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December 19, 2007

by Sassy

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Lex Luger Update

Diamond Dallas Page has posted new blog on his official web site. In it, he talks about a recent visit that he had with Lex Luger. Despite regaining some feeling and movement, Luger is still paralyzed and is living at a spinal rehabilitation center in Marietta, George. Page gave the following address for those that want to send Luger a card: Lex Luger - c/o Aaron Chiropractic Center - 2000 Powers Ferry Road, Suite I - 10 - Marietta GA 30067.

Georgia has put professional wrestling on the hot seat.  I am torn because I realize that without some regulations there will continue to be early deaths, lack of safety management in the ring and other Chris Benoit’s (and no, I am not saying that Benoit’s use of drugs alone made him do what he did but it certainly did not help). WWE has threatened to pull out of Georgia and they can afford to do so. 

WWE did not show up with a realistic plan to show the state of Georgia that professional wrestling could police its own. Instead they throw Big Corporate Threats around.  They did nothing to help the independent organizations scattered throughout Georgia and because WWE does nothing to take care of its own, I have no respect for the organization.

I have posted information from regarding the regulation struggle and will post new information as it becomes available.


Bob Magee, Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets,

Again this week, I'm turning over my column to a report from Rich Tate over at and a report on the history of regulation of professional wrestling in Georgia, as we're on the eve of proposed regulations that would end professional wrestling as its known in the state of Georgia.

A number of independent promoters who have been running for some years in Georgia have stated point blank that shows being run this weekend will be their last shows in the state of Georgia if these regulations are passed.

So read what Rich has to say on the subject, and we'll all have to wait for tomorrow's hearing in Georgia.


December 12, 2007

With the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission poised to enact regulations that will, in all likelihood, bring an end to independent promotion of professional wrestling in the Peach State, it is time to take a look at the history of efforts to regulate wrestling in Georgia and the legal basis for the measures proposed by the GAEC.

In our research over the history of wrestling and boxing in Georgia, the earliest references to a regulating commission dates back to as early as December 1926. Claude E. Buchanan has been referenced as being the chairman of the Atlanta Boxing Commission, along with two other members, Al H. Martin and Bob Parker, throughout the period of 1926-28, when John Contos was the only promoter of wrestling events in Atlanta proper.

In January 1927, the ABC expanded to include wrestling. It was reported that the commission collected $2,438.00 during the first year which was generated through five percent of gate receipts of both boxing and wrestling events.

In 1932, Henry Weber was running weekly wrestling shows in Atlanta at the famed Municipal Auditorium, much as he had been since he first acquired a license from the commission in 1929. But Judge Virlyn B. Moore of the Fulton County Superior Court pulled the rug out from under him by invalidating the injunction Weber filed against another promoter trying to run at the venue.

It was learned that the Atlanta Boxing Commission only sanctioned Weber as a promoter, and that a city ordinance only gave the commission the authority to accept or reject a bout, but no voice in venue assignments. Within a month of the court ruling, Atlanta Mayor James L. Key disbanded the commission. During Key’s last year in office, he was accused in a scandal where it was alleged he spent only an hour in the office each day. It should be noted that the controversial Key was largely responsible for the remodeling of the Municipal Auditorium in the 1930s.

The commission resurfaced again after Key lost his bid for a fifth term to William B. Hartsfield (for whom the Atlanta airport was later named). These historical references to commission involvement do not seem to be in the worked sense prevalent in modern wrestling.

Programs from the late 1940s acknowledge a "commission doctor" named Dr. Samuel Green. It would appear that this physician was supplied and funded by the commission as opposed to the promoter. References to commission doctors continue throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

We found no record of commission activity in the late 1960s and early 1970s. However, by the mid 1970s, wrestlers and referees – but not promotions or promoters – were required to have a license. They were required to have an annual physical in order to receive the license, at which time they paid a $5.00 fee.

As best as we could determine, all of the above reference to regulation of Georgia wrestling were limited to the city of Atlanta.

Georgia was the last state to have a boxing commission. In 1970, Muhammad Ali was granted a license to box in Georgia because it was the only state in America without one. We were unable to determine precisely when the State Boxing Commission came into being.

In any case, the State Boxing Commission morphed into the GAEC on July 1, 2001, when House Bill 538 was enacted into law. Georgia had become a battleground for the acceptance of Mixed Martial Arts, which would have been banned by the original version of HB 538. The final version outlawed "unarmed combat" and allowed MMA shows, so long as they were sanctioned by the International Sports Combat Federation.

The bill’s sponsor, State Representative Alan Powell, also included the first attempt at state regulation of pro wrestling, but Dusty Rhodes, who was operating Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling at the time, and Bill Behrens of NWA Wildside fought those proposals, and the Senate voted against their inclusion in the final bill.

The version passed into law defined pro wrestling as "a staged performance of fighting and gymnastic skills and techniques by two or more human beings who are not required to use their best efforts in order to win and for which the winner may have been selected before the performance commences" and specifically excluded it from regulation.

The Commission consisted of five members appointed to four year terms by the Governor. No qualifications or criteria for becoming a commission member were included.

In 2004, Powell authored legislation intended to give to the GAEC broad authority over all organizations involved in promoting MMA and pro wrestling. House Bill 558 provided for a $1,000.00 annual licensure fee for each promotion and unspecified "oversight fees". The maximum permit fee per "match, contest or exhibition" was set at $250.00. These fees were an expense that independent promoters could ill afford with gates typically falling below $1,500.00.

The bill passed the Georgia House, but the wrestling community banded together to fight the provisions related to pro wrestling as it headed to the Senate. The bill’s sponsors received ugly phone calls from irate fans. Bill Behrens and Phil Heffner (NAWA) met with Powell and then GAEC member Les Schneider, to air their concerns. The meeting ended with an agreement to limit regulation of pro wrestling to a $100.00 annual licensure fee and periodic reporting to the commission by each promotion. However, the 2003-04 legislative session ended before the bill could make its way through the Senate.

The efforts to revise the laws regulating MMA and pro wrestling were revived by the Georgia General Assembly in 2005 in the form of Senate Bill 224. It passed with an amendment whereas no promotion exceeding $25 million annual revenue would be regulated, which currently exempts only World Wrestling Entertainment.

The law that went into effect on July 1, 2005, did, in fact, contain the provisions agreed to by Powell and Schneider, but another paragraph was added.

It reads as follows: "The commission shall have the duty to safeguard the public health, to protect competitors, and to provide for competitive matches by requiring licensed organizations to abide by rules promulgated by the commission for basic minimum medical and safety requirements based on the nature of the activity and the anticipated level of physical conditioning and training of competitors."

It is the language in the final sentence that presumably empowers the GAEC to enforce the most toxic aspects of their November 16 rule proposals. But are these stiff regulations what Georgia lawmakers intended?

The regulation of pro wrestling, MMA, and boxing were intertwined by the 2001 law that brought the GAEC into existence.

The commission is taking the stance that for the protection of the wrestlers, pro wrestling should be regulated in a manner similar to the real athletic competition of MMA and boxing, where the nature of the activity is to hurt your opponent, knock him out, or make him submit, and competitors are trained to injure their opponents.

The wrestling community is taking the position that regulation is unnecessary because pro wrestling is staged entertainment, a pseudo sport, in which the participants are trained to protect each in other in the process of reaching a predetermined outcome.

Additionally, the provision that requires wrestling promotions to pay five percent of gate receipts to the GAEC as a "regulatory fee" appears to be an attempt to circumvent the intent of the lawmakers.

Title 43-4b-Article 51 (c) states "the annual fee for wrestling promotion licensure is $100.00. There shall be no permit fee for matches, contests, or exhibitions of wrestling." Wrestling is distinguished from boxing ($1,000.00 licensure fee) and MMA ($500.00 licensure fee). MMA and boxing shows are both subject to $250.00 permit fees.

We broke the proposed rule down in detail in a previous article. Suffice to say, the rule would severely alter the wrestling product in ways that would significantly reduce its appeal to today’s fans. Additionally, the requirement of a ringside doctor, two EMTs, and an ambulance at every show would be a financial death blow to Georgia independent promotions, none of which average more than $2,000.00 in gate receipts.

It is an open question as to whether the commissioners are qualified to regulate boxing, MMA, or wrestling. The lack of any criteria speaks volumes. A spot on the commission appears to be nothing more than a political appointment.

Cary Ichter is a member of the GAEC. As an attorney, he also represents Michael Benoit, the father of Chris Benoit. Ichter is on the record stating that he will work to have the WWE's exemption from regulation removed from Georgia law. Ironically, if Ichter’s agenda came to pass, the regulations he’s backing as a member of the GAEC would give WWE a virtual monopoly on pro wrestling in the state of Georgia.

Representatives of Georgia pro wrestling are suggesting that Ichter’s dual role is a conflict of interest. In essence, Georgia law 43-4B-8 states that no member of the commission may contract with any person who has a financial interest in any activity regulated by this commission.

Whether it is an intentional outcome, or simply ignorance of the business they have taken it upon themselves to regulate, the net effect of the GAEC’s form of regulation will end the 120 year history of that business in Georgia.

Kelly Farr, Executive Director of the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, formerly known as the Georgia State Boxing Commission, released information on Friday, November 16, 2007, pertaining to a set of proposed items in which they desire to implement and enforce upon all professional wrestling promotions intending to present events in the state of Georgia.

The board currently consists of Chairman James J. Biello, Christopher Harris, Phil Hunnicutt, Cary Ichter, and Dr. Wayne Bloodworth. However, any and all communications to the commission should be addressed or directed toward Mr. Farr via email or phone at (404) 656-2868.

A meeting providing a public forum to discuss these items has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 18, 2007, at 2 Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive, West Tower Suite 814, in Atlanta, GA. Anyone wishing to speak will be allowed five minutes.

The commission has suggested that lengthy documentation sent in prior to the meeting for review and consideration be in as early as possible. They have also stated that any oration during the meeting that is repetitious will be cut off, with a request to move onto a new subject of debate.

It is our understanding that a vote on what exactly will remain in the final regulations will be held upon the conclusion of the meeting, and results of that vote will be made known at that time. The regulations as approved by the board will go into effect twenty days from that date, equating to Monday, January 7, 2008.

TNA's Bill Behrens had this to say following his meeting with Farr:

"I met with Mr. Farr. The commission did nearly all of it's "due diligence" outside the state of Georgia, rather than learning what, if any, problems exist in the State Of Georgia. The rules proposed were picked at random from rules in Pennsylvania, Missouri, & Kentucky even though in those states some of the rules were passed as law or were created by commissions in those states based on specific law that allowed such rules.

