Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

December 17, 2007

Recap by Sassy


December 16, 2007

Pay Per View Results

WWE United States Championship Match

Big Daddy V & The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry


CM Punk ECW Champion, & Kane

Winners: Big Daddy V & Mark Henry

via pinfall

Finlay vs. The Great Khali

Winner: Finlay

with a little help from Hornswoggle

HBK Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

Winner: HBK Shawn Michaels

via pinfall

Number One Contender’s Match

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy, WWE Intercontinental Champion

Winner: Jeff Hardy

via pinfall

MVP, Champion Vs. Rey Mysterio

Winner: Rey Mysterio by DQ

MVP retains the title

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Beth Phoenix, Champion Vs. Mickie James

Winner: Beth Phoenix

via pinfall

Beth Phoenix retains the title

WWE Championship Match

Randy Orton, Champion vs. Y2J Chris Jericho

Winner: Y2J Chris Jericho by DQ after JBL interfered in the match. Orton retains the title.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Batista, Champion vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge

Winner: Edge after two Edge clones show up to assist with the win.

The Edge clones were actually The Major Brothers

Edge is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

I did not purchase the Armageddon pay per view and I have no desire to see it. I am not certain what WWE was thinking when they planned out this event, but hearing that not one but two champions retain their titles because they were disqualified, I believe they weren’t thinking at all. The only impressive result I read was Triple H putting over Jeff Hardy.  The outcome of that match was totally unexpected by this wrestling fan. I am glad Jeff Hardy will get a chance at the title, but due to the rumors circulating that Triple H is going to end up with the title at a pay per view soon, it takes a little away from Jeff’s win.

Tonight’s Raw should contain the fallout from Armageddon.  That would include Jericho gunning for JBL since JBL cost Jericho the WWE Championship. Mysterio will be after MVP because of loss of the title due to deliberate disqualification. Look for a match between these two that is a no DQ. As for the way Edge won the title – give me a break. I am aware that Edge was injured and lost his title due to an injury but isn’t sleeping with the GM enough for Edge to have to do to win the title back?  Finlay and Hornswoggle must have put on the best match with The Great Khali falling to their sneaky Irish ways.

On with the show…

Which opens with a replay of part of last week’s XV Raw Anniversary show. It is interesting to note that part of the clip showed Bret Hart and The Rock, and then Vincent Kennedy McMahon declares himself the greatest Raw superstar of all time. McMahon being attacked by Mick Foley and Mr. Socko, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from Buffalo, NY on the USA Network.

Ringside announcers: JR and Jerry Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Backstage interviews: Todd Grisham

JR informs us that tonight it will be HBK Shawn Michaels teaming with Jeff Hardy, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, to face Randy Orton, WWE Champion, and Mr. Kennedy. Lawler informs us that we will also see a Career Threatening Match with The Nature Boy Flair against Umaga. If Flair does not beat Umaga, he must retire.

We have a WWE Diva something or other coming up, oh wait, Lillian tells us it is

Santa’s Little Helper Tag Team Match

Jillian Hall, Layla, Melina & Victoria


Before their opponents are introduced, Jillian, who conveniently has a headset attached, tells everyone that she wants to sing one of the new songs on her album, available exclusively on iTunes. It’s so bad, I’m not sure what she is singing.

Mickie James, Maria, Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorite: Mickie James and Victoria (I know they aren’t on the same team but it would be a much better match if they were facing each other without the anti wrestlers being involved.)

Winners: Mickie James, Maria, Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool

While the women are celebrating, Mr. McMahon wanders slowly down the entrance ramp to the ring. He motions the women out of the ring before he enters the ring with mic in hand. McMahon wants to talk about last week’s Raw and what happened to him – something to do with getting beat up and drowned with beer.  He is upset because everyone enjoyed his anguish.  He says he is not an animal – I agree with that because I like animals – and he is not a monster and the audience disagrees. He says everyone has broken his heart and he is a human being and the audience once again disagrees.

