Wrestling Organizations World Wide


MPW Mad Pro Wrestling 

Location: Chillicothe, OH 

Website: http://www.madwrestling.com 

MySpace: http://MySpace.com/Madprowrestling 



Maryland Championship Wrestling 

Location: Baltimore, MD 

Current roster includes Joey Matthews 

Website: http://www.marylandwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/marylandwrestling 


MCW Maximum Championship Wrestling

Summit Wrestling Association 

Location: East Coast, USA 

Website: http://www.maximumwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: www.myspace.com/mcwusa 


MCW Mega Championship Wrestling 

Location: South Amherst, OH 

Website: http://megacw.com/startframe.htm 

Mega Championship Wrestling Training link on main site 


Memphis Wrestling 

Location: Memphis, TN 


Metro East Championship Wrestling 

Location: Illinois 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mecw4life 


Michigan Independent Wrestling Central 

Covers Michigan Independent news and events. 

Website: http://www.miwc.cjb.net/ 


Michinoku Pro-Wrestling 

North Eastern Wrestling 

Website in Japanese: http://www.michipro.jp/ 


MMWA Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance 

SICW Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling 

Website: http://www.mmwa-sicw.com/content/latestnews.php 


Mid-South Pro Wrestling 

Location: Oklahoma 

Website: http://www.midsouthprowrestling.com/ 


Mid-South Wrestling 

Tri-State Wrestling Association 

Affiliation: NWA, National Wrestling Alliance 

Established: 1929 Founder: Julius Segal, Current Promoter Buddy Huggins 

Current roster and legends: http://www.midsouthwrestling.com/profiles.html 

Website: http://www.midsouthwrestling.com/flashed.html 

Wrestling school: http://www.midsouthwrestling.com/school.html 



Mid-South Wrestling Alliance 

Location: Midwest City, OK 

Owner: Mike Crawford 

Website: http://www.geocities.com/mswa101/ 

MSWA Wrestling School: http://www.geocities.com/mswa101/wrestlingschool.html?1125269783250 



Mid-States Wrestling 

Location: Harrison, AR 

Website: http://www.midstateswrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/MidStatesWrestling 



Millennium Wrestling Federation 

Established: January 2001

Location: Melrose, MA 

Chairman: Neil Manolian 

Current roster includes Road Dogg, Scotty 2 Hotty, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Al Snow and AJ Styles 

Website: http://www.bostonwrestling.com/mwfwelcome.html 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mwf2001 


Minnesota Independent Wrestling 

Location: Minnesota 

Website: http://www.terryfoxmiw.cjb.net/ 


Monster Pro Wrestling 

Location: Canada 

Website: http://www.monsterprowrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/monsterprowrestling 

FaceBook link on main site 



Mountain State Wrestling 

Affiliation: NWA, National Wrestling Alliance 

Location: West Virginia 

Website: http://www.mountainstatewrestling.com 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/allnewnwamsw 

NWA-MSW Training Camp: http://www.mountainstatewrestling.com/page5.html 



Mountain Wrestling Association 

Location: Mt. Sterling, KY 

Alumni: Abyss, Spike Dudley, Wildcat Chris Harris, Sabu, Samoa Joe, Sandman and Showtime Eric Young 

Website: http://www.mwaonline.net/ 

MySpace: http://www.mwaonline.net/ 

Training link on main site 




National Championship Wrestling 

Superstars include King Kong Bundy and The Honkey Tonk Man 

Website: http://www.ncwzone.com/ 

NCW Pro Wrestling Training Center: http://www.ncwzone.com/school.php 


National Wrestling Alliance Main Organization 

Website: http://www.nwawrestling.com/ 

National Wrestling Alliance Chapters listed by location. 