The Georgia commission is interpreting the Georgia Law as granting them sweeping powers, which a reading of the law suggests was not the intent of the lawmakers. Regardless of flaws in the regulations that Mr Farr and I addressed, he and commission seem not to care and won't even make easy changes, like letting a ref's 5 count stay a 5 count (they want a ten count for unknown reasons), and even though he agreed refs have no real authority, the language of the regulations treats refs as if they do, and even suggests they are held "responsible" to uphold the Commission's rules.

No effort was made by the commission to determine any impact on the Georgia 911 system by requiring ambulances at all shows, which on a busy Saturday in Georgia could be as many as 10 ambulances. We are in the process of getting comment from various Georgia 911 supervisors. And the ambulance rule came from a Pennsylvania law (not rule), that understands the impact on the 911 system and at least allows no ambulance if there is one within 5 miles of a show and they are notified the show is happening. Georgia's commission removed that, suggesting it would be tough for them to check. I reminded Mr Farr that all he needed was a contact name & phone # to check on whether a promoter notified an EMT unit, where he'd have to visit each show to see an ambulance. Mr Farr suggested calling was too difficult.

Mr. Farr suggests he and the commission only want to protect wrestlers and fans in Georgia, but the rules only really add cost to a wrestling show, and Mr Farr & the commission have made no effort to determine whether there are any real problems they should address.

It was easier just to piece rules together by what other states did, several different states all following different law, than to actually do due diligence in the State of Georgia. Mr Farr said they researched on the internet and named one wresting site as their research, , and he suggested they visited other wrestling promotion sites but when asked couldn't recall any. They also heard from "concerned" promoters and former promoters, none of whom he wanted to name.

The hearing is next Tuesday, November 18 at 11AM.

Should the rules pass it is likely promoters will seek legal council, and attempt to get an injunction to hold the rules at abeyance, until a judge rules on the commission's interpretation of the Georgia law."

Until next time...

If you have comments or questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at


WWE threatens to stop running events in Georgia if proposed new Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission regulations applied (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Posted on 12/18/107 by Bob Magee

WWE threatens to bypass Georgia

Wrestling organization objects to possible regulations


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 12/17/07

World Wrestling Entertainment says it will pull out of the state if subjected to state regulation.

"If those regulation are applied to us, we won't do Georgia," WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt warned Monday afternoon.

The threat came on the eve of Tuesday morning's scheduled 11 a.m. meeting of the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission in which the state governing body is expected to discuss abuses in professional wrestling. The body, which is better known as the state boxing commission, regulates the state's boxing and mixed martial arts, as well as ticket brokers.

Professional wrestling also falls under the group's jurisdiction, but the WWE had been exempt thanks to a 2005 statute that excluded groups with total assets or more than $25 million. Only the state Legislature can undo the exemption.

"Almost every state knows, and has known for years, that wrestling is entertainment and not a sport," he said. "It's like Ice Capades."

Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission chairman Kelly Farr declined comment when reached at his office.

One of the board's commissioners, Atlanta-based attorney Cary Ichter, represents the father of deceased wrestler Chris Benoit, whose murder of his wife and son and subsequent suicide at their family home in Fayettville precipitated the series of events leading to this point.

Ichter, who has championed for the better care of wrestlers since the Benoit tragedy in late June, said he wasn't surprised to hear of the WWE's threat to pull out.

"What else would you expect a bully to say?" he said.

Tuesday's meeting of the boxing commission is expected to focus largely on small-time wrestling events and not the conglomerate that is the Connecticut-based WWE. The commission is expected to take public comment before considering a number of amendments to its rules. Ichter has said he would love to see the WWE's loophole eventually rescinded and have its performers subject to drug testing and other regulation just like participants from other sports in Georgia.

The WWE will be back in town next week when it hosts its "RAW LIVE" show at Phillips Arena on Dec. 28.

Latest on Georgia Hearings

The hearing of the proposed regulation of professional wrestling by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission has concluded for today. The end result was that the Commission will take an additional sixty days to meet with a group of local promoters to try and work with them on how to institute new rules without decimating the independent scene. TNA's Bill Behrens, Mr. Hughes, Rocky King, and Thunderbolt Patterson were among some of the people who addressed the Commission. WWE also had an attorney present but he did not address the Commission.



Ultimo Dragon, December 12, 1966

Sabu, December 12, 1964

Rene Dupree, December 15, 1983

Rob Van Dam, December 18, 1970

Vampiro IS Retired, From Wrestling Anyway

Vampiro won't be going to the NWE shows in Spain as is being advertised. Vampiro has said he has retired from wrestling and is working full-time as a member of the Guardian Angels in Mexico City.

Scott Hall

Scott Hall no showed his scheduled appearances in Puerto Rico for WWC where he was scheduled to wrestle Friday in Ponce and Saturday in Caguas.

Hall, along with Rico Casanova, arrived late Friday to the Island, the reason why he no showed the Ponce event.

In Saturday's case, even though he was on the Island, the wrestler was too affected emotionally because of several family issues that happened this past week that have taken a toll on him.

Hall wishes to let everyone know that right now he has to deal with his problems and for the time being those are more important than wrestling itself.

Francisco "McGyver" Gaztambide

Jimmy Rave

Atlanta-based Total Nonstop Action star Jimmy Rave is available for bookings. You can contact him to via email at jimmyravextc@hotmail,com to set up dates.


RUSSIA: News on Raven's two recent Russian bookings

Posted on 12/17/107 by Michael Fedorov

Wrestling superstar and TNA wrestler Raven was in Moscow, Russia on the previous week, taking part in two wrestling-related events.

On December 12th he took part in the Extreme Sports Fest show named "Breakthrough", where he wrestled a no-disqualification match against Joe E. Legend.

On December 15th he took part in the annual show "Kubok Presidenta" ("President Cup"), hosted by the NFR promotion (translated in English– IWF/Independent Wrestling Federation, not to be confused with the New Jersey-based IWF).

Last year, NFR's "President Cup" special guest was WWE Executive Vice President of Global Media Shawn McMahon.

On the December 15 show, Raven appeared at the end of the match for IWF Hardcore title between Blue Thunder and Vladimir Kulakov (whom he helps via his trademarked "Raven Effect".

Tammy Sytch not to appear at Absolute Intense Wrestling's December 16th show

Posted on 12/16/107 by Georgie Makropoulos

Tammy Sytch not to appear at Absolute Intense Wrestling's December 16th show

Tammy will not be at Absolute Intense Wrestling's show in Cleveland on December 16th as advertised because they couldn't afford her plane ticket. Please do not attend expecting to meet Tammy.

Thank you for supporting Tammy-


Bambi Weavil

Agent/Webmistress for Tammy Sytch 

Besides receiving the above press release, I just spoke to Tammy.

Tammy and I both get upset when things like this happen.

They called her and told her they couldn't bring her in, they couldn't afford her plane fare. Then it looks like Sunny "no showed" and that is NOT THE TRUTH. Besides Tammy is out of a booking fee, and turned down other shows to do this one.

What really pisses me off, is that the company's site is still plugging that Tammy will be there. 

We just wanted to set the record straight.

Tammy WILL, however, be making a new appearance in Hamilton, ON the day after Christmas:

December 26th - Goodwin Sports presents a Boxing Day Special featuring WWF’s 1st Diva SUNNY who will be signing autographs from 11:30 to 1:30 PM @ Michangelos Banquet Hall – 1555 Upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA. Autographs with photo is $15.00 or you can bring your own item for autograph is only $10.00. This is Sunny’s first appearance in 4 years. For further information visit or fell free to call 905-693-9409.

Memphis Wrestling Is Over?

Steve Gerweck - Monday, December 17 2007

The best I can figure out from various sources is that Memphis Wrestling is done. They told all talent yesterday that they would not be needed until further notice. Apparently the TV station is for sale and they are trying to cut costs. Cutting costs would be to not pay camera people to film the show. They did film another show for next weekend which featured a few matches and Christmas singing including Jerry Lawler. The last show of the year will the “Best of 2007” show and then they will start to air Memphis Classic shows similar to the “Opening The Vault” segments and shows that they did a few years ago.

There has been talk of taping a “live” show at another building and broadcasting it on either their current channel or move to another channel. The only location I have heard from various sources is Ripley, TN, where TLCW promotes every Saturday night. That place would be good because they have a vocal crowd, but they would have to do some improvements of the building and have the show professionally filmed. I do know that Channel 5, which aired the show for years, has been contacted, but their only time slot is a 12:00 Midnight slot after on Saturday nights after “Saturday Night Live”.

Other sources have speculated that all of this may have to do with a security guard that was involved in an angle with Brian Christopher/Ali Stevens a few weeks back. Apparently the guard hurt his knee and the studio feared he would sue the company. The company would not want something like that over their heads, when they are trying to sell the company.

Memphis Wrestling looks to be done in this incarnation and they will move on to do it at a new station. May 2008 would have been their 5 year anniversary. I hate it most for the guys that work on the show, because at this point there is no where they can work and be seen by 50,000 fans every week.

Check Out "The Internet Dirt Sheet"  

Top ten St. Louis area wrestling stories of 2007

Posted on 12/18/107 by Mad Conservative Crimefighter




St. Louis, MO - December 17, 2007 - In a year where the entire wrestling industry has been overshadowed by the Benoit Family tradegy, the fallout from this incident has led to a steroid and performance-enhancing drug scandal that has rocked all professional sports prompting a congressional investigation. Closer to home, the biggest name locally ensnared by the drug scandal, Randy Orton, while appearing on the Signature Pharmacy client list was not suspended. The top local story of 2006 continued into 2007, Sam Shelton pled guilty to attempted murder.

1. "The Teacher" Sam Shelton pleads guilty to attempted murder of teenager Ashley Reeves - A story that got international headlines in 2006 as the victim survived after being left for dead in a heavily wooded area for 30 hours, Ashley Reeves despite the initial injuries has recovered to almost 100% and graduated with her high school class. Shelton on the other hand had been trying to get evidence excluded from the trial, claimed it was an accident despite the fact that he chose to wrap the belt around her neck instead of seeking medical attention, then attempted to kill himself leading to a fight with the cops and more charges. Shelton a short time later agreed to plead guilty, but did not apologize to anyone for what happened claiming he was told not to. He is serving a sentence of 20 years in a Joliet prison. A book is set to be released on the case next year.

