December 20, 2007

Recap by Sassy

Comments by Sassy noted in italics.

ďYou Had Better Watch OutÖ

Santa Claus is Coming to TNAĒ

No, wrestling fans, I didnít make that one up eitherÖit was on the screen before the show began.

We open with Showtime Eric Young in an Elf outfit with Crystal and JB for TNAís 2007 Christmas Party. JB mentions there are already some guests here. The two big guys are Ericís cousins and the girl is Ericís sister, Kimberly the Monkey Girl. The doorbell rings and Ericís Uncle Leo (Eric calls him the legend-isnít he one of the Bushwhackers?) enters.


iMPACT is being broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL, on Spike TV.

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Backstage interviews: Crystal Loutham and Jeremy Borash

Tenay tells us that tonight it will be Christmas Chaos in the Cage, six sides of steel, a Double North Pole match and TNA Knockouts in Santaís Workshop Street Fight. West tells us it will be Silent Night, Bloody Night with Abyss versus Black Reign versus Rellik versus Shark Boy and Grab the Reindeer Ladder Match with AJ Styles versus Kaz, the winner pulls down the reindeer suit and the loser has to wear it. Tenay tells us that Jim Cornette is away for the holidays and Matt Morgan has taken it upon himself to be in charge. Matt has come up with the following:

Christmas Chaos in the Cage: Robert Roode, Cowboy James Storm, Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave versus LAX (Homicide and Hernandez), Scott Steiner and  Booker T.

Double North Pole Match: Johnny Devine, Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) versus Black Machismo Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machineguns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

Santaís Workshop Knockout Street Fight, a match where toys can and will be used as weapons featuring nine TNA knockouts.

Silent Night, Bloody Night: Abyss versus Black Reign versus Rellik versus Shark Boy. (Wasnít this match supposed to have been scheduled for Turning Point with Abyss versus Black Reign versus Judas Mesias?)

Grab the Reindeer Ladder Match: The Phenomenal AJ Styles versus Kaz, winner grabs the reindeer costume and the loser must wear it.

Matt Morgan is in the ring with a mic to welcome everyone to the show. The cage surrounding the ring is six sides of steel, covered from top to bottom with Christmas lights.

Christmas Chaos Cage Match, 8 man tag team

Jimmy Rave


Lance Hoyt

Rock & Rave Infection

accompanied to the ring by Christy Hemme


Cowboy James Storm

accompanied to the ring by The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore


Robert Roode from Wall Street, Manhattan, NY

accompanied to the ring by Ms. Brooks

Roodeís Number One Fan is in the back again wearing glasses and trying to blend in with the crowd.




Latin American Exchange


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner


Booker T

accompanied to the ring by Sharmell

Referee: Shane Sewell

Winners: Homicide & Hernandez of LAX, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner & Booker T

Booker T and Roode are feuding due to Roodeís treatment of Sharmell last week when Sharmell came to the defense of Ms. Brooks. Lance and Rave have been feuding with Homicide and Hernandez because of the attacks on Christy by the LAX mystery team member. Storm and Steiner will feud with anyone they can whenever they can. Iím not certain how they got involved in his match. Iím not looking for Booker to be on the losing team in this match up and he does have some great partners.

The wrestlers are locked inside the cage. Storm and Steiner face off in the middle of the ring. Steiner manhandles storm and then Steiner tags in Hernandez but Storm makes a break for it and tags in Rave. Rave gives it his best shot but Hernandez has him beat in size and Rave gets beat on as Hernandez makes a tag to Homicide. Homicide enters the ring  and we have a little double-teaming before Hernandez tosses Rave back first into the steel cage and then makes his way out of the ring. Homicide goes for the cover but doesnít get the three count. Hernandez doesnít agree with the refereeís count and Rave takes an opportunity to dive across the ring and tag in Roode. Homicide takes Roode down to the mat and goes for the pin but Roode powers out. Homicide nearly takes down the ref on his way into the ropes. Homicide comes off the ropes and Roode sends him up and face first into the steel cage. The ref tries to check on Homicide but Roode is back on his feet stomping away and the ref is trying to back Roode off and, naturally, we go to



Earlier this week, someone leaked a purported full script for an upcoming TNA iMPACT program. Whether it is actually a script that was to have been used is anyoneí s guess, but I did learn something after seeing the script. The writers script the commercials in DURING THE MATCHES.  It is NOT Spike TV breaking up the wrestling matches, it is TNA.