National Wrestling Alliance 


Established: 2005 

Location: Cornelia, GA 

Owner: Jerry Palmer 

Alumni: Matt Hardy, The Hurricane, Shannon Mooore, Johnny Stamboli, Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo and Jamie Noble 

Website: http://www.nwa-wildside.com/ 


National Wrestling Alliance East

AWC Atlas Wrestling Company 

Website: http://www.pwx-online.org 

NWA East Wrestling Academy: http://www.pwx-online.org/index2.html 


NWA - See ECCW, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling 


National Wrestling Alliance 


Location: Western New York 

Website: http://www.nwaempire.com 

Kayfabe Dojo: http://www.nwaempire.com/Training.htm 


National Wrestling Alliance 


Location: Indiana 

Website: http://www.nwaindiana.com/ 


National Wrestling Alliance 

Main Event 

Location: Nashville, TN 

Website: http://www.nwame.com/ 


National Wrestling Alliance 


Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling 

Location: South Carolina 

Website: http://www.midatlanticwrestling.com/ 


National Wrestling Alliance 


Location: Illinois 

Website: http://www.midwestwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nwa_midwest 


National Wrestling Alliance 

New England 

Alumni: http://nwacoldfront.com/1.html 

Website: http://nwacoldfront.com 


National Wrestling Alliance North America - See NWA Virginia National Wrestling Alliance 


National Wrestling Alliance 

Pro NWA-Quebec National Wrestling Alliance 


Location: Quebec, Canada 

Website in French and English: http://www.nwaquebec.com/ 

NWA Quebec Torture Chamber: http://www.nwatorturechamber.com/ 


National Wrestling Alliance 



National Wrestling Alliance 


Established: 1997 

Location: Plano, TX 

Promoter: Ken Taylor 

Current roster includes Sean Waltman, Brent Albright, Adam Pearce, Rob Conway, Mike DiBiase, Hernandez, Heidenrich and Billy Kidman 

Website: http://www.nwa-southwest.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest 


National Wrestling Alliance 

Top Rope Promotions 

Location: Fall River, MA 

Current roster includes Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, Brother Runt, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Brutus Beefcake, Abyss, Shark Boy, Tito Santana, King Kong Bundy, Samoa Joe, and Nikki Roxx 

Website: http://www.topropepromotions.com/index.htm 

Lock Up Training School http://www.topropepromotions.com/lock.htm 


National Wrestling Alliance UK Hammerlock Wrestling 

Established: 1993 

Location: Kent, United Kingdom 

Website: http://www.hammerlockwrestling.com/ 

Hammerlock School of Wrestling: http://www.hammerlockwrestling.com/hl-training.html 


National Wresting Alliance 


Location: New York 

Current roster includes Cheech, Cloudy, John McChesney, Raven, Sterling James Keenan, Larry Sweeney, and Pepper Parks 

Website: http://www.nwaupny.com 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nwaupstatespace 

Training school: http://www.nwaupny.com/training.php 


National Wrestling Alliance 


Location: Virginia 

Website: http://www.nwavirginia.com 

Ground Xero School link on main site 


National Wrestling Alliance Wildside - See NWA Anarchy 



National Wrestling Coalition 

Location: Olney, IL 

Current roster: Honky Tonk Man, Mike Foley and Jake "The Snake" Roberts 

Website: http://nwcwrestling.com/ 

NWC training school: http://nwcwrestling.com/page2.html 



National Wrestling League 


House of Pain Wrestling Federation 

Established: 1988 

Location: Hagerstown, MD 

President: Dick Caricofe 

Website: http://www.nwlwrestling.com/ 

NWF Wrestling School: http://www.nwlwrestling.com/spwtc.html 


National Wrestling Superstars 

Location: New Jersey 

Website: http://www.www.nwswrestling.com 

Current roster includes KC James, Honky Tonk Man, Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, King Kong Bundy, Mick Foley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Kamala, Jerry Lynn and Prince Albert, 

Website: http://www.nawf.com/ 

NAWF Tryouts/Training: http://www.nawf.com/tryouts.html 



New England Championship Wrestling 

Location: Massachusetts 

Website: http://www.necwwrestling.com/ 



New Era Pro Wrestling 

Location: OH 

Current roster includes M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, Sterling James Keenan and John McChesney

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/nepwrestling/ 


New Era Wrestling 

United Kingdom 

Founded: 2007 

Location: Darlington, England 

Founders: Martin Bean and Michael O'Neill 

Website: http://www.newerawrestling.co.uk/ 


New Era Wrestling 

United States 

Location: Mt. Healthy, OH 

Website: http://www.new-era-wrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/new_era_wrestling 