2. Former WWE superstar D-Lo Brown becomes owner of the Springfield Stallions football team, Justin Gettys causes team to fold after stealing $65,000 from team accounts - In what was a several-month string of disappointing affairs for Springfield Illinois, it began with D-Lo Brown being announced as one of the new team owners to much farfare. After a successful opening game with the aftershow wrestling where a number of central Illinois talents from NMW finally got to wrestle inside of the Prairie Capital Convention Center in front of a crowd of 2,000, a few weeks later we find out that Justin Gettys was fired over the discovery of $65,000 missing from team accounts. To our knowledge, criminal charges or civil litigation has not been filed against Gettys. D-Lo Brown did not stay with the team leaving before the season was over, and the Stallions itself folded after ten games. The players were not paid what they were promised and CIFL league officials unfairly blamed them for what was going on.

3. Randy Orton wins WWE championship, despite being named as one of the clients of Signature Pharmacy - Following the death of Chris Benoit and family, Dr. Phil Astin's office was raided. Signature Pharmacy's list of clients as to whom they've been selling steriods and human growth hormones to was acquired and examined, leading to the suspensions of a dozen WWE wrestlers, a couple were fired, a couple quit WWE citing they were wrongly punished (Booker T defected to TNA as a result). Randy Orton was found on the list, but got no punishment as a result, prompting Irv Muschnik author of Wrestlings Babylon to question why Orton got a pass. There were also questions as to whether Orton attempted suicide in 2006. Orton ended up winning the WWE RAW World Title after John Cena went down with injury.

4. Juggalo Gathering causes strain on Hardin County government, patron loses life due to heat exhaustion/stroke. The Insane Clown Posse set up a weekend of shows and activities in Cave In Rock, IL which featured wrestling shows in the afternoon and at midnight for three days. County officials were not thrilled to have such an event happening, putting county resources into deficits and ordinances introduced to regulate any future events. Some of the patrons complained of repeated harassment by the police. Shane Barnett (a cousin of CZW wrestler Diehard Dustin Lee) who attended the Gathering was reported missing and sadly was discovered dead days later due to dehydration.

5. Gateway Championship Wrestling folds - the organization that gave us Matt Sydal, Delirious, Daizee Haze & MsChif ceased operation this year due to a number of factors. Changes in management with the departure of longtime staffers Evil Jim & Crystal, the cutting of tieswith Lethal Wrestling Alliance talent performing at GCW, the departure of Dingo, and promoter Big Bad Ben Oliver's own sorrow over the deaths of significant names in wrestling this year. Fans hoped the organization would continue despite all issues even naming it best fed in St. Louis for the seventh year in a row, but it was not to be.

6. The St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame is established - The Pro Wrestling Shirt Shop in Mehlville, Missouri at Westfield South County Mall held a ceremony at their store in February creating the hall to honor the greats that wrestled at the Chase. Fifteen names were inducted in the initial ceremony, which included Fritz Von Erich, Harley Race, Dick the Bruiser, Pat O'Connor, Ric Flair, Johnny Valentine, Gene Kiniski. Sam Muchnick, Lou Thesz, Bill Longson, Mickey Garagiola, Joe Shemberger, and Penny Banner. Later in the year Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish was inducted following the release of the book "Brody" by Barbara Goodish & Larry Matysik.

7. Drew Thomas suffers major neck injury - Major wrestling injuries demonstrate not everyone should be doing highspots or hardcore wrestling and that they should get good training if they do. Dangerous Drew Thomas of New Breed Wrestling Alliance suffered a serious neck injury during a cage match in Rantoul, IL from a Canadian Destroyer flip piledriver delivered by Jason Vandetta that brought the event to an early end. As a result, all piledrivers have been banned in the organization, though more dangerous manuevers are still allowed. Thomas underwent neck surgery to repair the damage and is still recovering.

8. MsChif wins NWA World Women's Title, Amazing Kong first to combine two world titles - a championship that's been defended primarily in the southeast region the past few decades, MsChif wins the title from Christie Ricci in Tennessee. MsChif also won the NWA Midwest Women's title to go with it, but falls short of being the first to combine the three titles into a triple crown, as AWA World Women's Champ Amazing Kong who has roots in central Illinois won the NWA World Women's Title from MsChif. Kong is still holds the NWA belt, but eventually lost the AWA belt. MsChif still holds the NWA Midwest Women's title.

9. Delirious becomes the head trainer of Ring Of Honor in August. He teaches the next class of ROH students in January.

10. "Star Trek" Stalker harasses wrestlers - Marlon Pagtakhan became one of the first in the nation to ever be convicted of cyberstalking. Back in 2001, he was convicted of stalking and extortion charges harassing Jeri Ryan of Star Trek Voyager (and ironically this had partial role in derailing former husband Jack Ryan's US Senate candidancy). He decided to start hanging with pro wrestlers after being released from prison, and took interest in an Illinois wrestler...leading to him traveling to Illinois. He was arrested after showing up at a wrestling club challenging people to a fight. It was later determined that he is mentally unfit to stand trial.

Honorable Mentions

* Powerhouse Heavyweight Champ "Botch" Steve Szoke is diagnosed with cancer, wrestles despite the illness. The Lincoln Christian College (IL) graduate won the PWI title early in 2007, but a couple months later discovered he had cancer. Szoke, who is also the promoter of Fire Pro Wrestling in the Indiana suburbs in Chicago, still wrestles while receiving treatment.

* Matt Sydal signs with WWE, wins OVW Heavyweight Title. Sydal capped off a highly successful year as he won the Dragon Gate championship in Japan, got national exposure on Wrestling Society X, and recently signed a development contract with WWE. Sydal captured gold in December.

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1 Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

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Saturday December 29th LIVE from The Granby in Edlington, Doncaster ( Doors 5.30pm - Show 6.30pm ) - this is One Pro Wrestling’s first ever Christmas themed celebration, and it happens on the biggest Underground show yet.

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GIANT SHOWDOWN: Donny Bull VS Adam Steel

A Manson Christmas, with Mad Man Manson … plus

1PW IS CHRISTMAS MATCH: Mad Man Manson VS Keith Myatt

RUFFNECKS RETIREMENT MATCH: Pain Inc ( Ruffneck & Joey Hayes ) VS ?

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The King of the Underground Iceman, G-Man, Blayze Bentley, 1PW GM Adam Curtis, Stevie Aaron and Diamond Dale Mills and much more

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1PW presents NO REGRETS

No Regrets will be 1PW’s first Doncaster Dome Super show of 2008 - It is true that there is “ No place like home “ , and the Doncaster Dome has been 1PWs home for over two years and eighteen Dome shows now.

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1PW Officials have today announced some key information as relates to several further contests on the No Regrets card.

Firstly, former 1PW World Tag Team Champion, “ The Wonderkid “ JONNY STORM returns to action in 1PW, and he will face DOUG WILLIAMS in singles competition. These two men are no strangers to each other, being two of Britains top wrestling exports. With officials considering contender ship slots for upcoming shows, this match is a chance for both men to impress, and to establish their place in the title hunt for 2008. This one should be a British Wrestling master class.

1PW Officials have also announced today the signing of two further matches for No Regrets. With 1PW Officials so sure that The Damned Nation will lose the Tag Team Titles at No Regrets, a Tag Team Contenders match will be held at this show. No details as to the match format, or the competitors set to feature, but many roster members have already contacted 1PW, stating their case for inclusion into this bout.

The next match announced today is the return to 1PW of the Six Man Scramble match. With a burgeoning Cruiserweight division here in 1PW, and rumours of development of that division in 2008, 1PW Officials have sanctioned this match to give both themselves and the fans a good look at some of the talent that will compete in this division this coming year.

Competing in the Six Man Scramble, which will be fast and furious ( 1PW Scramble Matches employ the Lucha Libre rule of no tags being necessary, and another competitor being able to enter the ring, if an opponent leaves the ring - this makes for a breakneck pace ) and contested under Elimination rules, is EL LIGERO, BUBBLEGUM, G-MAN, KRIS TRAVIS, BINGO BALANCE and one competitor to be announced.

With only two of these men having competed on an evening Dome show before (Ligero and G-Man ) , two competitors who have carved a name for themselves on The Underground ( Travis and Bubblegum ) and one 1PW debutant ( the highly rated IWW Zero G Champion Bingo Balance ) this bout will be a great chance for 1PW super show fans to get a look at some tremendous new talent that is breaking through in 1PW.

Doncaster Robin Hood Airport have been put on alert for this bout, that will surely set new air time records for the Doncaster Dome.


1PW World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match

Sterling James Keenan VS Abyss VS Scorpio

1PW Open Weight Championship: Darren Burridge VS Jerry Lynn

1PW World Tag Team Championship: The Damned Nation VS A Team of 1PW’s Selection

No DQ Battle of the Hardcore Icons: The Sandman VS Ulf Herman

Singles Action: Zebra Kid VS Martin Stone

Singles Action: Doug Williams VS Jonny Storm

Tag Team Contenders Bout: Competitors to be announced

British Cruiserweight Scramble

El Ligero VS Bubblegum VS Kris Travis VS Bingo Balance VS G-Man VS TBA

The Asylum

With Mad Man Manson

Show also features -

Iceman, Darkside, Stixx, Keith Myatt, Gary Player, Iron Lions ( Andy Boy Simmons and James Tighe ) , The Donny Bull, The Faction ( Lionheart , Fight Club & Scott Fenwick ) Britrage ( Mark Sloan and Wade Fitzgerald ) , Joey Hayes, Stevie Aaaron, 1PW GM Adam Curtis, Diamond Dale Mills, and more.


All-American Wrestling

NEWS – None reported


December 15, 2007, Berwyn, IL

Danny Daniels defeated Shane Hollister.

Eric Priest defeated Larry Sweeney

Tyler Black defeated Josh Abercrombie, Arik Cannon, and Chris Hero

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley defeated the Phoenix Twins

Michigan Invasion defeated Trik Davis.