Back from commercial break, promo for 24/7.

Back in the ring, Lance has Homicide over his head in the middle of the ring and he tosses Homicide back first into the steel cage. Hoyt tags in Storm and Homicide is fighting back but as he comes off the ropes, Stormís well-placed knee nails him. Homicide is down on the mat, Storm glares at Homicideís tag team partners before taking Homicide up in the air again and then going for the cover. Booker is in the ring and he uses a boot to Stormís back to break up the count. The ref is ordering Booker back to his side of the ring  The refís back is turned and Storm tags in Lance who stops Homicide from making a tag. Lance sends Homicide into the ropes but as Homicide comes off the ropes he sends a boot to Lanceís chest. Homicide tries to dive over the top of Lance to get a tag but Lance catches Homicide in mid air. Homicide breaks free and sends Lance into the steel cage before diving for a tag. Lance is back to his feet and he goes for a tag. Homicide tags in Booker and Lance tags in Rave. Booker takes down Rave and Roode enters the ring. Booker drops Roode and Storm enters the ring. Booker sends him to the mat. Lance enters the ring and Booker sends him down to the mat as well. Roode comes back after Booker and Booker sends him into the side of the cage. Rave goes after Booker but Booker takes him down with a spine buster and goes for the cover but Raveís three partners attack Booker breaking up the count. Now all eight men are in the ring. Christy is up on the side of the ring yelling for Rave and it appears she is going to hand him a weapon. The LAX mystery member appears with a slapjack. Christy is yanked off the ring apron and runs in front of the announcerís table with the LAX member chasing her. In the ring, Booker slams Rave down to the mat, gets the three count and the win.

Not a long match but a chance to get a few roster members thrown into the steel cage. Homicide certainly took most of the beat down during the match.

We are back at the Christmas party and Eric is worried about a stuffed reindeer that has been staring at him. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky enter the room. ODB enters with her flask and immediately looks for and finds the bar (another commercial break in the middle of a match and I will join her). The doorbell rings and Awesome Kong enters. Eric wants to make her the bathroom attendant. Kong is going to have to start looking away from Eric Young when she has to interact with him.  She nearly smiled during his one sided conversation with her.

Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D and Johnny Devine enter the arena.

Ray and Devon are dressed as Santa Claus. Devine is dressed as an elf. Ray has a mic in his hand as he enters the ring.  Devon stops and harasses the fans at ringside. The three of them introduce Black Machismo Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machineguns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, under the guise of wanting to apologize to them for the way Team 3D has treated them.  The three wrestlers who enter the ring are midgets and when Ray gets down on his knees and belittles (no pun intended) the midgets, mini Sabin smacks Ray and the beat down on the midgets begins. (The mini Lethal does a pretty good impression of the real thing!), Sabin, Shelley and Lethal come to the rescue.

Sabin has a mic and tells Team 3D and Devine they should have their match right here and right now and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Double North Pole Match

One pole contains a stocking marked Ultimate X Match

One pole contains a stocking marked Plate Glass Table Match

The match the winner has picked will be the match between this six men at the next pay per view.

Brother Ray


Brother Devon

Team 3D


Johnny Devine


Chris Sabin


Alex Shelley

The Motor City Machineguns


Black Machismo Jay Lethal

Referee: Earl Hebner

Winners: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machineguns


 Black Machismo Jay Lethal

These six men have been feuding for months. Team 3D dislikes the X Division, The X Division dislikes Team 3D and that traitorous Johnny Devine who was formerly with the X Division.