New Era Training School: http://www.new-era-wrestling.com/dka 


New Jack Promotions 

New Jack Wrestling 


New Japan Pro Wrestling - See Los Angeles Dojo 


New York Wrestling Connection 

Established: 2000 

Location: New York 

Founder: John Curse 

Website: http://www.nywcwrestling.com/ 

New York Connection Training Center link on main site 



New School Wrestling 

Location: Ontario, Canada 

Website: http://newschoolwrestlingonline.com 



New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling 

Location: New Zealand 

Founder: Martin Stirling 

Website: http://www.nzwpw.co.nz/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nzwpwrestling 



Location: Japan 

Current roster: Kenta, Naomichi Marufuji and Takeshi Morishima 

Website in English and Japanese: http://www.noah-usa.cc/ 


North American Wrestling 

Location: California 

Website: http://www.northamericanwrestling.com/ 

NAW Training School link on main site 


Northeast Championship Wrestling 

Established: 1997 

Location: Connecticut 

Website: http://www.thencwonline.net/ 


Northern Wrestling Federation 

Location: Cincinnati, OH 

Alumni: Abyss, Wildcat Chris Harris and Jillian Hall 

Website: http://www.nwfwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nwfwrestlingonline 

Bonekrusher National Pro Wrestling Academy link on main site 


Nu-Wrestling Revolution - Italy 

Location: Torino, Italy 

Governing Director: Claudio Molteni 

Current roster: Juventud Guerrera, Kishi, Heidenrich, Mark Jindrak, Matt Morgan, MDogg 20, Orlando Jordan, Ultimo Dragon and Vampiro 

Website in Italian and English: http://www.nwewrestling.com/ 




Ohio Championship Wrestling 

Location: Ashland, KY 

Alumni: Pat Tanaka and Jerry Lynn, Website: 




Ohio Championship Wrestling 

Location: OH 

Website: http://www.ocwrestling.net/ 



Ohio Valley Wrestling 

Affiliation: WWE Developmental Territory 

Established: 1998 

Location: Louisville, KY 

Owners: Danny Davis, 

WWE Alumni: http://www.ovwrestling.com/alumni.htm 

Website: http://www.ovwrestling.com/ 

MySpace link on main site 

OVW Wrestling School: link on main site 



Oklahoma Pro Wrestling 

Location: Oklahoma 

Website: http://www.oklahomaprowrestling.org/ 

Oklahoma Pro Wrestling School: http://www.oklahomaprowrestling.org/OPW%20Wrestling%20Class.html 



Ontario All Pro Wrestling 

Location: Ontario, Canada 

FaceBook: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=6686353996 




Planet Championship Wrestling 

Location: Florida 

Current roster includes Norman Smiley, Hector Guerrero and Big Vito 

Website: http://planetchampionshipwrestling.com/ 



Power Trip Wrestling 

Location: Bedfordshire, England 

Owner: Peter Staniforth 

Website: http://www.powertripwrestling.co.uk/ 



Primal Conflict Wrestling 

Location: Harpers Ferry, WV 

Website: http://www.primalconflictwrestling.com/ 



Prime Time Wrestling 

Location: Romulus, MI 

Current roster includes Abyss, Alex Shelley, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, BG James, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Eric Young, Jeff Jarrett and Johnny Devine 

Website: http://www.ptwwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kingpindavemartin 


Pro Wrestling Canada 

Location: Canada 

Website: http://prowrestlingcanada.com/, last update 2005 


Pro Wrestling Alliance 

Established: 2006 

Location: Houston, TX 

Owner: Booker Huffman 

Website: http://www.bookertonline.com/ 

(Booker T's website) 

Booker T's Wrestling School link on main site 


NAWF Pro Wrestling All Stars - See NAWF 


North American Wrestling Federation 

Current roster includes Honky Tonk Man and Mick Foley 

Website: http://www.nawf.com/ 


Pro Wrestling Guerilla 

Established: 2003 

Location: Southern, CA 

Owners: The PWG Six 

Current roster includes Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, Austin Aries, and Chris Hero 

Website: http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com/ 


Pro Wrestling Live 

Location: Massachusetts 

Website: http://www.fullthrottlepwl.com/ 


Pro Wrestling NOAH - See NOAH 



Pro Wrestling Ohio 

Location: Cleveland, OH 

Website: http://www.pwowrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/prowrestlingohio 