Jayson Reign defeated Jimmy Jacobs

Ryan Boz and Northstar Express defeated Rasche Brown, Chris Able and Tony Rican

Dan Lawrence defeated Hunter Matthews

Keith Walker and Dan Lawrence defeated Derek St.Holmes and Brooks

Silas Young defeated Krotch

Jerry Lynn defeated Tyler Black


Saturday, January 19, 2008, 7:30pm

Berwyn Eagles Club, 6309 W. 26th St., Berwyn, IL

Doors Open at 6:45pm

$15.00 Front Row, $12.00 General Admission, $1.00 Beers at the bar

AAW Tag Team Championship Match

The Muder City Machine Guns vs The Northstar Express

Jerry Lynn to defend the AAW Heavyweight Championship

More to be announced soon

Card Subject To Change


All Star Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported



CROYDON Fairfield Halls, 0208 6889291  Sat 5th at 5pm 

STOCKPORT Plaza Theatre, 0161 477 7779 Sat 12th 

NORTHAMPTON Lings Forum, 01604 837300  Sat 19th 

DARTFORD Orchard Theatre, 01322 220000 Sun 20th at 3pm 

YORK Grand Opera House, 0870 6063595  Fri 25th 

TUNBRIDGE WELLS  The Assembly Halls Theatre, 01892 530613  Fri 25th 

BIRKENHEAD Pacific Road, 0151 647 0752 Sat 26th 7pm 

HANLEY Victoria Hall, 0870 0606649 Sat 26th 

SOUTHEND Cliffs Pavilion, 01702 351135  Tues 29th 

American Championship Entertainment

NEWS – None reported


December 15, 2007, Union City, NJ

Thomas "The Gate" Rodriguez def. Black Zemis & Sabotage

Devious def. Kronic & Vic Hellion

Danny Demanto & "2 Hott" Steve Scott def. Brooklyn/Queens Express (Grim Reefer & Jay Lover)

"The Good Guy" Azrieal def. "The Sexiest Man Alive" Rhett Titus

Jay Lethal & Killa S def. BS Express(Ed & Tom)

Light Heavyweight Title: Giovanni Marranca def. Pinkie Sanchez to retain the title

Web TV Title: William Wyeth w/Ms. April def. "The Remix Of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steele

to retain the title

Tag Team Title/Elimination Match

Style & Finesse(Mike Donovan & Rob Vegas) def. Team Yea!(Sam Sational & Rayza), The Kindred(Wes Draven & Radames), and Garden State Gods (Myke Quest & Chris Rockwell) to win the tag title

Main Event/Heavyweight Title

Mo Sexton def. "The Good Guy" Azrieal (substituting for Stongko of OVW) by DQ to retain the title when "Hollywood" Joe Hardway interfered

EVENTS – None reported

American Championship Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


February 23, 2008, Springfield, PA, Cardinal Krol Center, 1799 Sproul Rd., Springfield, PA.

Doors open at 6pm.  Bell time is 7pm.

GA tix are 15$ Kids 13 and under are 10$ One Kid is free with every paid adult.

The following is straight from the desk of Commissioner Onslaught., The Casket City Saints (Korpse & Core) have issued a challenge to the ACPW Tag Team Champions Patch & Gemini.

Onslaught has granted them the match, but this wont be any ordinary match, this will be a TLC match.

ACPW Womens Champion Roxie Cotton defends her title against Della Morte in a lumberjack match! Male ACPW superstars will surround the ring. There will be no way out for Cotton or Morte.

Cory Kastle will have his first ACPW Junior Heavyweight title defense against the former champion Mercury. Mercury never got his rematch when he lost the title to Reckless Youth, and Mercury is out to prove that he is the best junior heavyweight in ACPW.

Also appearing will be ACPW Heavyweight Champion Kwame, Eric Enders, Ryan McBride, The Freaks of the Industry (Ian Cross & Big Buddha), Sinister X, Prodigy PTV, Ron Starr, Bad Ass Marc, Doyle Day, Tsunami, Franky Frizzo, Tyler Hyman Cloud aka THC, Guilty Conscience (Shaheem & Lil Rob), and many many more!


Assistencia Asesoria y Administracion


AAA has 2008 plans of getting their DVDs and magazine into the U.S. Hispanic Market. AAA is hoping to offer their big '08 shows on pay-per-view in the United States.

Speaking of AAA, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans are penciled in as a full-time tag team.

Believe it or not, Hart is planning on opening a wrestling school in Calgary.


AAA 12/14 – Plaza de Toros del Chilpancingo (TV taping)

1. Mini Charly Manson/Mini Dizzy/Octagoncito beat Jerrito Estrada/Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Histeria

2. Psycho Circus (Crazy/Killer/Zombie) defeated La Fuerza Aerea (Aero Star/Rey Cometa/Super Fly)

3. Taiji Ishimori/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera beat Los Bellos Stone (Alan y Chris Stone/Super Calo)

4. Intocable/Mascara Divina/Cassandro/Pimpinela Escarlata defeatedThe Night Queens (Jesse/Nygma/Polvo de Estrellas/Yuriko)

5. Charly Manson & Chessman battled Extreme Tiger & Halloween to a no contest

6. Electroshock/Head Hunter I/Kenzo Suzuki/Zorro beat La Secta del Mesias (Cuervo/Escoria/El Mesias/Ozz) when Zorro pinned Mesias who vowed revenge on Konnan turning on him.

EVENTS – None reported


Atomic Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


ACW returns to Smokestown, PA on 12.29.07

In the Main Event, the "Madman from the Badlands" Glen Osborne will defend his newly won ACW World Title against former WWE star, The Patriot. The Patriot will be taking the place of former champion, Kage, who was injured on November 23rd by Glen Osborne.

For all of the Kage fans out there, don't worry, ACW has granted Kage an "anytime, anywhere" rematch against Glen Osborne when he returns from injury.

There will be four other titles decided on this great night of wrestling action! For more information on the December 29th card, head over to our Events page.


Australian Wrestling Federation

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported



Wrestler of the Season: Powerhouse Theo

Tag Team of the Season: Surf Club

Young Lion of the Season: Powerhouse Theo

Future Prospect Award: Chris X

Match of the Season: Surf Club Vs The Freakshow - Minto, NSW: 2 December


Wrestler of the Year: TNT

Tag Team of the Year: The Platinum Players: JT Robinson & Kid Dynamite

Young Lion of the Year: Powerhouse Theo

Future Prospect Award: Bluey Bonza

Match of the Year: Mark Hilton Vs Bryan Danielson - Sth Brisbane, Qld: 25 May



AWF NEW YEARS REVOLUTION @ Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club

When: Friday 18th January 2008 - 8.00pm Belltime

Where: Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club, 11 Bourke Street, Fairy Meadow

Tickets: Ringside $25, General $15 Tickets available now at the club !

Phone: 4283 3333 or at the door if available.

Show Info: The AWF will deliver 2hrs plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.

Show Inquiries Call: 0410 691 377

Visit for up to date card info & AWF news & results.

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) makes its return to Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club to present “New Years Revolution” on Friday 18 January with a massive evening of pro-wrestling action to start the AWF year, featuring Australia’s top professional wrestlers.

The first AWF card for 2008 will showcase the best AWF has to offer in a variety of special feature bouts, making the event a massive 6 bout super card.

The main event will feature Australia’s number one wrestler, and Australasian Champion, TNT, battling the largest man in the AWF, the 200 cm, 165 kg, Massive Q.

TNT & Q were friends, until Massive Q turned his back on TNT recently, ambushing him after a bout, and joining forces with TNT nemesis Il Cognito to form “The Freakshow”. The two former friends will face off in heated singles action, in what will be Q’s first ever Australasian Championship shot, and TNT’s largest opponent to date. This is sure to be a massive explosion of a bout.

Tag team action will see the popular champions “The Surf Club” – Adam Hoffman and Scotty Club, take on “Platinum Players” combination of Steve Ravenous and JT Robinson. The Players combination of Robinson & Kid Dynamite where defeated by Surf Club for the Championships, so now the Platinum Players have shifted their team around to a more heavyweight style approach in an attempt to bring the belts back to their fold. We will see if this approach will be successful come the 18th.

Young Lion’s Champion Powerhouse Theo will have his hands full with the much larger “Butcher of Beruit” Lebo Ceda. The 192 cm Ceda missed his opportunity at the Young Lion’s Championship in December due to injury, but says he is ready to win the belt now and start 2008 strong. Theo says he is well prepared and ready for big Lebo, and will out power the larger outfit, and show why he is the true “Powerhouse” of the AWF.

In other exciting match ups, in a special NSW Vs Victoria tag team contenders bout, Chris X & Billy Flyswat will engage Victoria’s Spike Steele & Mad Dog Mcrea, “Ringmaster” Il Cognito will face the firey Nick Ferno, and “Platinum Player” Kid Dynamite will duel with funny man Max Comic.

“AWF New Years Revolution” is sure to be great evening packed with surprises galore, so if you are looking for a fun night out be sure to make it along and support the Australasian Wrestling Federation at Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club.

We advise to book early to avoid disappointment as recent AWF events have been turn away sell outs.  

AWF Australasian Title: Massive Q vs. TNT

AWF Tag Team Titles: Steve Ravenous & JT Robinson vs. Surf Club

AWF Young Lion’s Title: Lebo Ceda vs. Powerhouse Theo

Spike Steele & Mad Dog Mcrea vs. Billy Flyswat & Chris X

Il Cognito vs. Nick Ferno

Kid Dynamite vs. Max Comic

*Card Subject To Change*


World-1 South

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


Sat. December 22nd, 2007, Oconee Gym, Dublin, Ga.

Bell time: 7:30 pm, Fundraiser for Dublin Tip Off Club

Main Event for the AWA World Tag Team Titles: Heartbreak Express (c) v. KI Elite

Semi-Main Event for the Southern Hwt. Title:

Francisco Ciatso v. former WCW Superstar Glacier

Special Attraction Match:

Former NWA Hwt. Champion "Wildfire" Tommy Rich v. Big Bank Barfield


Shawn Hunter v. "The Warhorse" Kevin Kantrell

Q-Ball v. Lance Alonte

December 30th, 2007

World 1 (Peterman) V. Spinebuster (Ed 'Shag' Pitts)

Valdosta-Lowndes County Conference Center

Valdosta, Ga.

Bell Time: 7:00 PM


MAIN Event for the AWA World Tag Team Titles:

Heartbreak Express (W-1) (c) v. Bonez the Cutthroat (SCW) and "The King of Old School" Steve Corino. CORINO, who has been disenchanted with the direction of World 1 - the company he founded, has elected to wrestle for promoter Ed Pitts, as a Member of the Spinebuster Championship Wrestling team.

Southern Heavyweight Champion Francisco Ciatso & "The Bug" w/ Hardcore Giant Ron Niemi (W1) v. Rico Cassanova's Latin Alliance (SCW)

Q-Ball (W-1) v. Preston Paradize (SCW)

Preston Paradise was the first Spinebuster Championship Wrestling heavyweight champion.

