wheelchair is being pushed to the ring by the assistant General Manager, Theodore Long. Vickie has the championship belt in her lap. We see a recap of the match at Armageddon where Edge won the WWE World Heavyweight title with a whole lot of cheating and the outside assistance of the Major Brothers. Teddy has the mic and he introduces Vickie to the crowd. Iím not sure how they got the wheelchair and Vickie into the ring, but thatís where she is now. Vickie introduces Edge, the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge enters the arena complete with his pyros and goes to the ring. Edge doesnít appear to be getting any applause from the fans. We are having the ďofficial presentationĒ of the title belt to the chants of ďYou suckĒ from the audience Ė quite loud, by the way. Teddy presents Edge his title belt.

Edge takes the mic and wants to thank all the people. Edge thanks Teddy and all of Edgeís fans, the Edgeheads (never heard that one before) and two very specific Edgeheads Ė Brett and Brian Major, the Major Brothers who are dressed like Edge in ring attire. With ďRĒ on their wrestling outfits complete with stocking caps. They enter the arena and the ring to stand next to their hero. Edge says the two of them are not really the Major Brothers and he wants them to tell the audience who they really are.

The first not really a Major Brother takes the mic and tells us that he is Kurt Hawkins, who enjoy listening to rock & roll music, long walks on the beach, sipping a nice mimosa.

The second not really a Major Brother takes the mic and tells us that he is Zach Rider who likes to hike with his family and cuddle with his girlfriend.

Edge takes the mic back and says there is one person that Edge really needs to thank and that is Vickie. Then we see Edge going through his rehab along with Vickie by his side and set to some sappy music. The audience is not impressed and neither was I. Edge says there is one more person he would like to thank and that is the man he will be defending his heavyweight championship against tonight and that it Batista who did such a great job of hanging on to the title when Edge was out on the injured list. 

Cole tells us that tonight there will be a six-man tag team match.  CM Punk, ECW Champion, The Big Red Machine Kane and Rey Mysterio facing MVP, WWE United States Champion, Big Daddy V and The Worldís Strongest Man Mark Henry. JBL tells us that Finlay along with Hornswoggle will face The Great Khali along with his interpreter, Ranjin Singh and that match is next.

Edge, Teddy, and the not really Major Brothers are assisting Vickie back into her wheelchair outside of the ring and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break,

Smackdown is being broadcast from Rochester, NY on the CW network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

For those that havenít heard, John Bradshaw Layfield, known as JBL at the announcerís table, is planning on making his return to the ring. We are uncertain whom WWE will get to replace JBL as an announcer; however, it is possible that JBL could do both.

Cole tells us that Edge will defend his title against Batista later tonight and then tells JBL he canít believe that JBL is leaving his job as announcer for a return to the ring. JBL will deliver his Smackdown Farewell Address tonight.

Tag Team Match

The Great Khali


Ranjin Singh

Before their opponents are introduced, we see a recap of Finlayís match against The Great Khali at Armageddon and the interference by Singh and then the interference by Hornswoggle, which brought Finlay the win.





Audience favorites: Finlay & Hornswoggle

My favorites: Finlay & Hornswoggle

Winners: Finlay & Hornswoggle

Finlay is still one of my favorite wrestlers and Hornswoggle has been allowed to do a little more in the way of wrestling action in the ring although he has no one in his height and weight class. Itís difficult to judge Khali in a wrestling ring because he is so much larger than everyone else he is usually put up against in the ring. Iím not sure how much in ring experience Singh has so this could be interesting.

Finlay is taking a real beating at the hands of Khali when Singh asks to be allowed into the ring. At least I think that is what he is saying Ė he is speaking in Indian and I donít translate well. Khali tags him in and then points at Khali. The referee tells Khali that he has to leave the ring and Singh becomes a little upset. Hornswoggle comes around the outside of the ring on the floor and pulls down Singhís pants. Singh is now on the floor trying to cover up his boxers. Khali reaches down and grabs Hornswoggle by the head but Finlay is back on his feet and he sends Khali over the top rope and to the floor. Singh is checking on Khali who landed on his feet outside the ring and Finlay is down on one knee inside the ring. Finlay rolls out of the ring and Singh panics and runs away from Finlay and Hornswoggle meets Singh on the opposite side of the ring with a bucket in his hand. Hornswoggle tosses what is in the bucket at Singh but it is only paper and then Hornswoggle nails Singh on the head with the bucket. Hornswoggle then picks up a big red umbrella and opens it, then points behind Singh. Singh turns around and is met by Finlay who also has a bucket. Finlay tosses the contents of his bucket and it is water, then Finlay nails Singh on top of the head with that bucket. Finlay rolls Singh back into the ring, picks him up and swings him around in a circle in the giant swing, drops him to the mat and tags in Hornswoggle who comes off the top turnbuckle and lands on Singh with the tadpole splash. Hornswoggle gets the three count.