Training School link on main site 


Pro Wrestling Renaissance 

Location: Indiana 

Current roster includes Tatanka, Shark Boy and Tank Toland 

Website: http://www.renwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/renwrestling 


Pro Wrestling Riot 

Location: Port Richey, FL 

Current roster includes Erick Stevens 

Website: http://www.prowrestlingriot.com/ 


Pro Wrestling Syndicate 

Location: New Jersey 

Current roster includes Abyss, Alex Shelley, Chris Hero, Dr. Death Steve Williams, and Homicide 

Website: http://www.prowrestlingsyndicate.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/prowrestlingsyndicate 



Pro Wrestling Unplugged 

Location: Philadelphia, PA 

Current roster includes John McChesney, Eddie Kingston, Too Cold Scorpio and The Sandman 

Website: http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/prowrestlingunplugged 

PWU Academy: http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com/pwuschool/index.htm 


Pro Wrestling 


Established: 2001 

Location: Japan 

Gaijin fighters include Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley 

Website in Japanese: http://www.zero-one-max.com/ 

Website in English: http://www.zerooneusa.com/ 



Professional Championship Wrestling 

Location: Arlington, TX 

Owner: Thomas Bussey 

Current roster includes Lance Hoyt 

Website: http://www.pcwwrestling.com 

The Gym Training School: http://www.pcwwrestling.com/index%20gym.htm 



Professional Championship Wrestling 


Location: Australia 

Website: http://www.auswrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pcwaustralia 

Slam Academy: http://www.auswrestling.com/training.html 


Promociones Azteca 

Location: Mexico 



Pure Wrestling Association 

Established: 2005 

Location: Ontario, Canada 

Founders: Jeff Black, Michael Becherer and Joey Hallem 

Website: http://www.purewrestlingcanada.com/, website not functioning 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/purewrestling 



Queens of Chaos 


Location: France 

Current roster includes Allison Danger, April Hunter and Christy Hemme 

Website: http://www.queensofchaoswrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/queens_of_chaos 




Rampage Wrestling Federation 


Real Quality Wrestling 

Established: 2005 

Location: London, England 

Owner: Len Davies 

Current roster includes Jody Fleisch 

Website: http://www.realqualitywrestling.com/index.php 


Renegade Outlaw Wrestling 

Location: Amarillo, TX 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/rowwrestling 



Revolutionary Championship Wrestling 

Location: Portsmouth OH 

Website: http://www.rcwonline.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/revolutionary_rcw 

RCW School: http://www.rcwonline.com/school.shtml 



Ring of Honor 

Established: 2002 

Location: Bristol, PA 

Owner: Cary Silkin 

Alumni: Low-Ki, Samoa Joe, Homicide, Balls Mahoney, AJ Styles, Matt Stryker, Super Crazy, Christopher Daniels, and CM Punk 

Website: http://www.rohwrestling.com/ 

Wrestling School: http://www.rohwrestling.com/wrestlingschool/ 



Rising Phoenix Wrestling 

Affiliation: NWA, National Wrestling Alliance 

Website: http://www.risingphoenixwrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=50640280 



SHIMMER Women Athletes 

Established: 2005 

Location: Berwyn, IL 

Website: http://www.shimmerwrestling.com 



Shock Value Wrestling 

Location: Georgia 

Current roster includes Austin Creed 

Website: http://shockvaluewrestling.com/ 


Showcase Pro Wrestling 

Location: Massachusetts 

Website: http://www.showcaseprowrestling.com 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/showcaseprowrestling.com 

PWTC training link on main site 


Sooner World Class Wrestling 

Established: February 11, 2007 

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 

Website: http://www.soonerworldclass.com/, website not functioning 


Southeast Championship Wrestling 

Established: 2007 

Location: Antlers, OK 

Owner: Jerry Gaithers 


Southern All Star Wrestling 

Affiliation: NWA, National Wrestling Alliance 

Location: Millersville, TN

Website: http://www.southernwrestling.net/ 


Southern Classic Wrestling 

Location: Georgia 

Owner: Ace Heffner 

Website: http://scwpro.tk/SICW  


Southern Championship Wrestling - See Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance 


Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling 

Location: Villa Rica, GA 

Owner: Scott East 

Current roster includes Austin Creed and Bull Buchanan 

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/southernextremechampionshipwrestling/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/SECW_Villa_Rica 


Southern States Wrestling 

Location: Tennessee 

Website: http://www.championshipwrestlingtv.com/ 

MySpace: www.myspace.com/southernstateswrestling.com 


Southland Wrestling 

Location: Georgia 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/southlandwrestling 


Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling - See Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance 



Sovereign World Wrestling Alliance 

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Website: http://www.swwa.2ya.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/swwa1 

SWWA Training Classes link on main site 


Stampede Wrestling 

Website: http://stampedewrestling.com/ 


Supreme Championship Wrestling 

Location: Madison, IN 

Current roster includes Greg Valentine and Koko B. Ware

Website: http://scwsuperstars.tripod.com 

SCW Pro Wrestling Training: http://scwsuperstars.tripod.com/training.html 


Summit Wrestling Association - See Maximum Championship Wrestling 


Supreme League of Wrestling 

Location: Illinois 


Supreme Pro Wrestling 

Established: 2000 

Location: Sacramento, CA 

Website: http://www.supremeprowrestling.com/ 



Tarheel Pro 

North Carolina Independent Wrestling 

Location: North Carolina 

Current roster includes Jimmy Jacobs, Larry Sweeney, Zach Gowen and Chris Hero 

Website: http://www.tarheelpro.com/ 



Tennessee Independent Wresting Federation 

Location: Jackson, TN 

Website: http://www.tiwf.org/ 



Total Nonstop Action Wrestling 

Established: 2002 

Location: Nashville, TN 

Owner: Privately owned LLC 

Website: http://www.tnawrestling.com/ 


Total Championship Wrestling 

Location: Douglasville, GA 

Website at MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/totalchampionshipwrestlin 


Triple X Wrestling 

Location: United Kingdom 

Website: http://www.triplexwrestling.co.uk/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/triplexwrestling 







Ultimate Christian Wrestling 

Location: Georgia 

Website: http://ultimatechristianwrestling.com/ 


Ultimate Pro Wrestling 

Affiliation: WWE Official Talent Scout 

Established: 1998 

Location: California 

Owner: Rick Bassman 

Website: http://www.upw.com/ 


Ultimate Wrestling 

Location: Pensacola, FL 

Website: http://www.ultimatewrestling.org 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/151578059 

Ultimate Wrestling Training Camp: http://www.ultimatewrestling.org/academy.html 


Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers 

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Current roster includes El Generico, John McChesney, Pepper Parks, Ricky Reyes, and Sterling James Keenan 

Website: http://www.wrestlersunion.ca/ 

MySpace: http://www.wrestlersunion.ca/ 



United Championship Wrestling 

Location: Tennessee 

Current roster includes Rick Steiner and Bull Buchanan 

Website: http://ucwchampionshipwrestling.com/ 

United Championship Training: http://ucwchampionshipwrestling.com/ucw.html 



United Wrestling Coalition 

Location: Jobstown, NJ 


United Wrestling Federation 

Location: Virginia 

Website: http://www.uwfusa.com/ 



United Wrestling Federation 


Location: Australia 

Website: http://sooplex.com/uwf/ 

MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=92384306 


UCW Pro 

Universal Championship Wrestling 

Location: Kentucky 

Website: http://www.ucwpro.com/ 



Universal Wrestling Federation 

Established: 2006 

Location: Ardmore, OK 

Owner: Jerry Bostic 

Website: http://www.officialuwf.com/ 

Slam University: http://www.officialuwf.com/Slam_University.htm 


UWA Hardcore Wrestling 

Established: 2002 

Location: Mississauga, Ontario 

Founder: Osiris 

Alumni: Austin Aries, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Jimmy Jacobs, Kevin Steen 

Website: http://www.uwahardcorewrestling.com/ 

Gym: http://www.uwahardcorewrestling.com/Training.aspx 


UWX Pro Wrestling

Location: Orlando, Florida 

Owner: Frank Goodman 

Current roster includes D'Lo Brown, Kip James, Billy Kidman, Goldust, Jake The Snake, Norman Smiley, Petey Williams, Raven, Sabu and Trent Acid 