For the AWA United States Heavyweight Title:

Ricky Landell(C) v. Mr. Wrestling III

Jake Slater (W-1) v. Less Fortunate (SCW)

Dave Holiday (W-1) v. Tommy Dame (SCW)

Big Bank Barfield (W-1) v. Fuego (W-1) v. Lance Alonte (SCW)

Call 866-244-0104 for more tix information.

All tix are general admission - only $8.00! Special rates for groups and charity organizations. Call to find out more information!

BMF Alliance

Formerly NWA Indiana


The new owners are none other than “The Beast” Brian Roberts and Martin Fernandez.

RESULTS – None reported


The first show will take place on Sunday, January 20th, 2007 at Riehle Brothers on the patio located in Lafayette, Indiana. Bell time will be 6:00PM


Blackball’d Wrestling Organization

NEWS – None reported


December 8, 2007, "Holiday Hell", Phoenixville, PA

Pelle Primeau over Antonio Blanca. Kage comes out and attacks Pelle which brings Rebel out to the ring. They both talk about their match later that night for the BWO Heavyweight Championship.

The Wifebeater over All Star Lou

Frank the Tank/Pretty Fly 4 A White Guy over Rick Havoc/Mikey X

Rebel w/Pelle Primeau retained his BWO Heavyweight Title over Kage w/Antonio Blanca. Post match Zac Conner comes out and requests a tag match with Kage as his partner. Rebel agrees to it.

Killer Kramer over Boy Boy, Jason Gotti and Rebecca Payne in a Hardcore Match

Kid Kaos retained his Interstate Title over Mat Bomboy and Din Mak

Twisted Tate/Vinny the Fixxer w/ JADEN over Sgt. Steve/Code Red

Kage/Zac Conner over Chio Frost/Randy Masochist for the vacated Tag Team Titles.

EVENTS – None reported


Black Diamond Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


January 13, 2007, Wheeling, WV


Blood, Sweat and Ears

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


Blood, Sweat and Ears

Sunday, February 3rd 2008- **Showtime at 3pm**

Raxx Entertainment Complex - Brampton, ON

After the event, watch the NFL Super Bowl XLII on the big screensThe Knockouts come to BSE!

BSE kicks off 2008 with an amazing evening of entertainment. First, at a special start time of 3pm, Blood Sweat and Ears has another action packed event in store for the fans. TNA Knockouts, Traci Brooks, Gail Kim, and Christy Hemme (Making her BSE debut) will be there.

Keep checking back to for more info.

Tickets are $15 GA, Showtime: 3pm

Raxx Entertainment Complex, 370 Main Street (Hwy 10), Kingspoint Plaza, Brampton, Ontario


Brew City Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported



One of the best team in the Midwest, American History Next ("Hardcore" Craig & "Metalhead" Steve Stone) will receive their AWA-Quebec Tag Team title match as requested by AWA Wisconsin (BCW) promoter Frankie DeFalco.

"We want a title match, we don't have to wait and climb the rankings since we already beat them once, we're the top contenders" says Stone. "We've beat them once in a non-title match here in Wisconsin, we can't wait to do it again, this time, Canadian gold is on the line!" . 

The title match will take place February 8, 2008! In Wisconsin at the BCW Arena!


Brookwood Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


January 5th 2008, PlayBall Sports, 712 Ginesi Drive, Morganville New Jersey

Signed so far

B4W Tag Team title match: Inner Circle Vs El Americano/Kid America

This match will be no disqualifications and if Kid America and El Americano lose, they will never get another shot at the titles and will be forced to unmask.

B4W North American title match: Jihad Vs Ricky Landell

After Jihad malicious attacks of Landell's mentor and friend, Steve Corino, Landell is looking for some retribution in addition to some B4W gold.  


Buckeye Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


Early 2008

Buckeye Pro Wrestling returns to Coconutz in Middletown, OH ... tickets available soon!


Championship Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


CPW NEW YEAR'S HAVOC, Saturday, January 19, 2008

Keyser Fire Hall Station #1 - Route 220 @ Center Street, Keyser, WV - 7:30 PM Bell Time

CPW ushers in the start of a brand new year!

GRUDGE MATCH: "Mega Rocker" Bob Keller vs. "Highwayman" Leslie Leatherman


CPW Unified Heavyweight Champion Griffen (w/ Gutterboy)

CPW West Virginia Champion Hyjinx

"One Man Warning" Bill Bain

Deuce Donatelli (w/ Miss Ginger)

Plus more to be announced!

CPW WINTER BLAST 2008, February 23, 2008

Romney Middle School, Romney, WV - 7:30 PM Bell Time

It's the 2008 Bunkhouse Brawl Battle Royal!  


Chaotic Wrestling



Results from December 14th in Lowell!

Big Rick Fuller defeated Sledge

Brian Milonas (w/ Cherry Payne) defeated Mikaze

Scott Reed defeated Brandon Locke

Chase Del Monte defeated Maverick Wild

CW Tag Team Champions The Blowout Boys (Danny E. & Tommy T., w/ Lexxus) defeated Matt Logan & Psycho

Dr. Reginald Heresy defeated Fred "Bonecrusher" Sampson

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury defeated Max Bauer (w/ Cherry Payne) by disqualification

Handsome Johnny defeated Bryan Logan to become the new CW Heavyweight Champion


Friday, January 18, 2008 - Lowell, Massachusetts

Polish American Veterans Club, 200 Coburn Street, Lowell, MA

Doors open at 7:15PM, Show Starts at 8:00PM

Friday, February 8, 2008 - Lowell, Massachusetts, COLD FURY 7

Polish American Veterans Club, 200 Coburn Street, Lowell, MA

Doors open at 7:15PM, Show Starts at 8:00P 

Chikara Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported


DECEMBER 9th @ Alumni Hall, (State College, PA)

1. The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant & Worker Ant) emerged victorious over The Order of the Neo Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black & Hydra & Crossbones) when Fire Ant pinned Hydra.

2. Vin Gerard beat Shane Storm with the STF.

3. Brodie Lee & Gran Akuma & Icarus defeated the trio of Cheech & Cloudy & Sara Del Rey when Brodie pinned Sara.

4. Tim Donst rolled up Mitch Ryder for the upset, when Lince Dorado appeared in the hall, and momentarily distracted Mitch.

5. The Osirian Portal were victorious over Los Ice Creams when Amasis pinned Ice Cream Junior.

6. Claudio Castagnoli pinned Chris Hero with the Ricola Bomb.


January 27, 2008, “Two Eyebrows are Better than One" at Moravian College


Combat Zone Wrestling


With CZW's January 12th return to the New Alhambra for "New Years Resolution's" looming, speculation has turned towards the status of recently dethroned World Champion, Ruckus. As everyone knows, the BLKOUT is in high demand, and because of this, other companies are frequently trying to procure the services of the hottest label (not a stable) in the business.

Simply put, there was talk that Ruckus would be appearing elsewhere on January 12th. Late last night though, CZWNews received a call from the 420 area code (Chocholate City) and it put a definitive end to the speculation over where the BLKOUT will be on January 12.

"BLKOUT has a lot of New Year's Resolutions, and a lot of unfinished business," said Ruckus. "I've been telling you and everyone for a long time: BLKOUT is CZW and nothing could ever change that. On January 12th, I'll be at the New Alhambra."

RESULTS – None reported


Combat Zone Wrestling returns to the ECW Arena with a loaded ultraviolent show in South Philadelphia on Saturday, January 12.

CZW TITLE VS. TITLE! Joker (Iron Man Champion) vs. Brain Damage (UVU Champion)

In what is nothing short of a dream match, returning CZW Iron Man Champion Joker will face Ultraviolent Underground Champ/Cyborg Brain Damage, and BOTH titles will be on the line!

At Cage of Death, Brain Damage and his team were defeated, but the UVU Champ wasn’t pinned. In fact, since re-entering CZW, the indestructible Brain Damage has yet to suffer defeat by virtue of a pinfall in the middle of the ring. Of course, this will be the first time that Brain Damage will go to the ring without the assistance of his former manager, Maven Bentley.

Normally, Maven would have his hands all over this contest, but now that he’s been driven from the Combat Zone, the cyborg Champion is on his own. Can Brain Damage experience the same success without the assistance of his former handler? That remains to be seen, but surely an opportunity at the prestigious Iron Man Title is enough to motivate any man (or machine) to bring his best to South Philly.

Then there’s CZW’s resident soldier and BLKOUT's own Best of the Best Champ, and defending Iron Man Champion, Joker. Among his accomplishments since his return in July: defeating Drake Younger and B-Boy to win the BOTB trophy, and demolishing DJ Hyde to win Iron Man gold. In January though, the strong-style specialist will face his most dangerous task yet (outside of Iraq) when he challenges Brain Damage for the UVU Championship.

On January 12th, both competitors will be put to the ultimate test, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Will the Ultraviolent Underground Champ once again prove to be too much for mortal man to pin? Can Joker once again rise to the occasion and walk out with yet another prestigious piece of CZW gold? We’ll find out when two of CZW’s heaviest hitters duke it out on January 12th at the New Alhambra.

WHACKS takes on DJ Hyde

CZW fans will be in for yet another hard-hitting slugfest on January 12th. Two men who's careers seem to be headed in opposite directions will lock up with momentum on the line when DJ Hyde meets WHACKS.

It's been a rough couple of months for the one-time pride of the MBA, DJ Hyde. In November, the big man lost his cherished Iron Man Title to Joker, and just a week ago, the mastodon's tumble off the top of the Cage of Death at the hands of his long-time rival Danny Havoc capped a crushing defeat for the MBA.

There's two things DJ Hyde likes to do for fun. One is hurting people, and the other is angering the CZW fans. Lately, he hasn't been able to do either. On January 12th, "the Lariat" will look to get back on track and do both of his favorite things when he faces the up and coming Whacks.

Things couldn't be going better for WHACKS right now. His courageous transformation from photographer to wrestler has made him an Ultraviolent inspiration to the CZW fans. At Cage of Death, WHACKS proved that he bleeds black and yellow, risking his life while dangling from the rafters of the New Alhambra Arena to put an exclamation point on his victory in a brutal Tables match. Now a full time member of the Combat Zone roster, WHACKS will look to continue his rise in the ranks when he represents the fans against the hated DJ Hyde.

Sexxxy Eddie explains himself...and brings in Mickie Knuckles

The following comments come directly from Sexxxy Eddie and do not reflect the views of CZW:

"I've been told by CZW management to explain my recent actions costing my "dearly beloved" LuFisto her chance at winning the highly coveted Jr. Heavyweight title at Cage Of Death 9.