It was difficult to tell, but I think Khali on the other side of the ring on the floor was actually smiling at the antics of Finlay and Hornswoggle. Finlay and Hornswoggle don green hats and dance their Irish jig for the fans. Not really to be considered a match but it was entertaining.

Cole tells us that Ric Flair will be here next.

Commercial break.

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The Nature Boy Ric Flair, sixteen-time world champion, enters the arena and the ring. He is not dressed for action. Flair was up against Umaga on Monday Night Raw and beat Umaga when Umaga was counted out. Flair is here to tell the fans Merry Christmas because it may be the last chance he has to say it inside the WWE ring. Flair thanks the roster of Smackdown for respecting him. He reminds the fans that he has been in the ring for thirty-five years and that he has tried to be the best in the business. He reminds fans that Vince McMahon has told Flair that the next time he loses a match his career will come to an end. Flair says that it has been a hell of a ride. Ten days from now, Flair will wrestle on Raw and be up against Triple H. Flair says Triple H is the greatest wrestler alive today. Flair says that he has always told everyone that he would want his final match to be up against Triple H. Flair tells Triple H that he loves him as a brother and he is his best friend and that if Flair loses he will walk away and never be seen again but itís okay because Flair knows that he will have lost to the best and if that happens Flair will have no regrets. Flair leaves the ring and the arena to numerous WOOOOOOS from the fans.

We are reminded about the six-man tag team match, which is coming up next.

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Six Man Tag Team Match

Rey Mysterio from San Diego, CA weighing 165 lbs.


CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 222 lbs.

ECW Champion


The Big Red Machine Kane weighing 323 lbs.


Big Daddy V

accompanied to the ring by Matt Striker


The Worldís Strongest Man Mark Henry

at a combined weight of 715 lbs.


MVP weighing 248 lbs.

WWE United States Champion

Audience favorites: Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and Kane

My favorites: Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Kane and MVP

Winners: Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and The Big Red Machine Kane

It is not easy to put anyone up against Henry or V due to their size and weight. Even Kane is dwarfed by both of these men. I have a lot of respect for Mysterio as a ring worker and enjoy watching Punk and MVP in the ring. MVP has improved greatly since he began with WWE.

The bell rings with Kane and Henry locking up in the ring. Kane tags in Punk and Henry tags in MVP. Punk does a good job keeping MVP on his toes Punk uses his legs and feet. Punk goes for a quick roll up but only gets a two count, then again and one more time before everyone comes into the ring. We go to