Website: http://www.uxwwrestling.net/

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/uxwwrestling 




Vanguard Championship Wrestling 

Location: Windsor, VA 

Promoter: Travis Bradshaw 

Current roster includes Tracey Smothers, Greg Valentine and Sonjay Dutt 

Website: http://www.vcw-wrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/vcwrestling 

VCW Training School link on main site 



Vanguard Wrestling All-Star Alliance 

Location: Lansing, IL 

Website: http://www.vwaawrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/vwaa 



Victory Pro Wrestling 

Location: New York 

Website: http://www.victoryprowrestling.com 

VPW Wrestling School: http://www.victoryprowrestling.com/school.html 


Virginia Wrestling Federation

Location: Virginia 

Website: http://vawrestlingfed.tripod.com/ 

VWF Training Academy: http://vawrestlingfed.tripod.com/school.html 



Whiplash Wrestling 

Website: http://www.whiplashwrestling.com/ 


Whiplash Wrestling 

Location: Kansas 

Website: http://WhiplashWrestling.tripod.com 

MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=111667191 


Wildcard Pro Wrestling 



Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws 

Location: Indiana 

Website: http://www.wcwo.com/, website not functioning 


Women's Extreme Wrestling 

(aka Women's Exotic Wrestling - over 21 ONLY) 

Website: http://www.wextremew.com/ 


World Class Extreme Wrestling 

Website: http://wcewonline.com/  website not functioning 



World League Wrestling 

Location: Eldon, MO 

Owner: Harley Race 

Alumni: Trevor Murdoch, Ted DiBiase, Jr., Mike DiBiase, Bull Schmitt 

Website: http://www.harleyrace.com/wlw/wlwhome.htm 

The Harley Race Wrestling Academy: http://www.harleyrace.com/wlw/hracademy.htm 


World -1 South Wrestling

Affiliation: AWA, American Wrestling Association 

Established: 1990 

Location: Georgia 

Founders: Verne Gagne and Wally Karbo 

Current roster includes Dustin Rhodes

Website: http://awaworld1south.com 



World Professional Wrestling 

Location: Sinking Spring, PA 

Owner: Paul "Pinky" Pinkerkton 

Website: http://www.worldprofessionalwrestling.fws1.com/ 



World Wrestling Alliance 

Established: 1920's 

Current roster includes John Heidenreich, Lanny Poffo, and Rodney Mack 

Website: http://worldwrestlingalliance.com/ 



World Wrestling Entertainment 


Formerly World Wrestling Federation 

Established: 1952 

Location: Stamford, CT 

Owners: Publicly owned corporation 

Website: http://www.wwe.com 


World Wrestling Council 

Formerly Capitol Sports Promotions 

Established: 1973 

Location: Puerto Rico 

Founders: Carlos Colon, Victor Jovica and Gorilla Monsoon 

Alumni: Carlito and Eddie Colon 

Website in Spanish and English: http://www.superestrellaswwc.com/2007/index.php 



World Xtreme Wrestling 

Established: 1996 

Location: Whitehall, PA 

Founder: Afa, The Wild Samoan 

Website: http://www.wxwwrestling.com/home.html 


Wrestle Zone Wrestling 

Established: 2002 

Location: United Kingdom 

Founders: Gary Graham and Carl Turner 

Website: http://www.wzwuk.com/wZw  

Training: http://www.wzwuk.com/training.htm 


Wrestling Beyond Imagination 

Location: Douglasville, GA 

Owner: Demarco 

Website: http://wbifed.com/ 

MySpace: http://wbifed.com/ 





X-Treme Intense Championship Wrestling 

Location: Livonia, MI 

Website: http://xicw.hypermart.net/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/xicw 

The House of Truth Wrestling Academy link on main site 




Location: New Albany, IN 


XWA Wrestling 

Location: UK 

Current roster includes Johnny Storm and El Ligero 

Website: http://www.xwawrestling.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/xwamorecambewrestling 





Zero-One Max - See Pro Wrestling Zero-One Max

Wrestling Bodyslam . Com