Devine and Sabin lock up in the center of the ring. Devine gets the worst of the match until Sabin misses an elbow drop. Devine goes across and knocks down Shelley and Lethal and goes for the stocking but Shelley and Lethal are back up to their feet to knock Devine back into the ring. Sabin makes a tag to Shelley. Devine takes Shelley down to the canvas and then tags in Devon. Shelley is getting a beat down courtesy of Devon but Shelley gets in a kick and goes after Ray and Devine then goes for the Ultimate X match stocking. Devon takes Shelley down to the mat with a suplex off the ropes and then tags in Ray. Shelly gets a tag to Lethal and Lethal comes in to take down Ray, Devon and Devine and goes for the stocking but Ray is back to his feet and takes Lethal down to the mat. Ray takes down Lethal, drops Shelley and Sabin on the ring apron and goes after the stocking. Lethal is back to his feet and he takes Ray down with an arm drag but Ray powers Lethal down to the mat.



I'll be right back - going to find ODB and the bar!

Back from commercial break, promo for The History of TNA Year 1.

All six men are out on the floor. Sabin is working on Ray, Devon is working on Shelley and Devine and Lethal are battling it out. Lethal sends Devine head first into the steel steps, Sabin sends Ray head first into the metal guardrail and Devon sends Shelley head first into the guardrail. Lethal and Ray are back in the ring and Ray takes down Lethal. Lethal back to his feet, Ray slams him to the mat again. Devon goes up  to the top turnbuckle but Shelley is up on the ring apron to shove Devon down to the mat. Lethal sets up Ray instead and Shelley comes off the top rope to take out Ray. Devon is  back in the ring and he is after the stocking for the table match but Sabin knocks him down. We now have the midget wrestlers back in the ring to assist their taller look alike wrestlers. Lethal and little Lethal go off with elbows to take out Team 3D. Shelley goes up to the stocking that says Ultimate X and it will be an Ultimate X match at Final Resolution in January 2008.

Not a bad match. Team 3D has done a great job of putting over the X Division during the last few months. Iím not certain what Devineís role in all of his could be but itís nice to see him in the ring actually working as a wrestler. The three midgets were obviously trained wrestlers as well and they did a good job for the part they had to play.

Back at the Christmas party, we have a sing along but Ericís cousin have managed to upset Kong who takes them both out and the doorbell rings. Kevin Nash appears and is surrounded by Love and Sky. Eric is still worried about Santa Claus making it to the party. ODB and Love get into it and then itís a free for all with all the women at the party and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we are again at the Christmas party and Eric is cleaning up the mess that the girls left for him. The Angles arrive Ė unfortunately Ė and we wonder why TNA continues to dress Angleís Mrs. like she should be down the street at the local strip joint. Do the Angles let their rug rats watch this show??? Angle takes Eric aside to tell him that Santa Claus is make believe and Eric comes to the conclusion that Angle is trying to tell him that Shrek and Santa are one and the same person.  Maybe Eric should have asked Angle how much he paid for the boob job for his Mrs.?

Santaís Workshop Knockout Street Fight Match

ODB from Minneapolis, MN

accompanied to the ring by her silver flask which is wrapped in red for the holiday season


Roxxi Laveuax of Voodoo Kin Mafia from New Orleans, LA


The Pride of Tennessee Miss Jackie Moore


Christy Hemme from Los Angeles, CA


Ms. Brooks from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY


Awesome Kong, 6í1Ē, weighing 272 3/8 lbs. residing in Japan


Angelina Love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Velvet Sky from The Big Apple

(We see a split screen and Samoa Joe who has just arrived at the iMPACT Zone is entering the building.)

Before the final participant is introduced, we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.


Gail Kim from Tampa, FL

TNA Womenís Champion

Referee: Slick Johnson

Winner: Awesome Kong

I have no idea why there are constantly womenís battle royals in TNA. Is it because they donít consider any of the women good enough to be in one on one matches? Gail Kim is very much a talent, as is Kong, Miss Jackie, Ms. Brooks, ODB and Roxxi. I have not seen enough of Sky and Love in the ring to be able to judge their wrestling talent and I donít believe Christy should be a headliner in the wrestling ring.