The fans break into loud cheers and we see a lot of Jeff Hardy signs go up when Jeff Hardy’s entrance theme begins. Jeff enters the arena and the ring. The fans break into “Hardy” chants that is quite deafening. McMahon begins to speak and Jeff grabs the mic. Jeff says that next week McMahon is going to Iraq and when the bad guy over there got overthrown, the people all celebrated. Jeff says McMahon doesn’t give a damn about anyone and that is why no one gives a damn about him. And the fans are in agreement. McMahon sits down in the corner of the ring and there goes the show…

Mercifully we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, McMahon is still sitting in a corner of the ring – same corner by the way – and there is a referee and the General Manager, William Regal, trying to get him to get up.

We then hear Triple H’s entrance theme and the audience gives him a nice round of applause but not quite as loud as Jeff Hardy received. Triple H enters the arena and the ring. The ref has disappeared but Regal is still on the ring apron. Triple H tells Regal he will handle it. Triple H sits down next to Vince and says he will be the bigger man. Triple H tells Vince he is sorry. He apologizes for everything that happened last week. Triple H tells Vince to get out of the ring before they cancel the show. Regal now has a mic and he says he has a better idea. He tells Triple H to leave the ring immediately and if he doesn’t Regal will…Triple H stands up and stands nose to nose with Regal. Regal says he will get security to throw Triple H out of the building. Regal helps McMahon to his feet. McMahon takes Triple H’s mic and says he has a better idea (I think that’s what he said). McMahon tells Regal to get Coach. McMahon doesn’t want Regal to get security. He wants Coach and Regal against Triple H and McMahon hopes something bad happens tonight and he hopes something bad happens to each and every one of the audience. Did he forget what state he is in?

Promo for the Tribute to the Troops show that airs Christmas Eve.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Handicap Match

Jonathan Coachman


William Regal


Triple H

Audience favorite: Triple H

My favorite: William Regal and Triple H

Winner: Triple H

Coach and Regal are in trouble. Regal is spending a lot of time telling Coach something that appears to be quite important. Coach doesn’t look any happier than Regal about this. We do have a ref in the ring. I hope no one forgot how vicious Regal can be in and out of the ring. It appears that Regal is like a boy scout and always prepared. He came with brass knuckles in his jacket pocket. Regal gets a spine buster and Coach has the brass knuckles but Triple H catches him with them and he hands them over to Triple H. Coach gets bopped on top of the head with the knuckles and then is pedigreed by Triple H and Triple H gets the win.

JR tells us about the match at Armageddon between Jericho and Orton with the interference by JBL after Orton throws Jericho over the announcer’s table and into JBL’s lap. Jericho did have Orton locked in the walls of Jericho until JBL entered the ring and kicks Jericho in the head. Tonight Jericho has invited JBL into the ring for a confrontation.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the win by Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly, the new WWE World Tag Team Champions with Dusty Rhodes sitting by at ringside.

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match

Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly at a combined weight of 475 lbs.

WWW World Tag Team Champions


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch at a combined weight of 532 lbs.

Former WWE World Tag Team Champions

Audience favorite: I’m not sure

My favorites: I like all of them

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly

who retain the WWE World Tag Team Championships

Where on earth did Lance Cade get that outfit? It certainly is not flattering.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we see the episode in which McMahon declares that when Flair loses a match, his career is over.

Ric Flair enters the arena with a mic, declaring he will never retire even though McMahon says he has to win or retire. Flair says he does not get hurt. He has been in this business for 35 years and that he loves each and every member of the audience and he loves this business. He says if he loses tonight, thank you to the audience.

Commercial break – didn’t we just have one of those?

Back from commercial break

The Nature Boy Ric Flair from Charlotte, NC


Umaga from The Isle of Samoa

Audience favorite: Ric Flair

My favorite: I like them both

Winner: The Nature Boy Ric Flair

I hope Flair has some reinforcements from the back. No offense, but I’d like to see Umaga against Samoa Joe…they are related, you know. Flair needs to work in a sneaky low blow in the worst way. Umaga, going after Flair, crashed through the guardrail into the audience area. Flair makes it back into the ring before the count out. Umaga gets counted out. And Flair did it all by himself.

Flair takes the mic again in order to WOOOOOO! the audience.

That was one work out for Flair.

We see Jericho backstage coming toward the ring.