Let's go back to 2006, The Missionaries Of Violence debut in CZW only to lose their one and only match together. Rather than push on (in and out of the ring) as a cohesive team, LuFisto thought it be better to strengthen our skills as singles wrestlers. Soon after, I did win the Jr. Heavyweight title from Niles Young. But she had to one-up me and capture the Ironman title from "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen, not only that but also being the first woman in CZW history to win a title! I was then forgotten in the shuffle, and everyone wanted to see the "Ironwoman" champion.

Fast-forward to COD; before she could overshadow my return and yet again accomplish the impossible, I had to break that ego down! Hell, I brought that bitch in, and I'll be the one to take her out! As for her interfering in my match, she had no business. If it's revenge she wants, she is playing a game with the wrong man. Honey, you need balls if you want to go far in a man's world. She cost me my return victory at the biggest show of the year! I want to be 100% to kick that #@#&'s ass, so I will not be there in January. In my place, I have sent none other than one of IWA Mid-South's hardest-hitters to soften her up, a REAL woman and the best out there: Mickie Knuckles!

I will finish what I started as my 2008 New Year's resolution: rip out your heart, and leave you broken on the outside and on the inside. You can break my heart (it's been done before), but don't %$#@ with me, cause Lufy I always end up on top... you should know, in more ways than one!"

After-party returns to Crazy Horse Too in January!

CZW is pleased (very pleased) to announce that the official afterparty of Combat Zone Wrestling will return to CRAZY HORSE TOO. The party goes till 2am, and admission is free with your CZW ticket. The festivities being immediately following the completion of January 12th's New Year's Resolution's event

Last month, the Crazy Horse was packed. CZW stars including Danny Havoc, Drake Younger and John Zandig himself partied late into the night with the CZW fans and the hottest dancers in all of South Philadelphia. There's no telling who will show up in January, so make sure you stop in and celebrate New Year's Resolutions... CZW STYLE!

Compound Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported


December 8, 2007, The Compound Arena, Tulsa, OK

"Terrific" Tim Rockwell def. The Canadian Luchadore (w/ The Shadow of Death)

Jesus Rodriguez (w/ Ray Martinez) def. ComPro Tag Team Champion Sudden

Impact 2

Blake Albright def. Rico Suave

"Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid def. ComPro Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact 1

El Super Colibri def. ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "The Ladies

Choice" Bernard Funk

December 15, 2007, Night of Champions, The Compound Arena,Tulsa, OK

"Terrific" Tim Rockwell def. Jesus Rodriguez (w/ Ray M artinez) by DQ

The Canadian Red Devil def. The Canadian Luchadore (w/ The Shadow of Death)

ComPro Tag Team Champions Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact

2) def. ICF (Shane Morbid & Cold Blooded Chris, w/ Boss Campbell)

ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "The Ladies Choice" Bernard Funk def.

El Super Colibri

"The Franchise" Romero Contreras def. ComPro Champion "All Action" Anthony

"Splash" "The G.O.A.T." Jackson by DQ




Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

Formerly EMLL

Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre

EMLL 12/10 – Arena Puebla

1. King Jaguar & SWAT beat Espiritu Maligno & Toro Bill Jr.

2. Black Terry/Blade/Siki Osama Jr. defeated Asturiano/Centella de Oro/The Tiger

3. Atomo/Mascarita Dorada/Ultimo Dragoncito beat Mini Black Warrior/Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito

4. Dos Caras Jr./Heavy Metal/Rey Bucanero defeated Los Perros del Mal (Mr. Aguila/Damian 666/Hijo del Texano)

5. Damian el Terrible/Hector Garza/Misterioso II beat L.A. Par-K/Negro Casas/Volador Jr.

EMLL 12/11 – Arena Mexico

1. Caligula & Messala beat Los Rayo Tapatios I y II

2. Angel Azteca Jr./Leono/Starman defeated Dr. X/Loco Max/Nitro by DQ when Starman was fouled.

3. Escandalo/Hajime Ohara/Shigeo Okumura beat Fabian el Gitano/Metalico/Stuka Jr.

4. Mr. Aguila/Damian 666/Misterioso II defeated Alex Koslov/Sagrado/Valiente

5. Marco Corleone/La Mascara/Shocker beat Los Guerreros (Olimpico/Sangre Azteca/Ultimo Guerrero) – Mascara won clean over Azteca and challenged him for a shot at his Mexican National Welterweight Title.

EMLL 12/16 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Guero Loco beat Virgo

2. Estrella de Jalisco & Nube Roja defeated Frayle de la Muerte & Impostor

3. Metal Blanco/Metalik/La Sombra beat Euforia/Malefico/Toxico

4. Blue Panther & Shocker defeated Averno & Black Warrior by DQ when El Black faked a foule by Shocker and was ratted out.

5. Steel Cage Match where the last man in loses either his hair or mask: Exterminador left the cage leaving Brazo de Oro in the ring to get shaved. Order of Elimination: Depredador/Mach-1/Evola/Emilio Charles Jr./Brazo de Platino/El Gallo/Exterminador

EMLL 12/16 – Arena Mexico (Mistico was there and received the award for Luchador of the Year by FOX Sports Espanol)

1. Polvora & Vaquero beat Kid Tiger & Molotov

2. Luna Magica/Princesa Blanca/Rosa Negra defeated Medusa/La Nazi/Raven Hiroka

3. Diamante Negro/Shigeo Okumura/Virus beat Fabian el Gitano/Metalico/Super Nova

4. Misterioso II/Olimpico/Universo Dos Mil defeated Felino/La Mascara/Stuka Jr.

5. Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr. (back already)/Hector Garza/Hijo del Texano) beat Heavy Metal/Alex Koslov/Marco Corleone when Perrito fouled Marco behind the ref’s back.



12/18 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara

1. Virgo vs. Azazel

2. Golden vs. Destroyer

3. Casanova vs. Mr. Trueno

4. Neutron vs. Malefico

5. Leon Blanco & Magnum vs. Cien Caras Jr. & El Egipcio

6. La Sombra vs. Euforia

7. Alex Koslov & Shocker vs. Hector Garza & Hijo del Texano

CWF Mid-Atlantic

NEWS – None reported


December 15, 2007, Carolina Sports Arena, Burlington, NC

Converse Wins Mid Atlantic Title & Trucker Retires at CWF BATTLECADE VIII in Burlington NC


Fatback Enterprises' Donnie Dollar$ w/Brad Stutts defeated Neon Lion "Classic" Chris Collins by pinfall in singles action (5:27)

"Jersey" Nick Richards won the 4-Way CWF Rising Generation League Title Challenge by pinfall to become the new RGL Champion over Roy "Rage" Wilkins, "Perfect Smile" Jerry Wayne & El Mariachi (6:06)

"Dangerous E" Corey Edsel w/Brad Stutts defeated both Mark Van Hook & Canadian Destroyer by pinfall in handicap action (2:08)

Sheik Lumpkin's Weapons of Mass Destruction Marcellus "Mid Atlantic" King & Michael McAllister w/Sheik Lumpkin defeated Tank Lawson & Alex Adonis by pinfall in tag team action (11:29)

Brass Munkey defeated "Gate City Sinner" Trent Wylde by submission in No DQ Submission Rules singles action (13:55)

Kamakazi Kid defeated "Italian Assassin" Gregory Vercetti by pinfall in singles action (9:00)

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion "Simply" Steve Green defeated Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride by pinfall to retain the TV Title (9:00)

CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions the VIP's "King of Heat" Gemini Kid & Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega battled to a time limit draw with challengers the Blaze Runnerz "Rock N Roll" Matty Dee & Mikael Yamaha, the VIPs retain the titles by rule (30:00)

"The 1st" Ric Converse defeated CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens w/Brandi Stevens & Little Billy by submission in overtime in 30 Minute Iron Man action (33:04)  [Order of falls: 1. Stevens by pinfall with 18:33 remaining; 2. Converse by pinfall with 15:40 remaining; 3. Converse by pinfall with 3:50 remaining & 4. Stevens by countout with :02 reamining.  Converse won by submission when Steven's daughter and his contracted second threw in the towel 3:04 into Sudden Death Overtime]

Officials:  Charles Richardson, Katie Kincaid, Redd Jones & Chris Troxler

“The 1st" Ric Converse became the first CWF Mid Atlantic four-time Heavyweight Champion after the bizarre finish to the Battlecade VIII Iron Man main event which saw champion Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens' daughter Brandi throw in the towel.  The Trucker, after telling his daughter he wasn't mad at her for what she did extended his hand to Converse following their instant-classic main event bloodbath.  The Trucker, whose protective knee brace exploded as he dropped from the ropes, then informed Converse and everyone in attendance that they had seen the last of the Trucker in the squared circle, that he was hanging up the boots after 25 years in the business.  The two bitter rivals shook hands and the former champion raised the new champion's hand before leaving the ring with his daughter.

These results are courtesy of IndyInsiders.Com and if you see them ANYWHERE else without THIS note in them, it's called PLAGERISM!

VIP Gemini Kid returned to action after last being seen having his head shaved by the Kamakazi Kid at Ultimate Survivor in November, but refused to give the fans the satisfaction of seeing his bald head by wrestling in a mask.

Sheik Lumpkin introduced his newest member of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, Michael McAllister after reporting that Kimo was called back to Hawaii to protect the state capital building from an incoming typhoon.  McAllister quickly proved his worth at creating mayhem by helping King and himself steal a pinfall victory over fan favorites Tank Lawson & Alex Adonis.  Adonis & Lawson got a measure of revenge following the bout, catching the Sheik in the ring with his army regrouping on the concrete floor.  Lumpkin then had his clothes ripped off of him by the irate pair before he escaped the ring area.

Battlecade VIII marked the premier of the 2007 Year In Review video, which was aired before the first match and again following the main event.  Look for it soon on CWF Mid Atlantic on YouTube!


Jan 5 (Sat., 7:30pm), New Year's Knockout, Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC

Already signed, a return Mid Atlantic Tag Title bout between champions the VIPs and the Blaze Runnerz!  Also, the 2007 IndyInsiders.Com Year End Awards will be announced!