As the bell rings, Gail goes after Kong. Kong sends Gail out of the ring and then follows her out. Gail gets laid out on the entrance ramp and the two of them are fighting their way up the rap and then beside the ramp. Gail is working hard to take Kong out but there is such a size difference between the two. They end up out of the arena and out of camera view. The rest of the women in the ring are battling it out. ODB covers Love with the big toy box in the ring but Sky rescues her. Ms. Brooks is working on Christy and Jackie is working on ODB. Sky and Love use the toy box to send ODB out of the ring and onto the floor. Kong appears wandering back toward the ring but there is no sign of Gail. The women in the ring are a little nervous about Kong entering the ring with them. Love and Sky go on the attack but they make no headway. Jackie and Ms. Brooks give it a try but they get taken down. Roxxi is next but she gets slammed to the mat and now Kong has a grip on Christy. Kong takes Christy up and delivers the Awesome bomb and gets the three count.

Gail Kim is back in the ring and she has a steel chair with her. Kong goes for the Awesome bomb but Gail breaks away and gets in a kick to the abdomen and then goes back after the chair. Gail nails Kong in the left arm with the chair, then the back and then a direct hit to the top of the head with the chair and Kong drops to the mat. Gail is on top of Kong delivering blows but Kong is back to her feet and security enters the ring to break up the two women. Kong gets away from security and attacks Gail while security is still holding her. The two of them are back at it again but security has pulled Gail from the ring and are taking her up the ramp and out of the arena while Kong stares her down from inside the ring.

Back at the Christmas party, Matt and Eric are talking about Ericís favorite subject Ė Santa Claus. The doorbell rings and Wildcat Chris Harris enters the room. Wildcat complains about no women and no music and no present for him not because it is Christmas but because it is Wildcatís birthday. Eric explains that itís someone elseís birthday today and Wildcat asks who. Eric says it is J.C. and Wildcat wants to know who Jim Cornette has ever beat. The doorbell rings again and this time itís mini Chris Sabin and mini Alex Shelley along with their taller counterparts. Eric wants to know if the midgets are the elves. The doorbell rings again and this time mini Jay Lethal and the taller version arrive. Lethal wants to know where the Bushwhackers are and that he heard they were here. Lethal says hello to Luke and they decide to reminisce. The doorbell rings again at itís The Guru Sonjay Dutt who enters with his tambourine. So Cal Val enters and tells Eric that she has brought the mistletoe. Lethal hears her and comes over to join her under the mistletoe but as Val holds the mistletoe up in the air, Sonjay slips in between the pair and kisses Val.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for TNAís Against All Odds pay per view which will be broadcast from Greenville, SC on February 10, 2008.

Tenay is telling us how Samoa Joe has been very negative regarding TNA the last few weeks. (I gotta say this.  I know that Joe had a live mic at Turning Point and the speech he gave was awesome, however, TNAís attempt to turn it into something TNA isnít working well at all. Joe does a better job if left to his own devices.) Backstage, Crystal is with Joe in the locker room and Joe goes off on Crystal because she asks him if he is going to the Christmas party and he says that versus a Christmas party, TNA should have used the money to supplement his contract or that they could have used the time to show the fans what they really want to see which is wrestling (thank you, Joe.  Now everyone knows why I switched to being a Ring of Honor fan.). He tells Crystal to tell Matt Morgan that he will be at the Christmas party and Joe will make sure itís a party Matt never forgets.

Tenay gives us a rundown of the problems between Abyss aka Chris, Father James Mitchell and Judas Mesias. I still think Mitchell is trying to get Abyss to tell the world that Mitchell is Chrisís father. We see part of the confrontation last week between Mitchell and Abyss with the save by Mesias and the beat down of Abyss.

Silent Night Bloody Night 4 Way Match

Rellik from the Depths of Hell


Shark Boy from the Deep Blue Sea


Black Reign from the Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind

Accompanied to the ring by Misty the Artic Fox

(sheís a domestic rat and she shouldnít be at ringside!)


The Monster Abyss, 6í8Ē, weighing 350 lbs.

Referee: Rudy Charles

Winner: Rellik

Iím a little confused as to why Shark Boy ended up in a match like this. He is more X Division material and to top that off, he is still wearing a neck brace and his left arm is heavily wrapped.