Back from commercial break, itís still Punk and MVP in the ring. After Mysterioís win against MVP at Armageddon but loss of the title, it isnít surprising when Punk tags Mysterio into the ring to face MVP. Mysterio goes for quick pin but canít get the three count. Mysterio works over MVP to the cheers of the audience then Mysterio tags in Punk who goes for a cover but only gets a two count. MVP gets away from Punk and to his corner to tag in V. Punk does his best to take V down, but he ends up getting caught in a side slam to take Punk down to the mat. V then steps on Punk while heís down on the mat. V tags in Henry and we have a double team, which has got to be the worldís biggest joke. MVP is now tagged in and he has Punk down on the mat pounding on him. MVP goes for a cover but Punk gets a shoulder up. Punk is in the wrong corner. MVP tags in V again who has Punk over his head and then throws him down to the canvas. V again steps on Punkís chest. Punk is trying to get to his corner but V tags back in MVP who keeps Punk down on the mat. Punk is back to his feet and fighting to get a tag to Kane, but MVP pulls him back to the opposite corner and Henry is tagged in. Henry goes for a pin but doesnít get the three count. Henry keeps Punk on the wrong side of the ring. Punk tries to fight out of the corner but canít get past Henry. Henry tags in MVP and again Punk is down on the mat. Punk hits MVP with a jawbreaker and crawls toward his corner. MVP has Punkís leg but Punk goes up in the air with a boot to take down MVP. Punk manages to tag in Kane who cuts loose on MVP. Kane takes MVP down with a side slam then goes after Henry and V. Kane comes off the top turnbuckle to take MVP down to the mat with a flying clothesline and then sets him up for a choke slam. V enters the ring and Kane hits him with a boot before tagging in Mysterio. Kane heads back over to V and gets sent outside the ring as Mysterio goes up and comes off the top with a moonsault that takes MVP down. Mysterio goes for the cover but MVP kicks out at the count of two. Kane and V are battling it out on the floor as Mysterio sets MVP up for the 619. Henry enters the ring and delivers a boot to Mysterioís head. Punk and Mysterio work on Henry. MVP enters the ring and Punk sends MVP out of the ring and goes after him with a suicide dive through the ropes. Punk hits MVP and ends up on the entrance ramp. Henry is in the ring with Mysterio. Mysterio catches Henry with a drop toehold and sets him up for the 619. Mysterio hits the 619, Kane is back in the ring and he takes Henry down with a choke slam, Mysterio comes off the top rope and goes for the cover on Henry. Mysterio gets the three count as V is trying to get back into the ring.

You canít say Punk, Kane, MVP and Mysterio didnít work hard in this match and that Henry didnít make the match by putting over Mysterio.

Cole reminds us about the championship match between Batista and Edge tonight and we see a replay of the championship match at Armageddon.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the three way that has been going on between Jamie Noble, Michelle McCool and Chuck Palumbo including the losses Palumbo has been suffering at the hands of Noble in the last three weeks. The last lost cost McCool a date with Noble after she tried to distract Noble and inadvertently, or not, got Palumbo pinned one more time. Cole tells us that Noble and McCool had their date last Friday night after Smackdown was over. JBL says that isnít important.  Whatís important is JBLís official resignation from  Smackdown in order to go back into the ring. Cole tells us we are going to see if McCool survived her date with Noble. Noble is concerned about the prices at the restaurant they go to dine. Noble wants Ripple but they donít have any so then he asks for Merlot (Noble pronounces it mur lot). Noble wants McCool to go to Christmas dinner with him. He wants to know about McCoolís policy on kissing on the first date. Noble tries to order ďFrench foodĒ including French soup, French fried onions and French fries. Noble gets up and argues with the waiter. The waiter tries to  explain that it is an Italian restaurant and he canít get Noble the food that he has ordered. Noble says that he has beat Chuck Palumbo three times and heís Italian. Noble has bought McCool a Christmas present and he wants her to open it now. Noble gets her a bottle Old Spice which is Nobleís cologne and when they are not together she can just spritz his cologne in the air and it will be just like he is there. Noble is going to show McCool one of his magic tricks which is removing the table cloth from the table and not removing anything on the table. It doesnít work.

Repeat of portions of the Armageddon matches and to remind you that you can still pick up Armageddon on pay per view this week.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the match last week on Smackdown when Festus takes out  Miz and gets a win.

Santa Match

Santa Deuce from the Other Side of the Tracks weighing 230 lbs.

accompanied to the ring by Domino & Cherry 


Santa Festus weighing 291 lbs.

accompanied to the ring by Jesse

Audience favorites: Festus

My favorite: Festus

Winner: Santa Festus

Festus certainly does turn into a big bad man when the bell rings. Iím learning to like his character as much as I like Jesse in the ring. Jesse has to spend his time outside the ring keeping Domino from interfering in the match. This is probably the most I have seen Festus down on the mat in a match since he arrived at Smackdown. Deuce even goes for a cover but canít get the three count. Festus is fully dressed in a Santa suit, which may be a hindrance in the ring, but Deuce throws Festus out of the ring and Jesse is there to keep Domino from hitting Festus while he is out of the ring. Domino makes the mistake of climbing up on the top turnbuckle in order to distract Festus, but Jesse knocks Domino off onto the floor and Festus gets the pin and the three count.