Promo for the matches at Armageddon.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Y2J Chris Jericho enters the arena and heads to the ring. Jericho says he beat Orton last night but JBL enters the ring. We see the video replay of the interference and the loss suffered by Orton. Jericho says he invited JBL to come to the ring to answer the questions Jericho has but he says since JBL won’t come to Raw, he will come to Smackdown to face JBL. JBL is on the monitor via satellite. JBL says Jericho is very low on JBL’s list of priorities. JBL says he has talked to McMahon and Jericho won’t be getting another title shot if he comes to Smackdown, he will not appear at the Royal Rumble. Jericho tells JBL he is soft and that he sold his balls on Wall Street. Jericho tells JBL he is no longer a wrestling god, JBL is a wrestling afterthought.  JBL says he is coming to Raw.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Tag Team Match

Santino Marella residing in Patterson, NJ, weighing 227 lbs.

accompanied to the ring by Maria


Carlito from the Caribbean weighing 220 lbs.


Brian Kendrick


Paul London

Audience favorites: Brian Kendrick & Paul London

My favorites: I like them all

Winners: Santino Marella & Carlito

This should be an interesting match. London and Kendrick always keep a match moving and Carlito appears to be getting another good chance to work the ring. This match isn’t quite the same as the ladder match Carlito was in last week. He’s not wrestling in this one, he’s bullying.  I was hoping we would see more of his wrestling ability.

After the match, Marella grabs a mic and calls Carlito a Columbian – he’s a Puerto Rican. Marella has declared Carlito his tag team partner but Carlito doesn’t appear to understand the whole thing, however, Carlito does seem to enjoy being around Maria.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Todd is backstage with Randy Orton who is still holding the title thanks to JBL. Todd tells Orton that Jeff Hardy will face Orton at the Royal Rumble for a title shot.

Ric Flair is backstage with a stagehand and Triple H comes along to talk to Flair. McMahon shows up and announces that Flair will be in a match on New Year’s Eve, two weeks from tonight, Flair’s career will be in a match against Triple H.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break.

Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy from Cameron, NC, weighing 225 lbs.

WWE Intercontinental Champion


HBK Shawn Michaels from San Antonio, TX


Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, WI, weighing 245 lbs.


Randy Orton from St. Louis, MO, weighing 245 lbs.

WWE Champion

Audience favorites: Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels

My favorites: Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels

Winners: Jeff Hardy & HBK Shawn Michaels

Jeff doesn’t look too happy to be in the ring and he wasn’t fired up when he entered the arena. Kennedy has come into the match with his left hand taped up due to damage caused by HBK during their match at Armageddon. Orton doesn’t stay in the ring long with Jeff and tags in Kennedy. Kennedy uses a left hand to hit Jeff and he pays for it. Neither of Jeff’s opponents seems to understand they need to keep Jeff away from the ropes. Kennedy and Orton aren’t faring too well in his match up. HBK and Jeff go up and out of the ring to take down Kennedy and Orton and we go to

Commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Kennedy and HBK are in the ring but HBK tags in Hardy.  Kennedy finally manages to tag Orton in with Jeff but we know Orton isn’t going to wrestle. We’d have a better chance of seeing Kennedy execute a wrestling move in the ring. Hardy makes it back to his corner and tags in HBK. HBK takes down Kennedy and then drags Orton over the top rope and into the ring. Kennedy’s is bleeding on the top of his nose. Kennedy tags in Orton and all Orton can do is punch, kick and stomp. Oh, wait! Orton manages to get HBK in a headlock. Orton can’t pin HBK so he tags Kennedy back into the ring. Orton goes for a pin and Jeff charges out into the ring but HBK manages to get a shoulder up before the three count. Both men are down in the ring and Jeff s asking for tag from HBK. He’s close to the corner but not quite close enough. Kennedy is heading for Orton. Kennedy tags in Orton and HBK tags in Jeff. Jeff delivers a nice face plant and he might have hand the three count but Kennedy is in to break up the count. HBK and Kennedy end up outside the ring and we have a variety of moves between Jeff and Orton but they mange to counter the other. Jeff manages to hit the twist of fate. He goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits the swanton bomb, goes for the cover and gets the three count. The audience loves this win and so do I. Not a bad job, Jeff. He beat Triple H at Armageddon and Orton tonight.

We can only cross our fingers and hope that Jeff manages to take that tile away from Orton when he faces him at Royal Rumble. 


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