There is a barbed wire Christmas tree hanging in the center of the ring along with weapons wrapped up as packages in the ring. Abyss sends Black Reign out to the floor immediately while Shark Boy is circling around the tree trying to stay away from Rellik. Abyss is beating down Black Reign on the floor while Rellik opens a package that contains a golf club. Rellik goes after Shark Boy but Shark Boy manages to take the golf club away from Rellik and uses it to his advantage. Shark Boy handles that club like he might play golf in his spare time. Rellik ends up outside the ring and Shark Boy goes after him. Abyss and Black Reign are still fighting it out and Abyss rolls Black Reign back into the ring. Tenay breaks into the commentary to tell the country of Canada that TNA will be there live in action next week. Abyss takes Black Reign down with a boot but Rellik is back in the ring and he delivers a boot to Abyss then holds Abyss up in the air as Black Reign comes off the ropes and delivers a clothesline taking Abyss down to the mat. Rellik is pounding on a downed Abyss and we go to



Back from commercial break, Shark Boy is in the ring with a kendo stick taking down Black Reign and Rellik. There is no sign of Abyss. Shark Boy manages to unwrap darkness falls, but Black Reign takes Shark Boy down with a black out. Father James Mitchell appears at the top of the entrance ramp to watch the action. Black Reign and Rellik are having disagreements on who should be able to beat up Shark Boy but Black Reign sends Shark Boy face first into the barbed wire Christmas tree and then tries to send Rellik into the tree. Rellik manages to gets topped before he collides with the barbed wire and then he turns and delivers a clothesline to Black Reign. Abyss is back up on the ring apron but Rellik catches him before he gets into the ring and he sends Abyss back to the floor. Rellik and Black Reign are working together to take Shark Boy down to the canvas. The two now canít decide who is going to pin Shark Boy but Abyss makes it back into the ring and takes them both down with a clothesline. Abyss opens a package and finds a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire. Abyss works over Black Reign and Rellik and then goes back to the presents and opens a bag of tacks. He opens another package and comes up with a bag of broken glass. The other three men are still down in the ring. Abyss now has a hockey stick, which he uses, on the back of Rellik. Abyss has Black Reign and Rellik by the throat but they manage to break away as Shark Boy goes up on the top turnbuckle and dives off to take down Black Reign. Shark Boy then helps Abyss with Rellik. Rellik manages to get out of the way but the Christmas tree nails Black Reign. Mitchell is now striding down the ramp to ringside. Abyss delivers a black hole slam to Black Reign but Mitchell is up on the ring apron and has the ref distracted. As Abyss realizes Mitchell is interfering, he is on his feet and headed toward Mitchell and the arena goes dark. When the lights come back on, Abyss has his hands around Mitchellís throat but standing behind Abyss is none other than Judas Mesias. Mesias spits blood Ė the blood looks more realistic than it has before Ė and he goes after Abyss. Mesias sends Abyss face first into the thumbtacks with the Straight to Hell as Rellik takes Shark Boy down with a demon driver, gets the cover and the three count.

Not bad for a brawl even if Mitchell and Mesias had to interfere to get a win for the bad guys. Mesias raises his hands in the center of the ring at the insistence of Mitchell. I have been chomping at the bit to see Mesias in action in the ring and I should be careful what I wish for. His usual high-risk ring actions are what put him out of commission for several months.

Back to the Christmas party, Eric is discussing the event with mini Lethal and Samoa Joe enters the room looking for Matt Morgan. Joe tells Matt that the time being spent at the Christmas party should be allotted to wrestling but Matt says that he has to take care of his boys. Joe says that the money spent to throw the party could have been used to pay Joe what he is worth. Joe tells Matt that when he see Cornette, he can tell Cornette that he can take the contract offer he made to Joe and stick it and that if Matt or Cornette want to find Joe, they can find him at home. Joe then apologizes to everyone for breaking up the party and everyone chants ďJoeĒ and then tells everyone Ė except for Sonjay Ė Merry Christmas before he trashes the food and the Christmas tree. As Joe exits, he tells Matt he can have a happy new year.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, promo for the Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle TNA Heavyweight Title match at Final Resolution, January 6, 2008.

Tenay tells us about Samoa Joe demolishing Ericís Christmas party and we go to the party with JB and Eric. JB is telling Eric that what Angle had said was true and Eric is very upset because everything has been ruined but he knows that when Santa gets here he will fix it all. Eric says that Shrek is not the same person as Santa Claus and that Santa is own man. JB is trying to tell Eric that Santa is make believe when the Big Man shows up much to Ericís joy!