More of a brawl than a match but not bad.

Cole is reminding us that JBL is leaving the announcerís table on Smackdown to return to the ring on Monday Night Raw. JBLís farewell address is up next.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JBL is in the ring with a podium and a mic in order to deliver his farewell address. The audience doesnít seem sorry to see him go. JBL says that he is returning to the ring in the greatest comeback in sports. JBL says he was the longest reigning champion in Smackdown history. JBL then shows us how he managed to screw Y2J Chris Jericho out of the WWE Championship at Armageddon. JBL seems to have it in for Jericho and he doesnít hesitate to say so. JBL then exits the ring and heads up the entrance ramp to leave the arena.

Cole tells us that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is next, Edge versus Batista.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Cole tells us that his new partner for tonight is Tazz who has stepped in from his place at the announcerís table at ECW.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Animal Batista from Washington, DC, weighing 290 lbs.

The Challenger


The Rated R Superstar Edge from Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  weighing 250 lbs.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion

accompanied by the not really the Major Brothers

Audience favorite: Batista

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: Batista,

but Edge was allowed to keep the title.

Yep, it sucked but that's the way WWE has been doing all of it's writing these days.

Before the match can being, Vickie comes to the ring in her wheelchair being pushed once again by Teddy Long and says that this will be a three on one handicap championship match which means the not really the Major Brothers will be in the match with Edge. The audience isnít happy and I canít believe the story lines continue to be so stupid.  I really have a problem knowing that Edge and Batista are going along with this. What could have been a great match is now a mediocre and boring match. And if this is the best they can come up with for Vickie, she should be looking for another job.

The bell rings and Batista faces off with one of the not really a Major Brother who may regret being a part of this match. Batista pounds unmercifully on his opponent but Edge gets involved and knocks Batista off the rope. Zack is now in the ring with a downed Batista but Batista fights back against all three but when he goes for the Batista bomb, Edge is in the ring to put a stop to it. We go 



Back from commercial break, promo for the Greatest Matches of 2007.

Edge is in the ring stomping on Batista. We donít know how he got into the ring since he wasnít before we went to commercial break. Batista is back to his feet and fighting back but Edge takes him down with a drop toehold. Edge is back to his feet and drops an elbow, going for the cover. Batista kicks out at the count of one. Edge has Batista in a waist lock but Batista is fighting to get back to his feet and he does, then uses his strength to break the hold. Batista misses Edge as he charges him in the corner and nails his own shoulder on the corner post. Batista takes Edge down with a slam and gets a two count Ė Iím not sure about the count, Batista hadnít covered him before the ref began the count. Edge manages to get a tag and Zach enters the ring but Batista is ready for him. The other not really a Major Brother enters the ring and gets taken out. Edge is up on the ring apron but Batista sends him crashing to the floor with a shoulder block and then delivers a Batista bomb to Zach, covers him and gets the three count.

According to Cole and Tazz, Batista has won the title but Vickie says that he didnít win the title. Now she says that she has an announcement to make and the only way  Batista can win the title is if he beats Edge. Vickie tells them to ring the bell. Edge is out on the floor but Batista brings him into the ring by his hair. Batista goes up to the top turnbuckle and takes Edge down to the canvas. One of the not really a Major Brother is already out on the floor, the second one enters the ring and Batista throws him out on top of the other one. Batista is now alone in the ring with Edge. Edge charges at Batista with a spear, but Batista catches him and sends him down to the mat. Batista has Edge set up for the Batista bomb but one of the not really a Major Brother enters the ring with a steel chair and slams it into Batistaís leg. The ref rings the bell, obviously due to disqualification, and all three Batistaís opponents drop him on the steel chair. Edge goes back out to the floor and gets another chair in order to perform his conchairto and he does and I can tell all you WWE wrestling fans the ONLY reason I watch any WWE program is because I write about it.

If I did not, I would never turn it on again.

Not a match, waste of time and talent. Boring end to an already not so hot show. As long as people continue to purchase tickets and pay per views, you will continue to get lousy booking and programming with more story lines than action.

If you are looking for actual wrestling matches, may I suggest you check out the next Ring of Honor pay per view coming up in January.

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