Jan 19 (Sat., 7:30pm), TV Taping! Carolina Sports Arena - Burlington, NC


East Coast Professional Wrestling

NEWS – None reported


Results from November 30th, 2007 in Wayne, NJ

1) Mario Zuto def. Abunai to become ECPW Light-Heavyweight Champion

2) The Repeat Offenders def. Jay Santana & X-Dog to retain the ECPW Tag Team Titles

3) The Patriot def. Big Dan Logan in a Flag Match

4) Jersey Devil def. Dan Mandini to retain the ECPW Television Title

5) The Creeper def. Mark Smart

6) Jeff Coleman def. Jake Saint & Timothy Plasma in a Handi-Cap Match

7) CK Kross & Dan Mandini were co-winners of a 30-Man Adrenaline vs Showcase Battle Royal

8) "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka def. Salvatore Sincere

9) "Hot Shot" Mike Reed def. Crowbar & Paul E. Normous in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ECPW Heavyweight Title

10) The Black Hand def. Team ECPW (Gino Caruso, Andrew Anderson, Dan De Man, Red Hot Russ, and Johnny Thundar) in a War Games Match after Commissioner Lance Profit attacked Team ECPW and help The Black Hand win.


December 28th - ECPW Presents Christmas Chaos

NJ Expo Center in Edison, NJ


ECPW Heavyweight Title Match: "Hot Shot" Mike Reed (c) vs. Dan De Man

ECPW Tag Team Title Match

The Repeat Offenders (c) vs. The Powers of Pain (Barbarian & Warlord)

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match

The Black Hand (w/ Lance Profit) vs. Gino Caruso, Andrew Anderson, Red Hot Russ, & Johnny Thundar

Falls Count Anywhere: Vincent Valentine vs. Jeff "The Future" Coleman

ECPW Showcase Title Match: Dave Logan (c) vs. Donnie "The Body" Johnson

ECPW Light-Heavyweight Title Match: Mario Zuto (c) vs. Johnny Boy Sullivan

4-Corners Tag Team Match

The Next Generation vs. Big Dan & Abunai vs. Jay Santana & X-Dog vs. Dan Mandini & Lil Moose

ECPW TV Title Match: Jersey Devil (c) vs. Paul E. Normous

Tornado Tag Team Match: Brolly & Mark Smart vs. The Creeper & The Outpatient

Tito Santana vs. The Masked Superstar


Order your Tickets online or

Visit a ticket outlet:

Vintage Vinyl - US Highway 1, Fords,NJ (732-225-7717)

Spencer's Sports Card - 553 Boundbrook Rd, Middlesex, NJ (732-752-2070)

MC Comics - 22 Old Matawan Rd, Suite D, Old Bridge, NJ (

South Side Grill - 2 Main St., South Boundbrook, NJ

December 29th - ECPW Adrenaline (TV Taping), ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ

January 5th - ECPW Showcase (2 Year Anniversary), ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ


Eastern Wrestling Alliance

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


January 5, 2008, CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS 2008


Ringside $15 General Admission $12 Doors open at 6pm Bell time at 7pm

410-347-1410 FREE HOTLINE

Already Signed ...

For the EWA Heavyweight Title:

#1 Contender DJ Hyde vs Champion Derek Frazier: Frazier beat Hyde for the EWA Heavyweight Title in February 2007 and is looking to continue into 2008 as the champ. Hyde has been on the back burner the past few months, facing opponents such as Niles Young and former EWA Heavyweight Champion Eagle. Hyde formed a team with Core at our December event with the stipulation being if either man pinned Frazier, they would earn a heavyweight title shot at Championship Chaos. Just as Core was going to finish off Frazier in that match, Hyde hit a blind tag to put himself in the match and took the pin over Frazier. This led to discension between the two EWA fan favorites and has Hyde his first title shot in over 8 months.

EWA Tag Team Champions "The Varsity" Zack Matthews & Bruce Chan will defend their titles against "Hot Shot" Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma. December 2nd, 2006: The Varsity robbed McBride & Stigma in a #1 contenders ladder match with the help of Jimmy Starz. December 2nd, 2007: The Varsity robbed McBride & Stigma of the EWA Tag Team titles with the help of Jimmy Starz. McBride & Stigma were supposed to face EWA Tag Champs The Rehoboth Beach Crew on 12/02/07, but had 'car problems' which later were found out to be caused by The Varsity. The Varsity took their spot in the tag match and beat RBC with the help of Jimmy Starz. Their was an impromptu match later at Cold Fury between The Varsity and McBride & Stigma which saw Stigma busted wide open over his eye and had to leave the ring and Jimmy Starz once again interfered for a disqualification, allowing the Varsity to retain the titles. Championship Chaos will see The Varsity vs McBride & Stigma in a No DQ Match with Starz handcuffed at ringside

Former Partners Collide "MASK vs Career" Goldthumb (if he loses, he must unmask) vs Mr Darth X (if he loses he must leave EWA forever):Goldthumb split from fellow Legion of Ungood members Darth X and Mr E Machine earlier this year. Darth X broke his ankle which delayed Goldthumb vs X until Autumn Armageddon. Although X got the victory, Goldthumb laid X out with a vicious post match piledriver. Goldthumb is hoping to eliminate his other former partner, Mr E Machine by putting up his mask. Goldthumb than defeated Mr E Machine at Collission Course, ending his career. Now Goldthumb puts up his mask against his former partner and friend, Darth X at Championship Chaos

New match, talent signed for CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS

What promises to be a hard hitting, intense match, EWA has signed Raphael Silva vs Ray Alexander for CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS. Silva is on a winning streak defeating an amateur wrestler in our MMA exhibition in October and 2 former EWA cruiserweight champions in December. Alexander is coming off of 2 impressive performances, one draw and one loss, against current EWA cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak. A win by Silva could put him in contention for Gulaks title and a win by Alexander could keep him in the top 5 cruiserweight rankings.

Also signed for CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS is one of the most impressive young tag teams on the East Coast, TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell "The Best Around". Their opponents will be announced next week.  

Elite Pro Wrestling


Elite Pro Wrestling is proud to announce the debut of our brand new television show on Comcast cable. You can catch all of the action beginning on December 28, 2007! Elite Pro Wrestling was proud to sign the contract confirming the partnership between Comcast and Elite Pro. You can watch our programming on Channel 19, Comcast Chicago south at 10 p.m. every Friday night. Head over to the T.V. Listings page to see if your area carries Elite Pro Wrestling.

RESULTS – None reported


1/05/08 Steger, IL The VFW Hall

1/19/08  Mokena, IL Smak Fitness Arena

2/02/08 Oak Forest, IL Oak Forest Park District

3/08/08 Oak Forest, IL Oak Forest Park District


Empire Wrestling Federation


NEWS – None reported


YOU BETTER WATCH OUT  - December 15, 2007

Country Bear pinned Sonny Samson

Rockstar Cordova defeated Big Q by disqualification

Dave The Bruiser defeated The Irish Icon

Espiritu Infernal pinned "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger

Ryan Taylor defeated "Marvelous" Max Martin & Coconut Joe in a Triple Threat Match

Vizzion defeated Mayhem

Terex pinned Brandon Gatson

November 23, 2007, Covina, CA, Thanksgiving Throwdown II

Scorpio Sky defeated Charles Mercury 

"Marvelous" Max Martin pinned Dave The Bruiser

Ronin defeated The French Stallion

Vizzion defeated American Champion Hook Bomberry by disqualification. Hook retains his title

Brandon "Nitro" Gatson defeated Ryan Taylor in Round 2 of the Inland Title Series

TJ Perkins defeated "Awesome" Lee Dawson

EWF Tag Team Champions La Ola Del Mal defeated Sonny Samson & Terex to retain their titles

Bino Gambino defeated Dan "The Man" Kobrick to win his 3rd EWF Heavyweight Championship in a Choose Your Own Adventure Match 


Friday, December 21, 2007 Covina, CA Knights Of Columbus

Saturday, December 22, 2007  San Bernardino, CA  Operation Phoenix HQ  

Saturday, December 22, 2007  San Bernardino, CA  Operation Phoenix HQ  

Friday, January 11, 2008  Covina, CA  Knights Of Columbus 

Sunday, January 13, 2008  San Bernardino, CA  Hudson Theater 

Friday, January 25, 2008  Covina, CA  Knights Of Columbus   


Explosive Pro Wrestling


NEWS – None reported


RE-EMERGING, Saturday, December 1st 2007, Cosgrove Hall, York Ave, Clovelly Park, S.A.

Robby Heart def. J-Rock

Devlin Reeves & Nate Dooley def. Ryan 'Bones' Malone & The Golden Aztec

Wayne Mattei def. Dick and Balls

Karl 'Machine Gun Anderson def. Greg Graham

Greg Graham def J-Rock, Dick Donovan, Devlin Reeves, Nate Dooley, The Golden Aztec, Robby Heart & Karl 'Machine Gun' Anderson in a battle royale to become a top contender for the NWA Australian Title

Damian Slater & Jayson Cooper def Jag and Havok to keep their wrestling contracts in EPW-A. Jag and Havok are no longer able to wrestle in EPW-A.


Saturday, February 9th, 2008, Cosgrove Hall, York Ave, Clovelly Park, S.A.

This will be EPW Adelaide's first event of 2008.

More information coming soon.  


Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling

NEWS – None reported


December 15, 2007, Extreme Rules Rumble

Russian Community Centre, Vancouver, BC

Full Throttle defeated Larkin O'Shea & Dash Venture

The Burgermeister defeated "Dastardly" Danny Deeds

"Brilliant" Billy Suede defeated "Wolverine" Alex Steele

SuperFunk defeated Todd Quality & "Untouchable" Jamie Diaz

Rick The Weapon X defeated "Tornado" Tony Kozina

Kazukai pinned Memphis

Azeem The Dream defeated Tony Tisoy



Penni Lane defeated Nikki Matthews and Kharma

Scotty Mac won the Extreme Rules Rumble, last eliminating Disco Fury


December 28, 2007, Bridgeview Hall, Surrey, BC

8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM




Kyle O'Reilly vs. Ice

January 19, 2008, Bellingham Eagles Hall, Bellingham, WA

8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM

NWA Washington: Issue One

"Tornado" Tony Kozina vs. Kyle O'Reilly


Veronika Vice (champion) vs. Penni Lane (challenger)


Extreme Wrestling Federation


There will be no regular weekly show this Saturday, December 22, 2007.

ECW original, WWE/WCW star THE SANDMAN makes his debut in the EWF on Saturday,  January 5, 2008!

SANDMAN will be available for Autographs & Polaroid's prior to the EWF event that evening and during intermission and wrestling on the event.  Also, he will be doing a clinic for wrestlers that afternoon.   E-mail for more info.   