Grab For The Reindeer Ladder Match

The Phenomenal AJ Styles from Gainesville, GA

One half of the TNA Tag Team Champions


Kaz from Anaheim, CA

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Winner: Kaz

I donít know who worked with Kaz in learning ladder matches but they did a fantastic job. I truly believe there isnít anything that AJ canít do in that ring when he wants to and this should be one great match.

Before the match begins, you got it,

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, the bell rings and AJ immediately goes for Kazís eyes and then goes out after the ladder. Kaz comes through the open ladder and spears AJ and then slams his head into the ring apron but AJ rakes Kazís eyes. Kaz sends AJ across toward the guardrail and AJ flies over the guardrail and onto the floor. AJ is back to his feet and comes back after Kaz. AJ clotheslines Kaz on the ladder outside the ring and AJ goes into the ring and across to bring in the ladder on the opposite side of the ring. Kaz is back up on the ring apron and Kaz manages to suplex AJ over the top rope and onto the ladder outside the ring. Kaz looks like he might have snapped his neck forward during that move. Kaz is climbing the ladder in the middle of the ring but AJ takes him down and sends Kaz head first into the top turnbuckle. AJ starts up the ladder but Kaz brings him back down. Once again AJ goes up the ladder but AJ executes an inverted DDT off the ladder and drops Kaz to the mat. AJ is back to his feet but holding his back and he uses the ladder to slam into Kaz and send him back down. AJ isnít moving very fast but he sets the ladder up against a ring post and then goes after Kaz. We have a punching match between the two before AJ tries to send Kaz into the ladder. AJ tries to suplex Kaz onto the ladder, AJ goes across the ring and comes across at Kaz, but Kaz catches him with a drop toe hold and sends him face first into the ladder. Kaz tries to set AJ up again but AJ hits Kaz with a peleg and sends him to the mat. We go to







Back from commercial break and AJ is sending Kaz back first into the ladder. We then see what happened during the commercial break. It looks like it was all AJ during that period of time. AJ is now climbing back up the ladder and has reached the costume hanging above the ring, but Kaz is back to his feet and he tips the ladder sending AJ over into the ropes. Kaz decides to go back to work o AJ but AJ hands Kaz up on the top rope. AJ is climbing back up the ropes and both men are at the top of the ladder and the turnbuckle but Kaz sends AJ down onto the ladder with a back body drop. AJís leg appears to be injured Ė and it looks like he may have been in real pain. Kaz is setting up the ladder in order to climb back up. AJ is back to his feet and AJ climbs up the opposite side and we have an exchange of blows at the top of the ladder. AJ takes Kaz up and over and both men crash to the mat. Angle is walking down the entrance ramp and distracts AJ while he is climbing up the ladder. Kaz is back to his feet and he sends the ladder over and sends AJ back first into the top turnbuckle. Kaz is at the top of the ladder and he has the reindeer costume, which means that AJ will now have to wear the costume.

That was a short match but a good one. Both of these men did their best to entertain the audience in the studio and at home.  Several of the high-risk stunts they performed were spectacular.

All five refs are in the ring Ė Rudy Charles, Andrew Thomas, Earl Hebner, Shane Sewell, and Slick Johnson Ė trying to get AJ to put on the suit. Itís a battle and then Angle enters the ring and tells AJ he lost the match and to put on the suit and how embarrassed Angle is with AJ.

After AJ and the refs exit the ring, Eric and Santa Claus appear with gifts for the fans and a DVD for Angle. Angle doesnít like his gift. Angle tells Santa Claus he wants Christian to grow a set of balls and show up so Angle can take care of him tonight. Angle throws Eric out of the ring and then puts Santa in an ankle lock. Christian Cage is in one of the big gift boxes and he bursts out of the box and enters the ring to come to Santaís rescue.

By the way, TNA, there was a small child crying in the audience when Santa was being attacked by Angle.

Your cameraman picked it up for the world to see.

Good job!

This will be a Christmas for her to remember.

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