December 8, 2007, Marion, IN

Jason Quick beat Terry Stevens

Hillbilly Jed beat Dick Rick

Jake Omen beat Andre Heart

Joey Owens beat Bobby Black

Dark Lion (1/2 of the Tag Champions) beat Charles Jackson

Locked N' Loaded beat Tom & Troy Van Zant

Title Unification Match: Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix vs. New Era Champion Just Justin - no contest

First, the two men battled to a 15 min time limit draw. The fans demanded 5 more minutes and the match was restarted, then the match went on to a double submission. The match was restarted again and the battle went on. The referee was knocked out during the course of the action, and Nate Phoenix German suplex'ed Justin... a 2nd referee comes down to make the count while the first ref does the same. The referees dispute who pinned who as both men's shoulders where down.

Senior Official John McClafferty declares the match a no contest and both men would keep their titles.

EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon & General Lee beat Wildman Rogers & Andy Santos

December 15, 2007, Marion, IN

The show opened with an announcement that there will now be 2 steel cage matches at Seasons Beatings on December 29th.

Osyris -vs- Big Ric Cannon for the EWF Heavyweight title

The Nomads (Matt Cavins & Dark Lion) -vs- Locked & Loaded -vs- Hillbilly Jed & Joey Owens for the EWF Tag Team Titles

It was also announced that next week the EWF will not have a show to allow the wrestlers to have time to travel and be with their families for Christmas...

Bry "2 Fly" Whitmore beat Louis Lyndon

Charles Jackson beat Damian Michaels w/ Destinee Payne

Santa Claus (General Lee) came out to the ring saying Ric Cannon, Bob, and himself were the real good guys in EWF and said he had a naughty list and that he was going to disclose

who the real bad guys were in the EWF... He said Andy Santos, Nate Phoenix, Just Justin & Wildman Rogers had all been bad this year and deserved nothing but coal this brought out Wildman Rogers who chased Santa out of the ring... General Lee bet Wildman that he could beat him tonight...

Matt Cavins beat Dylan Bostic, Andy Santos & Craig Poling in a 4 corners match

General Lee beat Wildman Rogers by Disqualification

With the referee's back turned General lee smacked the ring floor with a kendo stick & then tossed the kendo stick to Widdman Rogers and fell down in the ring... the ref turned around just in time to see Wildman holding the stick and Lee laying on the mat and disqualified Wildman Rogers....

A match was then made for Seasons Beatings - Wildman Rogers -vs- General Lee.


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, December 29: "Seasons Beatings 2007" featuring Big Ric Cannon defending the EWF Title against Osyris in a Steel Cage Match.

Steel Cage Match for EWF Title: Big Ric Cannon (c) vs. Osyris

Steel Cage Match for Tag Titles: Dark Lion & Matt Cavins (c) vs. Locked N' Loaded vs. Hillbilly Jed & Joey Owens

Wildman Rogers vs. General Lee

Also, scheduled to appear: Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix, New Era Champion Just Justin, Bob, Andy Santos, Craig Poling, Charles Jackson, and more to be announced!

Saturday, January 5, 2008: Former WWE, ECW, WCW star THE SANDMAN in action!

Tickets are only $15 VIP Ringside, $12 General Admission


Far North Wrestling  

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


Friday, January 18th, 2008, 139 Pittsburgh Rd., Butler, PA 16001, Belltime: 8:00 PM

Ringside Tickets: $15.00, General Admission: $13.00, Kids Under 10: $8.00





Check back for more information on this huge live event!

For ticket information, e-mail Tanya at    


Flatline Championship Wrestling

NEWS – None reported


FCW Rage, Patriots Park, Bell Time 7:00 PM, Date 12/01/2007

The show started off with Devon Wright stating that he was not about to cash in his Number 1 contendership spot for Morgan McNeals World Title.  He, However, was able to buy an opponent for tonight, he then introduced, T-Cash.

Deon Wright Defeated T-Cash

Nick Kismet defeated Brian Baldwin and Darkness in a three way match.

Stud McCoy defeated Jeremy Cruz

Chris Mayne interfered in Draven and Johnny Blazes match resulting in a no contest.

Venom defeated James Hunter

Thug Rowe defeated Mike Youngblood

VIP VS Rick Jacobs and John Malice resulted in a no contest after all order in the match was lost.

Morgan McNeal VS The Live Organ was interrupted by Devon Wright, thus leading to another brawl involving VIP and the entire locker room.


FCW Rage, Live, January 12th 2008 at Patriots Park. 

Admission is only 7 dollars and kids under 5 get in for free!

Doors open at 6:30, Action begins at 7 PM

FCW's Battle For The Gold, Live, January 26th 2008 at Patriots Park. 

Admission is only 7 dollars and kids under 5 get in for free!

Doors open at 6:30, Action begins at 7 PM


Force One Pro Wrestling

NEWS - None reported

RESULTS – None reported


Badge of Honor, Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hamilton Hall, Egg Harbor City, NJ

Against All Odds, Saturday, Frbruary 16, 2007

St. Marys R.C. Church, Manahawkin, NJ

Never Surrender, Saturday March 15, 2007

Hamilton Hall, Egg Harbor City, NJ


Full Impact Pro Wrestling

NEWS – None reported

RESULTS – None reported


Saturday, February 16th, 2008 - FIP: Redefined

National Guard Armory, 8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429

Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8 pm

Tickets are $20 Ringside, $15 GA & Kids 13 and under $10 GA

Advance tickets - $12 GA & Kids 13 and under $8 GA

To purchase advance tickets call (352) 422-4582 or click here.


Full Throttle Wrestling


Full Throttle Wrestling brings you the best in indy wrestling. We run most of our shows in Elkmont, Alabama. We feature the top talent in the area plus regional and national stars. Check out the calendar below for show dates and special events.

FTW is proud to have a few of their own wrestlers travel the country to wrestle in such great wrestling promotions as IWA Mid South, IWA Deep South, IWA East Coast, Combat Zone Wrestling, Chikara, and several NWA Promotions.


December 14, 2007, Fayetteville, TN

One of the South's best weekly/bi-weekly promotions made a short trip North of Elkmont, AL to run a show at the armory in Fayetteville, TN.

The show opened with Corey Shaddix and Fayetteville, TN's own Jeremy Flynt telling the fans about the fan's strap match that would happen later in the night. Flynt also introduced midget wrestler Enigma to the crowd. He made some comments about Enigma that Enigma didn't like and found himself a victim of Enigma jumping on him and knocking him down.

Chris Castle was our ring announcer for the evening

1) Josh Hendrix & Eddie Paul vs Charlie Swinger & The Other Guy. Swinger and OG tried to take advantage of the inexperience of Hendrix & Paul as a team and it worked for a short while as Paul took punishment from the Man who betrayed FTW(Swinger) and the hated lackey(OG). Eventually due to miscommunication between Swinger & OG, Paul was able to take a man out and allow Hendrix to come off the top rope with an elbow to score the pin.

2) Enigma comes out to find that BodyDrop did not show up but he has a new opponent... "The Great Karl Lee" TERROR... TERROR stands almost 7ft tall and Enigma was NOT happy about this but did not back down. Terror tried to catch Enigma but was unsuccessful several times. Enigma bit Terror's leg and Terror complained to the referee and almost demonstrated what biting is on the ref's neck to show him just what Enigma had done. Test of strength as Enigma climbs the rope and ends up plopping right down on top of Terror! Terror dishes out some punishment on Enigma but Enigma climbs on Terror and puts him in what must have been a killer sleeper hold. Terror passes out to make Enigma the winner of the match!

3) ***TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH*** Jeremy Flynt & Shaun Peete took on the scary & violent team of Prophet and Freakshow w/ Smooth Pleazing in a No DQ match that saw some chair slams on the concrete floor, an impressive fall away slam given to Flynt from Freakshow, and a finish that saw Flynt take Prophet on his shoulders as Peete double stomped him and landed on a chair on top of Freakshow to score the pin and remain your FTW Tag Team Champions!

4) Fan's Strap Match: Corey Shaddix vs Phil Wilson. The ring was surrounded by 12 lucky fans holding belts ready to give a good whipping to whoever came outside the ring. There was no running away for Phil Wilson, who took some brutal slaps from the belts on several occasions. Ref gets dazed from a bump and Phil Wilson uses the opportunity to grab something he's hidden in the turnbuckle! He puts it in his elbow pad and smashes Shaddix to score the pin as the ref regains his composure.


5) Chuck Taylor vs Jesse Emerson. Taylor came out and threatened some little kids, gave some parenting lessons to a mother using foul language in front of her children, and was his usual cocky self. Jesse Emerson certainly has a challenge on his hands as Chuck Taylor has a VERY impressive record holding singles victories over Ricochet, Drake Younger, Delirious, Josh Abercrombie, Toby Klein, Ian Rotten, Colt Cabana, Arik Cannon, Eddie Kingston, Jay Lethal, Steve Corino. Davey Richards, Billy Roc, Low Ki, Tracy Smothers, Danny Basham, Joey Ryan, Tank, CJ Otis, Mickie Knuckles, Nate Webb, and a plethora of other great wrestlers the local crowd wouldn't know either. Chuck Taylor is the longest reigning IWA MidSouth World Champion and a former IWA MidSouth Women's and Light-Heavyweight Champion. Emerson kept Taylor grounded and prevented him from launching an aerial assault. Chuck screamed several times as Emerson pretty much controlled the match and ended up winning with his fisherman's suplex over one of the most successful young superstars in wrestling today.

6) Ricochet vs Chrisjen Hayme - both men used some great offensive moves in this match. These guys put on a great fast paced match and really delivered. Ricochet did a corkscrew flip over the top rope to the outside onto Hayme that was just unbelievable. Hayme used his experience and size advantage to take down the younger and smaller Ricochet in the end to pick up the victory in the match of the night.

7) ***FTW Heavyweight Championship Match*** Insane Lane vs Mr. Blur w/ The Other Guy special guest referee FTW Commissioner Kurt Nickels. The Other Guy interfered every chance he got despite Kurt Nickels trying his best to keep everything fair. Blur and OG sat Lane in a chair and knocked him over with some running knees. Insane Lane ended up fighting both of them off and retained his title in the end to remain the FTW Heavyweight Champion.

Attendance was probably around 150 and the crowd was mostly dead all night unfortunately.


December 18, 2007, Elkmont, AL, special guest band Radiotron performing!

Wrestling Bodyslam . Com